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geniiDid a do-release-upgrade -d on the netbook from 16.10 to 17.04 ( lubuntu and kubuntu both installed on it) ..now there's no network manager. Bringing ethernet up manually currently in konsole. ifconfig shows only lo0 active by default now15:13
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SonikkuAmericaRandom logistics question: Do we have anyone in here that is working on the first official release of Ubuntu Budgie?19:14
krytarikSonikkuAmerica: Why are you asking specifically?  I know fossfreedom sits in #ubuntu-devel, for example.19:22
SonikkuAmericakrytarik: Was thinking of inventing a factoid for it and directing people here until the 17.04 release.19:23
krytarikAh, ok.19:23
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