diddledanmacos 10.12.2 is out \o/02:37
zmoylan-pii see they /fixed/ the battery guage for macbook pros...  https://marco.org/2016/12/13/apple-removes-battery-time-remaining03:30
zmoylan-pii'm sure rich mac users can just carry a spare mac book pro for when the battery runs out on one03:36
zmoylan-pia user in a different channel i frequent is getting 2 hours from their 10 hour battery life new mac book pro03:43
zmoylan-piand that's not compiling only a few dozen documents open in a court room... someone suggested finding a power socket but i asked what were the odds you'd trip someone with the new non mag safe adapter and what would be the % they'd be a lawyer... :-P03:45
mappsnew episode of shooter06:09
mappsanyone else watching shooter06:09
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davmor2Morning all09:11
JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Wednesday, and happy International Monkey Day! 🙈 🙉 🙊09:44
davmor2JamesTait: gotta be this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksJ6QP8BYn009:47
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:47
pevWotcha. Anyone know much about 14.04 -> 16.04 changes? I've got a 14.04 build env that I've got to get working on 16.04 (TLDR: new machine prefers 16.04) - I've used update-alternatives to get the older gcc up but ideally I'd like to use a similar mechanism to install older GNU make and mono. I can always hack my source tree but I'd prefer to do "the proper way" if such a thing exists?10:46
foobarry16.04 uses systemd10:46
foobarry14.04 still used upstart10:47
popeypev: I'd run it in a lxc container personally10:49
pevpopey: Thanks, I've not come across that before, looks interesting. I'm not quite sure how you're suggesting using it though - is there a simple way to replicate a 14.04 environment within one? Just reading through the basics now10:53
pev(I'd originally tried building under vmware / virtualbox but overheads were undesirably large!)10:56
davmor2pev: lxc launch ubuntu:14.04 trust-container10:57
davmor2pev: it basically gives you a cloud server image in a container you can then build things in it rather than on you host 16.0410:58
pevAh, call me old fashoined but I never trust the C word :-D10:59
pevdavmor2: That looks ideal - giving it a go now!10:59
davmor2pev: https://linuxcontainers.org/lxd/getting-started-cli/11:00
davmor2pev: what is there to trust or not trust it is a container on you local system that you are using to build things11:00
pevdavmor2: Yep, I'd been skimming through there but hadnt found the syntax for setting up a container with an older version of ubuntu, it looked like all the examples I'd spotted were using the current environment. Your suggestion looks bang on though11:01
pevdavmor2: Don't worry I was just joking about the phrase "cloud" and that it's also a C word :-D Its just a modern sexier term than "server"11:02
davmor2pev: no the cloud image is different to the server image in subtle ways so there is actually a difference :)11:04
foobarryasked my ISP for a firmware update to my managed router they delivered with old firmware (i was having issues). first they said they coudn't contact my router. then i posted logs of them contacting my router, then they magically managed to update the fw.11:04
foobarryi asked for changelogs, guess what, "we don't provide these"11:05
davmor2foobarry: you somehow seem surprised by this11:06
* popey hugs openwrt11:08
pevdavmor2: Ah, OK! So, next, more awkward question, is then is this genuinely a cloud image? my actual end build environment is  very much offline.11:08
foobarrystock netgear fw looks pony too https://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/58238411:08
foobarrysure we havne't heard the end of the adsl router botnets11:09
davmor2pev: yeap it is one of these https://uec-images.ubuntu.com/releases/14.04/release/ so basically server + the bits it needs to talk to cloud services :)11:09
davmor2popey: +111:10
popeypev: don't overthink the "cloud" part of the image name, it's a server image11:10
pevfoobarry: its old now, but my old WNDR3700 factory firmware was ok ; performance wise openwrt and dd-wrt seemed about the same...11:10
pevdavmor2: Aha! Is there a manual way to pull down the appropriate image and use it on an offline machine or am I opening myself to a world of hurt?11:11
davmor2pev: openwrt has more regular updates for security patches which is why I prefer it11:11
foobarryand more tweaks (and iptables i believe?)11:11
popeypev: thats exactly what it is11:12
pevfoobarry: yep. depends on ones own use case of course!11:12
popeyit's an image which you use locally11:12
foobarrymy huawei router has weird terminology and tries to make things high level , generally making issues worse (just like windows)11:12
popeyagain, don't overthink the cloud part, it's just an image you run locally11:12
foobarrysince i got the new router, xbox360 been crapping out , never before11:12
foobarrycloud (server) can be public (somewhere else) or private (my own)11:13
popeyindeed, which is why it irritates me when people say "No such thing as cloud, just somebody elses computer" because that's just patently not true11:13
foobarryit is a rubbish overused term though, just like devops11:14
foobarryand 2.011:14
davmor2pev: think of lxd as a glorified chroot, the cloud img is just the server os that runs in the chroot effectively giving you a 14.04 chroot locally that you can run build on, it all remains local11:15
foobarrywhats the top link if you google HPC docs? not sure if google is tweaking results based on cookies and history (i've tried incog but you never know...)11:35
davmor2foobarry: but but but but web2.0 on the cloud, with the cloud services, and cloud connect, on a mushroom cloud is awesome honest ;)11:35
* zmoylan-pi listens to the clouds outside dumping their datasets with extreme vigour11:41
foobarryanyone help with that google query pls ^^11:41
foobarryneed someone not at my location etc.11:41
zmoylan-pihigh performance computing at queen mary...11:42
foobarrythanks zmoylan-pi11:43
foobarrythats the correct answer11:43
diddledanAmazon Web Services launched their London region today14:15
foobarrywhere were they before? Ireland?14:18
diddledanthey have ireland and somewhere else in europe (frankfurt?)14:18
diddledanyeah, Ireland and Frankfurt are the pre-existing europe regions14:19
diddledanso now we have the choice of Ireland, Frankfurt and London if we need to remain in the EU14:19
zmoylan-pidata centres are popular in ireland as you save a fortune on ac14:20
foobarryiceland maybe14:20
zmoylan-pion top of volcanos...14:20
diddledanof course once Brexit goes through the regulations might require data-sovereignty for British data to remain in Britain, so the London region will be invaluable for that14:20
foobarrymy daughter has been singing rudoplh red nosed reindeer in repeat for 15 minutes. must has sung it 100 times already14:21
foobarry /o\14:21
zmoylan-piask santy for noise cancelling headphones...14:21
diddledanI've always wondered what the Sanity Clause is14:22
diddledanand did I transgress, because I'm not sane anymore14:22
zmoylan-piand for anyone on fast isp you might want to start making phone calls or it could be you and family stuck at home over christmas _without_ internet... http://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2016/12/customers-broadband-isp-fast-co-uk-firenet-face-shock-cut-off.html14:23
diddledanI saw that before I went to bed via a tweet. Shocking14:29
daftykinscor la, moved the old 60" Pioneer plasma today at my clients - and just as we began, the new LG OLED showed up :D15:46
zmoylan-pithankfully the log rollers and sherpas were in position after moving the old 60" :-D15:47
zmoylan-piyou gonna now set up the old 60" as your new desktop monitor? :-P15:51
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daftykinszmoylan-pi: haha nah it's gone in his bedroom to replace the 50"16:07
daftykinsthe 50" has gone to his sons bedroom, and the sons ~40" has gone to the 'guest' room :P16:07
daftykinsthere are a few snaps16:08
* zmoylan-pi wonders what is lining his cat's litterbox... :-P16:24
daftykinsthe fella that helped me with the lifting and wall mounting works on my clients boat mainly, he took all of it to recycling ;D16:25
zmoylan-pihe also has the clients used socks contract? #blackadder16:29
daftykinsthe John Lewis rep just had to refund the VAT in 7 separate amounts because their software only goes to £75...16:34
zmoylan-pii'm sure when that limit was decided the coversation went along the lines of 'we'll never have an item that costs more than £75...' when was it written, the 1950s?16:35
zmoylan-pii have yet to be in a meeting that had 'we'll never do/need x' were x hasn't been required within 12 months... personal best was less than 1 day...16:47
daftykinswow do you remember what that one was?16:48
zmoylan-pithe decree from on high that i was to round up all the remaining 5.25" floppy drives as we no longer needed them and send them to recycling... after it was done, a customer sent in a backup on 5.25" that was urgently needed16:49
zmoylan-pii had of course learned from chief o'brien and believe in at least 2 backups so had laid down a few in hidden locations that no one would find...16:50
daftykinsthis client would do that when speaking of the stands these TVs come with "we'll never need those!" - so i hide them16:51
zmoylan-piof course i would prefer my hiding place to have giant rolling boulders with walls that fire poisoned darts... but you can't have everything... :-)16:52
davmor2zmoylan-pi: just go with the classic electrified floor16:54
zmoylan-pithe cost in leccy would be terrible... you'll be asking me to heat it next!?16:55
davmor2well you need them to take their shoes off or the rubber sole will prevent it shocking them16:56
davmor2zmoylan-pi: the alternative is a wall that fires taser bolts :)16:57
zmoylan-pimore expense... hmmm, thinks about people i've had to deal with and leaves japanese sepuku sword and instructions in 20 languages...17:00
davmor2zmoylan-pi: got it laser firing sharks in a water pit only way to be sure, you know it makes sense17:13
zmoylan-pisez someone who's never had to do an in field replacement of a dodgy laser...17:14
zmoylan-pino one ever thinks of the service engineers and how to move their abandoned vans afterwards...17:15
davmor2zmoylan-pi: that's what council estate fires are for surely17:17
zmoylan-piyeah... but then you have to walk out of a council estate at night on foot...17:18
davmor2zmoylan-pi: meh council estates hold no fear for me I live in one of the meanest :D17:19
SebthreeBQM10HD 20:43
SebthreeBQM10HD  /join #techrights20:43
daftykinsSpaceX have their work cut out for them22:07
zmoylan-piwiley coyote sues for infringement...23:09
zmoylan-piif the nickname tarzan doesn't follow that poor sod for the rest of his life...23:11

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