praisethemoongood morning people07:47
elachecheMorning folks08:35
praisethemoonelacheche, good day08:47
praisethemoonhow is it going?08:47
elachecheGood thank praisethemoon08:52
praisethemoonelacheche, check my new post :D https://praisethemoon.org/data-data-and-data/10:13
elachecheNice :D10:19
praisethemoonthank you for being my only visitor :'(10:29
praisethemoonAnd a tweet :D10:32
praisethemoonthank you :')10:32
praisethemoonGUESS WHOS BACK pavlushka10:40
pavlushkapraisethemoon: ubuntulog_ ?10:41
pavlushkapavlushka: yeah, got it, u-la-la :p10:41
pavlushkapraisethemoon: ^10:42
pavlushkahow is it going praisethemoon ?10:42
praisethemooni'm good my friend, wbu?10:42
pavlushkapraisethemoon: I am good too, thanks :)10:42
elachecheHello oussemos11:00
oussemosHi elacheche how r u doing?11:00
elachecheGood oussemos :) u?11:01
elachecheWelcome to #ubuntu-tn11:01
oussemosThanks ;-)11:02
elachecheJust here to say hi or need help?11:06
elachecheoussemos == Oussema Cherni ?11:06
oussemoselacheche: yes that's me11:07
elachecheWelcome :)11:07
oussemosThank u :)11:10
praisethemoonelacheche, can you help me out?14:13
elachecheSure praisethemoon14:17
praisethemoonerr, in Sh how can I can run system command?14:17
praisethemoonlike curl14:17
elachecheyou just use the cmd name inside your script14:18
praisethemoonoh, alrighty xD14:19
elachecheIf you can share the code go ahead and I'll debug with you if there is errors14:19
praisethemoonthank you elacheche, but i'm having some issues14:26
praisethemoonisn't Cygwin supposed to run shell commands as if they were on linux?14:26
praisethemoonI run commands on cygwin and they work perfectly, I put them into .sh file and run it with cygwin and it does not work14:26
elachecheshare the error message14:27
praisethemoonit complains about clear14:33
praisethemoonhold on14:33
praisethemoonthat is the code14:34
praisethemoonerror message: https://paste.kde.org/pgw316jhd14:35
praisethemoonbut i think i've found it14:35
praisethemoon\r is windows line return14:35
praisethemoonLinux uses only "\n"14:35
praisethemoonso i need to use unix encoding :X14:35
elachechepraisethemoon: cygwin run bat scripts too?14:36
praisethemoonelacheche, i tried and it did (in CLI)14:36
elachecheOk :) The script seems good.. you didn't share the error14:37
praisethemoonI did :314:46
praisethemoonbut found the issue; now it complains about .bat14:46
praisethemoonI don't always bash14:47
praisethemoonbut I do , it complains14:47
praisethemoonwhen I do*14:47
praisethemoonkill me14:51
praisethemoonit is called logstash14:51
praisethemoonI wrote logstaCh14:51
praisethemoonKILL ME14:51
elachecheI told you to migrate yur desktop to a better OS :p14:57
praisethemoonI cry everytime15:04
elachecheYou can go for & 30min dualboot install before you go home.. That way you can keep your working env.. And configure the new one whenever you have spare time15:06
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