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kgunnppisati: hey there, playing with the 16.10 image on RPi3 you had...just wondering, is that a deb equivalent of ubuntu-core? in terms of what pkgs it has available?13:20
kgunnjust noticing it's quite stripped down13:21
ppisatikgunn: it's debootstrap + some pkgs, very minimal14:10
ppisatikgunn: did you get around to run mir/unity8 on it?14:36
kgunnppisati: yes, making an attempt....currently, it seems somethings not quite right with the gfx stack there... mir bails out when it probs the gfx modules...14:38
kgunnso i'm adding (when i can :) some debug to see why exactly14:39
ogra_kgunn, well, do you need the vc modules ? 14:52
kgunnthey are installed14:53
ogra_thats the "+ some pkgs" then, ok :)14:53
ppisatiuhm, not really14:53
ppisatifor me, some pkgs = openssh, etc14:54
ppisatihe prolly installed himself14:54
ogra_heh, k 14:54
ppisatiogra_: aren't you on vacation? :)14:54
ogra_ppisati, i messed up completely ... (cant read calendars etc ... ) my vac starts tomorrow, but since i was off the last two days i'll now work til friday to compensate 14:55
ogra_silly stuff14:55
ppisatiasd :)14:55
ppisatiogra_: then, if you feel like, i might a snap question for you14:56
ogra_sure, shoot14:56
ppisatiogra_: initrd modules, in the snapcraft/makefile combo, i don't see any commands to insert anything into the initramfs14:56
ppisatiogra_: but i know you did that in the past14:56
ppisatiogra_: how did you do that/14:57
ogra_they are in initramfs-modules-ubuntu-core 14:57
ppisatiogra_: i can link you a bug to refresh your memory, but it's privarte stuff if you want14:57
ogra_there is a modules file 14:57
ppisatiogra_: a package in the snappy dev ppa i guess?14:57
ppisatibjf: ^14:57
ppisatihenrix: ^14:57
ogra_i'm half way done turning that modules file into multiple per-arch files instead though 14:58
ppisatiogra_: yesterday we were wondering how to do that14:58
ogra_currently it is a single file applying to all arches which makes us ship the VM modules on Rpi initrds and such 14:58
ppisatiogra_: ok14:58
ogra_what i want to do is to have one modules file per arch and have a postinst snippet copying the right one into place14:59
ppisatimakes sense14:59
ogra_(or have a generic and an arch specific one and merge the two from a postinst)14:59
* henrix reads logs14:59
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