studio-user659Can someone direct me in the right direction?06:20
cfhowlett!details | studio-user65906:21
ubottustudio-user659: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.06:21
studio-user659i'm new to linux.  My friend has a nice linux box setup.... Dont know which distro....  But he has fire, water effects that come from his cursor and stuff.  Is that stuff possible in Ubuntu Studio.06:23
studio-user659Other than that i'm thinking of installing ubuntu studio on my laptop.  Im trying it out on a live usb.06:24
studio-user659Im upgrading from VISTA.. lol06:24
cfhowlettstudio-user659, possible, yes.  advisable?  probably not.  US is built on top of xubuntu.  Xubuntu is optimized for older and lower spec hardware.  sounds like your set up.06:26
cfhowlettlong story short, download the US .iso, make a USB, reboot your computer to the USB and test for yourself.06:26
studio-user659How can i try those effects?06:27
cfhowlettboot up and "try ubuntu" then test06:28
studio-user659I am06:29
studio-user659 == studio-user659 [48c621d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] [06:30] ==  realname : ip72-198-33-211.ok.ok.cox.net/ [06:30] ==  channels : #ubuntustudio [06:30] ==  server   : herbert.freenode.net [Webchat] [06:30] ==  idle     : 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes 11 seconds [connected: Tue Dec 13 06:20:12 2016] [06:30] == End of WHOIS06:30
cfhowlett 806:32
cfhowlettdown vote06:32
cfhowlettXubuntu doesn't come with Compiz so no 3D effects out of the box, but turning on the Composite feature gives you many effects like transparency and shadows plus it allows you to use 3D programs like Docky...06:32
cfhowlettTo enable go to: Applications -> Settings -> XFCE Settings Manager06:32
cfhowlettThen run: Window Manager Tweaks - Compositor (tab) and Enable06:32
cfhowlett...and from there play with the settings and fancify your desktop :)06:32
=== Ken is now known as Guest14755
g_santosYo, Gustavo from Brazil here. I'm in no way a developer, but I find myself at home with two slipped discs and thought I should try and contribute some.15:43
g_santosSo, how does this work?15:43
krytarikg_santos: Have a read of  http://ubuntustudio.org/contribute/ , and hop into #ubuntustudio-devel.  Thanks for your interest!16:31
g_santosHopping outta here, then.16:46

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