PaulW2Upleia2: issue #492, last one of the year?10:50
pleia2PaulW2U: good idea, we'll go ahead and plan on that15:59
pleia2PaulW2U: hm, now that I'm looking at it, I'm wondering if we should do 492 and 493 will be the one covering xmas and new years weeks, but we'll see how things look on friday16:59
pleia2otherwise we either release the day after xmas, or have an edition covering 3 weeks (eek)16:59
PaulW2Upleia2: I think release 492 on 19th and then 493 on 2nd would be best but if there's not much happening this week then as you say it can be decided on Friday17:08
* pleia2 thumbs up17:09
pleia2we should also think about what we want to do for issue 50017:16
pleia2I'm sending a mail to the list momentarily17:17
* PaulW2U thinks a competition, prizes :)17:37
pleia2I'm happy to gather and send out said prizes (probably ask Ubuntu community fund for a few bucks) if you have ideas as to what kind of competition to do :)18:06
PaulW2UI'm thinking along the lines of 10 questions about UWN itself. Might also encourage some new contributors.18:19
PaulW2UI'll let you havr some questions19:39
PaulW2Uover the coming weeks19:39

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