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willcookemorning all08:51
willcookewell, what's left of us08:52
didrocksthe last of us? (2)08:54
didrocksmorning willcooke08:54
* desrt is here09:01
willcookemorning desrt, didrocks09:02
didrockshey desrt!09:02
desrtquiet day :)09:03
desrtor quiet rest-of-the-year, probably09:04
willcookehope so :)09:04
davmor2Morning all09:05
davmor2willcooke, desrt: that's just wishful thinking09:06
willcookewe live in hope09:06
davmor2willcooke: hope is for the weak, do or do not, that is the way of the force ;)09:10
flexiondotorgMorning willcooke didrocks desrt davmor209:17
willcookehowdy flexiondotorg09:17
flexiondotorgIs seb128 still about or en vacances?09:19
didrockshey flexiondotorg!09:19
didrocksseb will be back soon, he had an appointment09:19
flexiondotorgdidrocks, I've been talking to the Nuvola Player dev. He's filed a couple of bugs as a result of starting to snap it.09:21
flexiondotorgWondered if you've encountered anything like this?09:22
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1648988 in Snappy "Unable to fork a new WebProcess: Failed to execute child process "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/webkit2gtk-4.0/WebKitNetworkProcess" (No such file or directory)." [Undecided,New]09:22
flexiondotorgThey are out of free time for a bit, but will try building WebKit as a source part.09:23
flexiondotorgI was wondering if there are any other quick workarounds you might have seen?09:24
didrocksworking in devmode?09:25
flexiondotorgThey started with a confined snap and I had them change that.09:26
flexiondotorgThis is their snap - https://github.com/fenryxo/nuvola-snap09:27
flexiondotorgWhich is all hooked up in LP with Git mirroring and snap building.09:27
flexiondotorgI'm considering making a remote part for WebKit.09:27
didrocksI guess you will have to debug the exact failure with gdb in process thus09:28
flexiondotorgYeah, I was hoping to avoid that :-)09:34
* flexiondotorg leaves for the coffee shop to meet Lightworks about snaps09:35
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seb128hey willcooke flexiondotorg didrocks09:57
seb128sorry had an appointment at 1009:58
didrocksre seb12809:58
seb128I'm back now09:58
Sweet5harklast days before vacation and someone puts my name on a regression. :/10:47
ricotzhello desktopers10:47
ricotzSweet5hark, I am currently uploading 5.2.4~rc210:56
seb128hey Sweet5hark ricotz10:57
seb128Sweet5hark, btw what's the status of 5.1.6 for xenial? there are some users asking about that10:57
Sweet5harkseb128: yeah, seen that. its in https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+archive/ubuntu/libreoffice-5-1 and currently no major problems known with it.11:00
seb128SRU before holidays? ;-)11:00
Sweet5harkseb128: meh. Currently at "getting 5.3beta snap before hols".11:02
seb128that seems important as well :-)11:04
seb128today has 30 hours though so it's ok right? ;-)11:04
jcastroSweet5hark: I have to admit, I've started to use LO more and more now that I get a fresh version.12:46
* jcastro is old and boring so always on the LTS12:46
seb128jcastro, you didn't use the lts version because of bugs?13:16
seb128you don't start using something you don't need just because it's getting updates, or do you? ;-)13:17
ricotzand it is not like there were no update possibilities before ;)13:20
jcastroseb128: it's just that as the LTS got older than 6 months upstream's improvements outpaced the older version.13:22
jcastroricotz: yeah but I'm trying to live a ppa-free life. :D13:22
seb128jcastro, k, you probably do more fancy things that me, I mostly open/edit simple documents and the LTS version does the job pretty nicely for those ;-)13:23
jcastroyeah, there's a kind of peace of mind there too tbh. Like knowing if I set it up for someone they'll always have the newest version of the app, but on a stable OS.13:24
jcastronot that I'm doing that with snaps yet13:25
seb128but yeah I like snaps for that as well13:26
jcastronow we just need vlc updated, heh.13:28
seb128I though it was updated this week (at least in the edge channel)?13:29
jcastroreally? /me checks13:29
jcastrothere was a newish command to see what versions are in what channels13:31
jcastro`snap info vlc`, but it's for snapd 2.18 and xenial is still on 2.1713:32
jcastroseb128: you're right, it's a 3.0.x git version, which appears to be a devel release13:41
jcastroit crashes on launch, but at least it's up there, heh.13:41
seb128jcastro, yeah that was mentioned as well, I though it would maybe have been fixed by now13:42
* flexiondotorg is returned13:49
seb128hey flexiondotorg14:11
seb128flexiondotorg, I was waiting for you to be back to reply to your earlier comment14:11
seb128that looks like a webkit relocation issue, not a bug in snapcraft or snappy14:11
seb128I don't see an easy workaround14:11
flexiondotorgseb128, Thanks.14:26
flexiondotorgYeah, I think so too but was hoping I was wrong :-)14:26
seb128the think is that webkit is built with prefix=/usr14:26
seb128so it looks there for the helper14:26
Sweet5harkjcastro: heh, yeah14:27
Sweet5harkjcastro: fwiw, LibreOffice 3.5 on precise was one of the better releases but is ancient and is expected to be painful. LibreOffice 4.2 on trusty wasnt a too good release in the first place. LibreOffice 5.1 on xenial is still a decent release IMHO (from a core point-of-view, since 5.x we started caring more about cleaning up the UI -- which, while less mission criticial, is more visible to users)14:43
willcookenight all17:57

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