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lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:32
Bashing-omo/ lotuspsychje ; May your day be blessed with warmth and sunshine :)04:37
lotuspsychjehey Bashing-om tnx :p04:38
lotuspsychjei watched snowden the movie yesterday04:38
lotuspsychjenice piece of work04:38
Bashing-omDo not do much TV'n myself, what brought snowden to your attention ?04:40
lotuspsychjewas reading an article what motivated oliver stone to make this movie04:41
lotuspsychjeits a crazy story04:44
Bashing-omYeah ,, Oliver Stone has done some great works . Now my interest is piqued .04:45
lotuspsychjeBashing-om: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/edward-snowden-oliver-stone-and-big-brother-a7389226.html04:55
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: Yeah - got my interest :) good reads .04:58
Bashing-omGood night Good Folks07:13
BluesKajHiyas all12:18
nicomach1swhy doesn't pip update through apt?15:42
nicomach1severy time I try to install something with pip (every coupla months or so) I get "you're using version blahblah, but version blahblah.1 is availabe. please update with pip install --update pip"15:42
nicomach1sand then there's pip3 and all those fun variations of everything15:43
daftykinsi don't even know why that thing has to exist15:46
daftykinsyet another example of the mess of inconsistency that is Loonix15:46
lordievaderBecause pip is distro independent?15:46
OerHekswould be nice, pip hook to apt15:48
nicomach1sI think I'm with daftykins. Having to use pip at all is kinda pointless. would be much easier to just install python programs with apt15:50
lordievaderSure, but not everything is in apt.15:53
naccwhich is why pip exists15:56
naccand all the other per-language package managers15:56
naccand then once pip exists, they stop trying to get their stuff into the distro15:56
naccit becomes a bit of a loop15:56
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nicomach1sa universal package manager should be... univeral.16:00
naccwell apt is, presuming, the packages exist int he archive16:01
naccit can't know about stuff it ... doesn't know about :)16:01
naccalso, i hate the idea that one tool should solve every problem, it tends to lead to corner cases and bugs16:01
naccand bloat :/16:01
naccapt also can't, without kludges, install without proper permissions; i believe pip can16:02
OerHekspip without sudo goes to the user environment, indeed16:02
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daftykinsjust another hurdle to learning i'm afraid16:06
naccalso, the barrier to entry in debian/ubuntu is higher than in pip -- so cutting edge stuff tends to be in pip16:07
daftykinswell i have one example i encountered it in, grabbing the get_iplayer script which is packaged, but out of date so as to be non-functional - i'd not encountered pip before so had no idea16:10
daftykins'nough said ;)16:11
nicomach1sI just used it to install something called rtv. don't remember the last time I used it before that.16:13
naccdaftykins: package name?16:14
daftykinssorry, can't spare the time right now16:16
daftykinsgotta make some calls :)16:16
naccdaftykins: np16:16
naccdaftykins: i'm happy to help (if i can) at least get that fixed/updated, in the future, just ping me16:16
pauljwHi everyone16:49
EriC^^hi pauljw16:51
pauljwhey EriC^^ how's things?16:51
EriC^^pauljw: good thanks, you?16:52
pauljwEriC^^, doing well, thanks.  :)16:52
EriC^^dnssoul: hey18:57
EriC^^Je peux aider18:57
EriC^^j'utilise Google Traduction18:57
EriC^^Je connais un peu de français, je suis libanais18:58
OerHeksune deux mille18:59
ubot5`Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:08
daftykinsany of you guys ever deal with quirky LCDs on Lenovos? specifically got an X240 with a vertical band in the middle that's misbehaving19:09
daftykinsupping a video right now19:09
EriC^^the one i got had some backlight leaking19:25
EriC^^on the sides19:25
daftykinsah yeah19:28
EriC^^man my isp is killing me19:29
EriC^^they made it $10 less and now the ping sucks ass, 340ms goes up to 2000-3000ms at times19:30
daftykinsnasty jitter19:32
daftykinslooks like it's a new panel time only - but that's fine because i can upgrade it to a 1080p for £45 :)19:32
nicomach1sEriC^^: wow. how far is that signal traveling?!19:33
daftykinshehe, he uses mobile tech19:33
EriC^^yeah i do19:33
EriC^^it used to be pretty low ping though, like 120ms iirc or less19:34
EriC^^64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=45 time=114 ms19:34
EriC^^then it'll go to 300ms out of nowhere for a while then jump to 3000 and stuff, i can't use the ps4 with it anymore19:35
* EriC^^ tries to use the ps4 with it.. let's see19:35
EriC^^64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=45 time=795 ms19:36
EriC^^could it be related?19:36
EriC^^it's back at 100ms now19:37
daftykinswhen i download on my xbox one, there can be some crazy jitter to my desktop machines19:37
daftykinsi've often wondered if it's something the xbox one does that MS don't consider for those on VDSL lines19:37
EriC^^as soon as i hit the match making it jumps to 1400ms then 700ms19:38
EriC^^it seems definitely related19:40
nicomach1sdaftykins: do you have the right ports open?19:40
EriC^^wow it just stalled, like 10000ms in a row19:40
daftykinsnicomach1s: you don't have to open ports19:40
nicomach1sdaftykins: it can help.19:41
daftykinsno sir19:41
EriC^^must have been some coincidence, just tried and it didn't jump when i pressed the button, earlier it jumped right when i hit it19:41
nicomach1sdaftykins: 53, 80, 88, 500, 3074, 3544, and 4500 have to be open. Opening 3075 and 3076 can improve matchmaking.19:43
nicomach1sUPnP will do it automatically but I prefer a little more precise control.19:44
daftykinsyeah due to UPnP and NAT-PMP you don't need to open ports :)19:44
daftykinsappreciate the thought, but it won't impact jitter during downloads from the store or updates etc19:44
EriC^^anybody have a tip for cleaning the usb charger cable connector?19:45
nicomach1sisopropyl and q-tips19:45
EriC^^it fell into a glass of pepsi, and sat there for a while, now it stopped working, so i'm using the ps4 cable to connect the phone to the desktop19:45
EriC^^i tried alcohol on it, it didn't work19:45
nicomach1syou can soak the end of it in iso if you think it got gunky up inside of it19:46
EriC^^it fell before in coffee and the alcohol plus after a few day it started working again, no dice this time19:46
EriC^^nicomach1s: i tried that too19:46
nicomach1spossible short? idk19:46
EriC^^if i wedge it with my hand upwards it used to work i think19:46
nicomach1ssounds like a short19:47
EriC^^yup it does19:47
EriC^^i have to push really hard though19:47
EriC^^i'll try moving the metal stuff inside with a needle19:49
nicomach1sunplug it first. lol19:49
EriC^^i was just thinking that19:50
EriC^^there's some progress, now it needs just a little push to work19:53
EriC^^does anybody know a way to fix the mmi invalid code on android phones?20:00
EriC^^i keep getting it, i can't check how much internet traffic i have left, i tried adding a "," at the end20:01
EriC^^and the "search for network operator" many times and restarting, it worked once somehow then it stopped again20:01
daftykinscould be worth nuking the data on the dialer app20:05
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daftykinsnot seen that one but it rings a bell20:05
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