rokclimb15_question for the group - if a debian patch introduces a regression that is being fixed, is it better form to modify the patch (and update Last-Update) or to create another series patch to fix the patch bug02:42
lfaraonerokclimb15_: the former, and submit it back to Debian too if possible.03:45
rokclimb15_thank you lfaraone. The issue has been filed with Debian, but not yet acted upon (its years old)03:53
rokclimb15_I'll revise my debdiffs to alter the original patch03:54
ubottuUbuntu Budgie is a community !flavour of Ubuntu featuring the Budgie desktop. Its first official release will be 17.04. As with all development versions, for questions involving Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 support, visit #ubuntu+1. Ubuntu Budgie 16.04 and 16.10 are not supported by the Ubuntu project. https://budgie-remix.org/19:39
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