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soeemamarley: NVIDIA 375.26 Driver Rolls Out With Several Fixes15:42
soeeNVIDIA Updates Its Legacy Drivers For X.Org Server 1.19 Support15:42
mamarleysoee: Thanks!  Looks like I have some Work to do. :)15:45
mamarleyThis should finally fix the blasted performance/lockup bugs on new hardware on 375.xx.15:46
mamarleyI will package it after work.15:46
Sarvattmamarley: where do you get the nocompat32 versions if they aren't on the ftp?16:00
mamarleySarvatt: By manually adjusting the URL.  The files are (usually) on the HTTP site as well.16:01
tjaaltonwhat part of nvidia drivers depends on newer vulkan?17:44
mamarleyricotz: Just to make sure you saw the above, I am already handling all these driver updates. :)20:26
ricotzmamarley, I saw, wait for Sarvatt's tarballs20:36
mamarleySarvatt: Are you doing 375 or just 340 and 304?20:37
ricotzmamarley, just 304 and 34020:39
mamarleyOK, so I can proceed with 375?20:39
ricotzmamarley, thank you20:43
mamarleySarvatt: I don't know how far along you are, but for 340 and 304, the DRIVER_LEGACY part of the 4.9 patch is still necessary but the other two hunks can be dropped.20:48
mamarleyThe DRIVER_LEGACY thing is tricky because it will compile without that, but it won't load.20:49
ricotzmamarley, hmm :\, did you already confirm it?20:57
mamarleyricotz: Yes, I tested it both ways on my 8600m GT.20:58
ricotzok, too bad20:58
mamarleyricotz: Sadly, I had already done 90% of the work by the time you told me to wait :/21:00

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