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viewer|39947hello, could some one please tell me,  where or how to find the (Package Installer) in Kubuntu 16.1001:26
valorieit's called muon01:28
valoriethe gui frontend to apt on the commandline01:28
valorieviewer|39947: if you type alt+space and type muon, you can select it01:28
valorieor use your K menu01:29
viewer|39947it is not working,   I type  muon  in  run command  and  nothing apears01:30
valorieoh, perhaps you don't have it installed01:31
valorieyou can use discover, I guess -- it is installed by default01:32
valorieso type discover instead01:32
* valorie goes off to get some dinner01:32
viewer|39947maybe,  I'm new at this, I just installed kubuntu, and I have no idea, what I am doing, I a treully ppreciate your help01:33
viewer|39947I  had try to install,  (Opera)  thru discover,  but  it doesn't show it,01:34
valorie!info opera01:36
ubottuPackage opera does not exist in yakkety01:36
viewer|39947I downloaded  opera,  and I"m trying to install it,01:37
valorieoh, from an outside source?01:37
valorie1. not a good idea01:37
viewer|39947from  Operas wedsite01:37
valorie2. I don't know how to do that01:37
valorieI have no clue01:37
valorieit's not a good idea to install anything outside of the archive01:38
valorieunless you know what you are doing01:39
viewer|39947ok,   tank you01:39
viewer|39947and nope,  I have no clue about kubuntu01:39
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viewer|39947well,  thank you all for  your  help01:42
viewer|39947have a nice  night01:42
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hateballI wonder when Chromium will get updated.... even Debian has newer packages07:15
hateballEven CentOS xD07:15
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BluesKajHiyas all12:17
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yossarianukI've noticed the adobe-flash plugin (for firefox) was bumped from 11.2.x -> 24 today - is anyone else getting constant segfaults from it ?14:26
hateballhmmm, I have 23alpha on my 16.04 install and that seemed to work at least. as well as flash works14:29
hateballhave not tested 24 yet14:29
BluesKajthe new flashj p[lugin installed , but it's not working very well here14:31
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yossarianukfor me I use it to listen to bbc radio and it randomly crashes frequently, the old version was stable (as can be)14:32
yossarianukplugin-containe[8061]: segfault at 3694395873c4 ip 00007f526c1ff412 sp 00007ffe9f0a09d8 error 6 in libflashplayer.so[7f526bb8e000+107a000]14:32
mgolden_Taking forever to download too14:32
BluesKajyossarianuk, no segfaulkts, but a lot of stuttering14:32
mgolden_Problem is, you can't not run the latest flash no matter what is wrong with it14:32
yossarianukv24 is the latest version14:34
yossarianukis the mms.cfg still used for flash plugin ?14:43
gvandeweyerHi, I'm using kubuntu 16.10 on a dell laptop with docking station. My monitor setup is <ext1><ext2><laptop>, but every time I connect to the dock, I have to move the laptop from the left (default) to the right end of the monitor list14:46
gvandeweyeralso, monitors are not deactivated on docking disconnect. Am I missing something to save the display configuration & enable automatic screen updates on (dis)connect ?14:47
gvandeweyera workaround would be to have the mouse 'wrap around', if I move out of the right edge of the rightmost monitor, i'll end up on the left side of the left-most monitor. is this possible somehow?14:48
yossarianukgvandeweyer: likely the issue is fixed in Plasma 5.8.x14:56
yossarianukmy only issue with kubuntu is not having latest plasma... it means running a desktop with known bugs in most of which will never be fixed in 16.10 lifetime (apart from when the backports PPA releases plasma5.8)14:57
gvandeweyeryossarianuk: so currently I can't upgrade to plasma 5.8 ?15:00
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yossarianukgvandeweyer: nope15:05
yossarianukI have it on my neon install and it is better...15:05
yossarianukand a few serious issues fixed15:05
gvandeweyerok. there seem to be some backport ppa's already: http://sourcedigit.com/21009-install-kde-plasma-5-8-on-ubuntu-16-04-and-linux-mint/15:09
gvandeweyermaybe I'll try them later15:09
yossarianukgvandeweyer: the ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports repo only has plasma 5.6.5 for 16.04  (nothing for 16.10 yet)15:12
gvandeweyerah, didn't notice that15:13
yossarianukbut it will come out soon I imagine15:13
yossarianukI was told after packages were built for 17.0415:14
geniiStuff doesn't usually get backported to interim releases with short support cycles, usually just to LTS15:14
acheronukso plasma 5.8 updates for 16.04 and 16.10 have been done, and can be tested if you are prepared to be a guinea pig15:18
gvandeweyeracheronuk: how stable are these in this stage?15:20
gvandeweyerno problem in testing if they are in final beta stage15:20
acheronukwell, obviously the point in testing is that we want people to help find potential issues that may exist15:23
acheronukthat does not mean that they will, but there are no guarantees15:24
gvandeweyerit's past alpha then?15:24
gvandeweyerfine, I'll give it a shot later this week!15:25
acheronukI've been using our plasma 5.8 packages from staging in 17.04 for quite a while now, and seems stable on my systems15:25
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acheronukbut as always, you may have an issue with your graphics/hardware, as you can't test on everything15:25
gvandeweyerofcourse, and I'm happy to help there.15:26
gvandeweyerI'm typically on beta-releases for kernels as well, as I'm still hoping my fingerprint/cardreaders will get supported15:26
yossarianukyey - looks like the 375 nvidia driver will be useable -> http://phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NVIDIA-375.26-Released15:48
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yossarianukjust need the ppa to be updated now.15:51
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user|30484Schönen guten Abend alle anwesenden...18:08
user|30484ist zufällig jemand vom Kubuntu on ?18:09
user|30484naja, wie dem auch sei, habe da etwas neues für alle -> Kubuntu ist nicht SICHER im Internet. hatte soeben einen Bios-Write etc... ganz toll sowas, denn man vermittelt den Verbrauchern, dass Kubuntu Sicher sei18:12
Smurphypfff ...18:29
elichai2I want to install KDE Plasma 5.8 on my ubuntu19:43
elichai2I tried installing via kubuntu-backport ppa but it installed KDE 5.2.X19:43
acheronukelichai2: the backports ppa has plasma 5.6.5 for Xenial. 5.2.X will be the KDE applications version for whatever you are looking at, which is a different numbering scheme to plasma19:48
acheronukplasma 5.8.4 is in testing19:48
elichai2acheronuk, ohh, I checked the version by running `knosole --version` and it told me the KDE version (I think 5.23)19:49
acheronukelichai2: 'plasmashell -v' tell you the plasma desktop version19:50
elichai2if i'll upgrade my system to Yakkety will it change anything? (I currently have Xenial)19:50
elichai2(I mean, will I get a better version)19:50
acheronukYakkety has plasma 5.7.5. better, but still not the new and shiny plasma 5.819:50
acheronukplasma 5.8 has to be provided in backports when it is ready19:51
elichai2ohh, so maybe i'll test KDE on another distro (on VM)19:51
acheronukas it was released to late to go into Yakkey by default19:51
elichai2I just got tired of my Unity and I want something new and shinny and I liked how the Plasma looks in screenshots19:52
steve-_-1is there a release date for discover 5.8?19:52
acheronukwell, we have 5.8 in our backeports-landing ppa for testers19:52
acheronuksee: http://kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-and-linux-mint-doing-plasma-5-8-testing/19:53
steve-_-1acheronuk: so I guess the question is when 5.8 will hit stable19:53
acheronuksteve-_-1: when we are confident it has been tested enough19:53
steve-_-1so no release date atm19:54
steve-_-1hm ok19:54
acheronukgiving ETAs too often comes back to bite you on the backside19:54
steve-_-1so if I rephrase and ask weeks or months?19:54
steve-_-1acheronuk: yes totally understand that19:55
elichai2steve-_-1, good QA will answer years.19:55
steve-_-1just curious if it's close or far away. if it's far away I will try to use that testing thing19:55
steve-_-1how is that?19:55
acheronukit would be nice to have it ready for Xmas and give everyone a nice shiny plasma present!19:55
elichai2so they won't promise anyone anything19:55
steve-_-1oh well. so if I add that ppa will that change general version to some testing branch or is this for discover only?19:56
acheronukbut as with these things, you think they are ready, and testers turn up a load of bugs.19:56
acheronukdiscover or plasma?19:56
steve-_-1I am only interesting in getting discover 5.8 since it fixes a bug I am seeing w current stable19:57
acheronukdiscover is problematic on any branch, as it is a very much a WIP at the moment, and ubuntu's appream data it uses to find package info does not seem to be the greatest19:58
acheronukhence even the latest version fails to find certain stuff, like VLC and some other apps19:59
steve-_-1so what is the best way to manage installed software / updates in kde?19:59
steve-_-1or kubuntu19:59
steve-_-1for dummies like myself looking for a UI solution19:59
acheronukwell, personally I use synaptic20:00
acheronukit's gtk, and a bit old and creaky, but it just works!20:00
steve-_-1hm, I find this all very confusing. so discover is the new default from what I understand?20:00
steve-_-1muon is gone20:00
acheronukmuon is not gone.20:01
acheronuk'sudo apt-get install muon'20:01
steve-_-1so there's three solutions or more I yet have to find one that works reliably. muon had the last update check … milliseconds ago bug20:02
steve-_-1discover does not display file size of files to be downloaded20:02
steve-_-1wouldn't it be good to concentrate efforts and have one working solution?20:02
steve-_-1but maybe that's not how linux works20:02
steve-_-1arg wrong window20:03
steve-_-1ok, let'S just wait for 5.8 and hope that that version works a bit more reliably20:04
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[Relic]don't forget when you check with discover and install anything the whole thing just doesn't respond when it is updating the package tables and shows no progress20:14
_Wens_hi! will be update qt to 5.6.2 version in yakkety?20:21
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N0Lif3I have the Bluetooth background service disabled, but from time to time I keep seeing the bluetooth symbol showing that it's being powered on my taskbar22:13
valorieif you have the applet installed, perhaps it's starting it up automatically?22:17
valorieI have one, and if I hover over it, it says no connected devices22:19
N0Lif3when I click it, it will have the checkbox full meaning it's "Powered"22:21
N0Lif3I'm on a laptop, so I want to keep it off to conserve battery life22:21
valoriewhen I click the applet, it's got a little box that I can click to turn it off22:25
valorieto the right are the settings22:25
valoriewhen I turn it off in the settings, the applet icon disappears to the "hidden icons" area22:29
valoriethe little pyramid shape22:29
N0Lif3yea, that's where it is now22:31
N0Lif3do you pronounce Kubuntu "KOO BOON TOO" or "Kay ooo boon too?"22:31
valorieI do the first22:32
valoriebut some do the second22:32
valorieit's all good22:32
valorieactually: koo bun too22:33
valorieI rarely yell it22:33
DragnslcrI do the second22:40
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