CarlFKmarcoceppi:  hi!  ..  https://github.com/marcoceppi/charm-ubuntu   -  advice on how to set hostsnames ?00:01
marcoceppiCarlFK: could you elaborate why? Curious your use case and where you're deploying00:01
marcoceppiit'll help me get you the best answer00:02
CarlFKsure - there is an ansible playbook that provisions 12ish machines (hardware, not VM or containers)... it was started, but hasn't been run ever.  I want to test it00:03
CarlFKI don't care if the apps that get deployed actually run in the containers, I just want to A) sniff out the errors, and B) look at config files00:03
CarlFKsome machines were setup manually, then that playbook was written after the fact.  "No idea if it works, and  we haven't done the dynamic bits yet"00:05
CarlFKso I want to hack on it on my 8gig laptop.00:06
CarlFKmarcoceppi:   here are the 12 hostnames:   https://anonscm.debian.org/git/debconf-video/ansible.git/tree/inventory/hosts00:15
marcoceppiCarlFK: confused on the reference to the Ubuntu charm00:16
CarlFKI don't mind cut/pasting those into some other file, but if there is something that will slurp them from that file, that would be handy00:16
CarlFKI want to bring up 12 things I can tell ansible to deploy into, then ssh in and look at what got setup00:17
marcoceppiCarlFK: there's two real ways for hostname setting on Ubuntu, `hostname` command and overwritting `/etc/hostname`. You'll need to do the latter for persistence between reboots00:17
marcoceppiCarlFK: that's not in the charm, but the best way to add it into the charm would be something like this:00:18
marcoceppiCarlFK: https://github.com/marcoceppi/charm-ubuntu/pull/1/files00:24
CarlFKmarcoceppi:  thanks!00:25
skay_oh hey. for some reason I didn't know about config.changed.foo. that's nice00:27
skay_I eavesdropped on you PR00:28
CarlFKmarcoceppi: I just started using juju a few hours ago.. just to do this.   I git cloned/checkout carlfk... how do I tell juju to use it?00:32
marcoceppiCarlFK: you00:32
marcoceppiCarlFK: you'll need to compile the charm, this involes installing charm-tools and then running charm build. I can just compile it for you and give you a URL to try it out with if it's easier00:32
marcoceppiCarlFK: I've uploaded a version with the configuration patch to the charm store in the edge channel00:38
marcoceppiCarlFK: `juju deploy ubuntu --channel edge` should get you the charm with the changes00:38
CarlFKmarcoceppi: ERROR cannot resolve charm URL "cs:xenial/ubuntu": cannot get "/xenial/ubuntu/meta/any?include=id&include=supported-series&include=published": unauthorized: access denied for user "carlfk"02:20
CarlFKgit... charm build ... seems to have worked.02:33
sivaI have one application running in a machine. Is there a way to remove the application without removing the machine?03:28
sivaIn juju2.0 I find that when the application is deleted the machine is also removed03:28
CarlFKmarcoceppi: +    with open('/etc/hostname', 'wt') as f:04:09
CarlFKt for text, cuz py 304:09
sivaIn juju2.0 I find that when the application is deleted the machine is also removed04:17
sivaIs there a way to remove the application without removing the machine?04:17
kjackalGood morning Juju world07:53
kjackalsiva I do not think you can have direct controll over the resource provisioning. What you can do is juju deploy ubuntu, than juju deploy <your charm> --to <machine with ubuntu> and after that if you remove-application <your charm> the machine should remain because it holds the ubuntu charm07:55
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BlackDexHow do i upgrade the juju controller? I want to update/upgrade to 2.0.2 and i currently have 2.0.109:11
zeestratBlackDex: I think you have to switch to the controller model, run juju upgrade-juju, then do the same on your other models. But check locally just to make sure.09:18
BlackDexand how do i switch to the controller model?09:20
BlackDexthe logic is lost for me atm :p09:20
BlackDexjuju switch is telling me i'm already there09:20
zeestratjuju models should list which models you have and a star marked next to the one you're currently on.09:22
BlackDexModel       Cloud/Region  Status     Machines  Cores  Access  Last connection09:23
BlackDexcontroller  maas          available         1      2  admin   just now09:23
BlackDexmaas*       maas          available        25    192  admin   2 minutes ago09:23
zeestratOk, so that says the maas model is active. "juju switch controller" should switch you to the controller.09:24
BlackDexso the controller which is used for maas is seperated then?09:24
zeestratThe wording is a bit confusing. You're on the same controller as the switch command switches between models on that controller. The default model name for controller is "controller"09:26
zeestratThat caught me out the first time too :)09:26
BlackDexbecause the juju controller can handle multiple models it is "separeted"09:27
zeestratJupp. So if you setup multiple controllers with HA, they would show up in the list of machines in the "controller" model09:27
BlackDexand i can add multiple models to one controller, so i don't have to bootstrap for every single environment?09:27
BlackDexlets say, maas and openstack09:28
zeestratMultiple models per controller = Yes. However different juju substrates/clouds (AWS, MAAS, OpenStack, etc.) need their own bootstrapped controller.09:29
BlackDexwhere are nice graphic reprecentations of this :p09:29
zeestratI hear you! Took me a while to parse the docs. A graphic would help explain a lot. I'll add a bug to the docs.09:32
BlackDexBut multiple times of reading the docs is making it a bit more clear09:33
zeestratNote, if you're upgrading a prod environment I'd recommend going through the upgrade process on a dev environment such as AWS or just locally with LXD so you get the feel for it.09:34
BlackDexit's a prod/dev thingy, so no prob here :)09:35
zeestratBlackDex: Added a bug to the docs for that graphic https://github.com/juju/docs/issues/157509:40
BlackDexThx :) I have subscribed to the bug! :) Thx09:41
junaidalihey guys, is there any HA bundle available for juju 2.0?10:53
zeestratHey junaidali, do you mean HA juju controllers?11:13
zeestratIf so, check out https://jujucharms.com/docs/2.0/controllers-ha. Otherwise check out https://jujucharms.com/docs/2.0/charms-ha and https://jujucharms.com/hacluster/11:18
marcoceppiCarlFK: hah, thanks for the catch. Not sure why edge wasn't shared, but it's now open to everyone12:55
SimonKLBit looks like there is a race between the relations and the reactive relation states - for example it takes a while before the influxdb.available state is removed from the time you have removed the actual relation13:20
SimonKLBthat causes the relation data to be empty, even though you're expecting it not to when the available state is set13:21
SimonKLBi could do an extra check that the relation data is actually there, but it would be better if the state was better synced so that charms could rely on them more13:22
jcastrorick_h: invites out to you, I just realized that you should just be a coowner of the juju g+/youtube account13:56
jcastrohttps://www.youtube.com/live_dashboard is the url you want after you add Juju to your youtube dropdown thing13:57
jcastrofrom there you can schedule events, etc.13:57
rick_hjcastro: cool yea I was going to ask you about that at some point13:57
rick_hjcastro: do I get added to the youtube group some how?13:57
jcastroyoutube inherits the G+ permissions13:58
rick_hjcastro: ok, so I've followed Juju, do you then see me/grant access?13:58
junaidalizeestrat: deploying a multi-controller OpenStack13:59
jcastroyeah you need to add an account to the top right account google thing13:59
jcastrothen sign in, and you should see juju as an option in the dropdown13:59
jcastroif that's a problem just lmk and we'll hop on a hangout14:00
rick_hjcastro: yea, that'd be great. Evidently I'm an addiot14:04
rick_haddiot? lol idiot14:04
jcastroit's ok rick, it's just a youtube channel.14:05
zeestratrick_h: Do I spot a yubikey?14:05
rick_hzeestrat: maybe :P14:05
rick_hnano is great but sometimes "bump"14:05
rick_hjcastro: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/rick?authuser=114:05
zeestratjunaidali: There are some older docs at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/OpenStackHA Otherwise I suggest asking in #openstack-charms or the official Canonical folks in here such as rick_h or jcastro14:05
zeestratrick_h: yeah, I've had opsec go out the window a couple of times when focus follows mouse ;)14:15
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arosalesrick_h: per your reply, ref = https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/juju/2016-December/008341.html15:39
arosalesare you saying local is not supported, or resources in bundles are not supported at all in bundles ?15:40
rick_harosales: local not supported and on the roadmap this cycle. You can reference resources in bundles via the revision of the resource in the charm store15:43
arosalesrick_h: so there is no new key in bundle.yaml. I just have to attach the resource to the charm when I upload to the store, and then be explicit about that version in the "charm:" key in the bundle.yaml, correct?15:45
rick_harosales: no, second let me get the example15:46
arosalesrick_h: ok thanks15:46
kwmonroearosales: what you said is what i thought rick meant (charm rev dictates the resource rev).  thanks for clarifying!  i'm fixin to learn something.15:47
rick_hkwmonroe: arosales so I believe there is a key for the resources15:50
rick_hhttps://github.com/juju/charm/blob/v6-unstable/bundledata_test.go#L27kwmonroe: arosales see15:50
rick_hthat didn't paste right15:51
* arosales looks15:51
rick_harosales: kwmonroe so you can have the sub-key in the application for resources, and then for each resource "name" you can specify a revision number15:51
rick_harosales: kwmonroe and the goal for this cycle is to allow that revision to also be able to be a local path like a local charm path would be15:51
cory_furick_h: If the bundle is referencing a local charm (and thus doesn't have a definite charm store entry), can you still indicate that it should be deployed with a resource from the store?15:53
rick_hcory_fu: honestly, never tried that and no idea how that'll work. I'm guessing it'll fail because the charm id in the bundle is ./ and not resolvable via the charmstore to see what resources it provides15:54
cory_furick_h: So, it would be nice for CI to be able to say, for a local charm in the bundle, use either this local URL for the resource, or this fully-qualified resource URL from the charm store.15:55
rick_hcory_fu: rgr15:55
rick_hcory_fu: I can take that as feedback that a local filepath, revision, or a fq cs url would be great for the bundle spec15:55
rick_hthank you for the great feedback15:56
arosalesrick_h: +1 to cory_fu's comment, and not the _or_ there15:56
rick_harosales: rgr15:57
arosalesrick_h: as a charm developer I want to iterate on a charm that has resoruces locally.15:57
rick_harosales: understand15:57
cory_fuAlso, as a charm developer, I want to test a local build of a charm that does already have a resource in the store15:57
arosalesin a bundle testing context I need to specify both the resource url and/or the charm url. I could see a case where both bits are changing during development. A more common case though would be the charm is changing locally and the resource url hasn't changed.15:58
rick_harosales: rgr15:58
arosalesrick_h: thanks!15:58
arosaleskwmonroe: kjackal: I guess for now in charm ci if we want to accommodate charms with resources the charm has to be uploaded to the charm store16:00
arosaleskwmonroe: kjackal: for the 1st milestone we are working on I think we can assume that the charm doesn't have resources, but we should look at the work to accomodate a charm with resources until juju lands the above mentioned work16:01
kwmonroe+1 arosales16:11
rick_hjcastro: we need a hash tag for juju. #juju doesn't work well with the amount of Juju music stuff. ideas?16:18
arosalesrick_h: #jujudevops or #jujucloud or #jujuops ?16:22
arosalesjust throwing some out there16:22
jcastroWe've used #jujucharms in the past, but that might be too long16:23
rick_harosales: yea, I want to start updating our 'join the mailing list, join irc..." with a hash tag setup as well I think16:23
rick_h#use-juju? hate it being the second word though16:23
tvansteenburgh#jujucharms imo16:25
rick_htvansteenburgh: k, let's try that and see if we can get any update. /me goes to add a search for jujucharms16:27
arosalesrick_h: pinged james donner and he has been using #jujucharms16:36
arosalesthat seems fine and has prior art16:36
arosalesmarcoceppi: ^16:36
rick_harosales: cool ty16:36
arosalespetevg: did you continue to see the agent dying in your testing? if so did you have those bug links hand?17:04
arosalesjuju agent that is17:05
petevgarosales: The juju agent isn't dying. But the controller marks trusty machines as failed after a reboot.17:05
petevgarosales: bug here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/164963717:05
mupBug #1649637: Juju agent in a "failed" state after machine reboot on some charms <juju:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1649637>17:05
petevgarosales: matrix will also deliberately kill an agent. It should come back up. If you're not seeing it do so, that might be a different bug.17:06
arosalespetevg: cory_fu: is 1649637 the main bug or are there others we should make juju-core aware of others17:07
petevgarosales: that is the only bug that I am aware of. If there are others, they need to get filed.17:08
arosalespetevg: thanks17:08
cory_fuarosales: Yeah, I don't think there are any others that are blocking us at the moment17:08
arosalescory_fu: it sounds like a bug didn't get filled for juju marking a machine as "destroyed" immediately in the api so further requests don't hit that same machine?17:09
petevgarosales: Nope. That was a red herring. Destroying the machine doesn't break stuff. The API does the right thing.17:25
arosalespetevg: ah excellent to hear17:25
skaywhy would mojo not be able to find a charm in the store but calling juju deploy from the command line does?17:33
skay(I'm looking at the source code now, but if anyone knows, let me know)17:41
stubskay: You are using a cs: URL in your manifest?17:41
cory_futvansteenburgh: Updated https://github.com/juju/python-libjuju/pull/3117:41
skaystub: yes, cs:~codersquid/submission-service17:41
stubskay: That is codetree rather than mojo. Might make it easier to track down the issue.17:42
skaystub: thanks17:42
skayI'm looking at this stacktrace https://paste.ubuntu.com/23629882/17:43
stubhttps://jujucharms.com/u/codersquid/submission-service gives me a 40417:46
skaydoes this work? https://jujucharms.com/u/codersquid/submission-service/017:46
skay(I'm assuming it will give a 404 to you but might as well check)17:47
skayarg this is confusing. I'm not logged in17:47
skayI probably pushed it incorrectly, so I'll review the docs for making a release17:48
cory_futvansteenburgh: Ugh.  Thanks for the catch.17:48
tvansteenburghcory_fu: :) np17:48
stubskay: You might have missed the step granting read access to everyone?17:48
stub(I don't know if codetree/mojo supports private charms on cs: URLs)17:49
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skaystub: you are right, I missed the grant step17:57
skaystub: I added a resource (which should be optional) so that users of the charm can either use the snap store or attach a snap resource17:58
skaywhen I try to do a release, I get an error, resources are missing from publish request17:58
stubyes, that policy in the charm store is causing lots of people grief.17:59
stubThe work around is to attach 0 byte files as resources, but I haven't had a chance to see if that works with the snap layer yet18:00
stub(it will be a minor fix if it doesn't)18:00
skayI could try it out and see what happens. I tried attaching a snap as a resource for the charm, but I really don't want to do that18:00
stubskay: If it fails, you can work around by having mojo deploy from a git branch rather than the charm store. I can sort the snap layer tomorrow (unless you beat me to it)18:02
anrahQuestion about resources.. can I set them on bundle-file?18:13
anrahi tried to use resources: and then list needed resources one by one but that did not work18:14
skayanrah: I opened an issue for it https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-deployer/+bug/164369218:17
mupBug #1643692: add feature to support juju2 resources <juju-deployer:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1643692>18:17
skayI want to be able to use options too18:17
anrahok, thanks for that :)18:18
anrahi'll guess that I have to use block when resource is not available18:18
skaystub: it does cause a hiccup. is checking for a zero length file a good approach for it? https://paste.ubuntu.com/23630058/18:37
jcastrorick_h: wanna fire this up early? the hangout I mean18:49
rick_hjcastro: already there18:49
rick_hjcastro: https://goo.gl/mgACZH for the HO18:50
rick_hjcastro: http://youtu.be/FwLEMa7XE64 for the youtube watcher link18:50
skaystub: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23630104/ I'm going to try this, but I don't know how to actually test changes I make for a layer18:52
rick_halexisb: cory_fu kwmonroe links above ^ use the HO link18:54
cory_furick_h: Access denied18:56
rick_hcory_fu: boooo, /me looks18:56
tvansteenburghcory_fu: i got that at first to18:56
tvansteenburghbut refreshed and it worked18:56
rick_hcory_fu: please try again, it let everyone else in18:56
rick_hor did you offend the google gods?18:56
cory_furick_h: I fixed it by removing the explicit authuser=018:56
rick_hah ok18:56
rick_hHEY EVERYONE! Juju Show #2 about to start if you're interseted18:57
rick_hchat here: https://goo.gl/mgACZH and follow here: http://youtu.be/FwLEMa7XE6418:58
jrwrenjcastro: that is not funny. ;)19:02
kwmonroei need optional resources!  ibm-was-base, for example, takes an installer resource and a fixpack resource.  fixpack should be optional!  https://api.jujucharms.com/charmstore/v5/~ibmcharmers/ibm-was-base/archive/metadata.yaml19:07
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zeestratThe controller/model upgrade procedure sure could use some better docs both in CLI and online. See https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/163871419:27
mupBug #1638714: Upgrading a juju model before the controller gives unhelpful error message <usability> <juju:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1638714>19:27
arosaleskwmonroe: is there a bundle in the charm store for cwr-bundle-ci?19:27
arosaleskwmonroe: or should folks just use https://github.com/juju-solutions/bundle-cwr-ci19:29
* arosales guesses the latter19:29
kwmonroearosales: yeah, there is a bundle, but it's in -edge.  you can juju deploy -c edge ~juju-solutions/cwr-ci19:30
kwmonroelet me check our edge perms to see if i can give everyone read access19:30
arosaleskwmonroe: thanks19:31
lazyPowerrick_h <3 https://github.com/juju/docs/issues/157619:35
kwmonroearosales, et al: ci bundle:  https://jujucharms.com/u/juju-solutions/cwr-ci/2;  same thing with revq in the mix:  https://jujucharms.com/u/juju-solutions/cwr-rq/319:43
arosaleskwmonroe: thanks19:43
jrwrenrick_h: you would not like my machine name :)19:44
rick_hjrwren: :P19:44
rick_hone word or bust!19:44
jrwrenrick_h: oh, its one word... gogogogogogogo19:44
jrwrenand yes, I get the number correct every time.19:44
rick_htab complete ftw19:44
jrwrenno tab complete. I just know the song to sing.  Also, its just "gogo" in my PS1. Does that help at all?19:45
sparkiegeekcory_fu: https://github.com/juju-solutions/matrix/issues/46 FYI19:45
cory_fusparkiegeek: There is already a PR to address that: https://github.com/juju-solutions/matrix/pull/44  :)19:47
sparkiegeekcory_fu: damn it, did you steal Guido's time machine again? (thanks)19:47
cory_fusparkiegeek: Feel free to review that PR for me.  ;)19:48
cory_fu(Rendered view: https://github.com/juju-solutions/matrix/blob/ef7d2171635243fc0d8ed3e7adfaebd2026bdbe2/README.md)19:48
Merlijn_SHappy holidays!19:52
jrwrenthanks rick_h19:52
jrwrengreat demo Alexis19:53
marcoceppisad I couldn't join in, looking forward to watching soon19:53
rick_hmarcoceppi: we missed you!19:54
marcoceppiNEXT TIME19:54
rick_hJan 4th19:54
rick_hbe there!19:54
sparkiegeekcory_fu: looks like requirements.txt is asking for ubuntui >= 0.1.1 but that doesn't exist (on pypi)19:54
marcoceppibcsaller, petevg: Juju Show might run over making me late for the Matrix sync19:54
cory_fusparkiegeek: All the deps for matrix are bundled in the wheelhouse/ folder, but I will ping stokachu to get that version out to pypi. :)19:57
cory_fusparkiegeek: Hrm.  I see, the instructions say to install it from GH, which won't use the wheelhouse.19:58
skayMy charm uses a layer, and I have a fix for hte layer to disregard empty resources. I don't know how to test changes to a layer. helphelp19:58
cory_fustokachu: Can we get a 0.1.1 release of ubuntui?19:58
skaychange is here https://code.launchpad.net/~codersquid/layer-snap/+git/layer-snap/+ref/handle-empty-resources19:58
sparkiegeekcory_fu: yeah I didn't quite follow those anyway - I just ran "pip3 install ." from a clone19:58
skayI think stub will be around tomorrow and could take a look, but I would like to test it19:58
cory_fusparkiegeek: Fair enough.  If you add `-f wheelhouse` to that, it will work19:58
stokachucory_fu: yea19:58
cory_fustokachu: Thanks!19:59
stokachuwhy is it so difficult to upload a resource to the charm store20:00
stokachuwhat is the problem here20:01
sparkiegeekcory_fu: oh, looks like bcsaller already merged it :/ still looks bogus to me - not your branch but contents of requirements.txt20:02
sparkiegeekcory_fu: the next headache I got was "juju>=0.0.1,<1.0.0" pulling in pyjuju from PyPi and trying to install zookeeper (!)20:03
sparkiegeeky'all should get some CI on your CI framework :P20:03
cory_futvansteenburgh2: ^ is us hitting up against the already claimed "juju" project on pypi.  Can we prioritize reclaiming that or working around it with a different package name?20:05
tvansteenburgh2that's why you need to install from the wheelhouse sparkiegeek20:05
tvansteenburgh2the main dep isn't even released yet20:06
tvansteenburgh2cory_fu: yeah, i'll look into that this afternoon20:06
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cory_futvansteenburgh2: Thanks.  Other option is for me to  update the instructions in the README, but I dislike not being able to install it the normal way20:06
cory_futvansteenburgh: But if it's going to take some time, then I'll update the README20:07
tvansteenburghcory_fu: yeah i need to get this sorted asap anyway since i wanted to do a libjuju release next week20:07
sparkiegeektvansteenburgh: I'm trying. "pip3 install . -f wheelhouse/" lead to: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23630386/20:09
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stokachucory_fu: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/ubuntui/0.1.120:11
cory_fustokachu: Great, thanks!20:12
kwmonroestokachu: did you get the charm attach issue sorted?20:12
stokachukwmonroe: not yet20:13
kwmonroestokachu: have you run the exact same command again?  i know it sounds dumb, just run it again.20:13
stokachukwmonroe: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23630362/ my latest failed attempt20:13
stokachuk running again20:13
petevgsparkiegeek: does "tox -r" succeed? (We might have a dependency listed in a place that tox can spot, but pip can't.)20:14
stokachukwmonroe: still fails20:14
stokachui was just told new packages are being pushed to charm store20:14
stokachuso ill try again later20:14
sparkiegeekpetevg: yes it does20:14
sparkiegeekcory_fu: petevg: bcsaller: I'm going to reopen #46, since although the specific failure case is no longer happening after Cory's branch landed, it does still exhibit errors20:15
kwmonroeok stokachu -- i have seen that before, but running attach twice worked.  maybe it's just bad store timing.20:18
tvansteenburgh1hazmat: can i take over the 'juju' package name on pypi? we have a new python client that we want to put there20:21
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petevgcory_fu: I don't get sparkiegeek's permission denied error when building zkpython, but I do get an error about a missing header file.20:25
sparkiegeekpetevg: yeah the permission thing is my local system being a bit screwy - http://paste.ubuntu.com/23630440/ was in a clean LXD20:26
sparkiegeekin the (recently changed) README.md there's no use of the wheelhouse20:27
cory_fusparkiegeek: Also, your pastebin with the permission denied didn't include "sudo"20:28
sparkiegeekcory_fu: indeed, deliberately so20:29
petevgcory_fu: Yeah. But there's a build issue even if you're not sparkiegeek, and trying to build stuff in your system Python :-)20:29
sparkiegeeka snap for it would be nice (and avoid this mess)20:30
sparkiegeeksudo pip3 install git+https://github.com/juju-solutions/python-libjuju.git#egg=juju20:32
sparkiegeeksudo pip3 install 'git+https://github.com/juju-solutions/matrix.git'20:32
sparkiegeekin that order seems to be the right incantation20:32
sparkiegeek(but it still ignores the wheelhouse)20:32
cory_fusparkiegeek, petevg, bcsaller: https://github.com/juju-solutions/matrix/pull/4720:32
cory_fusparkiegeek, bcsaller, petevg: I was missing the --no-index which was causing it to try the old juju lib from pypi20:41
* sparkiegeek spins up another clean LXD20:41
petevgcory_fu: aha. That works for me in my virtualenv :-)20:41
sparkiegeekcory_fu: :( so the install "worked" but actually running it fails miserably20:53
sparkiegeekcory_fu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23630574/20:54
cory_fusparkiegeek: Ah.  Missing the file from the manifest.20:54
sparkiegeekcory_fu: I'll open a new issue20:56
sparkiegeekpetevg: I guess you'll also be seeing https://github.com/juju-solutions/matrix/issues/49 ?21:05
petevgsparkiegeek: ayup.21:06
petevgAgree w/ cory_fu that it should just be a matter of adding the default .yaml to the manifest, though.21:06
cory_fupetevg, sparkiegeek: https://github.com/juju-solutions/matrix/pull/5021:07
petevgcory_fu, sparkiegeek: that branch seems to work for me.21:10
petevgMatrix is running, at least ...21:10
petevgWent ahead and merged it ...21:10
petevgcory_fu: ... though it looks like maybe you didn't rebase from master, as I see a datetime related error.21:11
cory_fupetevg: It definitely was rebased from master21:12
petevgcory_fu: darn it. Looking at the trace ...21:12
petevgHuh. Maybe it's grabbing the wrong version of libjuju ...21:13
petevgcory_fu: yeah. Wrong version of python-libjuju. The file sizes are different. Maybe a merge clobbered my checkin.21:15
cory_fupetevg: https://github.com/juju-solutions/matrix/commits/master/wheelhouse/juju-0.0.1-py3-none-any.whl looks fine to me21:17
petevgcory_fu: I must have messed up the commit, then. Copied the wrong thing. :-/21:19
cory_fupetevg: I'm running a test in a fresh venv.  I'll let you know if I see the same thing21:19
cory_fupetevg: At what point did you see the error?21:20
sparkiegeekI don't see timestamp issues per se, but I get a libjuju traceback trying to decode JSON from constraints21:20
petevgcory_fu, sparkiegeek: I just pushed an updated python-libjuju build to matrix master. If you have trouble, pulling the new build should fix things.21:20
petevgsparkiegeek: interesting. That's new. What bundle are you testing?21:20
sparkiegeekpetevg: https://jujucharms.com/u/landscape/landscape-dense/21:22
petevgsparkiegeek: cool. I'll download it and see if it does the same thing on my machine.21:22
cory_fupetevg: I didn't get any error wrt timestamps on the dep before you just pushed, but a new one won't hurt anything either.21:23
sparkiegeekpetevg: FWIW http://paste.ubuntu.com/23630680/ is relevant snippet from matrix.log21:23
petevgcory_fu: Cool. I figured the new build wouldn't hurt anything (it's actually possible that I hadn't pull from master before I tested).21:24
sparkiegeekpetevg: naively reading the traceback, it seems libjuju might be expecting constraints to be JSON?21:25
petevgsparkiegeek: That's the root of the problem, but there's a trip to the plan builder API in there, and a bunch of annoying complexities. I think that this may be related to a bug that I squashed, but maybe didn't squash all the way ...21:27
petevgcory_fu, sparkiegeek: looks like we need to do more of the thing that I did in https://github.com/juju/python-libjuju/blob/master/juju/constraints.py, but for resources. Will file a ticket.21:29
petevgcory_fu, sparkiegeek: https://github.com/juju/python-libjuju/issues/3521:36
petevgNot a fast fix, unfortunately :-/21:37
sparkiegeekpetevg: resources? there are no resources here?21:38
sparkiegeekpetevg: am I missing something?21:38
petevgsparkiegeek: I thought that the thing under "options" in landscape-server was a resource. In any case, the planner says that we need to do something with "https://github.com/juju/python-libjuju/issues/35", and that's getting turned into a Value object in python-libjuju, and that's failing, because we need to parse it first.21:44
petevg... which is going to change in future versions of juju, because that's too much parsing on the client's part. But for now, it's what we have to do :-)21:44
petevgsparkiegeek: actually. nevermind. I'm totally wrong. Misread the traceback. It's the constraints. Which are supposed to be fixed.21:46
petevgsparkiegeek, cory_fu: https://github.com/juju/python-libjuju/issues/3621:51
petevgThat's easier to fix. I have to head out to an event in a few minutes, though, so I will have to fix it tomorrow (unless someone else grabs it).21:52
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=== petevg is now known as petevg_afk
rick_hcory_fu: kwmonroe ping, either of you free to help me out with something please?22:17
rick_hlazyPower: as well ^22:17
cory_furick_h: Sure, what's up?22:18
rick_hcory_fu: can you join https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/bs-squad?authuser=1 please? (adjust authuser)22:19
marcoceppiI like the name bs-squad22:36
lazyPowerit clearly stands for "Bear suit"22:36
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jrwrenis there a way to juju run on every machine? e.g. I don't know what contraints were used to deploy and so I want to cat /proc/cpuinfo and run free on every machine and collect the results.23:05
jrwrennevermind. NOW I see juju run --all23:05
=== GMR-Master is now known as teranet
lazyPowerjrwren hey there's juju run --all23:31
lazyPower(extremely latent)23:31
kwmonroenext time someone brings up the elastic beats stack or prometheus or nagios, i'm gonna be like "juju run --all 'cat /proc/cpuinfo && free".  thanks jrwren!23:32
lazyPowerkwmonroe i think i lost context....23:32
lazyPower[15:05:12] jrwren:is there a way to juju run on every machine?  -- is the last of the log i have.23:32
kwmonroelazyPower: read the "e.g." on that same line23:33
lazyPowerhah, ok23:33
lazyPowerbut unit profiling is different than unit instrumentation.23:33
kwmonroeugh.  can't you just give me a sensible chuckle and move on?  it was joke.23:34
lazyPowerhehe, that was *totally* clever kwmonroe. You should quit your day job ;)23:34
teranetdo we have any juju expert on here23:39
lazyPowerteranet debateable ;)  What can we help you with?23:39
teranetI try to figure out why certan charms and machine's are down23:39
teranetI have a MAAS /  JUJU Enviroment which will alter has also Openstack23:40
teranetbut rihgt now I try to deploy the JUJU charms and it looks to me it's somewhere hanging23:40
teranetfor example is there a way to see what the spec for the a charm is like CPU . RAM DISK and so on ? Or isn't there ?23:41
lazyPowerteranet - Spec's are defined as 'constraints'23:42
kwmonroeteranet: what version of juju are you running?  (output of 'juju version')23:42
lazyPowerconstraints aren't really modeled in teh charm, they are instead modeled in the bundle you're using to deploy the solution.23:42
teranetrunning juju 2.0.2 xenial23:43
teranetthis is my status when I run juju status23:44
kwmonroeteranet: how long have those machines been in the 'down' state?23:45
teranetjuju deploy cs:bundle/openstack-base-48   is what I had run23:45
teranetand for over 12h now if not even longer23:46
kwmonroeahh.. ok.  i was going to say "give it a minute or 2".  but *hours* means something else is happening.23:47
marcoceppiteranet: they've never seemed to have been allocated23:47
marcoceppiteranet: how mnay maas nodes do you have?23:47
teranetcurrently 6 all same hardware specs23:47
marcoceppiteranet: how many have been allocated in the MAAS ui?23:48
teranetall 6 are deployed with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS   24 core  32GB Ram and 479GB Disk space23:49
marcoceppiteranet: can you run `juju status --format yaml 23 25`23:49
teranetmy concerns is somewhere it's hitting limits but don't know exaclty where and what23:49
marcoceppiteranet: well, machines are deployed that are no enlisted in juju23:50
teranetok let me upload the output hold on23:50
teranethere is the output of it23:51
marcoceppiteranet: so the first block is interesting, because the machine is pending23:57
marcoceppiteranet: meaning Juju really doesn't have a machine assigned23:57
marcoceppi25 is a failure to deploy from MAAS23:57
marcoceppiteranet: what I would do, is destroy this controller23:57
marcoceppimake sure maas returns all the machines to ready23:58
marcoceppiteranet: then deploy again23:58
teranetouch that's some bigger work than23:58
teranetok so how do I destroy it ?23:59
marcoceppiteranet: you've got all 6 machines as deployed in maas, but this install only sees two machines assigned to it, and one machine failed in juju's mind23:59
marcoceppiteranet: `juju destroy-controller --destroy-all-models <controller-name`23:59

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