Unit193Dowh, we lost the nice ~/.cache/upstart/startxfce4.log now. :(00:59
bluesabreevening all01:35
bluesabreflocculant, indeed, I misunderstood there01:36
bluesabrehi Unit193!01:36
Unit193Hrm, wasn't I going to nag you about something minor again? :P02:18
knomegood evening people20:32
flocculanthi knome 20:40
knome'lo flocculant 20:45
knomeeverything running well in the trackerland, eg. the times are up?20:45
knomegreat to hear20:46
knometo both you and akxwi-dave; anything else you'd like to see tracker do for QA?20:47
flocculantdon't actually look much - not doing much more than hassle Sean with bugs ;)20:47
flocculantI did fleetingly think about adding 16.04 to status20:47
flocculantbut given the amount of testing we get thought it rather ppointless20:48
akxwi-davesame here at moment just  iso testing to make sure no major probs20:48
flocculantakxwi-dave: and writing a mail to dev list re milestones :p20:48
akxwi-daveyup.. better get that done... :-)20:49
flocculantpoint release isn't far off really - with xmas and new year looming20:50
akxwi-daveactually I noticed that earlier, when checking it..  20:51
knomei really plan to move everything in the tracker to release-based system, eg. you can have status for each release (easily) separately20:51
knomeand also, can easily have several releases visible/enabled in the tracker20:51
flocculantnot sure that's appropriate for more than lts's 20:52
knomewell there you go20:52
flocculantanything really major for non-lts would only ever be sru 20:53
knomecurrently that's not really "supported" :)20:53
knomebut the thing is - once the new stuff is in place, it doesn't really matter if you want to track SRU stuff separately, as it's going to be so easy (tm)20:53
flocculantand frankly I'm not sure how many people actually ever look at that page20:53
knomei should look more, but since i've been kind of out of the loop/not contributing much, i haven't20:54
flocculantoutside of team20:54
knomepart of the reason i'm asking questions is to try to make it more useful for others as well20:54
knomeit has good potential as it is now20:54
flocculantmight be worth asking outside 'team'20:54
knomea bit more human text and not graphs and it can do much better20:54
flocculantnot that you need do that of course20:54
knomesure, but that'd mean it would be nice if you had time to potentially put together new bits if something nice shows up20:55
knomeas it is now, i don't have time to do the changes i want that would help the team, so better not fill the TODO list ;)20:55
flocculantthe original idea being to let other people know easily if iso was a dud20:55
knometoo bad ubuntu wasn't accepted for GCI this time btw20:56
knomethat would have potentially meant more work on the tracker20:56
knomebut maybe i should try to poke matthew to hear if he wanted to work on the API20:56
flocculantlol at time :p20:58
flocculantas I said - bout the only thing which had crossed my mind was lts's 20:58
flocculantand that was fleeting ...20:59
knomethe thing is - one more of the benefits for storing data internally is the release-based approach20:59
knomeso it's kind of built-in already to the new code20:59
krytarikI'll mention that two weeks ago, I split off my improved Xubuntu splash image for CD Image from the doomed Core bundle: https://code.launchpad.net/~krytarik/debian-cd/xubuntu-splash/+merge/31198223:09
Unit193Yet still doomed?23:10

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