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bgaifullinI cannot login to my launchpad account, this error appears ' OOPS-51ebaaa8214be9b06de0b38d996b8924'07:42
bgaifullinI think the root cause is that I had 2 accounts at ubuntu one07:48
bgaifullinone is bgaifullin@mirantis.com, another is gaifullinbf@gmail.com07:48
bgaifullincurrently I use only gaifullinbf@gmail.com, it is possible to link my account in launchpad to this one login account07:49
wgrantbgaifullin: Hm, do you need both Ubuntu One accounts?08:14
bgaifullinwgrant, No, I need only gaifullinbf@gmail.com08:14
wgrantbgaifullin: I'd normally suggest deleting the second one (currently with the @gmail.com address) and adding its address to your main account.08:14
bgaifullinI added email address gaifullibf@gmail.com to my launchpad address08:15
bgaifullinwgrant, ^08:15
wgrantRight, but Launchpad and Ubuntu One accounts aren't the same thing.08:15
wgrantYou have one Ubuntu One account for each address, but the Launchpad account has both addresses.08:15
bgaifullinwgrant, I got it :)08:16
wgrantUnless you really need the second Ubuntu One account for some reason, I'd delete it and add its address to your remaining single account.08:16
wgrantKeep one account on each system, and leave things much less confusing for people and computers alike :)08:16
bgaifullinwgrant, I got it, thank you. :)08:17
wgrantbgaifullin: Great, let me know if that doesn't sort it out for you.08:17
vi01ethello i encountered oops, some one help me08:22
vi01etError ID: OOPS-2e4a2a0de4be8f61759cec0b07566ee108:22
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wgrantvi01et: Do you have two Ubuntu One accounts?08:28
vi01eti delete one and re registered at same email08:28
wgrantvi01et: Hm, that would do it. Why did you do that?08:31
vi01etwgrant i mistake to nameing my username in openstack gerrit08:33
vi01etwgrant but username can't modify so i delete my account08:34
wgrantvi01et: Why couldn't you change your username?08:35
wgrantDid you talk to OpenStack people before deleting your identity?08:35
wgrantThis may have caused bigger problems, but I can at least stitch the Launchpad parts of your identity back together.08:35
wgrantI can't fix the OpenStack side of things.08:36
vi01etopenstack gerrit is ok but launchpad login only error08:36
wgrantvi01et: Please drop an email to feedback@launchpad.net with the details (including email address, OOPS ID and usernames if you have them), and I'll get it sorted out soon.08:39
vi01etwgrant thank you so much!08:40
wgrantvi01et: np08:41
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rbasakI'd like to link bug 1649832 to my git branch lp:~racb/usd-importer:disable-applied manually. But when I put "~racb/usd-importer:disable-applied" into the search box after clicking "Link a related branch", I get "No items matched...". "Loading suggestions..." never seems to complete either.12:47
ubot5`bug 1649832 in usd-importer "Problems in applied patches imports cause import failures which are not ignored" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164983212:47
rbasakWhat am I doing wrong?12:47
wgrantrbasak: Since Git branches are rather more ephemeral than Bazaar ones tend to be (at least server-side), it's not possible to link a bug to a Git branch, just a Git merge proposal.12:49
wgrantWe considered allowing Git branch links, but people tend to delete their branches from the server soon after they're merged, so that wouldn't be very useful.12:50
rbasakOh, OK. Thanks.12:59
rbasakPerhaps you should change the text to "Link a related Bazaar branch" to make it clear?13:00
rbasakIs there any way to get from a package_upload object to download URLs for the entries listed in changes_file_url?13:15
rbasaksru-review appears to scrape the queue HTML view page.13:15
rbasakAnd sourceFileUrls13:16
* rbasak experiments13:16
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tvansteenburghis anyone aware of problems with the launchpad api today? one of my apps has been getting 503s today (from the lp api), and I haven't seen that before.19:17
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wgranttvansteenburgh: There are no general problems. Which particular API call were you having issues with?21:50
tvansteenburghwgrant: when using lp_user.super_teams22:23
tvansteenburghError ID:22:23
tvansteenburghOOPS-b57724dc349548acc2485d5cb082d91c (not sure if that helps or not)22:23
wgranttvansteenburgh: The OOPS ID is exactly what helps :)22:24
wgrantLet me see.22:24
wgranttvansteenburgh: Hm, is it reproducible?22:27
wgranttvansteenburgh: I'd expect it to be fairly quick after the first couple of tries.22:27
tvansteenburghwgrant: yeah it's happened every time ~niebalski has tried to login to our app afaik22:31

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