floridagram7<AdamOutler> Woohoo!  Guide level 3!15:42
floridagram7<AdamOutler> Who needs to know where to go to meet up?  I can use my guide powers to help!15:42
floridagram7<KMyers> Hey, Does anyone want access to my OpenVPN server? Just PM me with the names of each of the devices you want to use and I will generate the config/certs. I have about 3 TB of bandwidth allocated to the server on a 1 GBPS port16:37
floridagram7<KMyers> Great for public WiFi16:37
floridagram7<AdamOutler> I'd like one for my phone17:04
floridagram7<KMyers> @AdamOutler - message me on Telegram, for some reason my account is screwed up and it wont let me message you17:07
floridagram7<KMyers> My Telegram account seems to have been flagged for Spam17:10
floridagram7<KMyers> NVM, Emailed you the link to the profile17:20
floridagram7<AdamOutler> What is kudu pro?21:24
floridagram7<govatent> System 76 laptop model21:26
floridagram7<AdamOutler> I'm on a bandwidth diet21:28

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