cmaloneyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGBWX8cZlcs <- MUG Meeting00:03
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cmaloneyHow's the morning so far?13:39
* rick_h looks at weekly weather outlook and goes "damn late Jan came early"13:52
rick_hcmaloney: CHC tonight?13:52
cmaloneyPLanning on it13:59
cmaloneyrick_h: ^^13:59
rick_hcmaloney: coolio13:59
cmaloney(Or are you strumming the sweet tones tonight?)14:00
rick_hI have guitar, but my wife also wants me to leave the house14:01
rick_hso thinking of heading down post-guitar14:01
wolfgerSo, anybody in the market for a slightly used graphics card? GTX 960. PM if interested.14:47
cmaloneyrick_h: You're being forced out of the house. That's... interesting. :)15:21
cmaloneyYeah, I'll be down there.15:21
rick_hcmaloney: heh ok15:21
rick_hwell she has a motive.15:21
rick_hher parents want a gift card for some market there15:21
rick_hand she expects me to get it while down there :P15:21
cmaloneyJ has her final so I may duck out to take her home, but that'll be quick15:21
cmaloneyAh, I see15:21
cmaloneySo she has a plan and it needs to come together. :)15:21
rick_hright, and part of that plan is "go on, get out of here. you should go to CHC"15:22
cmaloneyMore than willing to oblige the plan. :)15:25

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