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jgdxseb128, hey, is there anything we can do to get bug 1644268 moving upstream?14:15
ubot5`bug 1644268 in gnome-desktop (Ubuntu) "GnomeDesktop-WARNING **: Failed to load XKB rules file" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164426814:15
seb128jgdx, hey, not really, but I guess you have it in your overlay?14:15
seb128jgdx, I can upload to zesty if that makes you feel better..14:15
jgdxseb128, have what in the overlay?14:15
seb128jgdx, the patched version of gnome-desktop14:17
jgdxseb128, oh, I didn't know there was one14:17
seb128jgdx, one what? overlay?14:17
jgdxseb128, a patched version14:18
seb128jgdx, no, I was assuming you made a custom upload to the overlay, unsure why you would block on Ubuntu for that?14:18
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brunch875Does anyone have any ideas as to get IP over USB without enabling rndis or simply make the computer use its own connection as gateway?17:22
brunch875so that I can ssh to phone without eating my data plan17:23
greybackbrunch875: isn't "adb" enough?17:27
brunch875not installed here, no sudo access either17:28
brunch875also, my intention is to play around with SSH so it has to be SSH17:28
greybackbrunch875: I don't know how to do what you want, but if you downloaded the right package from here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/android-tools you can get the "adb" binary with "dpkg-deb -x package.deb"17:35
greybackadb lets you easily do port forwarding to the device, which you can tunnel ssh over17:36
brunch875greyback: that is really relevant information anyway, thank you! :)17:38
dobeybrunch875: you need adb17:47
dobeybrunch875: enable developer mode and run "phablet-shell" on Ubuntu, and that is ssh over usb17:47
dobeyjust install phablet-tools on Ubuntu17:48
brunch875this is a public computer though, so no sudo17:48
dobeybrunch875: but not sure what you mean about "get IP" exactly. do you want to use the phone as a tethering device, or just ssh to the phone?17:48
brunch875just ssh to it17:49
dobeybrunch875: you don't need sudo17:49
brunch875to keep on debugging my yesterday's issues with ssh -Y17:49
dobeywhy do you think you need sudo?17:49
brunch875to install phablet-tools + dependencies, no?17:50
dobeynot exactly; you can download them and unpack in a private dir to run from17:50
dobeyi mean, yeah, you need sudo to install them into the system root; but you don't need sudo to use them i'm pretty sure, unless the machine you're on is locked down hard and you can't open the device as your user17:51
brunch875oh nice17:52
brunch875I assumed I'd need to get a whole framework of dependencies to get those tools to work17:52
dobeyno adb doesn't really have any dependencies i don't think17:54
dobeyand phablet-shell is just a script which runs adb to enable ssh forwarding over usb on the phone, and then connects to the phone over ssh over usb17:54
brunch875let's hope it lets me pass parameters to ssh17:55
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Acou_Basshi folks, is there anyway to troubleshoot battery life problems?23:13
Acou_Bassmy nexus 4 with ota-13 used to get two days of battery life fairly easily (im a fairly light user) since the ota-14 update my phone isnt lasting one day evenwith zero usage aside from being in my pocket all day23:14

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