ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1649736 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity picks poor hidpi scale factor defaults" [Undecided,New]00:17
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Trevinhodmj_s76: mh, intresting, can you please try to debug to see what's the correct value? Unfortunately I've not such wide hardware to test, so... it's not easy for me14:05
Trevinhoandyrock: too ^^^^14:05
andyrockrounding to integer makes sense to me14:07
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mterrydandrader|afk, greyback: ok 2150 is landing, will be able to start 2160 for realz in a few seconds15:02
greybackmterry: nice work, thank you15:02
mterrymesa is still a problem, looks like someone just pushed u8 through anyway -- so it may hit your autopkg test runs15:02
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mterrygreyback: the branches in 2160 need updating15:19
mterry2150 merged to trunk, should be fine to merge now15:19
greybackmterry: yep known, dandrader is on it15:19
dandradermterry, qtmir there needs mir 0.25, but silo https://bileto.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/2180 still stuck15:19
mterryah cool15:19
dandradermaybe I was too proactive :)15:20
cimipstolowski, josharenson I created a silo 2302 for https://code.launchpad.net/~josharenson/unity-scopes-shell/fix-overview-results-sorting/+merge/313075 pawel, can you have a look at it too?15:28
pstolowskicimi, oh, nice finding from josharenson, thanks! yes, i will take a look, but probably tomorrow15:33
josharensonpstolowski: thanks15:33
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dmj_s76Trevinho: andyrock: Rounding to integer makes the most sense to me as well.  There are some hardware vendors that pick displays that won't be ideal (3K panels on a 15" laptop being the most obviously bad.)17:31
dmj_s76However the pathological displays out there really have no good (feasible) solution: On a 3K display  2x scaling results in effectively 720p, which will be a little too big for most while 1x scaling will be a little too small.  1.5x scaling there will result in just-right size, but bad, hacky widget rendering.17:42
dmj_s76We should probably not even try to know what's right for those displays, since 1x vs 2x is a matter of preference between eagle-eyes who want more space and the bifocal crowd that wants bigger widgets, and non-integer scaling rendering issues *by default* would make Ubuntu look bad and unpolished.17:46
dmj_s76Trevinho: andyrock: Take 140dpi as our "ideal" like we're doing now, but round to the nearest whole integer.17:48
andyrockdmj_s76: oki i'll preper a branch tomorrow19:27
andyrocka good solution would be to round up just the gtk scaling to the clostest integer19:27
andyrocke.g. right now if the scaling is 1.75 the gtk scaling is 119:28
andyrock2 would make more sense19:28

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