msihow can I install chrome ?01:02
msianyone to help01:03
randallchrome? it should be in the software boutique01:35
randallhey, newbie question here, if I install mate on a rpi3 and install it in my microwave, how do I get it to make lobster bisque?02:13
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ouroumov_randall, gotta install redshift ~05:08
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CaelAnyone around that might knowhow to solve an issue after installation, a PowerPC G5 at Second Stage Yaboot it gives Unknown or Corrupt Filesystem After a clean install?17:58
ayan_hi guys18:18
cyphermoxCael: what image did you download for MATE? we had this issue on builds before the release, it should have been fixed since.18:22
CaelSorry i'm in the middle of playing Warframe @cyphermox, 16.1018:51
Caelthe 15.XX builds never had working Framebuffer or GPU Drivers for my G5.18:51
greenmanspirithey all, I am getting "apt-utils : Depends: apt (= 1.3.1) but 1.3.2ubuntu0.1 is installed" when I try to do apt upgrade19:15
Burazendid you try to upgrade with apt-get upgrade?19:16
greenmanspiritI did upgrade then update19:16
greenmanspiritI noticed the problem because the software updater put an error icon in my tray19:17
Burazendid you try the other way around? update then upgrade bcs update pulls information about new packages and upgrade, upgrades them.19:19
greenmanspiritoops, sorry, thats how I did it. I just typed it backwards here19:19
cyphermoxCael: just make sure you use the actual release image from releases.ubuntu.com, and not something you may have downloaded a long time ago, and check that the image you downloaded is complete19:28
Caeli grabed it from the Ubuntu MATE Downloads section.20:23
mate|9674is xfce more popular than mate (  I wonder ) ?22:08
mate|9674anyway I love ubuntu mate22:10
mate|9674I keep returning to it - I tried arch for a week but I did not really like it22:10
mate|9674ubuntu mate is best22:10
mate|9674ubuntu mate team thank you for all the work22:13
mate|56808Hello everyone, I'm using a a version of mate compiled against gtk3. Does anyone know how to turn on the scaling factor for 4k screens or if it is even possible?23:56

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