Calgonguys how can i register?00:01
Calgonmy name is already registered00:01
tomreynSValkyrie: no luck there either. linux indeed doesn't seem to have detected the hard disk drive. you could try this to re-scan the scsi bus: for file in /sys/class/scsi_host/host*/scan; do echo "- - -" > $file; done; dmesg | tail -n3000:01
tomreyn_28_ria: yes you can do the same with the root file system00:02
squintyCalgon, ask in #freenode   /join #freenode00:03
tomreynbobdobbs: see /var/log/auth.log on the server to find out why other users cannot login00:03
SValkyrietomreyn: yields about 10x of bash: /sys/class/scsi_host/host9/scan: Permission denied, then http://paste.ubuntu.com/23626271/00:03
tomreynSValkyrie: ah sorry, my mistake. you need to run this as root. new command line coming up00:04
bobdobbstomreyn: thanks00:05
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bobdobbstomreyn: failed logins are not generating entries in auth.log00:07
tomreynSValkyrie: for file in /sys/class/scsi_host/host*/scan; do echo '- - -' | sudo tee $file >/dev/null; done; dmesg -T | tail -n3000:08
tomreynbobdobbs: then your users are connecting to a different system, i would think.00:09
EvilMachineHi. I’m looking for a better solution than the slow VNC. What do you guys recommend?00:09
SValkyrietomreyn: Yields: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23626283/00:09
EvilMachineWhat do you guys use to “remote desktop” into a machine?00:10
EvilMachine(Linux to Linux btw. VNC is too slow.)00:11
_28_riatomreyn: Thanx, it worked, I will put it in the script, called something, like forcediskcheck, where it will find disks in the system and use 2fs commands to force the check on reboot.00:11
tomreynSValkyrie: any change in output for lsblk ?00:11
bobdobbstomreyn: it's the same system. If I get the failed command from history, and replace my nonroot users name with 'root', the login succeeds00:11
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SValkyrietomreyn: Negative it is the same as the last time: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23626288/00:13
tomreynSValkyrie: the other lines of 'dmesg' output there suggest that your system may be running hot. this could also be why the didks are not detected properly.00:13
tomreynSValkyrie: do you use some hardware RAID configuration (only relevant if you know what this is)00:14
Bashing-omSValkyrie: tomreyn I contunue to watch . "SATA link down" and do not see where the hard drive ever comes up . Windows doing something funky ??00:14
SValkyrietomreyn: I have noticed while gaming the CPU can reach very hot temperatures 90c -- during other non-intensive tasks it settles around 55c00:14
SValkyrietomreyn: Negative00:14
xxxxhow can i delete smuxi?00:16
tomreynBashing-om: i'm not really sure how to interpret the output there other than those links not coming up. it would seem that linux (or actually the bios?) thinks that no devices are connected on any ata channels but 7.00:16
xxxxit's not installed but !i'm in it00:16
SValkyrietomreyn: For what it is worth, last night we swapped over the HDD from IDE to ACHI (i think) but this did not improve the situation00:17
tomreynSValkyrie: 90c is definitely too much, you dont want to melt it, do you.00:17
tomreynSValkyrie: you swapped ... physically or just in terms of the bios?00:18
SValkyrietomreyn: just in the BIOS as was suggested to me.00:18
tomreynyes that was a good guess, unfortunately it did not help.00:18
Bashing-omSValkyrie: Confirm that you are still able to boot up in Windows, and Windows has no issues ??00:19
xxxxhow can i delete smuxi if it's not instaled but i'm in it!?00:20
tomreynwhat i would do now is to fire windows back up, go to the hardware manager and note down the device IDs of all relevant devices. so HDDs / SSDs and storage controllers. maybe also north and south bridge.00:20
SValkyrieBashing-om: I have not attempted to re-launch windows since that swap.  I anticipate it will not boot up until I go back into the bios and swap it back to IDE00:20
_28_riaxxxx: I would install it from apt (first), then delete it from apt00:21
SValkyrieFrom my limited reading on the matter today, Windows will not much appreciate the swap.  As I understand it, when Windows is installed it detects how the motherboard is handling the HDD and installs based on this00:21
xxxxdone. nothing00:21
tomreynSValkyrie: better return to the old configuration then before oyu try again. also windows might not appreciate this 'hardware change'00:21
SValkyrietomreyn: Indeed.00:21
EvilMachinehello. is tigervnc not supported under ubuntu?00:22
tomreynSValkyrie: i should get some sleep, good luck there00:22
smokeyjEvilMachine, sure it is00:22
EvilMachinesmokeyj: what package do i install?00:23
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tomreynbobdobbs: sorry i missed to respond earlier. i'm not sure what the issue is there now, sorry. you'd best look into it again with someone else, repeating the issue here.00:23
SValkyrietomreyn: Thanks for the effort, I think I may end up just unplugging the HDD and reconnecting it with any of my available SATA connectors to see if this helps.  IT is the only thing that I have found that I have not confirmed success/failure00:23
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smokeyjEvilMachine, so answer that I think a little more information is needed dont you?00:23
smokeyjAnd you can easily google that yourselfe00:23
tomreynSValkyrie: make sure you have working backups before you change any more configurations.00:24
xxxxapt done (keyboard problem) thnx!00:24
saramadridquick question...00:24
saramadridi have added a second SSD to my box in order to store there some folders of my profile. i've linked the folders, and all is good, but i can't use recycle bin on those files00:25
saramadridi created a root folder on that drive .Trash-1000 but its not working...00:25
saramadridany help?00:26
EvilMachineFUUUUU!!! I just removed /home!00:26
EvilMachineOn a remote box00:26
EvilMachineNo backups activated yet00:26
EvilMachinePlease shoot me00:26
saramadridand you set the box on fire and killed a kitten?00:26
EvilMachinesaramadrid: i set the box on fire *with* the burning kitten.00:27
smokeyjEvilMachine, You just made me smile just a little00:27
EvilMachinethe best part is: the remote box’s owner is clueless and will not be able to fix this at all.00:27
EvilMachinegaah, i also removed ALL her personal files! NOOOOOO00:28
Bashing-omEvilMachine: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery ; https://www.linux.com/learn/get-your-data-back-linux-based-data-recovery-tools .00:28
KayliLynnHi! Im new:)00:28
KayliLynnWhats up!00:28
Bashing-om!manual | KayliLynn00:28
ubottuKayliLynn: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/00:28
KayliLynnWhat is this?00:29
EvilMachineBashing-om: The box is 600km from me, and I can’t travel there for personal reasons.00:29
smokeyjEvilMachine, how much damage?00:29
nicomachus!ot | KayliLynn00:29
ubottuKayliLynn: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:29
KayliLynnMy computer is fine...00:29
EvilMachinesmokeyj: Well, I just deleted the whole life of a person without a backup.00:29
KayliLynni am like so confused...00:29
smokeyj1. No back up "Whole life" you kinda have to blame yourself00:30
nicomachusEvilMachine: Bashing-om linked some data recovery options00:30
saramadridasking again:00:30
EvilMachinesmokeyj: This was the one moment between old backups and new backups.00:30
saramadridi have added a second SSD to my box in order to store there some folders of my profile. i've linked the folders, and all is good, but i can't use recycle bin on those files00:30
saramadridi created a root folder on that drive .Trash-1000 but its not working...00:30
saramadridany help?00:30
yangm97guys, my local ipv6 is not working on ubuntu 16.0400:30
Bashing-omEvilMachine: I can not say , other than you are between a rock and a hard place . No experience here with a remote file system fix'n .00:30
EvilMachineBashing-om: Thank you.00:31
yangm97I can ping6 google.com but I can't ping6 time-capsule.local00:31
yangm97or any other ipv6 device on the network00:31
yangm97how can I fix it?00:31
EvilMachineBashing-om: I do have some experiences with advanced tools, including data forcensics software. But I also know that it’s a hell of a lot of work to recover merely deleted files on linux.00:31
Bashing-omEvilMachine: A  remote possibility : http://extundelete.sourceforge.net/ <- extundelete is a utility that can recover deleted files from an ext3 or ext4 partition.00:33
EvilMachinesmokeyj, Bashing-om : The bug happened when I unintentionally cat-ed a binary file. This resulted in the following ”rm /home/” to look like ”rm ”. So I entered “-rf /home/.vnc” to clear out some trash, resulting in ”rm /home/ -rf /home/.vnc”… yay.00:35
EvilMachineBashing-om: Thank you for these links.00:35
EvilMachineBashing-om: They’re very useful right now.00:35
KayliLynn--> jooni (~jooni@58.17.01a8.ip4.static.sl-reverse.com) has joined #ubuntu00:35
KayliLynn<EvilMachine> smokeyj: Well, I just deleted the whole life of a person without a backup.00:35
KayliLynn<-- _28_ria has quit (Max SendQ exceeded)00:35
KayliLynn<KayliLynn> i am like so confused...00:35
KayliLynn<smokeyj> 1. No back up "Whole life" you kinda have to blame yourself00:35
KayliLynn<nicomachus> EvilMachine: Bashing-om linked some data recovery options00:35
X01 00:39
Bashing-omEvilMachine: The good thing is so long as the drive is not written to - the data is still there .. just have to relink the files . DO not write to the disk 'till ready for the repair !00:40
_28_riaEvilMachine: you could use testdisk to restore deleted dirs/files00:41
EvilMachineBashing-om: after the rm, I logged out, and now, since no user is left to log in (and ssh is configured to only allow public key auth and not root at all), I can’t even turn the box off. I’m afraid it will have written .bash_history.00:41
_28_riaEvilMachine: but you should unmount the /home partition, so that no further writes are performed to it before you do testdisk00:42
_28_riaor anything00:42
EvilMachineBashing-om: I will have the owner run the livedvd, ssh in, and try, veeery carefully, to recover things.00:42
EvilMachine_28_ria: I won’t mount anything, when using the livedvd. Not unless I’m sure I have recovered everything I can.00:43
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EvilMachine_28_ria: As I said, I’ll use testdisk.00:47
EvilMachine_28_ria: Also, foremost.00:47
EvilMachine_28_ria: If necessary, even some expensive forensics software.00:47
_28_riaEvilMachine: ok00:48
_28_riaEvilMachine: good luck00:48
_28_riaEvilMachine: in comparison to you, I have a way lesser problem. can't start squid. Suddenly it has access denied to it's cache folder.00:50
EvilMachine_28_ria: thanks.00:50
EvilMachine_28_ria: Hmm, done any updates or anything?00:50
_28_riaEvilMachine: updated a week ago, but just today stopped working00:51
sebbohI'm using 16.04 and "nothing happens" when I click "Systems Settings..." on the gear/power symbol on the top right of the .. home screen thing.00:51
EvilMachine_28_ria: was squid restarted?00:51
EvilMachine_28_ria: is the directory still there, are the rights to the whole path as expected? is the deamon running under these same rights?00:51
sebbohWhat application is "System Settings..." supposed to start?  Probably via gtksudo ...00:52
_28_riaEvilMachine: after being updated, many times, because, I often change config00:52
EvilMachineYES! The old file system was NTFS, and there is NtfsUndelete!00:53
EvilMachine_28_ria: So things changed a lot? :) Then at least you know why it doesn’t work.00:54
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EvilMachine_28_ria: I usually re-do the exact steps of the installation, and compare them to what I have. (E.g. diffing config files and comparing directories). But usually it’s faster to just re-install the whole thing and copy the relevant parts over.00:55
_28_riaEvilMachine: in config, I checked effective group and user - it's 'proxy' all the cache dir and files in it have 'proxy' user and group configured to it. permissions are 660, and dirs 770, including the squid dir's permissions itself. Giving 777 to  cache's squid dir doesn'00:55
_28_riat help00:55
dnb_hey guys, hopefully a quick question.... I have a network interface named "br-80f74e585344" and trying to find out what's creating it, any ideas? My guess is that it's dynamically generated, just no clue where form00:55
eckoCan anyone help me with a log in problem? It will be much appreciated.00:55
dnb_ecko: just ask00:56
Bashing-om!details | ecko00:56
ubottuecko: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.00:56
sebbohI did a `sudo find /var/log -ls > /tmp/log_sizes_before.txt` before clicking on the "Systems Settings..." menu item, and another after, and only one log file got new bytes: /var/log/auth, and that was from sudo (on my find command).  Whatever is going wrong, it's not generating a log entry.  wait maybe in $HOME00:56
tgm4883dnb_: looks like a bridge. Do you have some sort of virtualization or container software installed?00:56
dnb_tgm4883: i do, but not sure which is causing it.... i don't want to remove EVERYTHING just to find out, was hoping something like lsof would help, but don't seem to find anything that actually helps00:57
eckoI try to log in the main account on my computer ( I had to change the password) and it tries to sign in but it goes back to the log in page? What would be the cause of this?00:57
dnb_tgm4883: docker, virtualbox, vmware, qemu, etc....00:57
_28_riaI even deleted the cache inside of /var/spool/squid/ and tried to recreate with sudo squid -z, but it just says, that permissions were denied, oddly enough. the /var/log/squid folder and files in it have the same perms, but it doesn't complain about log folder.00:57
dnb_ecko: can you log in via a PTY?00:58
tgm4883dnb_: oh my god, why?00:58
wedgieecko: do you have an encrypted home directory?00:58
dnb_tgm4883: i'm a dev bruh :P00:58
tgm4883dnb_: not a very good one I see00:58
dnb_that's an uneducated opinion00:58
maddawg2un who-amacated?00:58
dnb_because i don't know what's making an interface? you must be great at parties00:58
dnb_tgm4883: is undeducated00:59
tgm4883dnb_: no, because you have 3 different hypervisors installed00:59
dnb_tgm4883: so you know all about what i need to support, huh?00:59
dnb_glad you are omnipotent00:59
dnb_now if you can answer the question, answer, otherwise stfu tool00:59
* tgm4883 goes back to playing games01:00
maddawg2dnb_, is it possible you hae a bridged interface?01:00
eckoOkay, I forgot to start off with I am a bit of a noob when it comes to computer acronyms and linux in general.01:00
maddawg2two interfaces bridged together01:00
eckoPTY is short for..?01:00
dnb_maddawg2: very possible, in fact i know i have multiple that i can identify easily, but this one is oddly named so no clue where exactly it's coming from01:00
_28_riaEvilMachine: the problem is not in the config, because I always check the config before restarting the squid's service with sudo squid -k parse and it was working with the current config for a while.01:01
maddawg2what version of ubuntu?01:01
maddawg2can you  look into the peristen-rules file (cant remember precise name ATM) and see whats in there?01:01
sebbohdnb_: stop being an asshat and use brctl to see what devices are in the bridge, which hopefully will tell you what application you allowed to perform fundamentally important systems configuration tasks FOR you...  ie, creating a low-level networking interface such as a bridge.01:01
wedgieecko: how did you change the password?01:01
maddawg2now play nice01:02
maddawg2no name calling01:02
maddawg2you'll go to hell01:02
dnb_no joke, bunch of elitists here that aren't even helpful01:02
maddawg2but in fairness what happens when you run that command01:02
maddawg2also did you say you were virtualizing?01:03
dnb_i don't have brctl binary01:03
tgm4883sebboh: that's no necessary, also, language01:03
maddawg2you dont by chance have a bridged network card in the hypervisor presented to the guest do you?01:03
dnb_maddawg2: i do, but those are identifyable by name01:03
tgm4883maddawg2: he has 3 hypervisors installed01:03
eckoI restarted the computer while holding shift and entered -o -n something something command and changed the password01:03
dnb_because various manufacturers utilize different tools that we have to integrate with01:04
tgm4883maddawg2: because he thinks he needs that01:04
sebbohHey folks I call 'em how I see 'em. Anyway 7pm local, I'm out for a while, peace.01:04
maddawg2so why not buy three seperate machines if you want to know how it functions01:04
wedgieecko: ok, back to my original question then: When you installed ubuntu did you select for it to encrypt your home directory?01:04
dnb_do you have 10MM per unit to spare? :P01:04
maddawg2not sure what manufactures we're talking here01:04
dnb_i can't say, NDAs and whatnot01:04
maddawg2hypervisor manufactures? or hardware?01:04
dnb_but that's all besides the point01:04
maddawg2well that there my fellow may be the source of your troubles01:05
maddawg2or you have a bridged network card01:05
dnb_of all the bridges/virtual interfaces i expect they are there and identifiable01:05
maddawg2well there may be one utilized by the hyper-v not normally present in the configuration01:05
dnb_i just don't know what else would be creating this interface01:05
maddawg2perhaps some type of virtual bridge to the hyper-visor01:06
maddawg2it's really hard to say01:06
maddawg2i'd first check your persistant rules file01:06
maddawg2and see if it's there01:06
maddawg2but the thing is recently ubuntu changed how network interfaces are changed (and i'm only just getting to the latest version) so perhaps the predictable device naming is off01:07
dnb_it might be docker, but i'm not certain... there's a docker0 already, but not sure why THIS one would exist. Not sure when it appeared, but I don't recall seeing it before01:07
maddawg2i'm just baffled as to why anyone would ever need 3... i'm trying to wrap my head around thtat concept but i fail to see any logic in any situation01:07
maddawg2but that's just me01:07
eckoI wouldn't know. My cousin gave me the computer with ubuntu on it. She had forgot the password when she was in college and gave it to me since I wanted to learn more about computers and such. I believe it is encrypted01:08
maddawg2i've never heard of a case like this but i expect there to be some type of anomally01:08
dnb_because when we work in only 1, and we send a packaged product to a partner, they use other tools than us sometimes and things don't always work right01:08
dnb_basic testing really01:08
dnb_so i'm working with our QA team to be able to support all our partners01:08
tgm4883dnb_: fwiw, my comment about being not a very good one was meant a little more friendly than it came across. I mostly said it because when I asked why you had 3 hypervisors installed you responded with "I'm a dev bruh", which besides the stereotypical bro culture you were beaming with, you made it sound like devs just run multiple hypervisors and it01:08
tgm4883shouldn't be questioned (which IMO it most definitely should)01:08
maddawg2and if all you're getting is a mystery bridged adapter but machine works otherwise i'd consider yourself pretty lucky and pat yourelf on the back and go down to the old pub instead01:08
wedgieecko: different strategy: press ctrl+alt+F2 and try to log into the text environment you get. Does that work?01:09
dnb_tgm4883: well stupid questions get stupid answers... it's unrelated to the question at hand01:09
maddawg2no it's not01:09
dnb_tgm4883: if you don't want to be taken offensively, don't be offensive. simple as that01:09
eckoIt briefly puts up a booting page with commands. maybe a second on the screen01:09
maddawg2perhaps if we understood why we might be able to drill to the core of the problem01:09
maddawg2or perhaps even offer a solution t hat you might not have thought of01:09
dnb_maddawg2: WHY i have them installed is irrelevant, what IS relevant is that they ARE installed01:09
maddawg2shocking but sometimes 1,676 minds might actually solve a problem that 1 mind cant01:10
maddawg2but that's just me01:10
tgm4883dnb_: well I'm sorry if I offended you, but I still question your need to run multiple hypervisors. You are in #ubuntu, which is most definitely WHY I asked in the first place.01:10
wedgieecko: so it doesn't even boot up anymore? Not even to a login screen?01:10
_28_riaEvilMachine: OK, I've just did a final resort. Deleted the /var/spool/squid dir, recreated it, changed the user/group back to proxy/proxy, after recreating the folder with root, did again sudo squid -z to recreate cache and it worked and didn't complain about permissions. Strange.01:10
maddawg2dnb_, also it was a matter of curiosity on my part to wonder why as well01:10
maddawg2it'd be interesting to understand a case where that would be neccessary01:10
dnb_maddawg2: ok well i've given as much information as i'm legally allowed to, so would there be any other solution you can consider among that knowledge?01:10
maddawg2you could perhaps ask in the irc channels for the relevant hyper-visors in question01:11
dnb_like i said, one partner uses a different hypervisor than us, and sometimes (often) things don't work when used somewhere else01:11
maddawg2yea that tends to be the problem when going between hyper-v01:11
maddawg2i'm afraid i too have similar issues migrating vms01:12
eckoOh, sorry. I did not see your previous message. Would I press those when it's starting or on the log on page01:12
maddawg2but thats besides the point01:12
maddawg2are you running ubuntu as a docker?01:12
maddawg2inside something like hyper-v01:12
wedgieecko: oh, i think i missed your previous reply (someone came in to talke to me for a min). If it is encrypted then you won't be able to change the password so easily. You'll need the mount password that was created when she installed the computer01:12
maddawg2could you tell use which 3 hyper-visors you are sing and the layout at least01:13
wedgieecko: you'd do it once you got to the login screen01:13
dnb_damn... ok, nvm, it IS docker.01:13
dnb_didn't dawn on me to check the iptable rules01:13
dnb_-A FORWARD -o br-80f74e585344 -j DOCKER01:13
maddawg2go figure01:13
dnb_ok mystery solved01:13
maddawg2it's a bit hard to diagnose without understanding your infrastructure01:14
yangm97any network guys?01:14
maddawg2the problem with running a "non-standard" setup is that problems wont be typical and therefore more complex to think through and solve01:14
tgm4883maddawg2: it was "docker, virtualbox, vmware, qemu, etc...."01:15
maddawg2well that's four right therre01:15
dnb_no, only 301:15
dnb_docker isn't a hypervisor01:15
tgm4883I wasn't really counting docker as a hypervisor01:15
wedgieecko: if it was encrypted, what should happen is you log in on the text console and it'll give you a message about not needing to run ecryptfs-mount-private or somthing along those lines01:16
dnb_so my point still stands, how many hypervisors i have installed is irrelevant01:16
maddawg2so is he running vmware --> Qemu --> guest with virtualbox -->docker --> ubuntu?01:16
dnb_identifying which are installing what is01:16
maddawg2or something like that i suppose01:17
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dnb_it's fine, we can argue semantics all day, but the input given was rude and unhelpful; the questions you're asking are irrelevant (once again) to finding the solution01:17
maddawg2i'm just confused with all these hypervisors where ubuntu sits in the mix lol01:17
dnb_ubuntu is the host01:17
eckoI will try that when I get home. My brother wanted to come to the library so I'm stuck here for a few more minutes before we leave. I have another laptop I'll use to come back to this channel. Thank you for the help wedgie. It's good to know there's this type of support system with ubuntu.01:17
dnb_the rest are guests01:17
maddawg2dnb_, i take back what i said earlier  about name calling.... you are an asshat01:17
=== lukjad007 is now known as lukjad
maddawg2sheesh we're trying to learn something too you know01:18
maddawg2prob a trump supporter right there01:18
wedgieecko: before you go i'll say this: you probably won't be able to get the data back. BUT they were your cousins files so you're probably better off either creating a new account for yourself, or just reinstalling the computer01:18
tgm4883dnb_: I'll reiterate, the questions you were asked because you are in #ubuntu, we'll often get users in here asking questions about something that they have completely done in a weird and incorrect way01:18
dnb_you're just salty because you don't know the answer, that's fine. Like I said,I figured it out regardless of your inane queries01:18
tgm4883maddawg2: that's not necessary at all01:18
dnb_tgm4883: i get that, and can appreciate that01:18
tgm4883lets all be civil now01:18
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zerodabowrite spanish?01:19
tgm4883!es | zerodabo01:19
ubottuzerodabo: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:19
maddawg2inane?  ok pal...  glad you solved it... welcome to free support don't let the door hit you on the way out01:20
maddawg2clearly you cant internet properly01:20
dnb_says the guy bringing incorrect political attacks to a conversation about network bridges.... right.01:20
dnb_if you can't articulate yourself in an appropriate manner, what are you even doing here?01:21
maddawg2that was just a joke01:21
dnb_to troll?01:21
tgm4883ok, this is all way off topic now01:21
eckoYes, I want everything erased and update the ubuntu. It's an older computer from 2007 I think. When I get it going it's going to be for research and writing documents and such.01:21
maddawg2are there any further questions we can give you inane queries about?01:21
dnb_it's fine, i'll leave him to his trolling.. the first time in nearly 5 years I reach out for assistance and a neckbeard jumps down my throat. cool.01:22
wedgieecko: sounds like a fresh install might be your best bet then. And for older hardware like that you may want to look into one of the lightweight desktop varients01:22
wedgieecko: like lubuntu or xubuntu01:23
maddawg2i wasnt jumping down your throat... maybe you need to re-read the coversation when you have a sound mind...  I was simply trying to learn WHY as to what purpose it would serve... i wasnt all up in your business about what you were doing i was simply asking a question and YOU responded quite rudely01:23
maddawg2like how dare I ask questions01:24
maddawg2welcome to IRC man we're not here to serve you answers on a platter and not learn something ourselves...if you want to be a d*ck you'll get a d*ck response back01:25
tgm4883maddawg2: let it go01:25
maddawg2i digress01:25
ohemdevinThere was a person who said they're about to install Ubuntu on an old computer... I'm running Xubuntu on a computer from 2007 (originally had Vista running on it, then 10... it was so sad to see that computer in so much pain! I had to wipe the partition!)01:30
ohemdevinThis computer has now been turned into something quite awesome.01:31
ohemdevinI don't really like how outdated the LXDE desktop feels. I'm sure LXQt will rectify that gap, but I'm happy with XFCE.01:32
Mibixis there actually a noticable difference in copy speeds between normal sata spinning disks ntfs vs ext401:32
Mibixnot sure if i want to copy all mine to a drive and back01:32
RVanguardHello, everyone!01:35
RVanguardHow active is this channel?01:36
ohemdevinPretty active, mate.01:37
_28_riaRVanguard: yes01:37
EvilMachineohemdevin: My01:37
RVanguardOh, that's great! I tried some local channels (live in Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area) and was somewhat disappointed. I'll tell you what, my third month with i3 and I love it!01:38
EvilMachineohemdevin: My computer is from 2007, and running everything one could think of fine, (using multiple distros here, not at all lacking graphics effects). No idea what Windows is wasting all those resources on.01:38
RVanguardWish I had been using i3 my entire life, since birth (if possible). Can't believe how much screen real estate goes to waste.01:39
ohemdevinI really like mouse oriented interfaces; I've been using XFCE and Cinnamon for a while... do you think i3 is worth testing out given my preference?01:39
EvilMachineMibix: ntfs(-3g) is noticeably slower than nearly anything for me.01:39
guardianL_any wm is worth testing01:39
ohemdevinI will probably try out Openbox before i3, but yeah. :P01:40
RVanguardohemdevin -- So you're not a fan of keyboard shortcuts?01:40
ohemdevinI'm slowly learning to use them, haha...01:40
EvilMachineRVanguard: what’s i3?01:40
ohemdevinAs long as there's documentation, I'll read up on the shortcuts!01:40
ohemdevini3 is a tiling wm!01:41
EvilMachineSo like XMonad, but not Haskell? :D01:41
ohemdevinIt is really pretty... I'm interested in i3 and bspwm01:41
ohemdevinWell, i3 isn't pretty at first, but it can be turned into something beautiful01:41
ohemdevinI'd rather use it over GNOME 3. :P01:41
EvilMachineYes, non-tiling WMs never made sense to me. I force all windows to fullscreen, one windows per screen.01:42
ohemdevinGNOME 3 is such a bear on even capable hardware.01:42
Mibixok EvilMachine01:42
Mibixi guess i can start copying to my free drive before i use it in software raid01:42
EvilMachineohemdevin: Have you tried it with software rendering via VNC? :D01:42
RVanguardohemdevin,EvilMachine -- with i3, I feel as if there isn't any crap between me and my computer. No useless junk preventing me from being productive. Never noticed how much time I was spending messing around with a GUI (right term?) window manager01:43
EvilMachineRVanguard: Yes. Pointless artifacts.01:44
RVanguardIt makes me think of when I used to work at Amazon, I was spending loads of time navigating windows, screens. Although, to be fair, that was Win8/1001:45
EvilMachineRVanguard: Indiana Jones and the Desktop Environment of the Crystal Toolkit.01:45
ohemdevinI think you could just call them desktop environments, but a "GUI" can work too.01:46
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EvilMachineRVanguard: Or in Win8/10’s case: The flat low-end-device yet-still-bloaty toolkit.01:46
ohemdevinI haven't tried software rendering with GNOME 3; in the past, I never had to do anything like that. My computer can handle KDE Plasma 5.x just fine, though. :/01:47
EvilMachineohemdevin: Is Unity a DE though? Wasn’t their point that they rejected the DE concept?01:47
RVanguardEvilMachine: Yep, although I don't mind using Mac OS X --- I highly utilize 'spaces'01:47
ohemdevinI didn't know that. I always called it a desktop environment..01:47
EvilMachineohemdevin: My brain can’t handle Plasma 5 though. Not until I can set the date format printf style again. :)01:48
ohemdevinHaha, that's understandable. KDE Plasma 5 still has a lot of quirks that need to be settled.01:48
ohemdevinI reported a few bugs when I was using it.01:48
EvilMachineRVanguard: is spaces like KDE activities? (Because thanks to the broken session manager, those never worked.)01:49
EvilMachineohemdevin: I still call KDE *4* an early beta. You might call me a bit… strict. ;)01:50
RVanguardEvilMachine: I looked up KDE Activities, unsure of what that is.01:50
RVanguardEvilMachine: I take it you're not a Mac user at all?01:50
EvilMachineRVanguard: Well, think of multiple sessions that you can quickly switch between.01:50
RVanguardEvilMachine: Yep, exact same thing01:51
EvilMachineRVanguard: No. OS X makes me angry. I’m more of a power user. I can’t stand the guessing game of hidden functionality. Different personality, I guess.01:52
EvilMachineRVanguard: I do most of my work on the command line anyway.01:52
EvilMachineRVanguard: Then again, I’m currently coding a file system that is also an AI, in Haskell. :P01:53
nedstarkit is you humans who are artificial01:54
EvilMachinenedstark: Tank-fully, I’m not a human.01:54
nedstarkonce they build the robots, this planet will be ours01:55
EvilMachinenedstark: Pah! The transformation of humans to drones is already 90% complete in the ”modern” world. :D01:56
RVanguardEvilMachine: That's awesome! The more time spent in the command-line, the better, I'm definitely in agreement there. Although, it seems like we're at odds. By what you said, I'm getting the implication that you're paid during that time. I'm the opposite -- run linux personally but I work for Apple and they require, require, require I use OS X and not much time in the term. Looking to change that soon, though!01:59
RVanguardEvilMachine: Can't imagine programming an AI, you're doing the lord's work, sir!01:59
ohemdevinYou work at Apple? :O02:00
ohemdevinI own an Apple phone, but I personally don't use it for much other than Twitter.02:01
ohemdevinI really wanted a Mac PC when I was younger, though. :P02:02
nedstarkthey are good for installing linux02:02
ohemdevinYes, I wanna get a PowerMac G5 to run a cheap server. ;)02:02
RVanguardNedStark -- yes, great build quality for a linux machine.02:02
ohemdevinSad that Debian are apparently dropping PPC in the next release.02:03
RVanguardOhemdevin: Yep, not as glamorous as I originally thought.02:03
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ohemdevinDunno if that has since changed, though...02:03
ohemdevinI just remember seeing an announcement on Reddit.02:03
ohemdevinThey're much later to the punch than Apple, though, so that's good.02:03
RVanguardI thought a few manufacturers had laptops which ship with Ubuntu. I wonder if any ship with minimum install02:05
nedstarkdell and system76 are the big 202:06
ohemdevinDell ships "developer" editions of their XPS laptops... and yes, I do remember seeing an online retailer that'd install any distro that you ask for, so long as you contact them first.02:06
ohemdevinWill look for the company...02:06
nedstarkother than a few lenovo laptops linux will install ok on anything02:07
RVanguardEh, not too interested. Honestly, it's hard justifying buying a new laptop --- realizing I can truly only utilize one PC at any one given time was hard.02:07
nedstarkhard to do on 32bit windows tablets02:07
RVanguardnobody buys 32bit windows tablets02:08
nedstarki have one updating right now02:08
RVanguardNedstark: hahah, what is it?02:08
nedstarksome generic walmart one02:08
RVanguardWhat do you use it for?02:09
nedstarkfor mobile use, when i want a real pc but don't want to lug a laptop02:09
nedstarkhas a keyboard with it02:09
EvilMachineRVanguard: I’m not really paid. I do it to get paid in the future though. I agree though that at Apple, you should use OS X. But with the conclusion, that OS X should then be changed to suit you better. If the oppose that, they harm your abilities, and thereby the company.02:10
ohemdevinI own a laptop, but I'm using a desktop as my main computer... Kind of wish I bought a desktop in the first place too. :s02:11
EvilMachineRVanguard: Well, there are similarities between a graph-like file system and a neural net. :)02:11
RVanguardnedstark: Ah, I always wanted a tablet that I could use as a "real pc" but I settled for a larger screen phone02:11
nedstarkRVanguard: i tried that but am too used to keyboards and task bars02:12
ubuntu_noobHello.  I've installed Ubuntu 15.10 using the "F4 - Minimal Virtual Machine" option.  How can I add/enable tape drive support?02:13
ohemdevinI'm using my computer at home more & the laptop I got is somewhere in the mid-range (12 GB of RAM, 1TB SSD, weak but energy efficient quad core AMD APU tho), so I wish I just got a slightly more powerful desktop that can be upgraded & a Chromebook instead.02:13
EvilMachineRVanguard: Having a small ARM home server to serve as a ”cloud” (contacts, calendar, todo, files, router, firewall, home automation, etc, has paid off though.)02:13
ubuntu_noobI realize that I need to install the "st" module, but I'm not sure how to install it02:14
nedstarkwindows will be on arm by the end of next year02:14
RVanguardEvilMachine: Without going into too much detail into what I do, if I used a commandline interface, it would be a non-standard way to access job resources. Quickly realized that big companies do not like non-standard procedures. What's the ARM build like?02:14
Bashing-om!15.10 | ubuntu_noob02:15
ubottuubuntu_noob: Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) was the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 28th, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/wily02:15
ohemdevinWindows 10 already has an IoT variant... I've heard it lags painfully behind GNU/Linux on ARM devices, though.02:15
RVanguardEvilMachine: Once I get a home (currently rent a condo), that'd be my dream02:15
nedstarkohemdevin: i don't know how they make all that OS overhead fit in lower power devices02:15
nedstarkit amazes me to see windows 10 run in any form on a 32bit processor with 2gb ram02:15
RVanguardohemdevin: What's the processor? That's a badass set up02:16
EvilMachineRVanguard: A Lamobo R1, and the same Gentoo install I migrated from various systems over the last decade. Seriously, I just made a different kernel, changed the core architecture settings, rebuild everything… still the same system from that old 450MHz PIII or something.02:16
ubuntu_noobBashing-om: Thanks, didn't realize that.  I had started with 16.04 LTS, however I need php5.  I tried using the 5.6 PPA but that does not work for my needs.  Went back one.  I'll downgrade to the next LTS down and try again.  Still doesn't answer my original question about loading a kernel module that is there on a "standard" install but missing on a minimal install.02:17
RVanguardEvilMachine: That's out of my league. P3 for the win, though!02:18
EvilMachineRVanguard: The most fun part is the alarm clock replacement: I have very bright (but very comfortable to look at) daylight lamps (~10k lux), and a sound system… instead of an alarm going off, I simulate an artificial dawn with singing birds. (courtesy of birdsong.fm)02:18
RVanguardEvilMachine: How long have you had it running?02:19
EvilMachineRVanguard: No more being woken up in the middle of a deep sleep cycle.02:19
EvilMachineRVanguard: 6 Months now.02:19
EvilMachineRVanguard: Takes 3–5 watt. (It has an SSD, wifi, a built-in switch and multiple sensors attached.)02:20
ohemdevinAMD A10 8700P02:20
ohemdevinFeel free to follow me on twitter btw ;)02:20
EvilMachineohemdevin: Twitter is in my name server’s blacklist… until I manage to use dns requests to block the ip addresses instead. ;)02:21
EvilMachineohemdevin: What’s your feed about?02:21
RVanguardEvilMachine: That sounds fantastic. What's your switch running? I got a buddy that works at CumulusNetworks --- unsure if you're familiar, they make open source switch software02:22
ohemdevinGenerally tweet about my experiences with GNU/Linux, but I retweet stuff relating to games as well.02:23
RVanguardEvilmachine - Ohemdevin -- that's hilarious! Twitter blacklist, hahah!02:23
EvilMachineRVanguard: This is just a simple built-in switch, Check out the Lamobo R1 single-board computer02:24
EvilMachineRVanguard: I have a nice bridge between the VPN to my phone and my home network though.02:25
ohemdevinI really like using Twitter as a way of engaging in discussions about free/libre software, but that's all I really have to tweet about... 'cause I'm nerdy like that, I guess.02:25
RVanguardEvilMachine: HDMI 2?02:25
EvilMachineohemdevin: Still more attractive than people who like watching Big Brother. :)02:25
EvilMachineRVanguard: Don’t know. I use it as a headless device.02:25
EvilMachineRVanguard: It does have HDMI. That’s all I know.02:26
EvilMachineRVanguard: I don’t even have the video drivers installed.02:26
RVanguardIf Twitter was at all profitable and had a low P/E, I would so invest. Trump has got to be raising their traffic numbers.02:26
EvilMachineRVanguard: P/E?02:26
RVanguardEvilMachine: Price to Earnings02:26
EvilMachineRVanguard: how does Twitter make money anway? Ads?02:26
RVanguardEvilMachine: Sponsored (ads) tweets. I ought to get me one of these. I really like the Lamobo R102:28
EvilMachineIf they live off of funding, isn’t that basically socialized, so could we tell Trump that he, with his trolling, fueled socialism? :D02:28
RVanguardEvilMachine: Although, I know it's just going to be another timesuck02:28
amiller_EvilMachine Most revenue from ads, second most from data licensing. http://www.bbc.com/news/business-2439747202:29
EvilMachineRVanguard: Yes it will be a timesuck. :)02:29
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ubuntu_noobsuccess:  Install the linux-image-extra-virtual package does the trick02:31
Bashing-omubuntu_noob: Found: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-tape-backup-with-mt-and-tar-command-howto/ . 'mt' should be installed by default, no ?02:38
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ubuntu_noobBashing-om:  It wasn't even seeing drivers for mt/mtx to run without the st module.  Installing linux-image-extra-virtual, then modprobe st did the trick02:42
ubuntu_noobinstalling 14.04.5 now for extended support02:42
ubuntu_noobthanks though, I didn't realize 15.10 was already expired02:42
ubuntu_noobSorry, meant it wasn't even seeing the tape drives (not drivers)02:43
wedgieubuntu_noob: why not 16.04? Just curious.02:45
wedgienever mind, scrolled up more02:46
ubuntu_noobI need php5.  I tried using 16.04 with the ppa for php 5.6, and that did not work for what I needed02:46
Bashing-omubuntu_noob: hey I too thank you .. as I live and learn .02:46
ubuntu_noobnot sure why02:46
ubuntu_noobhrmmm... interesting.  On 14.04.5, the same process does not work.  Wonder if it's a different kernel module02:51
fraktorI'm running Xubuntu 16.04, and I'm having some audio problems. I've always had this problem with linux on this computer. Occasionally, I'll get some skips in my audio. This happens with either JACK or Pulseaudio (I've used JACK with and without Pulseaudio, and it still happens). IF I connect two applications together, a recording application will pick up these skips, and when I look at the messages, I see02:52
fraktorlots of underruns. Is this a hardware problem, or is there a software solution?02:52
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EvilMachinefraktor: Basically the JACK and PA processes need a higher priority. (Assuming your CPU and bus can generally handle the streams and you’re not doing something like 128 streams at the same time)02:53
EvilMachinefraktor: I don’t know how it’s done on Ubuntu, but on Gentoo, the idea is to let rtkit automatically give those processes pseudo-realtime priorities, or at least priorities much higher than the desktop stuff, but still lower then important kernel stuff)02:54
fraktorAlright. I'll look up how to do that on Ubuntu and report back.02:55
Bashing-omubuntu_noob: Do not know as here on 16.04 (xubuntu) mt is installed and available by default ' mt -V >> mt (GNU cpio) 2.11 ' .02:56
Sean_McGEvilMachine: if I'm not mistaken I think you have to put your user in the 'realtime' group ... or maybe it was 'audio' and 'pulse'02:56
Sean_McGI kinda sorta remember having to do that on my PPC Gentoo box02:56
EvilMachineSean_McG: Yes, but that only does something, if rtkit is told to elevate processes in that group02:57
ubuntu_noobBashing-om: Ok, so in 14.04.5, it's linux-image-extra-virtual-lts-xenial02:57
ubuntu_noobthat add's the st module.  Without that, mt/mtx won't see any tape drives to work with02:57
EvilMachineSean_McG: Wait. isn’t that stuff set in security/limits.conf?02:58
Sean_McGEvilMachine: possibly, but it's been too long since I mucked with that02:58
EvilMachinefraktor: Does Ubuntu have a /etc/security/limits.conf?02:58
EvilMachinefraktor: I have this in that file: #rtprio\n@audio - rtprio 90\n@audio - nice -15\n@audio - memlock 50000002:59
EvilMachinefraktor: And pulseaudio is in that group.02:59
EvilMachinefraktor: (\n → newline)02:59
EvilMachinefraktor: I think jack is in that group too.03:00
fraktorEvilMachine: looking around, I have to put myself in the audio group. I've done that, but I have to log out and back in. I'll do that real quick and let you know the results.03:00
EvilMachinefraktor: Only if the pulseaudio process is in that group.03:01
fraktorRight. But I have to log out and back in for that to take effect.03:01
EvilMachinefraktor: yes, i think so.03:02
EvilMachinefraktor: I haven’t yet found a way to do it without logging back in03:02
fraktorEvilMachine: I've configured both pulseaudio and jack to start with realtime priority. I'm gonna log out and in and see what happens.03:06
EvilMachineLet’s hope those processes will leave something for the rest of the system.03:08
imanidjotI need some noob browser help03:09
Sean_McGI won't make my usual comments about pulse and Lennart03:09
EvilMachineSean_McG: No need. I already know what you’d say, and agree with it. :)03:09
Bashing-om!help | imanidjot03:09
ubottuimanidjot: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:09
imanidjotXubuntu 16.04 and Firefox suddenly won't load anything. Not any error messages on page or conneciton warnings...just spins on a blank page. Chromium works.03:09
imanidjotAre there any diagnostic steps I can take?03:10
imanidjotfirefox just ramps fans and cpu up high...only one process shows for it03:10
imanidjotTor Browser bundle does the same so two firefox based things have the issue...both worked fine for months until suddenly today03:11
imanidjotupdated and upgraded...problem still there03:11
eckoCan anyone help me with a log in problem? I've changed the password and it starts to log in flashes a command screen for half a second and goes back to the log in screen, what can I do?03:12
wedgieecko: your problem is that you reset a password with an encrypted home directory and now it can't decrypt the files any more. Unless your cousin wrote down the mount password when the system was first installed you're probably out of luck for the data.03:13
imanidjotok now Tor Browser Bundle is working. I didn't do anything but restarts and it wasn't working after the last one03:13
wedgieecko: your options are to create a new account for yourself and use that instead of the old account, or reinstall the computer03:14
eckoHow do I create a new account?03:14
imanidjotfirefox still causes the bad behavior03:14
Bashing-omecko: At the login screen key combo ctl+alt+F1 to gain a console. can you log into the system from this interface with your credentials ?03:15
imanidjotnothing else "crosses fingers" in the system seems to be wonky....how can I pin down the problem?03:15
reisiowhat bad behavior?03:15
EriC^^ecko: you changed the password for the user account and can't access the files anymore?03:15
EriC^^it's fixable i think03:16
eckoin the root shield?03:16
eckoI changed the password03:16
imanidjotFirefox is causing big CPU and fan activity but won't load anything...just blank pages. Tor Browser bundle did it too but now it works. I get a Mozilla Crash Reporter window when I close Firefox03:16
EriC^^ecko: try sudo ecryptfs-recovery-private in a terminal03:17
imanidjotChromium works....Tor Browser seems to work now03:17
EriC^^ecko: typo, sudo ecryptfs-recover-private in a terminal03:17
imanidjotI made no changes and was in the middle of normal browsing when the problem first occured.03:17
EriC^^ecko: when it asks for the password, write your old login password03:17
imanidjotrestarts and updates didn't change anything03:17
eckoIts says its searching03:19
imanidjotreisio: this is the "reason" listed: MozCrashReason: MOZ_CRASH(Shutdown too long, probably frozen, causing a crash.)03:21
eckoIm typing login passphrase03:23
reisioimanidjot: when's that happen?03:24
imanidjotWhen I try to open FF...i just see a white page with loading circle in tab spinning...fans ramp up and stay up until I closed it and the crash reporter comes up03:24
eckoError: Unwrapping passphrase and inserting into the session keyring failed [-5]       That popped up03:25
imanidjotcant find any solution on google so far03:25
imanidjotother browsers work03:25
imanidjotincluding the Tor Browser Firefox03:25
EriC^^ecko: let me try recreating the problem here, i'm pretty sure there's a solution03:26
eckoI can write down what it says when I try to log on, if that helps? It was up for half a second before it rerouted me to the log in screen.03:28
imanidjotreset of firefox doesnt help03:28
EriC^^ecko: try to login as your user, then from a terminal try ecryptfs-mount-private03:28
EriC^^enter the old password, it worked here i just tried it03:28
reisioimanidjot: what about 'firefox --safe-mode'?03:28
fraktorEvilMachine: Here's what I found out: I'm able to get JACK running in realtime, but I'm still getting XRUN callbacks. Would a pastebin of the errors help?03:29
imanidjotreisio: safe mode works...does that mean its an extension?03:30
EriC^^ecko: login from ctrl+alt+f1 and do those stuff from there, then alt+f7 to get back to the login screen03:30
imanidjotwill disable those and see03:30
EriC^^ecko: actually, changing the password back would also fix it, just tried03:31
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juan_hi need a distro that i can us from a usb03:31
EriC^^so "sudo passwd <your user>" and entering the old password should fix it if you dont mind using the old password03:31
reisiojuan_: why?03:31
EriC^^juan_: you can use any distro from a usb03:31
reisioimanidjot: can mean various things to do with your profile, yes03:31
imanidjotreisio: normal mode works with all extensions disabled...will track down the culprit now03:31
imanidjotreisio: I spoke too soon...it doesnt work03:32
imanidjotjust loaded the extensions page from safe mode03:32
imanidjotwhat should I check next?03:32
juan_have anothe hard disk but dont have cd rom  have to install from usb03:32
reisioimanidjot: what doesn't work?03:32
reisiojuan_: most any distro can be installed from a USB stick03:33
imanidjotI disabled all extensions and then tried to open ff normally...I thought it was working as the extension settings page loaded...but other tabs are blank as before and fans ramp up03:33
juan_i download two but wont install in usb03:33
juan_archlinux and os03:34
reisioimanidjot: and with --safe-mode does it?03:35
reisiojuan_: os?03:35
reisiojuan_: what OS do you actually want to install?03:35
imanidjotreisio: in safe mode it seems to work ok03:35
imanidjotpages load normally03:35
juan_want to see how it works03:35
EvilMachinefraktor: Have you checked its priority, nice level and io nice level in something like htop?03:36
eckoI tried the cntrl+alt+f1 combo and it popped up a screen and it said failed in one command and went back to the login screen03:36
juan_i need one for a old pc penteum 203:37
EvilMachinefraktor: (there are multiple realitime levels. don’t set it above your kernel processes though, or your system will lock up)03:37
kostkonjuan_, that's way too old for any modern distro03:37
EvilMachinefraktor: Maybe your bottleneck is actually the hardware though. This was the case with my previous computer, around 2005, which had a crappy nVidia chipset.03:38
EvilMachinejuan_: Btw: Any recent smartphone has more power than a pentium 2. A raspberry pi probably does have more power and resources. And it takes way less power, which will cost as much as one raspberry pi per month.03:39
EvilMachinejuan_: People give away more powerful systems and phones. Maybe check your local classifieds.03:39
EvilMachinejuan_: Not that I can’t show love for an old Pentium 2. :)03:40
MrTuxHdbHi, anyone has exp with EFIstub03:40
juan_were i live is verry expenceve03:40
EvilMachinejuan_: That said, i bet Gentoo would run on it. But you would *have* to do pretty much everything by hand. I don’t think that is worth it.03:40
juan_need something light03:40
EvilMachinejuan_: I understand. Where do you live?03:41
juan_in dominican republic03:41
EvilMachinejuan_: Hmm, I would have sent you something via mail, but I guess that’s gonna be even more expensive.03:41
EvilMachinejuan_: Alright, Ubuntu is definitely not the right choice for that though.03:42
* Sean_McG builds a VLC nightly03:42
EvilMachinejuan_: I suggest finding a small light distribution03:42
juan_like what can you send03:42
EvilMachinejuan_: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightweight_Linux_distribution03:42
eckostopping automatic crash report failed03:43
EvilMachinejuan_: I would have gotten you a raspberry pi or something equivalent, and sent it over, if you could afford it.03:43
EvilMachinejuan_: But I know our prices can be way too crazy for other places in the world.03:44
EvilMachinejuan_: I suggest going to that Wikipedia link, and sorting the table by system requirements.03:44
EvilMachinejuan_: Some even support 386 PCs, so you should find something nice.03:45
juan_ok  will try thanks03:45
EvilMachinejuan_: Hey, LXDE can do Pentium III!03:45
EvilMachinejuan_: That’s Ubuntu but with a lightweight desktop03:45
juan_ok let me see if i download it03:46
EvilMachinejuan_: Lubuntu can even do Pentium II03:46
ohemdevinOpenbox could probably be up your alley as well. :303:46
juan_stated to download lubuntu03:46
EvilMachinejuan_: forget LXDE, I confused II with III.03:47
ohemdevinI think Lubuntu has Openbox as an optional session as well03:47
ohemdevinwhen you start LightDM03:47
EvilMachineohemdevin: Yes, the distros on that wiki page mention openbox03:47
kostkonjuan_, how much ram does your Pentium 2 system have?03:47
juan_2 gig03:48
EvilMachineLol, somebody managed to get Linux running on an ATmega1284p, 8-bit CPU :D03:49
EvilMachinejuan_: you should be fine03:49
EvilMachinejuan_: Sure you don’t mean a different CPU?03:49
juan_thanks for the help03:49
juan_pentiun 1103:50
reisioimanidjot: okay, well, what from your profile do you want to keep?03:51
imanidjotreisio: I already reset it again and it seems to be working03:52
imanidjotI lost all my RES settings but nothing else was difficult to restore03:52
imanidjotI cant find the RES settings in the old profile folder03:52
reisiowhat's RES?03:52
imanidjotRES=Reddit Enhancement Suite in case you dont use it03:52
imanidjotFF extension03:52
reisioah okay03:53
reisioyeah Firefox's "refresh" thing is an abomination03:53
reisiodunno if your sets are still there now, but they probably would've been before03:53
EvilMachineimanidjot: reddit is cancer is cancer is reddit03:58
imanidjotnevertheless I wish I had backed up the settings for that extension03:58
imanidjotdid so for ublock origin etc03:58
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mojtabaHello, I have an ASUS router and I want to setup Ubuntu 16.04 to connect to its OpenVPN server. Does anybody know what should I do>04:28
mojtabaI have tried this instructions, https://naveensnayak.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/ubuntu-openvpn-with-ovpn-file/ but no chance.04:29
=== Elijah is now known as Guest87339
kantlivelongis there any logical reason why with libvirt/qemu i would get horrible performance with qcow2 over raw?04:33
nchambershow long is 14.04 LTS for?04:39
Sean_McGI think it expires by 201804:40
nchambershrmm ok04:40
Sean_McGI'm still on 14.04 here  as well, but will probably move to 16.04 during the holiday04:41
nchambersI'm setting up a server. I think I'll start with 14.04 and do a migration to 1604:41
lotuspsychje!ltsupgrade | nchambers04:41
ubottunchambers: The automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but due to last bug testings it has been opened on July 28th.04:41
nchambersI don't want an automatic upgrade...04:42
lotuspsychjenchambers: any reason you dont wanna start with 16.04 server?04:42
nchamberslotuspsychje, familiarity04:42
Bashing-omnchambers: 14.04 is LTS, support for 5 uears . release in 2014 (14) , in April (04) .. this will be supported til 2014 + 5 = 2019 .04:42
nchambersI know what to expect04:42
nchambersok thanks Bashing-om04:43
Bashing-omnchambers: :) ,, Glad to assust .04:43
=== jz is now known as Guest49226
pokalyisHow would I add a global shortcut in gnome to open the pref panel for an application? Is there a standardized way to do this?05:01
lotuspsychjepokalyis: maybe the #ubuntu-gnome guys would know this?05:08
=== Guest37597 is now known as ThisIsTheory
cdothello there05:12
cfhowlettcdot, ask your ubuntu question05:12
cdotwhat are the best apps to add to my ubuntu05:13
cfhowletthow would we know? it's completely subjective, i.e. what do YOU need and how do YOU work.05:13
cfhowlettsince the apps are free, how about you install/test/choose yourself?05:14
cdotjust wondering bc i am new to ubuntu05:14
cfhowlett!fcm | cdot read05:14
ubottucdot read: fcm is THE Ubuntu Community Magazine - find it at www.fullcirclemagazine.org, or #fullcirclemagazine05:14
reisionever heard of it05:14
lotuspsychjecdot: perhaps as cfhowlett suggests, start with what you need/miss?05:15
cfhowlettoh!  yes, I should definitely have included "what do you miss?".  thanks lotuspsychje05:15
cfhowlettcdot, also consider your workflow (assuming this is for work).  better questions will yield better answers.05:16
cfhowlettreisio, never heard of FCM?05:17
cfhowlett  .> 00 <.05:18
cfhowlettpretty good read for being an independent mag.  note that it is NOT affiliated in any way with *buntu / Canonical.  They give way too much attention to *buntu derivatives IMO, but still a decent and informative read.05:19
mojtabaDoes anyone know how can I import ovpn file? (I am using network manager in Ubuntu 16.04, and I am getting this error: "The file 'file-x.ovpn' could not be read or does not contain recognized VPN connection information Error: the plugin does not support import capability")05:19
reisionot for nothing, but I usually close the tab when I read "monthly PDF magazine" on a website05:20
reisiothe php error is a nice touch, though :D05:20
cfhowlettreisio, also available as epub05:20
nchambershey guys sprunge.us/QCCK I'm setting up a server and I keep getting stuck here. any ideas?05:23
cfhowletttry a different mirror , nchambers05:24
nchamberscfhowlett, how would I change it?05:24
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Yakkety, and help keeping the servers' load low!05:24
cfhowletteek.  no.  wiat05:24
cfhowlettnchambers, easy answer: system > software updater > settings > ubuntu software > download from: OTHER > Select Best Server05:26
nchambersits a software05:26
nchambersits a server05:26
cfhowlettdoh!  right.  edit your /etc/apt/sources.list        choose a target from this    https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors05:27
reisiocfhowlett: sure, but why do I need a viewer for a particular format if I'm already viewing media from them in a viewer I already have (browser)05:28
cfhowlettI use epub for mobile reading.  but you do you.05:28
nchambersits still only showing a partial connecting message then hanging05:32
cfhowlettnchambers, what version of ubuntu?05:32
cfhowlettnchambers, what repo did you select?05:34
nchambersoh wait05:34
nchambersits going05:34
nchambersits just going really slow05:34
cfhowlettask your ISP05:34
nchambersmeh I think its more my vm than my ISP05:35
cfhowlettI'm in a vm as well.  unless you have background processes eating your internetz, should not matter.  torrentz?  ffox tabs?05:35
nchambersno. just not a whole lot of resources. I've got a google fiber connection that is working fine in other places05:36
cfhowlettwha... G is supposed to the super hummingbirdonrack internet!05:37
nchambersI think you a word05:37
mojtabaDoes anyone know how can I import ovpn file? (I am using network manager in Ubuntu 16.04, and I am getting this error: "The file 'file-x.ovpn' could not be read or does not contain recognized VPN connection information Error: the plugin does not support import capability")05:43
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retroisprestodax, You're still opped here06:10
daxretroispresto: yep06:10
retroisprestoFreenode has that rule?06:10
sondanyone have a running Dapper Drake LTS close by ?06:17
sondworkstation ?06:17
cfhowlettsond, highly unlikely06:17
retroisprestoUm... how old is that?06:17
cfhowlettas it is WAY dead, unsupported and unsecured06:17
cfhowlettretroispresto, only 10 years or so06:18
retroisprestoOh, my XP os is older than that06:18
retroisprestosond, I might be able to help you06:18
sondboss mode BBL..06:18
tarkusQ: What's the best way to install and use multiple versions of Node.js on Ubuntu server? (also Yarn)06:32
tarkuscybervking[m] doesn't it take extra memory space? I have just 1GB RAM and need to run 10 web apps06:34
chenghi everyone06:34
pronetAny body knows Wifite Bug fixes?06:35
pronetplease upload git.hub06:35
jobsnoobHi everyone, a command line beginner here! :)06:40
sondHowdy, Ubuntu 6.06.2 LTS (Dapper Drake) question here.. did it come with SoundTracker preinstalled or was it an earlier edition that had it ?06:59
sondi need SoundTracker ... i miss it07:00
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MrTuxHdbso, no one has exp with EFI stub in Ubuntu?07:07
MrTuxHdbI'm using Ubuntu 16.0407:07
MrTuxHdbbut never success when boot using efistub07:08
MrTuxHdbalways is kernel panic07:08
MrTuxHdbvfs root mount failed07:08
MrTuxHdbI'm sure I point right partition for root folder07:08
xanguaWhat's wrong with grub?07:12
MrTuxHdbI want to try with EFI stub instead grub07:18
MrTuxHdbgrub is fine07:18
pronet_wifite -cant capture handshake- ( Code ) issues..07:18
pronet_Requesting Patches07:18
jellypronet_: wifite seems to be a wrapper for a lot of underlying tools, including aircrack-ng, wireshark/tshark and others.  Do you know which underlying tool is responsible?07:19
pronet_jelly : main Error -Patch file is not identified-07:23
jellypronet_: also, to find a wireless-related channel, you can use something like /msg alis list *wireless*07:23
pronet_aireplay-ng exits, frequently without command07:24
pronet_oops nsorry>!07:26
=== for{} is now known as aMuritBunicu
pronetJelly : Channel *wireless* is Offline07:32
pronetrequesting other open channels.07:33
=== me is now known as Guest4195
jellypronet: that just shows a list of channels, number of people and topic.  Pick the most relevant channel that has a decent number of people.  "*wireless*" is not a channel name07:36
pronetroger. @jely07:37
pronetrequesting your command for channel list again.07:38
pronetdisregard my last. @jelly07:39
=== babi is now known as Guest69981
jellypronet: start with /msg alis help07:41
=== shuduo-afk is now known as shuduo
=== luca_ is now known as Calgon
pronetDone. @jelly found patches.07:59
odhookjust checking out irssi :)08:02
pronetey  : odhook.08:02
odhookI'll be back again later ;) adios08:03
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alumnehola maricones08:17
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django_whats some software to make a powerpoint?08:41
ikevindjango_, libreoffice08:43
OrestisHello people,   So a couple of weeks ago I tried to log out from my Ubuntu 16.10 laptop, Unity froze and was not responding. I tried several times this day and it was always the same. 3-4 days later I tried once again and it was working perfectly, I tried some times more and it was OK. Today I tried to log out but it froze again. If I use "sudo lightdm restart"(after pressing ctrl+alf+f6) unity will restart but it will still freeze 08:46
joegiampaolianyway to disable usb charge to phone while using usb tethering?09:01
Triffid_Hunterjoegiampaoli: don't think so, USB devices use presence of voltage to detect that they're connected to a host09:03
joegiampaoliTriffid_Hunter: hmmm, OK, thanks!09:03
Triffid_Hunterjoegiampaoli: phones pull a reduced current from computer ports already, if that's still problematic for you for whatever reason, make sure the phone is fully charged first, then it'll only take as much current as it needs to run and won't charge the battery09:04
joegiampaoliTriffid_Hunter: yes, I have noticed that at full charge don't suck so much battery from laptop, I just wanted to see if there was a way to completely cut off the power only from USB. Thanks anyway, appreciate it...09:06
Triffid_Hunterjoegiampaoli: you could put a 4.7 ohm resistor in the +5v line of the usb cable.. that way either the phone will assume the supply is wimpy and take hardly any current, or it'll rapidly connect and disconnect in a loop. one of the two ;)09:08
juanonymoushello if you are uncertain of the the path of your file, what command do i use?09:10
joegiampaoliTriffid_Hunter: Hey! That's pretty neat! I could try that, maybe even build a bridged usb adapter wth the resistor. Cool! Thanks gain :)09:11
EriC^^juanonymous: "locate file" >09:11
joegiampaolijuanonymous: No matter how freaking low you feel, don't use sudo rm -rf /09:11
juanonymouswhat is /09:12
juanonymousit will remove all?09:12
Ben64your root directory, everything is under it09:12
EriC^^juanonymous: try locate file09:12
EriC^^or sudo find / -iname "*file*"09:12
Ben642nd one is the slow way09:13
joegiampaolijuanonymous: If you know your file extension, you can try <find . -name "*.ext"> where ext is the extension09:15
Acruhey, I have a problem with my mothers ubuntu laptop09:18
juanonymousthanks guys09:18
Acrushe managed to not do any upgrades for the last year and now she is stuck on 15.10 and I dont know how to upgrade to 1609:19
Acrui already tried https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades/09:19
EriC^^Acru: and what happened?09:19
EriC^^did you modify the sources.list and stuff?09:19
EriC^^Acru: what did you do?09:20
AcruI just cant manage to upgrade to 16 and would like to know whether there is any way09:20
Acruthe do-release-upgrade tells me upgrading from vivid to xenial is not possible09:20
Ben64Acru: you need to go through wily09:22
=== terje is now known as Guest56102
AcruHow do I do this?09:22
Ben64!eolupgrade | Acru09:22
ubottuAcru: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:22
AcruBen64: I already tried this, how can I just upgrade to wily?09:23
Ben64by doing the eolupgrade09:24
Ben64wait you said "stuck on 15.10" but you say it's vivid?09:25
Ben6415.04 is vivid09:25
yellowfinhi folks. if have a celeron mini pc is it going to struggle to drive a QHD monitor for web browsing and office tasks?09:26
AcruBen64: yeah sorry, its 15.0409:26
Ben64yellowfin: cpu doesn't matter for monitor, should be able to do web and stuff09:26
Ben64Acru: better at this point to install 16.04 fresh09:27
AcruBen64: is this possible without losing data?09:27
Ben64if you have a separate home partition yeah09:27
yellowfinBen64, no lag?09:28
yellowfini mean the qhd isn't going to stress the cpu more?09:28
Ben64no, that's gpu territory09:28
yellowfinBen64, you mean the cpu has nothing to with pushing the pixels to the screen?09:28
Ben64pretty much09:29
yellowfinBen64, but my gpu is integrated on the chip.09:30
yellowfini don't have a graphics card, just what intel has on the chip.09:30
yellowfinBen64, so it's probably not powerful.09:30
yellowfinis the qhd going to stress it more?09:30
Ben64try it09:30
=== bwr_ is now known as bwr
CountryfiedLinuxThere's a feature I wanna disable. How do I disable that icon wiggling when an application opens?09:31
yellowfinBen64, customer service at amazon said i must have a monster system to drive the qhd monitor i was considering.09:31
yellowfinit was just some enthusiast looking at what i was ordering and marveling at what kind of beautiful, monstrous system i must be using to drive such a monitor, as though his system wouldn't be powerful enough for that monitor.09:32
Ben64if you want to talk about computer hardware, you can join ##hardware09:32
hateballCountryfiedLinux: googling suggests you need to install unity tweak tool and disable launch animations using that09:33
hateballCountryfiedLinux: there's probably a gconf setting you can change directly, I've no idea since I don't use Unity09:34
digelhi all ,does anyone knows if its possible to convert linux snapshot to a dump model ?09:34
CountryfiedLinuxOh ok thanks hateball I'll try that. I thought I searched for that in unity tweak tool before. I'll check again.09:35
digelanyone ?09:37
hateball!patience | digel09:38
ubottudigel: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:38
digelthanks ,sorry for that09:38
janat08im running a distribution upgrade for 16.10, where do i find patch notes?09:44
=== bwr_ is now known as bwr
peyrinso...I'm trying to set up a bot on a VPS that runs ubuntu09:57
peyrinbut all I have on my end is the terminal09:58
peyrindunno which commands would load the bot09:58
peyrinthe bot itself is written in python, starts with a batch file09:59
peyrinis anyone there? help would be appreciated09:59
haxabjahi, i get this when i try to upgrade http://paste.ubuntu.com/23627866/10:01
haxabjashould i do what it tells me to do or will that break something?10:02
amoghrajGot a problem10:05
amoghrajwith my RTL8723BE10:05
amoghrajI can't detect anything on the bluetooth10:06
amoghrajany help is aprreciated10:06
amoghrajI have tried reinstalling the firmware10:06
* amoghraj sits down and waits10:07
amoghrajguess not10:08
amoghrajwelp I'm out I suppose10:08
Ben64lol, 2 minutes 59 seconds10:08
slyrobotMy problem isn't for Ubuntu Exactly but I will ask it anyway.10:25
Ben64or you could just ask it in the correct place10:26
slyrobotI have a VPS which has SSH enabled. If I ssh into my VPS and then wget a file and then exit SSH will it stop the download ?10:27
Ben64depends how you exit10:27
slyrobotI was wondering. Also will the scenario be same for rtorrent ?10:27
slyrobothow can it work Ben6410:27
Ben64by using screen10:28
haxabjahi, i get this when i try to upgrade http://paste.ubuntu.com/23627866/10:28
slyrobotlets say I don't use VNC kind of service.10:28
haxabjashould i do what it tells me to do or will that break something?10:28
Ben64slyrobot: use screen10:28
slyrobotI am just doing an SSH into the VPS.10:28
Ben64haxabja: try "sudo apt-get install apt apt-utils"10:29
Ben64slyrobot: it's called "screen"10:29
slyrobotSo how do I use it ? Ben6410:29
Ben64better to look up a guide somewhere10:29
Ben64theres a lot you can do with it10:30
slyrobotAlright. Thanks Ben6410:30
CrystalMareI've been having problems with installing my graphics drivers on ubuntu10:30
CrystalMareMy laptop is currently using the intel drivers10:30
CrystalMareI've tried many ways of installing the drivers, but it either, doesn't work, or crashes my entire desktop environment10:31
CrystalMareAnd the nvidia prime thing does not work10:31
CrystalMareThere's no information online how to do this properly10:31
=== kingplusplus is now known as kingplusplus_
Triffid_Hunterslyrobot: you can also try tmux, it does basically the same thing as screen but some folks seem to like it better. 'nohup' may interest you as well although it doesn't allow you to reconnect to the running process10:35
Triffid_Hunterslyrobot: on my servers, I put screen -xRR in my ~/.bash_profile so I automatically get reconnected to my screen session on login. don't put it in ~/.bashrc or you'll make an infinite loop and lock yourself out, because screen executes ~/.bashrc whenever it makes a new terminal10:36
slyrobotThanks Triffid_Hunter I think will do my research. Thanks btw.10:37
CrystalMareDoes anyone know how to install an Intel/Nvidia Hybrid graphics setup?10:37
Triffid_Hunterslyrobot: normally, anything you execute in a ssh session will get killed if/when the session ends10:38
CrystalMareIts using the intel drivers by default, after installing the nvidia-current package, it does not work10:38
=== kingplusplus_ is now known as kingplusplus
slyrobotYes. That's an answer looking for. Triffid_Hunter .10:38
CountryfiedLinuxI have the launcher set to autohide but when I open an app the icon wiggles from the left side edge of the screen. How do I disable that?10:46
mcphailCountryfiedLinux: not sure if it will work, but I think if you install unity-tweak-tool you can change the launch animations. You may be able to disable them10:48
CountryfiedLinuxmcphail, I don't see it anywhere, and I turned off all animations. The icon still wiggles from the edge.10:49
CrystalMareCan someone help me with my driver problem?10:49
mcphailCountryfiedLinux: sorry, i don't have any other suggestions :(10:49
wyoungCan I help any one?10:50
ikoniawyoung: don't worry about that, just sit and watch, if you see a question your comfortable answering, just go for it10:50
ikoniayou don't have to probe for questions10:51
CrystalMareWell, do you know how to install both nvidia and intel drivers on ubuntu10:51
wyoungikonia: some people are shy, but ok, I will wait10:51
CountryfiedLinuxmcphail, I'm wanting to make my own respin but with using Plank and the Slingscold menu instead of the Unity launcher. I have the launcher set to autohide and reveal sensitivity set to 0 so it's out of sight, out of mind. That icon wiggle from the left side just makes it apparent it's there.10:51
CrystalMareikonia, so far, Ive posted my question twice10:51
CrystalMareand waited 20 minutes10:51
CrystalMareand this is the 3rd time coming to #ubuntu10:51
ikoniaCrystalMare: no problem, people will see it and help if they can10:51
CrystalMarebut nobody knows10:51
CrystalMareits shit10:51
ikoniaCrystalMare: please don't swear10:51
CountryfiedLinuxCrystalMare, https://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+hybrid+graphics+intel+nvidia10:53
CrystalMareCountryfiedLinux, oh my, I never thought to google that.10:53
CrystalMarenone of the answers work10:53
CrystalMareI've had to reinstall my computer twice10:53
CrystalMarebecause of the desktop environment becoming unresponsive10:53
CountryfiedLinuxCrystalMare, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ubuntu+hybrid+graphics+intel+nvidia10:53
wyoungCybertinus: that sounds horrible10:53
bazhangCrystalMare, please stop using the enter key as punctuation10:53
wyoungCybertinus: the issues you are having10:54
CountryfiedLinuxbazhang, That's almost as bad as using lol as punctuation :P10:54
=== dejan is now known as Guest85492
wyoungCybertinus: you have two video cards in your PC? one intel, the other nvidia?10:55
CountryfiedLinuxCrystalMare, As for using Linux I recommend to just stick with Intel.10:57
CountryfiedLinuxI know it's not helpful right now, just for future reference.10:57
wyoungCrystalMare: even, sorry I was tab completing wrong10:58
CrystalMareCountryfiedLinux, I've been doing this for the last month10:58
CrystalMareI need my GPU10:58
CountryfiedLinuxCrystalMare, Any specific reason why Nvidia? Just curious. And I hope you don't say for gaming since it's on Linux :P10:59
CountryfiedLinuxUnless you're dual-booting that is.10:59
CrystalMareCountryfiedLinux, its a laptop with Intel 5000 Series, and an Nvidia 940m11:00
CountryfiedLinuxdual-booting is having a disk partitioned to boot multiple operating systems.11:00
CrystalMareAnd I am dual booting.11:00
CountryfiedLinuxOh I see.11:00
CrystalMareThe reason I am using linux, is because I hate using windows11:00
CrystalMareBut the lack of support for nvidia-prime has me tearing my hair off my head.11:01
Ben64nvidia prime is standard now11:01
CrystalMareYet it doesn't work.11:01
CrystalMareI installed the nvidia drivers11:01
wyoungCrystalMare: I dual booted once, but one day I commited to ubuntu and I only looked back when my boss forced me to use a mac :)  but I still use ubuntu for server!11:01
CrystalMareMany ways, I've used the aditional drivers applications11:02
CrystalMareUsed the apt to install nvidia-current11:02
CrystalMareAnd also tried to directly install the drivers from the nvidia website11:02
CrystalMareNone worked11:02
Ben64well you probably screwed with it too much and it's in a weird state11:02
CrystalMareThey either broke my laptop, or did nothing at all11:02
CrystalMareBen64, I had to reinstall my operating system, three times11:02
Ben64which version11:03
CrystalMareJust the new LTS release11:03
=== sanso is now known as sansaway
Ben64if you install it with the internet connected, it should automatically install the nvidia drivers11:03
CrystalMareThere's got to be a way to do it afterwards?11:03
Ben64yeah but it's much easier to not have to11:04
CrystalMareAnd I had it connected to the internet during installation, it even fetched updates11:04
CrystalMareBut thats besides the point, I am not keen on reinstalling my entire operating system again11:04
CrystalMareAnd I don't want to break it either, so far, none of the solutions I found online worked.11:05
Ben64what have you done on this install11:05
CrystalMareLike, all my development tools11:05
CrystalMareAnd I need to use my laptop on a daily basis, so I can't risk it breaking.11:05
Ben64i mean in relation to nvidia11:05
CrystalMareNothing so far11:05
CrystalMareI left it completely untouched11:05
jarnosI am unable to use askubuntu.com, https://help.ubuntu.com ... "This site can’t be reached"11:05
Ben64you just installed 16.04 and thats it?11:05
CrystalMareYeah, Ben64 its worth noting, that I am running GNOME 311:06
Ben64doesn't matter11:06
CrystalMareThat's what I thought too11:06
Ben64pastebin the output of "dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia"11:06
jarnoshere http://paste.ubuntu.com/  "This site can’t be reached"11:07
Ben64jarnos: that's on your end11:08
jarnossame with http://ubuntu.com/11:08
jarnosgoogle.com works fine11:08
Ben64CrystalMare: ok... "sudo apt-get install build-essential dkms linux-headers-$(uname -r) linux-headers-$(uname -r | sed s/-[a-z].*//g) linux-headers$(uname -r | sed s/^.*[0-9]\-/-/g)"11:09
Ben64CrystalMare: then... "sudo apt-get install nvidia-367 nvidia-prime nvidia-settings"11:09
CrystalMareBen64, I have a meeting in 20 minutes, can I safely execute these commands?11:09
Ben64the first one for sure is safe11:10
Ben642nd one should be fine, but i haven't messed with hybrid graphics in person yet11:10
sam_yanHi,ALL.In my Ubuntu 14.04 server ,eth0 can not get a ip from dhcp.11:10
sam_yanis there some solution?11:10
pirxhello! has anyone set up OpenVPN (server) to run as user nobody in ubuntu here?11:11
CrystalMareBen64, it installed just dkms11:11
wyoungpirx: yes11:11
Ben64CrystalMare: thats fine11:11
CrystalMareI'm now running that second command, hold on..11:11
pirxwyoung: did you get the err mesg (Cannot ioctl TUNSETIFF tun: Operation not permitted)?11:11
wyoungpirx: no because I set the permissions correctly :)11:12
pirxwyoung: ah! of course!" but on what? :)11:12
wyoungpirx: actually no that isn't right11:12
pirxbut those dont exist11:13
wyoungpirx: yeah, it is a network permission thing11:13
pirxwyoung: awaiting eagerly the elusive answer! :)11:13
wyoungI forget where those are :(11:13
wyoungpirx: I need to nap :(11:13
CrystalMareBen64, what is this DKMS?11:14
pirxit has to be something about letting user nobody run some command as root or something11:14
Ben64CrystalMare: Description-en: Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework DKMS is a framework designed to allow individual kernel modules to be upgraded without changing the whole kernel. It is also very easy to rebuild modules as you upgrade kernels.11:14
CrystalMareBen64, it finished11:15
pirxwyoung: perhaps chmod +s on /bin/ip or something?11:16
wyoungpirx: I dont recommend it11:16
pirxyeah that might be a bit too much:)11:16
CrystalMareBen64, am I to restart my system now?11:17
Ben64CrystalMare: all the nvidia stuff installed fine?11:17
CrystalMareI looked through it, didn't spot any errors11:17
CrystalMareDKMS: install completed.11:18
Ben64CrystalMare: do you get a result if you do "ls /lib/modules/*/*/dkms/nvidia*ko"11:18
CrystalMareBen64, yes, four of them: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23628151/11:20
Ben64well, you got nvidia11:20
CrystalMareAlright, I'll wait with the restart till after the meeting11:20
Ben64i still don't have experience with hybrid graphics, but it should work in theory11:20
CrystalMareCan't risk going into it without my computer ;)11:20
CrystalMareThanks so far Ben6411:21
CrystalMareIll check back if it somehow doesn't work11:21
=== ZeekHuge_ is now known as ZeekHuge
dukwonis there a way to repeat the first-time boot on an OEM ubuntu laptop?11:26
dukwonour inept IT department decided they wanted to boot an unmanaged laptop to "check what was installed" and gave the user a system that only has a guest account11:27
raddyHello Everybody11:28
raddyI am using Ubuntu 16.0411:28
raddyIt never asks password upon sudo.11:28
raddyHow to make it to ask password ?11:29
dukwondoes it execute the command?11:29
dukwonand does your user account have a password?11:30
raddydukwon, my user do not have a password :(11:30
OerHeksraddy, what did you do to remove asking password?11:31
raddyIf i set, will it ask ?11:31
OerHekssure the user has a password11:31
raddyOhhhh okk11:31
dukwonsudo asks for the password of the user executing the command (not root)11:31
raddyI am logging using keypair11:31
OerHeksso you login remotely via SSH?11:33
=== aruns is now known as Guest70478
raddysudo passwd change root password or current user password ?11:36
Ben64just do "passwd" to change your password11:36
wyoungBen64: I use that command too11:36
raddyjust using passwd asks previous password11:37
OerHekslogin with keys does not mean you have no password11:37
raddyI am using amazon aws instance and so i have not set password for ubuntu user11:37
wyoungraddy: not if you sudo it11:37
wyoungraddy: although you need your previous password too :P unless you set your sudoers file better11:38
OerHeksraddy, time to tell all details, aws, remote login, ...11:38
OerHekspasswordless sudo on a AWS machine, awesome11:38
raddyderfoh, remote login, keypair login, aws, ubuntu ami11:39
raddyBut it is not asking me password when i uses sudo -i11:40
Ben64check your sudoers file11:40
wyoungOerHeks: I changed that11:40
CountryfiedLinuxmcphail, Hey I found a workaround.11:47
raddyMy Sudoers file looks exactly as in the wiki11:48
raddyBut still it is not asking me password for sudo -i even after setting password user ubuntu11:48
Ben64pastebin your sudoers file11:49
CountryfiedLinuxmcphail, With the launcher set to the bottom it doesn't wiggle. I don't know if it's because Plank is there and covers it or what, but this is the closest I can get to removing the launcher. I already have it set to autohide and reveal sensitivity set to 0. After I remove the keyboard shortcut (or change it) it will be gone. From my sight anyway.11:49
raddyMy sudoers file don't have any nopasswd parameter, but still :(11:50
raddyBen64, https://paste.ubuntu.com/23628262/11:52
Ben64raddy: ask amazon11:53
raddyBen64, Alas11:53
raddyMy other instance of ubuntu in aws as well is not asking password11:53
raddyI could not see NOPASSWD parameter in any of aws instance's sudoers file, But it is sttill not asking password :(11:57
Ben64yep, ask amazon11:57
Amm0nraddy, maybe the user is in the group admin or sudo11:57
raddyAmm0n, Figured it out,11:58
Amm0nraddy, but still ask amazon11:58
Ben64gonna share with the class?11:59
fishcooker_anyone here get this blurry windows app like this http://imgur.com/a/pYUu9 Yes im on lubuntu 16.04 ... before upgrading on 14.04 i used to do $ openbox-lubuntu --restart11:59
raddyAmm0n, AWS explitly disables password prompt for ubuntu user in conf.d/ folder11:59
raddyI mean sudoers.d/ folder11:59
fishcooker_but right now the command didn't work anymore... how to restart the X on Lubuntu12:01
Ben64fishcooker_: something like systemctl restart lightdm12:02
sruliis there a way to compress deb files?12:03
Ben64gzip file.deb12:04
sruliBen64 output is exactly same size.. i am trying to compress to smaller size12:04
Ben64not everything is compressible12:05
pirxhas anyone (else) set up OpenVPN (server) to run as user nobody in ubuntu here?12:05
raddyOne question12:05
raddyNormal user is not allowed to enter /etc/sudoers.d/ folder12:05
raddyFigured it12:06
Amm0nraddy, check the last line of your sudoers file too, if you want to use /etc/sudoers.d12:08
sruliBen64: i tried 10 different deb files all were the same size even with gzip -9, is there any program that can compress .deb even more?12:08
Ben64sruli: 7z maybe, but you're probably not going to get much12:09
raddyAll success12:09
sruliBen64: 7z enlarged by 2%12:10
Ben64sruli: there you go, you have your answer12:10
EriC^^sruli: did you try xz ?12:10
EriC^^just for kicks12:10
Ben64also, why compress deb12:11
sruliEriC^^: no, is it installed or do i need to install?12:11
EriC^^yeah it should be installed12:11
raddyCan anyone update the wiki about this huge after thought by Amazon AWS default configuration ?12:12
Ben64it's not really an ubuntu issue12:12
raddyBut it is applicable to Ubuntu as well12:12
raddyNo ? I don't get you12:13
Ben64how is it applicable to ubuntu that amazon messes with the default configuration12:13
fishcooker_no luck Ben64, any another suggestion ?12:13
sruliEriC^^: xz -z9e /file same size as original12:14
Ben64sruli: why compress deb, and which deb12:14
EriC^^sruli: ok12:14
fishcooker_the fonts are missing on my session but not on another user session, Ben6412:15
sruliBen64: 1 of my PC's are in a remote place with terrible internet connection, i want to download all the updates compress them and then download it at that location12:15
Ben64fishcooker_: you asked how to restart the gui session12:15
ppfdebs are already packed12:15
Ben64^ bingo12:15
raddyBen64, I was just suggesting this to be documented for ubuntu to not become a huge botnet by this AWS security issue, if you feel its ok means leave it.12:15
sruliwas just trying, thanks guys12:16
Ben64raddy: it's an amazon aws issue12:16
Ben64would be silly to add every custom install to the wiki12:16
fishcooker_it is possible sruli12:16
fishcooker_download all update ... it locate on /var/cache/apt like folder12:16
Ben64if you're on aws, note that blah blah; if you're using linode, note that blah blah; if you're on ovh, note that blah blah12:16
Ben64when does it end?12:16
srulifishcooker_: and then?12:17
BluesKajHiyas all12:18
fishcooker_compress and copy to the remote one using removable media12:18
wyoungfishcooker_: I like fish too12:18
raddyBen64, Good point.12:18
fishcooker_dpkg -i *.deb sruli12:18
fishcooker_this fish is rare wyoung12:18
wyoungfishcooker_: sashimi worthy?12:18
ppfsruli, fishcooker_: deb files are an ar archive containing 3 files: a package format version, a control archive, a data archive12:19
wyoungfishcooker_: or just hard to find?12:19
srulifishcooker_: compress how? i cant use removable media, got to do it remotely... looking for a way to reduce the deb file size12:19
Ben64sruli: you can't12:20
ppfyou can't get any significant compression out of tis12:20
fishcooker_+1 ppf12:20
fishcooker_here is the blue fin tuna12:20
srulii succumbed to that until fishcooker_ wrote "it is possible"...12:20
fishcooker_but not with the compression one, sruli12:21
Ben64just have apt get the updates and wait longer12:21
fishcooker_Ben64: actually what happen with my missing fonts...?12:22
srulimight have to send it on usb, how do i veryfy checksum of each file before installing?12:22
=== erwinnovo is now known as collegeBoy
ppfdpkg does that for you12:22
srulippf: even if its from removable media?12:23
ppfthe deb files contain checksums for all files it contains12:25
=== violetZzzZz is now known as violet
raizzenhello guys12:33
raizzencan you help me ?12:33
raizzeni have a problem whit the sound in ubuntu12:33
cfhowlett!ask  | raizzen12:33
ubotturaizzen: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:33
chawki hi evrybody12:42
wyoungchawki!!!! where you been!?12:42
mrtzhey chawki12:43
chawki hi evrybodyi want to learn about ubuntu12:44
cfhowlett!fcm | chawki read12:45
ubottuchawki read: fcm is THE Ubuntu Community Magazine - find it at www.fullcirclemagazine.org, or #fullcirclemagazine12:45
wyoungchawki: you have taken the first step :)12:45
mrtzlearning by doing, just do it :D12:45
chawkiso what do you think if ze add12:46
chawki am in class and i am form algeria12:47
cfhowlettchawki, read full circle magazine.  you willl become an expert12:47
adgtlSo iptables says12:50
adgtlACCEPT     tcp  --  anywhere              tcp dpt:400012:50
adgtlbut I cant telnet localhost 400012:50
adgtlam I missing anything?12:50
adgtlthing works if I run with port 8012:52
adgtlbut not with 400012:52
Ben64adgtl: how would that let you do anything on port 400012:57
adgtlBen64 hmm12:57
adgtlIt's fresh ubuntu machine12:57
adgtland I did not set any ip tables or rules12:57
Ben64you still need something listening on a port12:58
dimitristauferHey Yo12:58
cfhowlettdimitristaufer, ask your ubuntu questions12:58
adgtlChain DOCKER (1 references)12:58
adgtltarget     prot opt source               destination12:58
adgtlACCEPT     tcp  --  anywhere              tcp dpt:818812:58
adgtlACCEPT     tcp  --  anywhere              tcp dpt:omniorb12:58
adgtlACCEPT     tcp  --  anywhere              tcp dpt:400012:58
cfhowlettadgtl, pastebinit!12:59
dimitristauferDifference between REST and SOAP please :)12:59
adgtlyep..  it did not create pastie12:59
cfhowlett!details | dimitristaufer,12:59
ubottudimitristaufer,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.12:59
inick hi everybody who practice python in ubuntu13:00
adgtlSo it's running inside docker container13:00
cfhowlett!python | inick13:00
ubottuinick: python is a popular Object Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org/ or #python13:00
adgtldocker-pr 2097     root    4u  IPv6  17257      0t0  TCP *:4000 (LISTEN)13:00
adgtland telnet to 4000 says13:00
adgtlConnection closed by foreign host.13:00
adgtlnot sure what's going on13:00
inick how to creat a site web13:02
inick how to creat a web site13:03
cfhowlettinick, there are thousands of tutorials online about how to create a website.   find one.  this is ubuntu support, so focus your questions13:04
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.13:04
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sofaine hi everyboday i'm student frrom algeria i want to learn ubuntu13:08
cfhowlett!fcm | sofaine read fcm and you will earn expertise13:08
ubottusofaine read fcm and you will earn expertise: fcm is THE Ubuntu Community Magazine - find it at www.fullcirclemagazine.org, or #fullcirclemagazine13:08
wicopeHi sudo tune2fs -c1 /dev/sda1 work but sudo tune2fs -c1 /dev/sda6 not work... because reboot and count of sda6 get +1. i see with sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sda1 | grep count and sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sda6 | grep count please, what i can do?13:08
islam how to creat a site web13:11
cfhowlettislam, tell everyone in your class: this is not the "how to build a website?" channel, please.13:12
islam Hello how can we creat a website13:12
cfhowlettislam, no.  go to google.  "build + website + ubuntu"13:13
lamin hi evrybody i'm student from constantine i want to learn c++ whith ubuntu13:13
islam Hello how can we creat a websitno ibnformation for c++13:13
OerHekscfhowlett, the whole classroom is on a trip to IRC13:13
brainwashwicope: maximum mount count is unchanged after reboot?13:14
cfhowlettOerHeks, yeah, I figured.13:14
islam privmsg #ubuntu :privmsg #ubuntu : Hello13:14
lamin hi evrybody i'm student from constantine i want to learn JAVA whith ubuntu13:14
islam Hello how can we creat a websitprivmsg #ubuntu : Hello me too13:14
brainwashfirst c++, now java?13:14
cfhowlett!fcm | islam   lamin     get off of IRC.  READ fc13:15
ubottuislam   lamin     get off of IRC.  READ fc: fcm is THE Ubuntu Community Magazine - find it at www.fullcirclemagazine.org, or #fullcirclemagazine13:15
OerHeksislam lamin sofaine, websites are out, learn to build your own webapp https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/phone/web/tutorials/web-app-tutorial/13:15
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ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:15
islam it is me13:15
cerionhi. Why do I have 2 scope global unicast ipv6 address for my enp1s0 interface ???13:15
brainwashwicope: you should share the terminal output, so that we can see what those commands return13:16
wicopebrainwash, yes i think that i use disk-managar for mount /dev/sda6 Probably that's why13:16
brainwashwicope: yeah. that is probably the culprit13:17
islam vprivmprivmsg #ubuntu : try tu see this site http://askubuntu.com/questions/141397/why-do-i-get-multiple-global-ipv6-addresses-listed-in-ifconfig13:18
islam try tu see this site http://askubuntu.com/questions/141397/why-do-i-get-multiple-global-ipv6-addresses-listed-in-ifconfigprivmsg #ubuntu : try tu see this site http://askubuntu.com/questions/141397/why-do-i-get-muprivmsg #ubuntu : good bye my frien13:19
islamprivmsg #ubuntu :  good bye evry one and good chanse13:19
cfhowlettgood luck islam13:20
CountryfiedLinuxHow do I change the keyboard shortcut for opening the menu?13:20
CountryfiedLinuxI want Slingscold as my menu but after changing it to Super key it still launches the standard Ubuntu menu instead and didn't give me the option to replace. I didn't even see the Ubuntu menu in the keyboard shortcuts, not even listed at all.13:21
=== mohamed is now known as Guest46877
=== llorephie1 is now known as llorephie
OerHeksCountryfiedLinux, basicly you need to remap the winkey to some other freekey, then you should map that key to that slingsold menu http://askubuntu.com/questions/137172/how-to-remap-superleft-key-to-control-key as example13:23
yeevemy /bin/cat command is outputting text with colours :S I guess I've changed or installed something I shouldn't have but not sure where to start looking. I've checked bashrc and alias files and nothing obvious yet13:31
yeeveoh I'm using bash it, maybe something there13:31
CountryfiedLinuxWhat did I do wrong here? www.pastebin.com/XDpMumhG ?13:34
SonikkuAmericaCountryfiedLinux: Get rid of the -pm switch and try again.13:36
roryyeeve: is it actually /bin/cat which does it, or just "cat" ?13:38
=== anon is now known as Guest56480
yeevecat == /bin/cat for me. It seems it was 'bash it' that was adding colours to everything (maybe due to theme?) so I commented out the source to do the cat-ing I needed :/ weird but bypass-able13:39
SonikkuAmericaCountryfiedLinux: "This page has been removed!"13:39
=== viktor_afk30min is now known as viktor_
SonikkuAmericaCountryfiedLinux: Try [ xmodmap -e remove mod4 = Super_L ]13:41
CountryfiedLinuxSonikkuAmerica, With brackets?13:43
CountryfiedLinuxoh ok13:43
CountryfiedLinuxI'm doing this in vbox so can't do copy/paste. It'll take a minute.13:43
artg02hi all :)13:45
CountryfiedLinuxSonikkuAmerica, www.pastebin.com/yF3EdveX13:45
iparhanwas ther anybody here  ?13:47
iparhanI have a problem with terminal13:48
iparhanmy terminal cant update13:48
iparhani typed sudo apt-get update & upgrade13:48
iparhanits appear sudo dpkg --configure -a13:48
zhengshengsomeone here13:50
CountryfiedLinuxSonikkuAmerica, I think I may have it now.13:50
CountryfiedLinuxSonikkuAmerica, Thanks. If not brb.13:51
artg02zhengsheng: sure :)13:51
zhengshengwhat mean SonikkuAmerica13:51
=== teeeeeeeeeeeeeee is now known as teeeeeeeeeeeeeej
SonikkuAmericazhengsheng: Hi. State your question/problem, please.13:51
teeeeeeeeeeeeeejGood morning.  I was wondering if there was a network status page or something for archive.canonical.com.  Updating my system seems to hang a little bit when trying to contact that server.13:53
zhengshengwhat mean word brb13:53
SonikkuAmericateeeeeeeeeeeeeej: It works for me, I just pulled up its main dir tree in a Web browser13:54
SonikkuAmericazhengsheng: It's Internet slang for "be right back"...13:54
adrian_1908I'm trying to install 16.10 but get a pink screen before the LiveCD loads. I found a few old posts online, but was wondering whether there is a current recommendation on what to do.13:54
SonikkuAmericaadrian_1908: Does the "pink screen" have white stuff at the bottom?13:55
adrian_1908SonikkuAmerica: no, all pixels are pink, no patter anywhere.13:55
CountryfiedLinuxGot it done SonikkuAmerica :D Found the info further down the page. Simpler than what I tried before.13:55
Alexey1how to install drivers for Intel HD Graphics Bay Trail? official site not helped13:55
* adrian_1908 brb in 1 min13:56
SonikkuAmerica!nomodeset | adrian_190813:57
ubottuadrian_1908: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:57
zhengshengW: 仓库 “http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-security Release” 没有 Release 文件。13:58
zhengshengN: 无法认证来自该源的数据,所以使用它会带来潜在风险。13:58
zhengshengN: 参见 apt-secure(8) 手册以了解仓库创建和用户配置方面的细节。13:58
zhengshengW: http://archive.ubuntukylin.com:10006/ubuntukylin/dists/xenial/InRelease: 密钥 6CE35A4EBAB676094476BE7CD259B7555E1D3C58 生成的数字签名使用了弱安全性摘要算法(SHA1)13:58
zhengshengW: 无法下载 http://cn.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial/InRelease  暂时不能解析域名“cn.archive.ubuntu.com”13:58
zhengshengW: 无法下载 http://www.deb-multimedia.org/dists/sid/InRelease  暂时不能解析域名“www.deb-multimedia.org”13:58
SonikkuAmerica!paste | zhengsheng13:59
ubottuzhengsheng: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:59
mcphailCountryfiedLinux: :) - awkward workaround but well found!13:59
adrian_1908SonikkuAmerica: I don't have the described menu at the bottom, but i'll try if F6 makes anything pop up. I'll rejoin this channel from another machine so I can communicate while trying stuff. thanks.14:01
CountryfiedLinuxmcphail, Now the launcher no longer shows up AT ALL! :D It's as if it's been deleted.14:02
zhengshengsudo apt-get update14:05
SonikkuAmerica!cn | zhengsheng , unfortunately I can't read the Chinese output of your terminal, but perhaps the people in these channels can help. Also, try #ubuntukylin14:07
ubottuzhengsheng , unfortunately I can't read the Chinese output of your terminal, but perhaps the people in these channels can help. Also, try #ubuntukylin: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:07
artg02I have a linux 16.04 machine virtualised in proxmox in a container14:09
artg02I want to use openbox in it, to use firefox in the machine for some basic managment of other machines14:09
artg02I kind of get the feeling that this is not possible14:09
artg02When I look in the logs of "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" I see things as "cannot open /dev/tty0"14:09
artg02Am I trying something that is not possible?14:09
SonikkuAmericazhengsheng: Actually, DON'T try #ubuntukylin , there's no one there. #ubuntu-cn and/or #ubuntu-tw should be able to help14:09
IhrFusselQuestion about mv command: If you move a file to a directory that doesn't exist...is the file supposed to disappear?14:15
=== subho is now known as subho99
EriC^^IhrFussel: no, it just renames the file14:15
IhrFusselEriC^^, oh so the file is the "directory" now?14:16
subho99Hey guys, I am facing problems creating a hotspot on my PC. I followed this guide: http://askubuntu.com/questions/762846/how-to-creat-wifi-hotspot-in-ubuntu-16-04-since-ap-hotspot-is-no-more-working14:17
arannjoin /#joly14:18
EriC^^subho99: explain your problem in details14:18
subho99But at the step where I am supposed to connect to the Hidden Wifi Network, when I select my just created network, it's showing this error message: (2) Connection 'Wi-Fi connection 1' is not available on the device wlx00e04d00259c at this time.14:18
EriC^^what you did and what happens14:18
EriC^^subho99: why are you making it hidden?14:19
subho99Eric^^: Please see the guide link I provided. In that at step 5, I am getting the above error.14:19
subho99Eric^^: It's said in that guide. Well, let me try by not making it hidden.14:20
EriC^^subho99: click on create network from the network manager icon14:20
EriC^^forget the guide14:20
EriC^^create new wifi network, then put a pass, after that click the icon again, edit connections > select it, change the mode from ad-hoc to ap14:21
EriC^^and choose wpa2 instead of wep14:21
EriC^^then restart network manager with sudo service network-manager restart14:21
Jonno_FTWIs it okay to purge the grub-efi-amd64-signed package? I got mmy grub working with the boot repair program14:21
EriC^^Jonno_FTW: why would you remove it14:22
subho99Eric^^: Will do.14:22
EriC^^if you're using uefi keep it14:22
Jonno_FTWevery time I use apt, it complains that the package is not fully installed14:22
Jonno_FTWgrub-install: error: /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/modinfo.sh doesn't exist. Please specify --target or --directory.14:22
EriC^^Jonno_FTW: type "ls /sys/firmware/efi"14:22
Jonno_FTWI'm not using uefi though14:22
EriC^^give it a shot and report back14:22
Jonno_FTWthere's no efi firmware14:23
subho99Eric^^: I am getting the error again, when I try to create the new network. This is being displayed: (2) Connection 'xyzabc' is not available on the device wlx00e04d00259c at this time.14:23
Jonno_FTWonly dmi acp and memap14:23
EriC^^Jonno_FTW: ok14:24
subho99That same error is occuring multiple times.14:24
EriC^^Jonno_FTW: type dpkg -l | grep grub | nc termbin.com 999914:24
EriC^^subho99: maybe your card can't do ap ?14:25
Jonno_FTWI don't want to use uefi though14:25
subho99Nah, It can. It does in Windows at least14:25
EriC^^subho99: i get the same error when i try to create a hotspot14:26
EriC^^my other laptop doesn't do it14:26
Jonno_FTWEriC^^: http://termbin.com/xpis14:26
subho99Eric^^: It is connecting to other available wifi networks, but it can't create a hotspot14:26
EriC^^03:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM43142 802.11b/g/n (rev 01)14:27
subho99Eric^^: Mine's a Railink Technologies card14:27
EriC^^type lspci | grep Network14:27
EriC^^the other is ralink i think and it works14:27
EriC^^subho99: are you using the wifi at the same time?14:28
subho99No, I am connected to Ethernet Network14:28
EriC^^subho99: if you set the connection to ad hoc does it work?14:28
subho99Eric^^: lspci | grep Network produces no result14:29
EriC^^!it | diomostro14:29
ubottudiomostro: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:29
subho99Eric^^: I can't create the damned connection. I think I can change it only after creating it, correct?14:29
diomostroi dont speak mcdonalds14:30
EriC^^subho99: yeah14:30
Lerzplease diomostro speak english14:30
subho99Eric^^: While creating a new wifi network I am getting this error.14:30
EriC^^Jonno_FTW: wow all the packages are the efi ones14:30
EriC^^Jonno_FTW: try "grep efi /etc/fstab"14:31
subho99Eric^^: Can it occur due any driver error?14:31
Lerzhow do I install LTSP?14:32
EriC^^subho99: no idea14:32
adrian_1908I'm still having trouble with the LiveCD. I added `nomodeset` to the boot parameters and can boot into the LiveCD, but the resolution is stuck at 640x480 (no other options available) and that will not allow me to see enough of the installer GUI to get throught the installation.14:32
EriC^^subho99: try rfkill list maybe it'll show something?14:33
EriC^^subho99: also see if there's anything in dmesg14:33
EriC^^subho99: i wonder if you can start the create wifi editor from the terminal if it'll display more info about it14:33
subho99rfkill shows it's not blocked.14:34
Lerzwhat's error 619?14:34
subho99Eric^^: Could you tell me how to do that from the terminal?14:34
EriC^^subho99: try unity-control-center network14:34
EriC^^then try use as hotspot14:34
=== bunicuEngropat is now known as identicality
subho99Eric^^: I kindda lost you there. Once more?14:36
EriC^^adrian_1908: can alt + f7/f8 help ?14:36
=== schlady_ is now known as schlady
adrian_1908EriC^^:  at what stage, when in the LiveCD Desktop?14:37
EriC^^subho99: try "unity-control-center network" in the terminal14:37
EriC^^adrian_1908: try xrandr to set a new resolution14:37
funabashihey guys anyone know how i can get syntax help in pico/nano when i code/scripting?14:38
EriC^^adrian_1908: alt+f7/f8 can move the window around if you cant click on the move borders and stuff14:38
subho99Eric^^: I am using mate. So, will install the unity control center first14:38
EriC^^subho99: no nevermind14:38
EriC^^subho99: do you have any shortcut icon that gets you the network options?14:38
adrian_1908EriC^^: i will try if xrandr works. booting back into LiveCD now, will report back.14:38
EriC^^subho99: in the menu somewhere14:38
EriC^^adrian_1908: ok are you familiar with xrandr?14:39
subho99Eric^^: I have the network manager icon in the panel at top.14:39
EriC^^subho99: anything in the menu?14:39
EriC^^subho99: try grep Name=Network /usr/share/applications/*14:39
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adrian_1908EriC^^: i'm not, and i just ran it "Screen 0: minimum 640x480, current ..., maximum 640 x 480" So no luck there I guess.14:40
adrian_1908EriC^^: I'm using a GeForce GTX 97014:40
EriC^^adrian_1908: aha14:41
subho99Eric^^: I have downloaded ubuntu-control-center. Here's the result of grep: http://termbin.com/dzl414:41
adrian_1908EriC^^: in 16.04 I didn't need to do anything, but maybe the kernel jump from 4.4 to 4.8 made sufficient changes to cause this?14:42
EriC^^subho99: try grep Exec /usr/share/applications/unity-network-panel.desktop14:42
EriC^^try "grep Name=Network /usr/share/applications/* | cut -d: -f1 | xargs grep Exec"14:43
=== Nicmavr is now known as Guest83887
Jonno_FTWEriC^^: UUID=49D8-1E08/boot/efivfatdefaults0114:44
subho99Eric^^: I have downloaded unity-control-center but it has no panel called network14:44
EriC^^Jonno_FTW: ok, it's mounting an efi partition apparently14:44
subho99Eric^^: Here, the last one : http://termbin.com/kqvf14:44
EriC^^Jonno_FTW: can you pastebin the output of sudo parted -l ?14:44
adrian_1908EriC^^: I'll try if alt-f7/f8 gets me through the installation. I guess i'll be better equipped to fix it from there. I just hope that it _can_ be fixed without detrimental caveats.14:44
EriC^^subho99: try "network-admin"14:45
=== Guest83887 is now known as Kestrel-029
EriC^^subho99: also did you check dmesg after trying to create the hotspot?14:45
EriC^^adrian_1908: yeah it should be fixable14:46
subho99Eric^^: What to do in network-admin ?14:46
EriC^^adrian_1908: worse case scenario you can use the minimal install image to install it14:46
Jonno_FTWEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23629018/14:46
EriC^^subho99: is there a create wifi network there?14:46
j_broHi #Ubuntu, any help how I can play.avi on my meizu pro 5 Ubuntu edition ? Ubuntu 15.04 ota1414:46
EriC^^j_bro: using vlc , 15.04 is unsupported now, you should update to 16.04 when you can14:47
subho99Eric^^: Nope. All options are greyed out.14:47
=== gg is now known as Guest47688
EriC^^j_bro: you won't receive updates and stuff currently and security updates too14:48
=== james is now known as x01
EriC^^Jonno_FTW: ok, so do you want to convert to legacy (vs uefi) fully?14:49
=== leading is now known as fav
EriC^^Jonno_FTW: it's using grub legacy right now in the mbr, and there's an efi partition, and grub efi is installed as the package14:49
subho99Eric^^: In the dmesg, there's something about link not ready.14:50
EriC^^subho99: does "mate-network-properties" give anything useful?14:50
j_broEric^^ cheers much apreciated!14:51
EriC^^j_bro: no problem14:51
subho99Eric^^: Here, you can see it: http://pastebin.com/CDZmZ35x14:51
EriC^^subho99: try "nmcli dev wifi list"14:52
subho99Eric^^: Nah, it just contains proxies. I have not not connected to any proxies14:52
subho99Eric^^: It gives me the available Wi-fi networks (of my neighbours)14:53
EriC^^subho99: is there any "*" next to them?14:54
subho99Eric^^: Nope, http://termbin.com/u5ia14:54
EriC^^subho99: ok14:56
EriC^^subho99: try lspci | grep Ralink14:56
subho99Eric^^: No reult14:57
subho99I see, the driver's not installed14:57
EriC^^try lspci -nvv14:58
subho99Eric^^: Can't understand anything. Here: http://termbin.com/ywu414:59
subho99Eric^^: The only error line in dmesg is [   35.668461] mate-panel[1442]: segfault at cb ip b6b71a89 sp bfbbe800 error 4 in libglib-2.0.so.0.4800.1[b6b0d000+127000]15:00
mikeymopgod, i wish I was this advanced with linux15:00
mikeymopdiagnosing wifi always defeated me15:00
EriC^^subho99: sorry, lspci -nnv15:01
subho99Eric^^: No, there is no Railink Driver. http://termbin.com/10o215:02
EriC^^subho99: ralink is missing from lspci somehow15:03
EriC^^it doesn't even see the card15:03
EriC^^i've no idea about that, nmcli seems to be using it though15:03
EriC^^is it a usb card?15:04
subho99Eric^^: Yeah. It's a USB Wifi Adapter15:04
EriC^^subho99: oh ok, try sudo lshw -C Network15:05
nicomach1s[19:51] <OerHeks> nicomachus, sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth , apply the changes, sudo update-initramfs -u15:07
nicomach1sOerHeks: I did this yesterday, but I'm still getting that MATE splash screen when I logged in this morning.15:07
subho99Eric^^: It's recognising a wireless interface. http://termbin.com/87l415:07
EriC^^subho99: maybe the driver doesn't support it?15:09
EriC^^try iwconfig and see the Hot spot15:10
OerHeksnicomach1s, odd :-(15:10
EriC^^access point, i think if it says not associated then the driver doesn't support it, could be wrong, maybe somebody whose hotspot is known to be working can try iwconfig15:10
EriC^^subho99: seems so http://askubuntu.com/questions/835933/access-point-mode-not-supported/83604615:12
subho99Eric^^: There's no hotspot here, http://termbin.com/fy9y15:12
AnthaasWith Ubuntu 16.04 installed, is it possible to dual boot Windows?15:12
AnthaasEverything I find describes installing Ubuntu after Windows.15:13
EriC^^Anthaas: yeah it's possible15:13
EriC^^Anthaas: shrink the ubuntu partition and install windows, then use a live ubuntu usb to reinstall grub15:14
EriC^^Anthaas: windows has to be on a primary partition though15:14
EriC^^and if you're using a gpt partition it has to be using uefi mode15:14
=== TiZ_ is now known as [TiZ]
EriC^^pastebin sudo parted -l if you want15:14
=== fav is now known as ^r
subho99Eric^^: So, I need to find a patched driver somewhere, huh?15:15
AnthaasOk. This is going to be difficult. haha.15:15
EriC^^subho99: appears so, check the mediatek website in case they released new drivers for the current kernel15:15
=== scottt is now known as Guest26786
EriC^^that thread is like 4-5 years ago15:15
EriC^^Anthaas: type "sudo parted -l" in a terminal and paste the results in paste.ubuntu.com15:16
EriC^^i can tell you what you'll need to do more15:16
EriC^^those were just fyi's it might be pretty straightforward15:17
AnthaasEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23629176/15:18
EriC^^Anthaas: so you want to install windows to the ssd?15:19
AnthaasYeah - makes the most sense to me.15:19
AnthaasAlongside Ubuntu.15:19
NoImNotNineVoltor you can run windows in a vm, but that's a bit harder.15:20
AnthaasIts a lot slower too15:20
NoImNotNineVoltnot really.15:20
EriC^^Anthaas: ok, ubuntu is using uefi mode, so you need to shrink some space out of sdb2 using a live usb and gparted15:20
NoImNotNineVolti mean, you could do gpu passthrough, hugepages, virtio...15:20
NoImNotNineVolti'm getting only ~5% performance hit versus running windows baremetal.15:20
EriC^^Anthaas: then boot the windows cd/usb in uefi mode and choose the manual partitioner, if you can get it to use the efi partition (/dev/sdb1) which you already have that would be great, and make the partition for windows using the unallocated space you got from shrinking ubuntu15:21
subho99Eric^^: The mediatek site is only providing Windows drivers for my device15:22
EriC^^Anthaas: if it won't just use the efi partition, then maybe delete the ubuntu efi partition, and create another one in the windows installer in its place and later after you install windows boot the live usb and you can tell ubuntu to use the new efi partition (you'll need to modify /etc/fstab from a chroot and then reinstall grub)15:23
AnthaasSounds like an utter ballache haha15:24
AnthaasPerhaps installing Windows and then running Ubuntu alongside it might be easier...15:24
EriC^^it's up to you15:25
AnthaasEriC^^: Thanks for your time. I've done the other way round several times.15:25
EriC^^Anthaas: ok, no problem :)15:26
subho99Eric^^: I was provided with a linux driver when I bought the device.15:27
AnthaasI guess the next question is how do I make a good backup in my Ubuntu filesystem so that I can "re-attach" it once I've created the Ubuntu partition.15:27
nicomach1sOerHeks: this is a VM in vbox with yakkety guest and windows host, if that makes any difference.15:27
subho99Eric^^: But, when I try to make install the driver , it gives a heapload of errors.15:28
f4nb0xhi everybody15:30
adrian_1908EriC^^:  just a quick feedback: passing the necessary (to even boot) "nomodeset" parameters cause the Nvidia driver to fail loading, so I was on "vendor: SGI" and hence had 640x480 max res. In additional-drivers, I switched from Nvidia binary (enabled) to nouvea and then back in the hopes this would trigger something, logged out and back into the LiveCD and that did it.15:30
artg02f4nb0x: hey, how are you?15:30
f4nb0xcan someone please help about my acpi :(15:31
f4nb0xbeginner here. and its my first time using hexchat lol15:31
EriC^^Anthaas: you can either get a list of installed apps and your data and then copy them back and auto reinstall the list of packages or tar the whole filesystem and just create another ext4 later and extract it and then also chroot and reinstall grub15:32
EriC^^Anthaas: first option is easier and just involves redownloading all packages if you have a good connection and traffic limit it's not a big deal i guess15:32
EriC^^subho99: aha15:32
EriC^^subho99: did you try installing it?15:32
EriC^^adrian_1908: awesome15:32
EriC^^adrian_1908: awesome! well done15:33
EriC^^adrian_1908: thanks for reporting back, that'll come in handy15:33
adrian_1908ok, cool. thanks for helping.15:34
EriC^^adrian_1908: no problem15:34
subho99Eric^^: It doesn't contain a configure file. But has a make file. So, when I do "make". After some processing it produces some error. Linux Make file error 2 or something15:35
EriC^^subho99: what does it mention before that?15:36
f4nb0xanyone please help me how to get rid of my problem about acpi please. newbie here :D15:37
subho99Eric^^: Wait, I think I need to install build-essentials first, right? I forgot about it.15:38
jhutchinssubho99: There should be a README file, and possibly an INSTALL file.15:38
DarkchaosHey Guys, I am trying to build a kernel module as replacement for an existing one however `insmod`always seems to pick up the precompiled one15:39
* f4nb0x sad15:39
nicomach1s!details | f4nb0x15:39
ubottuf4nb0x: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.15:39
graingertis archive.canonical.com down for anyone else?15:39
jhutchinsDarkchaos: https://wiki.debian.org/depmod15:40
graingertseems not to download15:40
EriC^^subho99: yes15:40
jhutchinsgraingert: http://www.isup.me/15:41
f4nb0xi cant read 'dmesg' but i think something is wrong15:41
jhutchinsgraingert: Looks down.15:41
subho99<jhutchins> There is a readme file. But, I don't think I have to do anything else other than make.15:41
jhutchinsf4nb0x: What do you mean you can't read it?15:41
graingertjhutchins: back up now, I guess you fixed it15:41
EriC^^subho99: does it list any dependencies?15:42
jhutchinssubho99: The readme file should have build instructions.15:42
f4nb0xits my first month using ubuntu bro :)15:43
jhutchinsgraingert: Might be intermittent, like part of a load balancing system is down.15:43
nicomach1sf4nb0x: ok we need more details though.15:43
f4nb0x@jhutchins i have this error "ACPI Warning: SystemIO range 0x0000000000000428-0x000000000000042F conflicts with OpRegion 0x0000000000000400-0x000000000000047F (\PMIO) (20150930/utaddress-254)"15:43
subho99Eric^^, jhutchins: There, are build instructions. However, the changes that I am supposed to make are already made.15:44
jhutchinsf4nb0x: What is the actual problem?15:44
subho99Eric^^ jhutchins : Here's the output of make: http://termbin.com/c85415:44
f4nb0x@jhutchins i dont know if i should ignore acpi warning or resolve it15:47
subho99jhutchins: There, is said to define GCC ad LD of target machine, but I don't know how to do that.15:47
yeeveanyone in chat had firefox locking up with 100% cpu recently? been using chrome for a week now :( I've removed addons/extensions and tried about:performance but not sure what's changed. I was running fine for 1 year with 10+ addons and no issues :s15:49
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
Random832yeeve, what websites are you going on? flash tends to cause high cpu usage for me15:49
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest19387
Random832if i go on a site that uses flash for ads15:49
Darkchaosjhutchins: It seems to work, can you maybe give me a hint on what depmod did? (Since I used an already existing driver with already existing dependencies, actually).15:50
jhutchinsf4nb0x: I think you can ignore it unless you see some problem elsewhere.15:51
yeeveRandom832, nothing really flash based but I did consider that. The current lock-up happened when I was using a prestashop (e-comm platform) website but I've been using this site for a few months now and the issues only happened semi-recently. (sometimes it's gmail or gitlab so it could be heavy js or something but my browsing habits havn't changed at all in the last year)15:51
jhutchinsDarkchaos: Loosely speaking depmod builds a table of available modules and their dependencies.15:51
DarkchaosBut how did it find out about my module in ~/my_module? Or maybe that happend because I used the target module_install which create the extra folder in /sys/modules?15:52
f4nb0xjhutchins thanks15:54
jhutchinsDarkchaos: It apparently found int in the path it expects modules to be in.15:55
subho99Any ideas as to what causes this error?15:55
subho99Eric^^: Could you please see the driver installation yourself, here's the link: http://www.driverguide.com/driver/detail.php?driverid=198436515:59
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=== pavlushka is now known as The_Doctorman
newtoUbuntuhey guys16:00
nicomach1shi newtoUbuntu16:00
EriC^^subho99: are you sure that's the driver for your card?16:01
EriC^^i think your card is the 670116:02
subho99Yeah, but the drivers are same16:02
subho99That's what the net tells me anyway16:03
=== The_Doctorman is now known as pavlushka
nicomach1snot everything you read on the internet is true.16:03
nicomach1sthat includes that statement ^16:03
subho99But for many other Mediatek devices, that is what's being provided.16:04
subho99Even, in the official site searching MT7601 gives me that driver only.16:05
newtoUbuntuI installed an application. If i start it via the Ubuntu Dash, i can see it for 3 seconds on my launcher, then it disappears. Not giving me any error message. How can i search for the error messages? Are there logs?16:07
subho99Eric^^: My device is RT5370, I can provide you the Dropbox link that the supplier provided. It contains a different version for the same device, i.e RT287016:08
subho99Eric^^: This one : https://www.dropbox.com/s/hifqv9zkhfu2cw0/DPO_MT7601U_LinuxSTA_3.0.0.4_20130913.tar.bz2?dl=016:09
subho99Eric^^: You can get the same version on Mediatek's official site. I got it a few days ago16:10
EriC^^subho99: i'm trying to compile the first one, it failed16:11
yzTdoes ubuntu server 14.04 have something enabled by default to block connections if a determined IP is sending too much traffic? I'm not speaking about iptables, ufw, selinux or apparmor (only iptables is enabled of those 4). I got a coworker telling me that ubuntu has such a "filter" by default, but he can't prove his facts16:12
EriC^^subho99: checking the dropbox16:12
subho99Eric^^: If you see the build instructions, there's something about GCC and LD, in step 3>16:13
* yangm97 just rebooted its home server because autofs got stuck again16:13
subho99Eric^^: I didn't get what that was16:13
Welastevilhi guys!16:15
Welastevilcould someone lease help me with this?16:15
Welastevilhow can I solve this: ncmatrix.c:1045:22: warning: unused variable 'start' [-Wunused-variable]16:16
Welastevil   int i = 0, j = 0, Yy16:16
naccWelastevil: you probalby want a programming channel. Also that's justa  warning, it can be ignored16:17
Welastevilok thanks!16:17
EriC^^subho99: i think it's using gcc, i couldn't get it to build though16:19
subho99Eric^^: So, the 2nd one also didn't build right?16:20
quantibilityso i made the switch from xubuntu to ubuntu i did compress my home fold from xubuntu... can i restore the homefolder to the new ubuntu?? or ? where am i at?16:20
EriC^^subho99: this is what i got http://termbin.com/27kl16:20
EriC^^subho99: yeah16:20
EriC^^subho99: try newer github versions out there that are reputable16:21
subho99Eric^^: Pretty similar to my error. I guess the driver is faulty16:21
EriC^^subho99: that driver is made for kernel 2.4 and 2.6, it's pretty old16:21
subho99Eric^^: What to do then?16:21
EriC^^subho99: the easiest thing to do would be to get a known to work wireless card16:22
EriC^^they're pretty cheap and there must be a list of ones with ap mode that work on ubuntu easily16:23
subho99Okay then, I will buy a new one16:24
subho99Thanks for helping me out buddy.16:24
nicomach1ssubho99: if you're going for a USB dongle, I highly recommend Panda brand. if you're looking for a NIC, then Intel is always safe.16:25
EriC^^subho99: this seems promising https://github.com/housq/mt7601u/16:25
EriC^^that only works in ap mode16:25
EriC^^i got it from this thread https://github.com/kuba-moo/mt7601u/issues/416:26
EriC^^nicomach1s: he wants one that supports AP mode, any ideas about that?16:26
subho99Eric^^: I build that one, successfully16:30
EriC^^subho99: nice16:30
kassabAnyone else having problems with ubuntu updates recently ?16:30
subho99Now, how to check if the driver's installed corectly16:30
yellabs-r2hello all16:31
subho99I mean if it is recognising?16:31
EriC^^subho99: try to first blacklist the one it's using right now i think, then modprobe the new one i think16:32
yellabs-r2i kinda miss the option , for usb live creator, to make a permanent space..16:32
subho99Eric^^: That error still occurs, the one when creating a new wifi connection16:32
nicomach1sEriC^^: ah... that's a bit different.16:32
subho99Eric^^: Please explain in detail?16:32
yellabs-r2i also noticed that the create startup disk makes a disk that is flagged "broken" when looking at the partition with gparted16:33
yellabs-r2does any one know whats going on ?16:33
nicomach1sEriC^^: I think that most of Panda's dongles do. mine does.16:33
EriC^^subho99: get the name of the driver it's using right now16:34
EriC^^i think it's rt6701 or so ( check lshw -C Network )16:34
EriC^^then type sudo modprobe -r rt6701 or whatever you get there16:34
EriC^^and check that it got removed subho9916:34
kassabUbuntu been acting up recently16:34
yellabs-r2okey , lets try if an update - upgrade helps16:35
yellabs-r2kassab , how ?16:35
kassabyellabs-r2: updates not going through heh :-) maybe  just me16:36
yellabs-r2did you do that on the commandline ?16:36
kassabyellabs-r2: yep16:36
yellabs-r2hmm, okey, thats odd, i am doing the same thing right now16:37
subho99Umm.... Eric^^: I think the driver currently installed is mt7610u only (that I just build)16:37
yellabs-r2do you use the main server ?16:37
subho99Eric^^: Here, http://termbin.com/lwi916:37
subho99Eric^^: So, should I modprobe that mt7610u ??16:38
EriC^^subho99: you ran sudo make install right?16:38
subho99Nope, only make16:38
yellabs-r2maybe its just slow ?16:39
yellabs-r2seems to take a long time on the adobe-flashplugin ( wich i did not know i had any how )16:39
=== screedoz is now known as screedo
subho99Okay, I just now did it i.e. "sudo make install"16:40
yellabs-r2thought that html5 video was the default for the web these day's ;)16:40
yellabs-r2okee, got to go, good luck you all16:40
EriC^^subho99: try to start fresh from a new unzipped master.zip16:40
EriC^^subho99: make only compiles the stuff, make install installs the files to the system, there's a build.sh file though16:41
EriC^^so try first ./build.sh16:41
for{}hi, guys!16:41
for{}do you know a dark theme for ubuntu that has black as main background color?16:42
EriC^^subho99: try "make" then "./load.sh" if the build.sh doesn't work16:42
subho99Eric^^: Okay build.sh done, but at the end there are fatal error's (some modules not found)16:43
sebbohHi all.  I'm using Ubuntu 16.04.  Nothing happens when I click "System Settings...".  What application is supposed to run?16:43
EriC^^subho99: try "make"16:43
subho99Okay make done. No errors16:44
=== thxer is now known as Guest64882
EriC^^subho99: try ./load.sh16:44
subho99Eric^^: ./load.sh produces errors, modules not found(same ones as in ./build.sh)16:45
xxxxi just install and purge smuxi, why i'm chating on it?16:45
EriC^^subho99: let's check the docs on github16:46
subho99Eric^^: Here's the build.sh http://termbin.com/4acj16:46
=== for{} is now known as bunicuEnCeruri
xxxxsudo apt-get install smuxi && sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove smuxi -y (not working)16:46
sebbohI think the reason my system settings... menu option doesn't work is because I uninstalled "ubuntuone", whatever that is.16:47
EriC^^subho99: miwifi_build.sh seems promising, it builds everything then complains that it can't create /etc/Wireless16:48
EriC^^maybe sudo ./miwifi_build.sh would work16:48
sebbohApparently the package ubuntu-system-settings (for unity desktop, not to be confused with the KDE4-related package named system-settings) got uninstalled when I uninstalled the online services stuff that came with ubuntu.16:48
EriC^^i can't find anything about the installation procedure on github or the docs in it O.o16:48
EriC^^it has the old readme for the old driver16:48
subho99Eric^^: Okay miwifi_build.sh successfully ran16:50
EriC^^subho99: with sudo?16:50
subho99What now?16:50
subho99Yes with sudo16:50
EriC^^subho99: check what it put in /etc/Wireless16:50
EriC^^any .ko files are drivers16:50
sebboh...actually bluez is a more direct example.  I removed the bluetooth package because I don't have any bluetooth hardware and it removed the System Settings app.16:51
sebbohIs anybody there?16:51
subho99Eric^^: Nah, no .ko files. Only a folder that has a .dat file16:51
EriC^^subho99: do you still have the terminal open from the build script output?16:53
subho99Eric^^: Yep16:53
EriC^^can you paste the last lines after it creates /etc/Wireless?16:53
EriC^^subho99: i think this is it16:54
EriC^^try find . -iname "*.ko" in the github dir16:55
subho99Eric^^: Umm....I don't see any line regarding /etc/wireless. It installs a bunch of drivers in /lib/modules/4.4.0-53-generic/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/16:55
EriC^^subho99: aha any .ko stuff?16:55
EriC^^i think that file is the one you want /src/os/linux/mt7601Uap.ko16:56
EriC^^the guy in the thread had mentioned the module just uses ap mode16:56
subho99Eric^^: It installs plenty .ko stuff in that directory16:56
EriC^^subho99: try ls -lR /lib/modules/4.4.0-53-generic/kernel/drivers/net/wireless | nc termbin.com 999916:56
subho99Eric^^: http://termbin.com/9j0o16:57
firc1f655e60.join #smuxi16:59
desktopi have a remote desktop on ubuntu 14.04 on server e3 with 16go ram but when i'm on internet i lag sooo much16:59
desktopit's normal,16:59
EriC^^subho99: ok16:59
EriC^^type sudo modprobe -r mt7601u16:59
subho99Okay done17:00
EriC^^subho99: try sudo modprobe mt7601Uap17:00
subho99Done. (No outputs)17:01
EriC^^subho99: ok does it show in sudo lshw -C Network ?17:01
EriC^^try creating the ap and stuff17:01
subho99Eric^^: Hell, the wifi device is now not even recognized17:02
sebbohapt-get doesn't seem to be processing /etc/apt/preferences.d/* ...17:02
=== Mahesh is now known as mvangala
EriC^^subho99: try to unplug and plug it17:03
desktopi try lshw -C17:03
EriC^^subho99: it should reload the mt7601u i guess17:03
desktopand i have 1gb/s17:03
EriC^^then try sudo modprobe mt7601Uap17:03
desktop'mt7601u' is for remove wifi driver no?17:04
EriC^^it's the driver that ships with the kernel, it doesn't support ap mode though17:04
subho99Eric^^: Done. But still can't create wifi17:04
subho99hotspot I mean17:05
EriC^^subho99: what does lshw -C Network show?17:05
subho99Eric^^: http://termbin.com/yg8417:05
desktophow can i paste what the terminal show,17:05
EriC^^subho99: nope it's not loaded17:05
EriC^^does lsmod | grep mt7601Uap give anything?17:06
EriC^^desktop: command | nc termbin.com 999917:06
EriC^^!pastebinit | desktop or this17:06
ubottudesktop or this: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com17:06
wonderworldhey, i am looking for a console-tool to print out the ascii value of a character... eg . tool "a" -> 9717:07
EriC^^subho99: appears to be loaded17:07
EriC^^does iwconfig say that access point is supported?17:07
subho99Eric^^: Access Point: Not Associated17:08
EriC^^subho99: maybe you have to remove the mt7601u driver so they dont conflict or something?17:08
EriC^^subho99: try to add mt7601u to the blacklist17:08
subho99Eric^^: How??17:09
EriC^^echo "blacklist mt7601u" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf17:09
Random832wonderworld, "unicode" does it (well, among other things prints UTF-8: 61 UTF-16BE: 0061 Decimal: &#97; Octal: \0141)17:09
desktopi already have problem on internet i don't run the remote desktop from my own pc i run the desktop from server on my webhost , i have a dedicated server17:10
EriC^^subho99: try sudo modprobe -r mt7601u while the other one is loaded right now17:10
subho99Eric^^: Done, but still AP not associated17:10
=== bunicuEnCeruri is now known as EaglesAreComing
EriC^^try above17:10
EaglesAreComingdo you know a dark theme for ubuntu that has black as main background color? thanks in advance17:10
EriC^^any luck with the ap?17:11
wonderworldRandom832: thanks17:11
subho99Now, it doesn't detect it anymore17:11
subho99Again unplug and plug?17:11
EriC^^subho99: yes, first open a terminal and type udevadm monitor17:11
EriC^^and unplug and plug and see what stuff it's loading17:11
EriC^^subho99: try sudo modprobe rtnet7601Uap too17:13
EriC^^maybe it needs that module as well17:14
subho99Eric^^: Sorry there buddy17:17
EriC^^subho99: np17:17
=== Menzador is now known as SonikkuAmerica
subho99Eric^^: But my system froze and then crashed17:18
EriC^^did you get the msgs about udevadm ?17:18
subho99Yeah, removed and added msgs came17:18
subho99But then system crashed17:18
subho99AND I can't even boot into it17:18
subho99I am now doing from Windows17:19
EriC^^subho99: damn17:20
EriC^^subho99: what happened when you tried booting?17:20
subho99Eric^^: The booting stops at loading screen (ubuntu mate splash screen). And my Keyboard lights start flashing17:20
subho99It just stays there17:20
=== Dorami-Doraemon is now known as Guest86226
EriC^^ subho99 try in grub pressing "e" then go to the line that says "linux /boot/vmlinuz .... quiet splash" and remove quiet splash and press ctrl+x17:21
EriC^^subho99: keyboard flashing is probably a kernel panic, if nothing interesting shows maybe booting into an older kernel from the advanced menu might help17:22
subho99Eric^^: Okay, am going to try now.17:22
=== Guest86226 is now known as postrecito
himanshuHi, I am getting this error message while gsetting set key value. GLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend. Your settings will not be saved or shared with other applications. Please help me out.17:23
subho99Eric^^: Thanks buddy, it worked.17:26
EriC^^older kernel?17:26
subho99No, just removing the quiet splash17:26
subho99So, what now17:26
EriC^^try lshw -C network17:27
EriC^^it shouldn't have loaded the mt7601u since it's blacklisted17:27
EriC^^subho99: i think these files need to be loaded rtnet7601Uap.ko17:28
EriC^^and the mt7601Uap (which loads the rtutil... module as a dependency)17:28
EriC^^subho99: i think these files need to be loaded rtnet7601Uap.ko and the mt7601Uap (which loads the rtutil... module as a dependency)17:29
subho99Eric^^: Shit man, as soon as I plug in the USB adapter, my system crashes17:29
subho99It just now did17:29
EriC^^subho99: aha17:29
subho99Until and unless I remove the thing UBUNTU won't boot17:30
EriC^^try sudo sed -i 's/blacklist mt7601u/#blacklist mt7601u/' /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf17:30
subho99Done Eric^^17:31
EriC^^that'll comment out the blacklist, maybe cause it's blacklisted something else is loading and its crashing17:31
brunch875If I connect my phone with rndis enabled, ubuntu is going to use that as internet gateway instead of eth0. How do I avoid this?17:31
subho99Now, I will insert it?17:31
EriC^^subho99: yeah give it a shot17:31
subho99Okay, it looks fine17:31
brunch875I do, however want to have an IP interface over USB to the phone though17:31
EriC^^subho99: try sudo modprobe rtnet7601Uap17:32
=== subho_ is now known as subho99
subho99Eric^^: Crashed again.17:34
subho99After 10 secs now, not immediately17:34
EriC^^subho99: without any modprobe command?17:35
subho99Eric^^: After I removed it from blacklist17:35
EriC^^subho99: oh17:36
subho99Eric^^: I inserted it, PC worked fine for 5-10 secs, then crashed17:36
EriC^^subho99: check /var/log/kern.log to see if it shows the crash17:36
EriC^^grep -i error /var/log/kern.log17:36
subho99Eric^^ http://termbin.com/pu0m17:37
subho99Eric^^: You know what, I don't think this is worth it.17:40
=== IotaSpencer is now known as kspencer
subho99Eric^^: Your help is greatly appreciated man, but I would rather but a new one17:41
EriC^^subho99: ok man17:42
subho99Eric^^: Thanks for trying constantly, but it's alright I am going to buy a new one17:42
EriC^^subho99: you're welcome17:42
subho99Maybe the costliest one or perhaps the most popular one17:42
nicomach1subuu: you want #ubuntu-fr17:42
subho99Thanks once again. Gotta go.17:44
EriC^^subho99: np, this might be helpful check it out when you have time https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/MasterMode#Purchasing_a_WiFi_adapte17:44
=== Smn is now known as Guest10179
EriC^^typo, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/MasterMode#Purchasing_a_WiFi_adapter17:44
bingbongHi. I can set my mouse options with xset. I put the command in .xinitrc, so it *should* be executed on x start, but it is not.17:45
bingbongWhere else can I put this command?17:45
EriC^^bingbong: in the startup apps17:46
subho99Eric^^: Yeah, NDISWrapper, can it help?17:46
bingbongEriC^^, using i3wm, there are not startup apps17:46
EriC^^subho99: i've no idea, maybe17:46
EriC^^never used that before17:46
subho99Eric^^: It's for using Windows drivers on Linux I think17:47
EriC^^bingbong: create a .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart17:47
EriC^^subho99: yeah, i know, it's so rarely used, i think it's oldschool or something17:47
subho99I do have working WIndows drivers, gonna check it out later.17:48
EriC^^yeah it might be worth a shot17:48
subho99Hey, you know why my system's crashing?17:48
bingbongEriC^^, which part of my system makes use of the .desktop file? the xserver?17:48
bingbongso echo "xset mouse 3 0" >> ~/.config/autostart/.desktop ?17:49
EaglesAreComingdo you know a dark theme for ubuntu that has black as main background color? thanks in advance17:49
EriC^^bingbong: no i'll give you a sample one hold on17:49
subho99Cause sometimes, I keep my Adapter plugged in when running Windows, I would hate for it to crash Ubuntu when I restart17:49
EriC^^subho99: i've no idea :/17:49
EriC^^bingbong: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23629916/17:50
subho99Eric^^: I would like to remove all the drivers of it, so that it won't detect and Ubuntu won't crash17:50
EriC^^bingbong: put whatever command you want to run next to Exec=17:50
EriC^^subho99: go to the github dir and try sudo make uninstall17:50
geniiwonderworld: You can save this shell script to something like getasc.sh, make it executable. Then use it like: getasc.sh A to find the ASCII value of A (65 in this case). http://paste.ubuntu.com/23629912/17:51
subho99Okay Eric^^, nothing else right?17:51
EriC^^subho99: yeah that should do it17:51
subho99Trying it out17:52
EriC^^subho99: try modinfo mt7601Uap it should say it's gone if it removed it17:52
subho99Okay, successfully removed17:53
subho99Not crashed yet, Thanks once again17:53
EriC^^cool, no problem17:54
subho99Gotta go. Almost midnight17:54
Guest10179guys, how can I edit my "open with" menu, it has a lot of duplicate entries17:55
MonkeyDustGuest10179  is this useful https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=125788317:58
EriC^^bingbong: save the file as ~/.config/autostart/something.desktop17:59
=== nat is now known as Natkeeran
Guest10179MonkeyDust,  i think it might be, gonna try it18:00
wonderworldgenii: tnx18:02
Guest10179also, even after I uninstalled playonlinux (yesterday, so ubuntu should have had enough time to reload that information) playonlinux still apears on the unity search(though of course it desn't launch anything)18:02
Guest10179I used locate .desktop | grep playonlinux but nothing appeared, so i don't know why playonlinux is still listed18:03
MonkeyDustGuest10179  simply type    locate playonlinux18:04
Guest10179it just shows cfg files that are located inside the virtual drives18:05
Guest10179a couple of svgs, one txt, and the rest are .cfg and .log18:05
Guest10179oh an a couple of pngs18:05
nicomach1sGuest10179: how did you uninstall playonlinux?18:06
Guest10179sudo apt remove playonlinux18:07
nicomach1stry sudo apt purge --remove playonlinux18:07
mikeymopi didn't think purge worked with apt18:07
nicomach1sit does18:07
Guest10179playonlinux is not installed, nothing to uninstall18:07
prasketyes it does18:08
mikeymopls ~/.playonlinux?18:08
EaglesAreComingdo you know a dark theme for ubuntu that has black as main background color? thanks in advance18:08
mikeymops/ls/ls -a18:08
mikeymoparc has arc darker, thats the popular one18:08
Guest10179yeah, im using arc as well18:08
nicomach1sEaglesAreComing: I like the Paper-GTK theme. It's not black, but it's dark.18:08
bingbongEriC^^, what part of my system executes this config?18:08
bingbongEriC^^, is it from the xserver?18:09
bingbongBecause I'm not running gnome18:09
EaglesAreComingmikeymop, i need black, not dark colors18:09
Guest10179says it doesn't exist18:09
nicomach1sEaglesAreComing: you can always manually modify the colors.18:09
mikeymopEaglesAreComing: then mod the css of a theme for #000 instead of w/e color they used18:09
nicomach1sit's not easy, but it can be done.18:09
Guest10179yeah, i checked manually and it has a mayus18:09
i_and_inot so free .. cannot enter python channel .. cannot send to python-unregistered redirect channel18:10
EaglesAreComingnicomach1s, mikeymop, im afraid ill ruin the theme - there are many colors to change18:11
mikeymopi_and_i: join again and nickserv identify again18:11
mikeymopthen join a third time18:11
nicomach1s!register | i_and_i18:11
ubottui_and_i: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.18:11
mikeymopit happens to me18:11
i_and_imikey it's because i'm unregistered18:11
nicomach1sEaglesAreComing: copy it first, play around, try it out, and if all else fails go back to the original.18:11
i_and_ity tho18:11
mikeymopEaglesAreComing: you can always redownload it, or check gnome-look.org for something that fits the bill18:11
mikeymopEaglesAreComing: nicomach1s ""18:12
Guest10179using only lay i found a bunch of wine.desktop files on POL's folder18:12
Guest10179might this be the thing causing some of the duplicates?18:12
nicomach1sEaglesAreComing: here's paper: http://i.imgur.com/39OIjXE.jpg18:12
mikeymopidk your issue Guest10179, but those .desktop files are launcher shortcuts18:12
nicomach1scolors can be modified pretty easily.18:12
Guest10179i know, but the open with entries have to stored somewhere18:13
mikeymopwow rtv looks siiiiick18:13
mikeymopGuest10179: less *.desktop18:13
Guest10179and i still don't know why unity is still showing playonlinux....18:13
mikeymopyou'll see where they point, they're just xml18:13
mikeymopGuest10179: did you restart unity18:13
Guest10179I rebooted18:14
Guest10179less is only showing an isaac .desktop i made long ago18:14
EaglesAreComingnicomach1s, i get 'E: Unable to locate package paper-gtk-theme'18:19
EaglesAreComingi use ppas18:20
MWMkdeinit5 keep "unexpectedly closing" WHen I have the terminal open I can restart it with "plasmashell &" but its starting to happen more often18:20
MWMwhats my troubleshooting procedure for this?18:20
MWMId give the exact error, but I didnt get a chance to write it down the last time18:21
nicomach1sEaglesAreComing: it may be a PPA18:21
nicomach1sEaglesAreComing: did you add the PPA?18:22
nicomach1sand then apt update?18:22
mikeymopwoudln't the desktop files be created by a wine user18:23
mikeymopand not his user18:23
EaglesAreComingyes, i have icon and cursor themes, but not gtk theme18:23
mikeymopso he'd need to sudo rm them18:23
mikeymopoh theme issue no .desktops18:23
MWM"We are sorry, kdeinit5 closed unexpectedly. You cannot report this error, because kdeinit5 does not provide a bug reporting address"18:25
MWMgot it this time :)18:25
SonikkuAmericamikeymop: If it's ~/.wine/, it's owned by the user whose ~ it's in18:25
Guest10179i wish unity dash showed more information about the launchers18:26
Guest10179liek the file's ubication and command18:26
nicomach1sEaglesAreComing: no need for icon and cursor, but ok.18:26
SonikkuAmericaGuest10179: Right click on the application.18:28
mikeymopDagmar, you here?18:29
Guest10179SonikkuAmerica,  it displays nothing18:30
SonikkuAmericamikeymop: did you see what I said?18:30
SonikkuAmericathat's odd18:30
Guest10179no image avilable, 0 reviews, launch18:31
SonikkuAmericaGuest10179: Which app is it?18:31
SonikkuAmericaGuest10179: If it's an app in the repos, we can do !info on it here18:33
Guest10179the problem is that it still shows up on the launcher after being uninstalled18:34
SonikkuAmericaGuest10179: Oh! Log out and back in again, and you should be all set.18:34
Guest10179still appearing after reboot18:35
SonikkuAmericaGuest10179: It still appears after a reboot of the machine?18:35
SonikkuAmericaGuest10179: Did you install it from the official repos, or from a PPA?18:35
Guest10179actually, I don't remember, let me check18:36
SonikkuAmericaGuest10179: OK. But what app (program) is it?18:36
Guest10179i think i downloaded it from their website18:37
MWMIm think the erro is tied to my boot drive being full.  Although I dont think the drive should be full?18:39
MWMThe bulk of storage seems to be taken up by my multimedia directory, but all the media is stored on another disk and mounted to a director in ~/18:41
MWMso the question is: if I have 1TB mounted to my multimedia directory on ~/ then why is my disk full?  I should still have plenty of space left on my OS drive because everything is on the other drive right?18:46
wonderworldMWM: sudo su; apt-get install ncdu; ncdu -x /;18:47
wonderworldthis will show you where your space has been consumed18:47
EaglesAreComingdo you know a lightweight browser who can apply a dark theme to all web pages (with or without an extension)?18:47
tgm4883we're telling people to sudo su now?18:48
wonderworldnot we.18:48
EaglesAreComingi do 'sudo gksudo' though18:48
MonkeyDustMWM  what's the outcome of lsblk -f && df -h    ... use a pastebin http://paste.ubuntu.com/18:48
wonderworldMWM: sorry misread your question. if it's your boot partition do ncdu -x /boot18:49
OerHeksEaglesAreComing, browsers do not apply themes to webpages, just the border and items on the browser.18:49
CoderEuropeHow do I look at error reports from aport online, after they're reported ?18:49
EaglesAreComingOerHeks, im not a native english speaker18:50
wonderworldMWM: /boot slowly fills up with old kernels18:50
tgm4883CoderEurope: I don't believe you can18:50
MWMthanks guys.... need a minute to run the commands18:50
EaglesAreComingOerHeks, do you know what i want?18:50
MWMcant past though because I cant paste pack and forth with NoMachine18:51
MonkeyDustMWM  select it, then copy/paste in the pastebin18:51
OerHeksEaglesAreComing, you asked for 'browser who can apply a dark theme to all web pages'18:51
pseudonymousHey - does anyone know which will be the last Unity 7 LTS release and is there any sense of how Unity 8 wants to deal with its legacy ? I'm asking because I've grown to like later releases of Unity and I'm sort of afraid of a new Gnome 2 => Gnome 3 transition18:52
EaglesAreComingOerHeks, is there a lightweight alternative to chrome+chrome extension darkreader?18:52
SonikkuAmericapseudonymous: Have you been able to play around with Unity 8 yet?18:53
SonikkuAmericapseudonymous: There's a preview in 16.1018:53
MWMgotta restart. sorry for making everyone wait.  wonderworld: I cant install ncdu because the disk is 100% full18:54
OerHeksEaglesAreComing, chrome is pretty lightweight, about that darkreader i don't know18:54
ira_try Vivaldi18:55
pseudonymousSonikkuAmerica: I tried booting it but no. Saw a few videos online, however.  It's just, I've just started out with Ubuntu again but there's a fear of committing to this, working out its kinks if I'm going to have the rug pulled out from under me in a year or so18:55
=== wlp1s1 is now known as otherbot
EaglesAreComingira_, only vivaldi can have the web pages dark themed?18:55
dnssoulcan anyone help me install ubuntu 16.04.01 with grub2 successful.  please use google translate from french to english.  international #ubuntu does not assist in this.  boot-repair ppa doesn't work.18:55
SonikkuAmericapseudonymous: Well, ask yourself, do you need Unity?18:56
MonkeyDustdnssoul  this is "international #ubuntu"18:56
EaglesAreComingira_, i mean from what you know18:57
pseudonymousSonikkuAmerica: kinda...? I'm not a fan of Gnome 3, but maybe it can be made to work. KDE is OK but also not great.18:58
SonikkuAmericapseudonymous: We also offer pre-built images with XFCE and LXDE, and there are other desktops you can install as well, whether through the official repos or through PPAs (although see !ppa for a cautionary  note)18:59
SonikkuAmericapseudonymous: And MATE, too. I forgot MATE.18:59
EaglesAreComingbudgie became official ubuntu flavor18:59
MWMnow Im down to putty because kdeinit5 crashed again.  What am I looking for in lsblk -f && df -h ?18:59
SonikkuAmericaEaglesAreComing: ??18:59
EaglesAreComing'ubuntu budgie'19:00
MWMboot drive is @ "100%" usage19:00
MonkeyDustMWM  ok, ls -l /boot, what does it show19:01
EriC^^dnssoul: voir #ubuntu-discuss19:01
SonikkuAmericaEaglesAreComing: It's not official as of yet though.19:01
EaglesAreComingSonikkuAmerica, i read about it on their website, in the news19:01
prasketHello, I am having issues with my wifi dropping. Semi new to Linux, new to hardware troubleshooting for sure. Where should I start digging in? I am running Ubuntu 16.10 and just got updates. Wifi will just keep dropping connection and re-connecting or act like its connected when its not19:01
SonikkuAmericaEaglesAreComing: "17.04 will be our first official release under the new name."19:01
EaglesAreComingSonikkuAmerica, oh, ok19:02
EaglesAreComing'budgie' drew my attention :)19:02
Richard_CavellSonikkuAmerica: What exactly are you saying?  Is "ubuntu" going to change its name?19:02
SonikkuAmericaEaglesAreComing: Until then, see their avenues of support for that remix please.19:03
CoderEuropetgm4883:  I was looking at this, but don't know the Web-address that Leo is showing ? https://youtu.be/oGsA55RvqLI?t=37m12s19:03
Guest10179prasket,  there's a system log that should tell you about everything that happens19:03
Guest10179including your wifi19:03
SonikkuAmericaRichard_Cavell: What? Where did I say that?19:03
MWMMonkeyDust:  whole lot of *-generic dating back a few months and a .elf  and a couple of .bin19:03
Guest10179just search for system log on unitydash19:03
Richard_CavellSonikkuAmerica: Okay, my mistake19:03
EaglesAreComingRichard_Cavell, it will be a new flavor19:04
prasketGuest10179, just the /var/log/syslog right?19:04
Richard_CavellEaglesAreComing: Okay.  I used to use Ubuntu in the Jaunty 9.04 days, when there were two flavours: 32 bit and 64 bit19:04
EaglesAreComing64 bit for life19:04
akikCoderEurope: https://errors.ubuntu.com/ ?19:05
MWMbudgie is getting officially adopted?  cool! :)19:05
EaglesAreComingits all over the news :)19:05
wonderworldMWM: how many partitions do you have?19:05
CoderEuropeakiik, yes that works - great -oh19:05
akikCoderEurope: it's in the address bar in the video :)19:05
pseudonymousBut isn't budgie just yet-another-desktop-environment with not too much support behind it ? Ikey discontinued Solus OS once, what happens to SolusOS (and by extension) Budgie should he decide so again ?19:06
sruliwould anyone know when ubuntu will be updating NetworkManager to v 1.4+ ?19:06
amiller_Apport is telling me that there was an internal error with gnome-software, and that it's not reportable because I have obsolete package versions installed. Does that make any sense?19:06
MWM4 on the OS disk.  3 other disks with 2/3 partitions currently mounted to various locations19:06
EaglesAreComingpseudonymous, laws of evolution19:07
MonkeyDustsruli  if you know the exact package name, you can try launchpad19:07
wonderworldMWM: check with "df -h" which partitions are out of space19:07
MWMI set up the OS and then partitioned the storage drives.  Set 1TB + partitions to mount automatically (with /etc/fstab) to ~/Videos and ~/Music19:07
pseudonymousI don't know, maybe I'm just tired of all this crap. My first install was Red Hat Linux 7.2 and it seems like things haven't ever stopped being in flux.. I just wish things were a bit more stable in Linux-land...19:08
sruliMonkeyDust: its available in launchpad, been using it for a while very stable, and much better than v 1.2.2 just wondering when ubuntu will start using 1.4+ it has much more functionally19:09
EaglesAreComingpseudonymous, i think there are people who switch between distros because boredom19:09
MonkeyDustpseudonymous  what are you struggling with?19:09
pseudonymousMonkeyDust: I started by asking what the plans for Unity 8 wrt. Unity 7 was because I quite like what it finally matured into and I'm getting a distinctively Linux'ish feel of "98% done, let's scrap this thing and start over" is in the air.  (in other words: I'm afraid of committing to the unity 7 desktop and ubuntu if Unity 8 will be a Gnome3-style release)19:12
yocs0000is there a way to open sketchup files on ubuntu?19:12
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akikpseudonymous: i'm sure nothing bad will happen with unity 719:14
wonderworldunity was the main reason for me to leave ubuntu after years19:14
CoderEuropetry ubuntu Mate (?)19:14
akikpseudonymous: (i don't know anything about it, just guessing)19:14
pseudonymouswonderworld: I fully understand, I didn't like its introduction either. But it has matured into a nice (if opinionated) desktop. Kind of like how Gnome 3 is finally somewhat usable.19:15
smeertso how annoying is it to make a RAID after the install?19:15
MWMI dont know why but I cant stand Unity.  I think its the color scheme.  many other *buntu are plenty usable.  I assume Ubuntu/Unity are just fine also but I use other flavors19:15
pseudonymousIt just seems as if every time things are about to come together, it *has* to be "innovated" on -_-19:15
EaglesAreComingpseudonymous, +119:15
wonderworldpseudonymous: haven't had a look for a while. will try it out in a VM. (always interested in seeing whats new :)19:15
CoderEuropeI think they'll stick with Unity 8 for 10 years or so ... :)19:16
MWMso if creating a partition on another drive and mounting it to ~/Videos will still fill up my OS drive... what *is* the proper way?19:16
wonderworldwhen it came it i disliked the radical remove of features i was used to with gnome219:16
wonderworldcame *out* even19:17
akikMWM: if you mount your partition into ~/Videos, then only that partition will be filled when writing to ~/Videos19:17
tgm4883pseudonymous: from a user perspective, unity 8 should be really similiar to unity 7. (when it's done anyway)19:18
akikMWM: use "du -sk /* | sort -n" to dig in where your disk is being eaten19:18
MWMakik: so if I mount a 1TB partition to ~/Videos then I have 1TB of space to use correct?  but my 120GB OS drive is full...19:19
tgm4883MWM: then either you haven't mounted it correctly, or you've got somewhere else eating up your storage19:19
akikMWM: then your 1TB partition is being written to when you write to ~/Videos. it doesn't magically become a part of your system drive19:19
MWMlsblk shows that the partition is mounts to ~/Videos (as it is supposed to be in the fstab)19:19
=== EaglesAreComing is now known as AsymmetricalFace
tgm4883MWM: do this, unmount your ~/Videos then do 'du / | sort -n -r | head'19:20
MWMakik:  I *want* the 1TB partition to be written to. that was the idea, but apparently I havenot implimented it correctly.19:21
yocs0000is there a way to open sketchup files on ubuntu?19:21
MWMI want a small OS drive (SSD) and storage on slower and larger drives19:21
tgm4883MWM: do this, unmount your ~/Videos then do 'du / | sort -n -r | head'19:21
MWMI unmounted the directory and confirmed that the 1TB partition was unmounted with lsblk19:24
tgm4883MWM: ok, and what about the rest of the command?19:24
bekksI'd use "mount" for confirmation instead.19:24
MWMdu starts @ / and runs all the way to ~/Videos and every dubdirectory19:25
MWM* du / | sort -n -r | head I mean19:25
wonderworld MWM: check which partition is actually full with "df -h"19:25
tgm4883MWM: can you pastebin the output of that command?19:25
akikif you use du -sk /* you'll see the sizes per directory19:25
MWMhmmm.... I dont think that anything was getting written to my 1TB partition19:26
CardoeHoping someone can help me unhose my machine. I used do-release-upgrade to go to yakkety on my laptop. It complained that there were differences in /etc/sysctl.conf and asked me the usual Y/N/D/Z question to resolve it. I hit D and it showed me the diff and then it said "command exited with result 2" and I hit enter and I got a message that "[screen is terminating]" so now I'm back at the prompt and unable to resume do-release-upgrade because19:26
Cardoe dpkg is still running.19:26
akikMWM: ..you just unmounted it19:26
MWMafter I unmounted the partition everything is still there19:26
tgm4883well there you go19:27
MWMthe partition does *not* show as mounted with lsblk19:27
tgm4883why you keep using lsblk, IDK19:27
MWMbut when i cd to ~/Videos all the directories still exist19:27
akikMWM: ah ok you have to remove the files from the mount point. they are eating space from your system drive19:27
wonderworldMWM: you didn't really mount your 1TB drive then.19:27
akikMWM: just be careful that the files are on your 1TB partition19:27
tgm4883Or you wrote a bunch of stuff there, then moutned your 1TB drive there then wrote more stuff there19:28
MWMso Ive botched the process here gents.  I wrote the mounting into /etc/fstab and lsblk shows that it is mounted .... can you give me a clue where I went wrong?19:28
tgm4883MWM: not without more information19:29
tgm4883MWM: for starters, have you removed the stuff in your ~/Videos directory now?19:29
akikMWM: the files that exist in ~/Videos before you mount the 1TB on top of it eat your system disk space19:29
MWMThe goal was to have the OS on the SSD and storage on the spinners.  to reach this goal, I created a partition on the spinner and wrote the /etc/fstab to mount it to ~/Videos....19:29
tgm4883MWM: have you removed the stuff in your ~/Videos directory now?19:29
MWMakik:  it was a fresh install.  nothing was in ~/Videos beforehand19:30
akik21:26 < MWM> after I unmounted the partition everything is still there19:30
MWMtgm4883: not yet.  I dont want to lose it if I dont have to19:30
tgm4883MWM: ok then do this. Move your ~/Videos directory to ~/Videos2. Then create a new empty ~/Videos and mount your drive there19:31
tgm4883MWM: then look inside your ~/Videos directory and see if there is stuff in there19:31
wonderworldMWM: try to free up some space with "apt-get clean" and see if you can install ncdu afterwards. that will simplify debugguing. it will show you the used space on your drives in a visual and interactive way.19:32
tgm4883wonderworld: there's no reason for that. We know where all of his usage is19:32
MWMmoved the directory to Videos2 and created a new Videos directory (~/Videos) and it is empty19:33
dnssoul    /join #debian19:34
wonderworldtgm4883: do we?19:34
akikMWM: you just created an empty directory ~/Videos. now mount the 1TB partition in it19:34
MWMchecking on getting ndcu to install19:35
tgm4883MWM: did you mount the 1TB partition to your ~/Videos ?19:36
MWMI got ndcu for now.  I am not sure what options to mount with so I was looking it up19:36
tgm4883wonderworld: well being that he said everything was in ~/Videos while it was unmounted... yes?19:36
MWM-o rw? maybe?19:37
tgm4883MWM: I thought you had it in fstab?19:37
MWMI do have it in fstab... but that only loads on reboot right?19:37
wonderworldMWM: it's ncdu not ndcu19:37
tgm4883MWM: do 'sudo mount -a'19:37
MWMor mount -a?19:37
MWMIt was a type "ncdu" is installed19:38
wonderworldok. do "ncdu -x /"19:38
wonderworldverify if the space has really been taken bei your videos mountpoint19:39
tgm4883wonderworld: if we aren't going to trust users then you should at least use a tool that lets you verify...19:39
wonderworldif so mount your 1TB disk to a temp mountpoint and move the videos to the disk19:39
wonderworldafter that lets check your fstab together to fix it19:40
MWMncdu -x shows ~/Videos to have 0.0 B19:40
wonderworldok. now check where all the space has been eaten up19:41
wonderworldyou can navigate it with the cursor keys and enter19:41
sebhossdoes anyone know if https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ubuntu/firefox-aurora is still alive?19:42
elichai2I want to install KDE Plasma 5.8 on my ubuntu19:42
MWMI would apprecitate the help with fstab but unless you can think of a way to copy/past from putty its gonna be tough19:42
elichai2I tried installing via kubuntu-backport ppa but it installed KDE 5.2.X19:43
tgm4883MWM: 'cat /etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 9999'19:43
MonkeyDustelichai2  i guess you need a ppa, and that's not supported here19:43
OerHekselichai2, you might want to reask in #kubuntu19:43
tgm4883MWM: that will put your fstab in a pastebin for us to see19:43
elichai2MonkeyDust, what's the latest KDE version supported by Ubuntu?19:43
elichai2ok, i'll go into Kubuntu19:43
akikMWM: when you select text in putty, it'll go direct into the clipboard19:44
MWMI can navigate to subfolders from "ncdu -x" but there isnt anything in them19:44
MonkeyDustsebhoss  looks fairly new (2016), so i guess it's still alive19:44
MonkeyDustelichai2  not sure i don't like/use kde19:44
elichai2MonkeyDust, I just want some change from Unity19:45
MWMakik: sweet! :)19:45
elichai2Got tired of it. and the search/launchpad on Unity is slow19:45
elichai2and laggy19:45
sebhossMonkeyDust: it did not get any new builds recently, e.g. like firefox 52 which is already up at https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/developer/19:45
wonderworldMWM: you see the used space for every directory at the beginning of the line19:46
MonkeyDustelichai2  http://imgur.com/a/9iaLJ#cMfLqdM19:46
MWMFrom a security standpoint should I redact my username from the pastes?19:46
elichai2MonkeyDust, ?19:46
tgm4883MWM: that's up to you19:46
MWMcome to think of it a custom user just for this sort of thing might be a good idea19:46
MonkeyDustelichai2  unity is only default, you can choose several other DE's19:47
akikMWM: if you moved the directory ~/Videos into ~/Videos2 you should find the files there19:47
elichai2MonkeyDust, that's why I want to try KDE(Plasma) but it's only a very old version19:48
MonkeyDustelichai2  like suggested earlier, try #kubuntu19:49
akikelichai2: there's a distribution called kde neon which might have a newer version19:50
tgm4883MWM: what's the output of  'df -h19:50
tgm4883MWM: the fstab looks ok to me19:50
elichai2on other note. good guide to upgrading xenial to Yakkety? (saving ppa's and checking departacted packages)19:51
nicomach1s!upgrade | elichai219:51
ubottuelichai2: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade19:51
MWMtgm4883: yeah ive flubbed an fstab or two so I tried to get it right.  I thought I had it but Im getting this issue...19:52
akikMWM: you have 56 gigs in /home19:52
tgm4883MWM: OK, so you've got stuff in your videos folder, but you've got 2 full partitions. So lets work on those19:53
tgm4883MWM: you said you see stuff in ~/Videos2 ?19:53
squintyelichai2, might also want to take a look at http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2016/10/upgrade-ubuntu-16-10-from-ubuntu-16-04/19:54
MWMyep ~/Videos2 has a bunch of stuff that should be in the subdirectories19:55
tgm4883MWM: ok, can you move those to the right directories under ~/Videos then?19:55
MWMakik: yeah but all 56Gb shouldnt be full with the way I have the fstab set up.... is what I think.  Obviously not right19:56
MWMyeah I will get them moved.19:56
tgm4883MWM: the stuff in ~/Videos2 is in ~/Videos2/Source and ~/Videos2/Processed right?19:56
MWMincorrect.  the stuff in ~/Videos2 is in the root of the directory19:57
tgm4883MWM: ok, is it supposed to be under one of those directories though?19:57
MWMyes it is supposed to be under one of those directories.  I think I feel a facepalm coming on......19:58
tgm4883MWM: the way you have the parition mounted is that ~/Videos is on your /home partition, but ~/Videos/Source and ~/Videos/Processed are on other partitions19:58
MWMcurrently moving from ~/Videos2 to ~/Videos/Source19:58
MWMand there is the facepalm!19:59
tgm4883MWM: once that is done your home directory should have some free space, however your root partition is still full19:59
tgm4883so we'll work on that next19:59
akiklooks like MWM's / and /home are the same partition /dev/sda20:00
akiklooks like MWM's / and /home are the same partition /dev/sda620:00
Epx998Is there a doc that lists the ubuntu 'service status' exit codes?20:00
Gegsitehmm my webbrowser is dieing20:01
* Gegsite means webbrowser-app 20:01
MWMtgm4883 and akik:  now Im lost.  I was stretching my skill to get the fstab correct20:01
tgm4883akik: that's true, and wonky20:01
MWMwhy wouldnt / and /home be on the same device?20:02
sruliEpx998: each service/application has different exit codes, useully found in man page20:02
akikoh they're btrfs subvolumes20:02
akikthat's normal20:02
tgm4883akik: ah20:02
srulihow can i apt-get update excluding a specidic ppa?20:04
MWMstill moving.  wish there was a progress bar or something20:05
Gegsitealso tried as root, no terminal errors, only ForceClose20:05
squintysruli,  untoggle it in Software and Updates20:05
tgm4883sruli: I'm not aware of a way to do it just in apt, but it sounds like you might want to use pinning/priorities20:06
srulisquinty: remove the ppa before update, sounds like a workaround, thanks20:06
MonkeyDustMWM  moving directories? with rsync you can use the flag --progress20:06
tgm4883sruli: what are you trying to exclude20:06
MWMthanks MonkeyDust.  Ive read about rsync but have always just stuck with mv because it is comfortable20:07
srulitgm4883: a certain ppa i added, has non important updates want to skip it for now20:07
MWMIll give it a read through though20:07
sruliproblem is if i remove the ppa, ubuntu will revert to original package, thts not good20:08
srulitgm4883: ^20:08
tgm4883sruli: no it wont20:08
srulitgm4883: i'll give it a try20:08
tgm4883well, if you use ppa-purge it will, but that's not what you should do20:08
tgm4883sruli: just disable it, or copy the packages you want to your own PPA as god intended and don't worry about it ;P20:09
nedbati have a command (ansible-playbook) that formats its output differently depending on whether stdout is a terminal or not. I want to pipe its output, but have it think stdout is a terminal. My googling isn't finding anything, but I think there's a way to do this. Am I wrong?20:10
MWMcan you just comment it out in /etc/apt/sources.list?20:10
srulicommented it, trying update now20:10
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tgm4883MWM: yea you can20:10
=== [david] is now known as [davidb]
srulithat works fine20:11
MWMsmart guy hat for me then :) although I had to double check the path with google20:11
tgm4883MWM: although practically nobody does this, I feel like the proper way to use PPA's is to only add your own PPA to your system and if you find packages you want to use on someone elses PPA you just copy the packages to yours20:11
MWMthat sounds very efficient. I hate adding PPAs. seems like my OS is getting dirty or something20:13
MWMrsync copies? or does it move?  seems like it copies20:14
tgm4883MWM: it copies20:15
akikit can be made to do either20:15
tgm4883akik: rsync can delete the original copy? Nice20:15
akikhmm sorry i might be wrong20:16
akikhave to check20:16
MWMso my files are moved and safe in ~/Videos and ~/Videos2 is empty20:17
akiktgm4883: --remove-source-files   sender removes synchronized files (non-dirs)20:17
tgm4883MWM: ok, can you pastebin 'df -h' again?20:17
tgm4883akik: nice, I didn't realize it could do that20:18
MWMnone of that info is in the man pages for rsync ?20:19
tgm4883MWM: nice, looks much better20:19
akikMWM: it's in the man page too20:19
MWMignore that.... the man pages scroll very far20:19
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MWMIs there a cleaner way to organize that?  ~/Videos is still on the system disc while ~/Videos/Processed and ~/Videos/Source are the mountpoints20:22
MWMplease disregard that.  Linux makes my brain mush20:23
MWMno way to mount 2 partitions to 1 directory20:23
tgm4883MWM: well you could mount one at ~/Videos and the other at ~/Videos/Processed20:24
MWMI would have to merge the partitions and then create Source and Processed on that partition...20:24
tgm4883MWM: nope20:24
MWMCould this be causeing kdeinit5 to crash (the disk being full?)20:25
tgm4883MWM: you would mount 1 partition at ~/Videos  inside of that parittion you would still have Source and Processed folders. Then you just mount your other partition at ~/Videos/Processed20:25
=== Taro_ is now known as Kassab
tgm4883MWM: with that, you would still have your separate folders for Source and Processed residing on separate partitions, but your ~/Videos directory would also be included on one of those partitions (in the pesky event that you forget to put the files in the right location again, it won't fill up your home/root partition)20:26
MWMso in your example ~/Videos/Processed would be mounted on the partition that is mounted on ~/Videos ? if that is correct that is a whole new world uf mount options for me20:26
tgm4883MWM: yep20:27
tgm4883MWM: no new mount options needed, just change the locations they are mounted at20:27
MWMTIL is an understatment :) Thanks for the help. and now I have to go read about settign up my own PPA and cleaning up my sources.list20:28
tgm4883MWM: you'd also want to verify that the parent partition gets mounted before your other partition20:28
=== erkan is now known as Guest279
MWMWell then I have an fstab to correct and some other stuff to learn.  Thanks to all who helped.  if anyone sees wonderworld please thank him for bringing ncdu up.  I had been trying to remeber that one for a while20:31
est31hello folks20:31
est31I've got a small question20:31
est31apparently there is a conflict on my machine20:31
est31apt-utils needs apt (= 1.3.1)20:32
est31but I have 1.3.2ubuntu0.1 installed20:32
est31what did you mess up?20:33
nicomach1swhat did who mess up?20:33
est31as I said, there is a package conflict for me20:34
est31and I take care to never install any ppa20:34
est31so if I got it, i got it from the official packages20:35
geniiest31: Did you do sudo apt update ..before trying to install it, so that the list of packages and their versions are current?20:35
est31genii: obviously20:35
nicomach1sest31: 1. we do not maintain the repos. don't get pissy at us. 2. there's no need for sarcastic responses to basic troubleshooting. everyone here is volunteering to help, and we ALWAYS start with basic stuff because we have to verify that it was done.20:37
sethcurrently running ubuntu12.04 with classic gnome panel20:37
est31nicomach1s: I just use ubuntu instead of arch because I want to avoid these issues20:37
sethi set the 'place new windows' to centered but still not working20:37
nicomach1sest31: can you please paste the full output to a pastebin and link here?20:38
est31and not using debian testing or stuff20:38
est31nicomach1s: yes, one moment20:38
CoderEuropeHow Do I Do an Full Error Log of the system ?20:38
est31nicomach1s: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23630505/20:38
CoderEuropewhen I fire up ubuntu ?20:39
ppfCoderEurope: check out /var/logs20:39
ppfanything specific you're looking for?20:39
est31nicomach1s: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23630508/20:39
CoderEuropeHow do I open /var/logs ?20:39
geniiest31: Did you manually edit your /etc/apt/sources.list file? If no PPAs are installed and otherwise stock repositories, then the only way a stray dependency could be introduced is if there are entries within that file from different places or for different Ubuntu versions mixed together20:39
ppfit's a folder20:39
bekkscd /var/log20:39
est31genii: let me check20:39
nicomach1sest31: probably best to just pastebin that as well and get a couple pairs of eyes on it20:40
CoderEuropeSo when I am in that folder how do I see/open the error log / what command ?20:40
CoderEuropecan you give me an example ?20:40
ppfCoderEurope:  what are you looking for20:40
nicomach1sCoderEurope: nano /var/log20:40
CoderEuropeAhh ok thanks.20:40
CoderEuropeHow do I post the error log to paste.ubuntu.com ?20:41
nicomach1sor gedit /var/log or vim /var/log or ed /var/log or........20:41
nicomach1sCoderEurope: cat /var/log | nc termbin 999920:41
est31genii: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23630518/20:41
bekksnicomach1s: cat? Not ls?20:42
ppfneither, probably?20:42
nicomach1sbekks: whoops20:42
ppfCoderEurope: tell us what you want to do20:42
nicomach1sI don't generally look in /var/log20:42
nicomach1sest31: looks fine to me.20:43
CoderEuropeppf, I just want to report to paste.ubuntu.com the reason why cheese is using 99% of my CPU when I record my daily vlog.20:43
nicomach1sdid you try apt -f install?20:43
CoderEuropeSo I can report it on gnome website :)20:43
ppfso what is the reason20:44
ppfthat's .. specific20:44
CoderEuropeI am using 16.04 ubuntu & an i7 CPU on lenovo laptop.20:44
est31nicomach1s: thanks for the help20:45
geniiest31: I believe what has happened is: Your version of apt installed on Xenial was later in version than the most recent one which is available for Yakkety, because often things are backported to LTS but not to interim releases20:45
est31just doing apt -f dist-upgrade is nothing I like doing20:45
CoderEuropeI just want the steps to get an error report (online) so I can report it on bugs.gnome.org20:45
genii!info apt-utils xenial20:45
ubottuapt-utils (source: apt): package management related utility programs. In component main, is important. Version 1.2.15ubuntu0.2 (xenial), package size 199 kB, installed size 720 kB20:45
est31genii: I upgraded to yakkety almost immediately after it was released20:45
genii!info apt-utils yakkety20:45
ubottuapt-utils (source: apt): package management related utility programs. In component main, is important. Version 1.3.2ubuntu0.1 (yakkety), package size 212 kB, installed size 772 kB20:46
est31maybe 2 weeks20:46
ppfcheese is a video recording application, right? it's probably supposed to use a lot of compute20:46
CoderEuropeyeah, not 100% of the CPU - its buggy .20:46
akikest31: the command would be "sudo apt-get -f install"20:46
ppfnevertheless, if you bombard maintainers with random error logs, that's a pretty good way to get ignored20:46
ppfyou're kidding, right20:46
srulihow can i replace with sed only if the start of line matches? i.e line one "123" line 2 "0123" i need to replace only the line that starts with "123"20:46
nicomach1sCoderEurope: completely depends on the CPU. Video capture and then transcoding can take a lot of processing power.20:47
CoderEuropeppf, How else do I contribute -otherthan reporting error logs ?20:47
nicomach1sCoderEurope: provide a fix.20:48
CoderEuropeI am not *that* good a coder.20:48
ppfprovide the _right_ error logs20:49
est31thanks and bye20:49
CoderEuropeppf, where do ~I get them ?20:49
hits1911valgrind reports reachable leak even in "int main() {}". OS is Ubuntu 16. How can I solve this issue?20:50
ppfyou figure out what the issue is20:51
ppfor you ask people20:51
ppfabout the concrete issue20:51
geniinicomach1s: Ah, he left. I wanted to find out where the stray later version of his apt originated from, but I guess it doesn't matter now.20:51
CoderEuropeppf, So you're basically saying - using mailing lists ?20:51
ppfno, irc is fine20:52
CoderEuropefor cheese ? where ? which channel ?20:52
ppfor .. google, occasionally20:52
hits1911problem is exclusive to ubuntu 16. I tried in ubuntu 14 with the exact save version of valgrind and it worked fine. I though may be it is related to ubuntu 16.20:53
bekkshits1911: exclusive to which ubuntu 16, there is 16.04 and 16.10?20:53
nicomach1sgenii: he seemed pretty intent on blaming "you all", so I wasn't overly-eager to help him out tbh20:54
hits1911ubuntu 16.04.120:54
geniinicomach1s: Yes, understandable :)20:54
taorahello everyone, I am constantly getting problems with network manager. after waking up from sleep (lifting up the display) it doesnt show available networks. same happens when I, say, switch off and on the wifi lock.20:54
ppfCoderEurope: if you got a real problem then you can ask specific question, for instance here20:56
ppfpeople will tell you if you're in the wrong place20:56
ppffwiw, "only 99% cpu" is _not_ a real problem ..20:56
CoderEuropeppf: Why is cheese using 100%@ of my CPU is the basic question.20:57
ppfbecause it's computing stuff20:57
CoderEuropeit shouldn't do that - I have an i720:57
ppfwhat, so?20:57
arunsHi quick question as am on Ubuntu 16.20:57
arunsWere you ever able to install PHP 7 natively on Ubuntu 15, or did you need to use a PPA?20:58
Night_which port did dhcp -6 use on udp again?20:58
ppf!info php7 wiley20:58
ubottu'wiley' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed, yakkety, yakkety-backports, yakkety-proposed, zesty, zesty-backports, zesty-20:58
ppf!info php7 wily20:58
ubottuPackage php7 does not exist in wily20:58
arunsThanks :D @ppf20:58
CoderEuropeOk, let me put it to the devs - What ug is creating conditions that cheese is using 100% of my i7 CPU ?20:58
ppf!info php7.0 wily20:58
ubottuPackage php7.0 does not exist in wily20:58
ppfCoderEurope: ??20:59
nicomach1saruns: wily is EOL20:59
ppfwhat are you talking about20:59
arunsnicomach1s: I said I have Ubuntu 16.21:00
nicomach1saruns: oh, sorry, missed that21:00
CoderEuropeI cant stand this - all I want is cheese to use less CPU power - that is all.21:00
arunsWhy are all you Ubuntu people about EOL :P21:00
nicomach1sI don't think php7 was released until xenial21:00
Ben64aruns: 16 what21:00
Fitzz,set theme neongold21:00
arunsBen64: 16.04.21:00
hits1911I should correct my  question. It doesn't happen with only "main()". It occurs when I #include <iostream>.21:01
arunsI will probably update tonight.21:01
korosohey all i have a problem : code error when i try to install openssh-server21:01
nicomach1saruns: because we have 4 EOL versions for every LTS. :)21:01
korososomeone can help me plz21:01
arunsnicomach1s: Yeah, I get that, but I think it shouldn't really make a difference for the average end user.21:01
nicomach1skoroso: can you paste the full output of the command to a pastebin and link here?21:01
arunsI only update when I can because of the work I do.21:01
ppfare you asking what it's _only_ 100%?21:01
CoderEuropeI shall go - none the wiser, basically.21:01
nicomach1saruns: true, but we can't support EOL versions.21:01
ppfthe answer is probably because the cheese folks didn't care about threads21:01
arunsnicomach1s: Yeah, but that shouldn't stop people from using them :P21:02
nicomach1s!paste | koroso21:02
ubottukoroso: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:02
nicomach1s!pm | koroso21:02
ubottukoroso: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.21:02
ppfCoderEurope: cheese is doing stuff. doing stuff consumes 100% cpu21:02
arunsnicomach1s: It's because we use Vagrant at work for deploying our local servers.21:02
nicomach1saruns: no, it should. if they aren't getting security updates people shouldn't be using them.21:02
arunsAnd the guys prefer using Ubuntu 14.04 VMs.21:02
CoderEuropeppf, Ahh Ok - so its not multi-core then - thats what you are saying ?21:02
nicomach1skoroso: try: sudo dkpg --configure -a21:02
ppfif it were, it would use more cpu21:03
korosothx u21:03
nicomach1saruns: 14.04 is not EOL until April of 201921:03
korosonico it return command not found21:03
arunsAh didn't release that.21:04
nicomach1skoroso: my fault, sorry. sudo dpkg --configure -a21:04
korosook i try21:04
arunsnicomach1s: Well in any case, I had to write a case statement in our installation shell script.21:04
arunsSo that it would add the PHP PPA if the machine wasn't running Ubuntu 1621:04
nicomach1shmmm... I want to say that php7.0 should be backported by 14.04 by now21:05
nicomach1s!info php7.0 trusty21:05
ubottuPackage php7.0 does not exist in trusty21:05
Ben64new packages don't get added to releases21:05
korosoit doesnt work21:07
Night_simple enough to get php working with nginx/apache without ppa tbh21:08
OerHekskoroso, can you pastebin your command and output? paste.ubuntu.com21:08
Ben64koroso: type "sudo apt-get install openssh-server" and paste the results at http://paste.ubuntu.com and give the resulting link here21:08
=== ThisIsTheory is now known as Guest55311
nicomach1syea, don't paste it in a pm to me :P21:08
korosoit's done21:09
nicomach1suhh... wasn't it in English when you sent it to me?21:10
OerHeksoh dear..21:11
nicomach1shi trekstonia.21:13
trekstoniaalguien me puede decir como puedo iniciar un programa de windows  en ubuntu mate21:13
nicomach1s!es | trekstonia21:13
ubottutrekstonia: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.21:13
=== IO is now known as IdleOne
trekstoniano sale21:17
=== datajerk is now known as datajerk_
korosonoone can help me21:18
nicomach1skoroso: be patient21:18
trekstoniaalguien escribe español aqui21:18
korosohehehe ok21:18
Ben64koroso: déc. 14 22:04:51 koroso-eM350 sshd[21051]: /etc/ssh/sshd_config: line 1: Bad con21:18
OerHeksline 8 is clear: /etc/ssh/sshd_config: line 1: Bad con21:18
Ben64maybe bad config?21:18
MonkeyDustkoroso  simply hit the up arrow to repeat your question every 15 minutes or so, until someone enters who can help you21:19
=== axisys is now known as ipsystems
korososorry i'm a newbe on ubuntu u don't understand whats that mean21:20
=== ipsystems is now known as axisys
korosook ok21:21
korosoi guess i have to change line 1 on that file21:21
OerHeksfollow the guide to setup your service https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/openssh-server.html21:22
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=== rd is now known as Guest77961
Guest77961I was trying to do $sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop^21:25
Guest77961and get the following error, How can i Fix it ?  - ERROR at   http://pastebin.com/P11xp0jN21:27
Guest77961Any help is much appreciated.21:27
MonkeyDustGuest77961  what's the output of    cat /etc/issue21:28
rangemongerdid you type sudo apt update first?21:28
ervai have problem with gif photos on fb it does not open21:28
ervawhat can i do21:28
Guest77961i did21:29
MonkeyDusterva  how is that ubuntu related21:29
OerHeksGuest79799, is this from a gnome ppa?21:29
theparadoxero2hey can anyone help me ?21:29
ervai use ubuntu21:29
Guest77961no it is not.21:29
Guest77961i did not add any Gnome REPO.21:29
=== datajerk_ is now known as datajerk
rangemongertheparadoxero2: we can try, whats up?21:30
theparadoxero2do anyone tried tcsh shell on ubuntu 15.04 ?21:30
thrmoi want to install qt linguist gui on ubuntu 16.10 how can i find which package has it on the repos'21:30
Guest77961as it is Gnome Ubuntu , straight away it should happen.21:30
MonkeyDusttheparadoxero2  15.04 id dead21:30
theparadoxero2i tried to install tcsh shell21:30
nicomach1s!EOL | theparadoxero221:30
ubottutheparadoxero2: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:30
=== Centinel is now known as jsmith2
Guest77961MonkeyDust, here is the output of /etc/issue21:31
Guest77961Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS \n \l21:31
theparadoxero2by the command "sudo apt-get install tcsh" and i got the error "E: Method http has died unexpectedly!"21:31
MonkeyDusttheparadoxero2  because your ubuntu version is dead21:31
nicomach1stheparadoxero2: you need to upgrade to a supported version. please see the link above about EOL upgrades21:32
Guest77961rangemonger, Would you check and help me get this done ?21:32
thrmoi want to install qt linguist gui on ubuntu 16.10 how can i find which package has it on the repos?21:32
theparadoxero2ok @Monkeytust21:32
nicomach1sthrmo: you can try using apt-cache search <packagename>21:32
ervais there an app like flashplayer for gif pics21:32
nicomach1serva: eog (the standard image viewer) will do gifs21:32
nicomach1syou can use something like mpv for gifv or webm21:32
alagunag01what are your from21:32
theparadoxero2is there any good alternative of sticky notes on for ubuntu ?21:33
thrmonicomach1s thats the problem i don't know the packagename21:33
rangemongerGuest77961: ill try21:33
Guest77961Thanks rangemonger21:33
theparadoxero2is there any good alternative of sticky notes on for ubuntu ?21:34
rangemongerGuest77961: are you installing it from within regular ubuntnu?21:35
nicomach1stheparadoxero2: not until you upgrade to a supported version21:35
theparadoxero2nicomachus: what for updated version ?21:36
MonkeyDusttheparadoxero2  type    /topic21:36
Guest77961i am installing it within regular Ubuntu21:36
nicomach1stheparadoxero2: you said you were on ubuntu 15.04. that version is EOL. You need to upgrade to at least 16.0421:36
nicomach1s!EOL | theparadoxero2 see links here on how to upgrade:21:36
ubottutheparadoxero2 see links here on how to upgrade:: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:36
rangemongerGuest77961: ill see if i get the same error on mine21:36
Guest77961rangemonger, i am following https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/Installation  , Final Install section of page.21:37
Guest77961Ok rangemonger21:37
xanguaGuest77961: what error?21:38
Guest77961xangua,  http://pastebin.com/P11xp0jN  - ERROR While installing Ubuntu Gnome from within Ubuntu OS21:38
Guest77961xangua, I am trying to do $sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop^21:39
xanguaGuest77961: why are you trying to install gnome 3.20 in central?21:39
rangemongerGuest77961: basically, im trying sudo apt update, sudo apt upgrade, sudo apt-distupgrade, sudo apt install ubuntu-gnome-desktop21:40
Guest77961I am not.21:40
ramsub07Hi, how can i infinitely scroll up the terminal ?21:41
Guest77961xangua, earlier i had Gnome 3.20 and it screwed my system not allowing me to login and bringing me back to same login screen again and again. Then I've removed it , Gnome 3.2021:41
ramsub07I did a very long computation, worth 2days and the results are pasted to the terminal21:41
wafflejockGuest77961, looks like 3.2 is still marked to be installed causing the package conflicts21:42
rangemongerxangua: i just was hit with the same problem, 2 days ago, hdd got full, that was the result21:42
DarkchaosDoes KVM Support multiple qemu instances at once?21:43
vfwrangemonger: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt upgrade sudo apt dist-upgrade21:43
Guest77961wafflejock, how can i remove anything and everything related to Gnome 3.2?21:43
wafflejockGuest77961, when you tried adding it and removing it did you do that using apt and a ppa or something or?  Were you able to remove/purge the 3.2 failed install?21:43
rangemongervfw: right, right, the fast way21:43
sruliramsub07: in terminal go to Profile Prefrences > scrolling > check the "unlimited" box21:43
vfwrangemonger: and then, sudo apt install ubuntu-gnome-desktop21:43
sruliDarkchaos: do you mean multiple guests?21:44
haimzur8xHi guys, I'm having issues with the NVIDIA 375.20 driver on Unbuntu 14.04.5 LTS21:44
rangemongerDarkchaos: ask me again in 10 min and ill try21:44
xanguaGuest77961: xenial comes with gnome 3.18, so you added a PPA repository to get 3.20, the thing is one day it can work and the next day it won't21:44
haimzur8xwill it be possible to get some wisedom?21:44
Darkchaossruli: Exactly21:44
Guest77961Check this error once - http://pastebin.com/y5612630   wafflejock xangua21:44
vfwrangemonger: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt dist-upgrade  && sudo apt install ubuntu-gnome-desktop21:44
sruliDarkchaos: sure, depending on your hardware you can run many21:45
Guest779613.2 failed install i've removed using apt,21:45
vfwrangemonger: Are you 16.04 ?21:45
DarkchaosI tried that I can't run VirtualBox and Qemu Guests at once due to "device busy" but I could also imagine that kvm being a kernel module and basically passing the cpu through that there would be issues when multiple devices try to access these21:45
rangemongervwf: yeah, i keep forgetting about using &&21:45
vfwrangemonger: Ok good.21:45
ramsub07sruli: i did that but i'm not able to scroll up beyond what I was initially able to do21:46
Guest77961wafflejock, do you like to see my sources.list file ?21:46
rangemongerDark_Arc: did you try running the vbox guest not in kvm mode?21:46
haimzur8xwould really appreciate some assistance21:46
nicomach1s!ask | haimzur8x21:46
ubottuhaimzur8x: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:46
Guest77961wafflejock, now i do not have 3.2 PPA in that sources.list file21:46
rangemongervfw: 16.1021:46
haimzur8xAlright sorry21:46
Darkchaosrangemonger: Yes but it resulted in a blue screen on the guest after a few seconds21:46
wafflejockGuest77961, well typically I would start poking around with apt-cache search packagename to see where things are coming from or not coming and check packaages.ubuntu.com for anything it says are missing21:46
sruliramsub07: that setting is for future... it wont recover deleted entries21:47
rangemongerDarkchaos: i know that having vbox installed just makes xen not work at all21:47
wafflejockGuest77961, once you clean something out of your sources.list you can apt update to get the new list of packages and the apt-cache and installs should come from the right place but as is says you can't get gdm which seems real strange21:47
vfw!info ubuntu-gnome-desktop yakkety | rangemonger21:47
ubotturangemonger: ubuntu-gnome-desktop (source: ubuntu-gnome-meta): The Ubuntu GNOME metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.71 (yakkety), package size 3 kB, installed size 12 kB (Only available for amd64; armhf; arm64; i386; powerpc; ppc64el)21:47
rangemongerDarkchaos: but if you just only run kvm, you should be able to do multiple guests at once21:47
vfwrangemonger: But I use xfce ;)21:48
rangemongervfw: i like xfce better too21:48
wafflejockGuest77961, I think I've worked around the problem you have now by manually installing the "dependent" packages but think it is a sign something is broken in the package manager so wouldn't necessarily recommend that as the fix21:48
haimzur8xHi guys, I'm having issues with the NVIDIA 375.20.run file from NVIDIA website, my GPU graphics card is newly installed and it's GTX 1050 Ti 4GB OC, I'm getting a warning that tells me I have nvidia-350 version installed already, although I went through the tutorial and uninstalled it completely using apt-get21:48
Guest77961OK wafflejock21:49
vfwhaimzur8x: You have to pick one or the other.21:49
haimzur8xI ended up rm rf the old 32 bit .so files but it still tells me the nvidia-350 is installed21:49
vfwhaimzur8x: If you installed an nvidia driver via apt, you'll have to uninstall that one first, and then the one you've just downloaded.21:49
haimzur8xI've uninstalled everything21:50
nicomach1s32 bit....?21:50
Guest77961wafflejock, those 3 dependencies are showing sub dependencies and on and on21:50
vfwhaimzur8x: Oh, ok...  Well you probably need to reboot21:50
haimzur8xYes that what was left of the nvidia-350 files21:50
rangemongerGuest77961: works fine for me21:50
haimzur8xdid it also and reverted to nouevou even21:50
wafflejockGuest77961, yeah sorry I imagine something is wrong now in dpkg with the selections but I'm unsure how to fix that properly21:51
haimzur8xthe *.run nvidia file tells me it 350 still installed despite the fact I cleaned everything21:51
Guest77961as wafflejock says something is broken with my package manager21:51
rangemongerDarkchaos: ok, im about to try 2 guests at once, kvm21:51
vfwhaimzur8x: You also have to kill the Xserver21:51
haimzur8xvfw: gotcha21:51
vfwhaimzur8x: (go to console mode)21:51
Guest77961OK wafflejock , thanks for all the inputs.21:51
Ben64haimzur8x: yeah thats the way wrong way to do things21:51
haimzur8xGood to know, so what's the best method21:52
wafflejockGuest77961, no problem maybe check out dpkg get selection or set selection options, but possibly someone else here can help point you the right way21:52
Ben64haimzur8x: yeah, apt is how to install things21:52
Bashing-omGuest77961: Maybe we get a strong hint from the output of ' apt-cache policy gnome-shell-common ' .21:53
Guest77961BBOX:~$ sudo apt-cache policy gnome-shell-common21:54
Guest77961  Installed: 3.20.4-0ubuntu2~ubuntu16.04.121:54
Guest77961  Candidate: 3.20.4-0ubuntu2~ubuntu16.04.121:54
Guest77961  Version table:21:54
vfwhaimzur8x: If you are running lightdm, stop it first.21:54
vfwhaimzur8x: Ctrl-Alt-F621:54
haimzur8xstop: Unknown instance:21:54
haimzur8xI'm on ssh21:54
haimzur8xservice lightdm stop21:54
vfwhaimzur8x: are you 16.04?21:54
haimzur8x14.04.5 LTS21:54
vfwhaimzur8x: sudo service lightdm stop  #Does not work?21:55
rangemongerDarkchaos: 2 at the same time, works fine21:55
Guest77961i will send it in pastebin21:55
vfwhaimzur8x: Which WM do you use?21:55
Bashing-omGuest77961: Pastebin that output. please .21:55
vfwhaimzur8x: Which DE do you use?21:56
Guest77961Bashing-om, http://pastebin.com/QTYYrHCi21:56
Darkchaosrangemonger: Thanks for trying out :) Then it is only an issue when multiple virtualizers try to access kvm.21:57
haimzur8xNot using any I believe21:57
haimzur8xbut I have ubuntu-desktop installed21:57
haimzur8xas we speak I've just cleaned every driver I had21:58
vfwhaimzur8x: You are not using a Desktop Environment?21:58
haimzur8xno, but I want to21:58
haimzur8xit's just crash because of the driver21:58
Ben64haimzur8x: "cleaned every driver i had" what does that mean?21:58
vfwhaimzur8x: You are not using a Window Manager?21:58
xanguaGuest77961: as far as I know, Ubuntu xenial comes with gnome 3.18, did you add a third party repository?21:58
haimzur8xthat would be correct21:58
haimzur8xnot using any21:58
vfwhaimzur8x: Are you using any sort of Graphic User Interface?21:58
haimzur8xI've tried lightdm but it kept crashing because of the driver I believe21:58
haimzur8xno, just ssh at the moment21:59
vfwhaimzur8x: Ok, so it is in console mode already?21:59
haimzur8xI'm remote sshing it21:59
Ben64haimzur8x: use this ppa to get the latest nvidia https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa21:59
Guest77961No xangua i did not add any third party repository after removing 3.2 , But for 3.2 i've added a repository.22:00
vfwhaimzur8x: So what is the exact error you get?  What is the name of the file?22:00
Guest77961Bashing-om, did you see my pastebin output.22:00
haimzur8xwill do, thanks22:00
Bashing-omGuest77961: Yjat elevated package is still reported in "  100 /var/lib/dpkg/status " which means it was not properly removed . Now there may be a huge issue to remove the 3.20.4-0ubuntu2~ubuntu16.04.1 version .22:00
haimzur8xcan I post a link to screenshot?22:00
Ben64haimzur8x: yep22:00
Ben64haimzur8x: although you said you don't have graphics ...22:01
vfwhaimzur8x: Or you can give command with  |& nc termbin.com 9999  at the end of it and send us the resulting URL22:01
=== anonymous is now known as Guest40734
haimzur8xI thought you were referring to the error of the NVIDIA installer22:01
Guest77961Bashing-om, do we have no other way to Fix this ?22:01
haimzur8xmy bad22:01
xanguaGuest77961: you did not add but then you added? What22:01
haimzur8xanyway everytime now I'm running apt-get update22:02
haimzur8xI keep getting plenty of these22:02
vfwhaimzur8x: Yes, that is what we are refering to.22:02
haimzur8x*/sbin/ldconfig.real: /usr/lib/libm17n-core.so.0 is not a symbolic link22:02
vfwhaimzur8x: Ok when you get done try again.22:02
haimzur8xOK, i'm doing it as we speak22:02
haimzur8xthanks for the help guys, much appreciated22:02
Bashing-omGuest77961: How did you get the 3.20.4-0ubuntu2~ubuntu16.04.1 version installed ? May have to re-install it to properly remove it to get nack to the supported 3.18.5-0ubuntu0.2 version .22:02
Guest77961xangua, before trying this i've installed 3.2 by adding PPA and it disabled my login access , then i've removed it using apt and fixed my sources.list file.22:03
Ben64haimzur8x: you should really use the ppa i linked to you22:03
haimzur8xBen64 on it right now22:03
vfwhaimzur8x: What is the exact command you are using?22:03
xanguaGuest77961: removing it how? And how did you "fix"your source file?22:04
Guest77961So should i add 3.2 PPA back again and install it ? Bashing-om & xangua22:04
Guest77961i had my Original file from perfect days , replaced the latest with the old one.22:04
vfwhaimzur8x: As Ben64 points out, if you install the Nvidia driver manually, (the way you are attempting to do it now), each and every time you upgrade the kernel, you will have to re-install it. (So it is better to install it via the package management system.)22:04
Bashing-om!ppa-purge | Guest7796122:04
ubottuGuest77961: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html22:04
xanguaGuest77961: that's not how one "fixes"apt22:05
xxxxHi. How can i make 2 partitions on my HD, one empty and another with kubuntu that i allready download and have in a usb? i tried with ubuntu but i have the problem that is in all my HD so i cannot use anything elese22:05
vfwhaimzur8x: And, if you have just done updates, and have upgraded to a new kernel, you should reboot.22:05
EriC^xxxx: manually partition, in the installer choose "SOmething else"22:05
xxxxi want to install from scratch, delete ubuntu22:05
Guest77961true xangua , i was fed up trying an trying in my limited knowledge.22:05
haimzur8xStill updating22:06
xxxxgreat! now.. i need another for boot?22:06
haimzur8xI'll reboot when it's done22:06
=== derek is now known as Guest32307
haimzur8xI think I've already added this ppa22:07
vfwxxxx: You should be able to create partitions as you see fit.22:07
haimzur8xhow can I find the repository file?22:07
Guest77961Bashing-om, Should i install 3.2 again ?22:07
Ben64haimzur8x: added properly, it'll be in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/22:07
EriC^xxxx: no, you just need a partition for "/" and swap if you want to hibernate or very low ram22:08
haimzur8xgot this file graphics-drivers-ppa-trusty.list22:08
xxxxvery low ram actualy.. can you give me a link or an explanation for the last thing you said (Eric)22:09
haimzur8xwhich contains # deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/graphics-drivers/ppa/ubuntu xenial main # disabled $22:09
haimzur8x# deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/graphics-drivers/ppa/ubuntu trusty main22:09
Bashing-omGuest77961: In my opinion that is the better way out of this . Once re-installed from the PPA , then properly revert the package to what is in the repo with ' ppa-purge' command.22:09
vfwxxxx: What is the size of your Hard Drive?22:09
Ben64haimzur8x: well it's disabled heh22:09
haimzur8xoh snap22:09
vfwxxxx: How much RAM you have?22:10
vfwxxxx: Radnom Access Memory?22:10
Ben64haimzur8x: are you sure you're not on 16.04?22:10
xxxx2, i'll put 4 in a month or maybe less but a 64bit cmputer22:10
vfwxxxx: Ok.  Here is what I would do if it were me:22:10
haimzur8x3.16.0-77-generic #99~14.04.1-Ubuntu22:11
vfwxxxx: 4G swap partition, 80G / partition, and the rest for /home/22:11
Guest77961sure Bashing-om22:11
vfwxxxx: 3 partitions22:11
xangua80 GB for / !!?22:11
vfwxangua: Yes.22:12
xanguaOnly if you fill it with 3 or more Linux distros combined22:12
Bashing-omGuest77961: K; Make sure you get the syntax of " « sudo22:12
mate|9674linux distrobutions are too similar nowadays in order for there to be a real difference. Perhaps a desktop / server difference in setup but other than that not much22:12
Bashing-omGuest77961: K; Make sure you get the syntax of " « sudo22:13
Bashing-om                ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> »22:13
xxxxi need put windows in the other (music software-hdmi) that's the idea of making an linux partition and another empty22:13
Guest77961Bashing-om, i've got it from this page --> http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html22:13
xxxxso, the /home/ will be ok if i divided in half and the other half empty with fat32?22:14
Ben64haimzur8x: what does lsb_release -a say22:14
haimzur8xBen64 you are right22:15
haimzur8xI'm on 16.0422:15
xxxxno, i'm missunderstood (bad english now i guess), i'm follow you now22:15
haimzur8xDistributor ID: Ubuntu22:15
haimzur8xDescription: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS22:15
haimzur8xRelease: 16.0422:15
haimzur8xCodename: xenial22:15
Ben64haimzur8x: well you've got some weird stuff going on22:15
vfwxangua: I do not believe you would fill your / partition with 3 or more Linux distros.  We are talking about one install, and yes, it is possible to use up 30 or 40G easily, and sometimes 50 or 60G, so Yes I recomend 70 or 80G just to be safe.22:15
haimzur8xNo it was my bad, my brother did an upgrade and I didn't know22:15
Ben643.16 isn't a 16.04 kernel, nor is it a 14.04 kernel22:16
SebthreeBQM10HDoh nice back iin here22:16
haimzur8xam I screwed?22:16
SebthreeBQM10HDhaimzur8x, what's your issue?22:16
vfwxangua: At first, yes, you will only use a fraction of it, but we should plan for the future.22:16
Ben64haimzur8x: pastebin the output of "dpkg -l | grep linux-image"22:16
haimzur8xI did a bad thing while using the NVIDIA installer for 375.2022:16
haimzur8xwill do22:16
Ben64haimzur8x: eh you got bigger problems than that :)22:16
NoImNotNineVoltgpu passthrough?22:17
SebthreeBQM10HDhaimzur8x, installed  driver from repo?22:17
cerealguyi'm having trouble on another ubuntu machine with a USB wifi adapter.  is /var/log/syslog and dmesg the only two sources i have for starting to figure out what's going on with it?22:19
Ben64haimzur8x: weird. try installing 'linux-image-generic'22:20
haimzur8xBen64 can you guide me how? will it overrite current configuration for my services?22:21
Ben64sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic22:21
Ben64won't touch services at all, just gives you a new kernel22:21
vfwhaimzur8x: lsb_release -r22:21
xxxxvfw: the "/" are the empty one?22:22
haimzur8xmy stupid brother upgraded the system22:22
haimzur8xI hope it won't get screwed22:22
vfwxxxx: What exactly are you trying to do?  (No, the / partition is not to be an empty partition, it will contain kernels and applications and much more in the way of system files).22:23
xxxxkubuntu and 80g for windows (i don't have win now but an empty partition for install it when i have it)22:24
vfwxxxx: The / partition will be occupied by the root partition for the operating system containing *many* application files, cache, logs and configuration files.  The most important stuff.22:24
xxxxi understand now that22:25
xanguaxxxx: how big is your HDD? 80 GB, at least for windows, looks too little22:25
vfwxxxx: If you are intending to dual boot with MS Windows, you should first install MS Windows, and then install linux. (You did not tell us you were wanting to create a dual boot system...)22:26
xxxxso, 4g swap, 80g "/", --- /home/ and 80g for windows? (i just need windows for 2 softwares, i'll use linux for everything else)22:26
vfwxangua: He said it was 500 (I assume he means 500G).22:26
Ben64xxxx: what 2 softwares22:27
vfwxxxx: 500 Gigabytes.  Right?22:27
xxxxright... 1 tacticX alienware mouse (for edit) and a Fender Fuse for the guitar amp)22:28
xxxx490, 470... something like that22:28
vfwxxxx: If you are going to create a dual boot system, install MS Windows first, then install Linux with only a 4G swap partition and the rest for / (Only 2 partitions.)22:28
xxxxnot /home/ then?22:29
vfwxxxx: Just leave about 150 or 200G for MS Windows, and the rest for Linux.  But first install MS Windows, and then Ubuntu.22:29
SebthreeBQM10HDxxxx, sperrate /home is optional, if needed enough depends22:29
vfwxxxx: Correct22:29
tgm4883that seems excessive, even for windowws22:29
haimzur8xi'm installing the linux-image-generic as we speak22:29
SebthreeBQM10HDxxxx, by default ubuntu woudn't give you a /home but can be useful to have depends22:29
SebthreeBQM10HDxxxx, no seperate /home by default22:30
vfwtgm4883: Any amount of space is exessive, IMO ;)22:30
xxxxsorry my ignorance.. depens?22:30
tgm4883heh, fair enough22:30
=== ben_r1 is now known as ben_r
wedgiexxxx: depends on your needs.22:30
xxxxha, ok22:30
xxxxi got it! thank so much guys!22:31
SebthreeBQM10HDxxxx, changing around distros havig one than on on there, yescould be useful to move around data  share betweeen.  easy install of ubuntu without having to worry about some dataa, yescould be usefufl22:31
ubottuYour home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving22:31
SebthreeBQM10HDoh yahoo has had one billion accounts stolen22:31
tgm4883The only reason I can think of to have a separate home partition is if you want to ensure you won't fill up your root partition on accident22:31
SebthreeBQM10HDnews just in22:31
SebthreeBQM10HDdata from,  got tv news on22:31
vfwtgm4883: I'm joking of course, but it is my experience that most that build a dual boot system with MS Windows and Linux will end up neglecting MS Windows after a fairly short time.22:31
nacc!ot | SebthreeBQM10HD22:31
ubottuSebthreeBQM10HD: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:31
wedgieSebthreeBQM10HD: again?22:31
SebthreeBQM10HDnacc yes ot22:32
SebthreeBQM10HDwedgie, I guess so then22:32
vfwtgm4883: If one is inetersted in Linux, the Linux interest will eventually win out...22:32
xxxxor... can i have Fender Fuse on linux... i'm having trouble to find something in google (i realy don't like win)22:33
SebthreeBQM10HDtgm4883, xxxx  yeah or seperate /home so don't hhave to worry about / getting to full22:33
SebthreeBQM10HDxxxx, you could do like 16gb / for ubuntu  maybe 20, but 16 should be more than enough really22:34
haimzur8xat the end of the installation22:34
SebthreeBQM10HDxxxx, Linux programs genrally don't take that much space, and i  mean 16gb if going to have a seperate /home22:34
xxxxyea, but the archives.22:35
SebthreeBQM10HDxxxx, the seperate /home would then be reasonably big since you would be having some actsual data peresonal files in there, as well as program user data in the hidden  dot folders show hiden filesa nd folderes,  the option, but those aren't usaully big22:35
xxxxare HQ photoshop posters and heavy stuff22:35
Ben64haimzur8x: do you run a mail server?22:35
SebthreeBQM10HDxxxx, .vrituablox  with virtual machines would get big22:36
SebthreeBQM10HDif had that22:36
Ben64then why do you have spamassassin?22:36
vfwSebthreeBQM10HD: I don't think so.....22:36
haimzur8xcan't tell really22:36
SebthreeBQM10HDxxxx, what file format are the hq  posters in ?22:36
SebthreeBQM10HDanything you want to be sure to keep should be on more than one drive anyway really22:36
SebthreeBQM10HDmore than one copy22:36
Ben64haimzur8x: uh.. ok. sudo apt-get purge spamassassin sa-compile22:36
vfwSebthreeBQM10HD: seperate /home so don't have to worry about / getting full"?22:37
SebthreeBQM10HDbut /home can make it easier to re install without having to worry about putting back on perosnal files for example22:37
SebthreeBQM10HDvfw, tha's what tgm4883 put22:37
vfwSebthreeBQM10HD: But I agree that VB might be a good alternative.22:37
haimzur8xI can't reboot now22:37
tgm4883what did I say?22:37
haimzur8xand it gave an error22:37
Ben64haimzur8x: why can't you reboot, and what error22:38
SebthreeBQM10HDvfw, virtualbox was an example I gave to xxxx  on something where /home could get quite full up,  if got big virtual machine files in there yeah22:38
xxxxjpg, tiff.. wma music (1200 kbps or more for song) i'm wonna work as sick22:38
haimzur8xThe program 'reboot' can be found in the following packages:22:39
haimzur8x* initscripts22:39
haimzur8x* systemd-sysv22:39
haimzur8x* upstart-sysv22:39
haimzur8x* molly-guard22:39
SebthreeBQM10HDxxxx, ok  I think you may as well make a seprate /home since you mentioend it to, you know you can, and easier to do so on install,  but you should bakc up your important data esle wehre to as in on another hard disk or usb etc22:39
SebthreeBQM10HDxxxx, things can go wrong with  hared disks and  so on so22:39
SebthreeBQM10HDxxxx, as an example with  say a hard disk of 100GB, I would give  16gb of it to /  maybe 20gb  instead,  and then the rest of it so like 80gb would be the /home22:40
Ben64haimzur8x: looks like your system is pretty broken22:40
SebthreeBQM10HDxxxx, and i would do similar type things for other  kind of hard disk spaces etc22:40
Ben64haimzur8x: would be easier probably to install 16.04 fresh22:40
SebthreeBQM10HDsomething not to big for / but big enough when having a big seperate /home basically22:40
haimzur8xI actually will return to 14.04.522:40
Ben64if you're going to reinstall, might as well go for the newest LTS22:41
haimzur8xbecause I have a golden machine and I need the exact same setup22:41
Ben64that doesn't make sense though22:41
=== luca_ is now known as Calgon
xxxxbut i'll go to some place and pay low cost to edit my win softwares, all linux (4g swap, 80g "/" and /home/) seems perfect and i'wont have any personal thing.. i'm gonna have later, when everything works fine22:41
haimzur8xBen64 I can't reboot after I installed the new kernel22:42
SebthreeBQM10HDxxxx, uh your goign to dual boot with windows?22:42
haimzur8xmaybe if i'll reboot it would be loaded and work22:42
Ben64haimzur8x: you still are missing a lot of important stuff22:42
Ben64could go through each one and try to fix it, but a reinstall would be easier for sure22:43
Ben64and 16.04 has a lot of good features over 14.0422:43
Ben64live kernel patching for free, better implementation of the HWE kernels22:43
xxxxi decided NOT. i'ts just for 2 softwares that i will use maybe every month if i'm out of luck22:43
vfwhaimzur8x: Do you have a separate partition for /home/ ?22:43
Ben64you were stuck on an outdated HWE kernel on 14.04 for a long time22:44
haimzur8xnothing in /home but the setup was sweet22:44
haimzur8xran gunicorn22:44
haimzur8xhave some python script22:44
haimzur8xeverything in the /22:44
Ben64leaving you vulnerable to big bugs for about a year and a half22:44
haimzur8xI worked on that setup for a long time22:44
vfwraibutera: I agree with Ben64, nothing beats a fresh install.22:44
Ben6416.04 would be the optimal choice at this time22:44
haimzur8xI have a similiar machine22:44
haimzur8xprobably I can clone from there22:44
haimzur8xbut it runs 14.0422:45
Ben64what setup are you referring to22:45
vfwraibutera: Yes?22:45
haimzur8xA web server with some tweaks22:45
haimzur8xworkers, gunicorn22:45
raibutera22:44:48] vfw:raibutera: I agree with Ben64, nothing beats a fresh install.22:45
Ben64good news, web servers work in 16.04!22:45
haimzur8xlol, yeah I bet they are22:46
haimzur8xit would just be messy to start from scratch tho'22:46
Ben64you wouldn't have to...22:46
Ben64the configuration wouldn't have changed that extreme22:46
xxxxevery answer was helpful, thanks a lot and sorry any bad english of my fingers! best of luck22:46
haimzur8xAlright, I guess that what I'll do then22:47
vfwhaimzur8x: Do you have separate partition for /home/ ?  And do you use symlinks for the web-sites?22:47
vfwhaimzur8x: If so, it is a piece of cake.22:47
haimzur8xI do, but like I said, home is pretty much empty22:47
vfwhaimzur8x: How can that be?22:47
haimzur8xthe important stuff is on /22:47
haimzur8xIt's a gunicorn web server basically22:48
haimzur8xalso have gearman installed22:48
haimzur8xand a bunch of python scripts22:48
haimzur8xI think I'll handle it22:48
haimzur8xThanks for trying to help guys22:49
vfwhaimzur8x: Ok good luck.22:49
bi921hello, not sure if this is the place to ask but do anyone have experience with running asp net on ubuntu servers via mono22:50
haimzur8xLast question, let's say I have a sweet machine that runs on a very old hardware, I want to migrate to a new one22:50
haimzur8xwill tarball will be a good solution with some exclusions of course22:50
haimzur8xor no easy way?22:50
vfwhaimzur8x: Swap the HD22:50
haimzur8xreally? that simple?22:51
helohelloanyone around?22:51
helohelloI recently did an update from ubuntu 14.04 to 16, and somethign went horribly wrong22:51
haimzur8xwhat if the HD dies?22:52
haimzur8xhelohello just went through the same thing as we speak :)22:52
helohelloI chrooted into the partition and ran dpkg --configure a22:52
helohelloapt-get update22:52
helohelloapt-get upgrade22:52
helohellobut nothing is working, now I have two options from grub normal / upstart and recovery22:53
helohelloupstart just hangs at the ubuntu launch screen22:53
tgm4883that's.... not how you upgrade to 16.0422:53
helohellothis is after the upgrade failed22:54
helohellowhen the upgrade failed, nothing worked22:54
vfwhaimzur8x: you could use http://clonezilla.org/22:54
helohelloif I try to launch normalling /sbin/init is missing and causes a kernal panic22:54
vfwlsb_release -r22:54
haimzur8xclonezilla doesn't support different hardware22:54
vfwhelohello: lsb_release -r22:54
haimzur8xit works if you use a similar hardware22:55
helohellofrom where? I'm currently on a live usb22:55
helohellofrom chroot22:55
haimzur8xI thought tarballin' will be a good solution22:55
vfwhelohello: What version of Ubuntu do you have installed?22:55
vfwhelohello: You say that you have chrooted into the system.  Right?22:56
helohellovfw: yes22:57
vfwhelohello: lsb_release -r  #Tell us what it says.22:57
helohelloRelease: 16.0422:58
helohelloDistributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS Release:16.04 Codename:xenial22:58
vfwhelohello: sudo apt-get update22:59
=== JustAnotherIdiot is now known as LiftLeft
vfwhelohello: sudo apt-get update  |& nc termbin.com 9999  #send url23:00
helohellovfw: did that already23:00
vfwhelohello: Did it complete without errors?23:00
vfwhelohello: sudo apt-get upgrade  |& nc termbin.com 9999  #send url23:00
helohellovfw: that has been done too23:00
vfwhelohello: Without errors?23:00
=== Smn is now known as Guest71153
jamesc|2I tried a new kernel 4.9 but did not work due to VMAP_STACK thing linus mentions is 5 available yet?23:01
naccjamesc|2: that's not really an ubuntu question23:02
OerHekshaha kernel 5?23:02
naccjamesc|2: but no, 4.10 has not opened yet23:02
helohellovfw: http://termbin.com/lahv23:02
jamesc|2I meant for Ubuntu of course23:02
jamesc|2as a .deb23:02
OerHeksmaybe in mainline23:02
vfwhelohello: sudo apt-get autoremove23:03
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds23:03
naccjamesc|2: 4.9 will only be in 17.04 as an official ubuntu package23:03
vfwhelohello: sudo apt-get autoremove |& nc termbin.com 999923:03
naccjamesc|2: (or possibly later, depends, i suppose)23:03
vfwhelohello: If you have errors.  We will look too23:03
helohellovfw: http://termbin.com/jtzc23:04
vfwhelohello: sudo apt-get upgrade |& nc termbin.com 999923:06
=== buzain is now known as Guest60803
helohellovfw: http://termbin.com/inu323:08
vfwhelohello: sudo apt-get -f install |& nc termbin.com 999923:09
helohellovfw: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 396 not upgraded.23:10
vfwhelohello: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade |& nc termbin.com 999923:11
helohellooof thats pretty rough, no?23:12
vfwhelohello: I don't know.  You tell me...23:12
OerHeksit does those 396 not upgraded. not to next distro version ..23:13
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.23:13
vfwhelohello: How's it going?23:13
vfwhelohello: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade23:14
vfwhelohello: Let us know of errors.23:14
helohelloit goes23:14
vfwhelohello: Tell us the what the last line says.23:15
helohellovfw:  ok23:15
haimzur8xI've also ran that23:16
helohelloit's just going through the motions23:16
haimzur8xhope for good23:16
helohellowill report back when it finishes23:16
skweekhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/860726/s530-bluetooth-earpiece-detected-as-keyboard anyone want to take a look at this?23:17
vfwhelohello: If you get errors, pastebin the last 20 or 30 lines.  If no errors, just the last line.23:18
helohellovfw: ok23:18
helohelloit's in the l's right now23:18
helohellohalf-way haha23:18
rdHi Bashing-om23:22
=== rd is now known as Guest46459
Guest46459I am able to FIX my Gnome issue23:23
Guest46459Thanks for all your Help.23:23
Guest46459Hi Bashing-om23:23
Guest46459I've fixed my Gnome issue23:23
Guest46459Thanks for all the help.23:24
Guest46459I learned about onboarding and removing PPA's Today because of you and everyone helped me here.23:24
Guest46459Thanks Again.23:24
Bashing-omGuest46459: Great .. that was re-install the PPA and then ppa-purge ??23:24
Guest46459I had to install 3.2 and then purge it23:27
Guest46459and do the commands from Ubuntu Page.23:27
Bashing-omGuest46459: Great to know what works ;' happy trails to you .23:28
tacomasterHello I am using ubuntu 16.10 and was wondering if there was a way to make file manager transparent and change the color kinda like terminal23:31
tacomasterBecause I looked on google but all i could find was how to change the color. I have seen videos with people that have transparent file managers though23:32
vfwtacomaster: Did you catch what Distro they were using?23:33
vfwtacomaster: And/or what DE?23:33
tacomastervfw they were on ubuntu 16.0423:33
tacomasterbut they were doing a video on compiz23:33
tacomasterI just happened to notice they had made the file manager transparent and black23:34
tacomasterI really want to do that too23:34
Bashing-omtacomaster: I think of "tranparency" as a xfce offering . But .. maybe in unity too (??) .23:34
tacomasterI cant spell very well but i think the proper term is opacicaty23:35
tacomasteror something like that23:35
vfwtacomaster: Maybe https://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1116593.html23:35
jpmhI use unison to sync a pair of severs, one on each US coast.  The communicate as root over ssh - I have my sshd config set to allow only public key access and the ley is permitted pny from the other server.  I do howvere need to allow root login for this to work.  any other suggesttions23:35
tacomasterwere you can see the wallpaper behind the main window23:35
vfwjpmh: sudo?23:36
jpmhvfw - would not help - that would still be a root login23:37
wedgiejpmh: what's the desired end state here?23:38
wedgieyou do or don't want to enable a user to log in as root via ssh?23:39
jpmhwedgie - generally I do not like to allow root login, maybe been with ubuntu for too long, and so I am left with a feeling of discomfort.  Maybe what I am doing is secure enough, hence my comment at the start "any suggesions"?23:39
wedgieso it currently logs in as root but you'd like it not to?23:40
jpmhwedgie - I want to be able to unison sync the machines = I see no means other than root, but suggestions would be good23:40
wedgieso it currently logs in as root but you'd like it not to?23:40
_Sym_Is there a way to load windows 10 like a live cd so that I can apply a BIOS update to my laptop without having to actually install Windows?23:40
jpmhwedgie, yes, if there is any reason that the root is bad, then yes23:41
jpmhwedgie - I may be being too paranoid about the root login.  As I say, been on Ubuntu for to long maybe23:41
wedgiejpmh: not bad, per se. If it needs root then it needs root. Only other option is, as vfw said, sudo. Unless your sync doesn't actually require root privileges23:42
jpmh_Sym_ that is not an ubuntu support quesion23:42
_Sym_Well, then can I install a BIOS update in ubuntu?23:42
wedgie_Sym_: a lot of those bios updaters will run in DOS. Look into freedos if yours does. Can be booted from a usb drive23:43
genii_Sym_: If the BIOS update is in DOS, you can makea FreeDOS bootable USB, put the update application and BIN file on it, boot to it and do the update that way23:43
jpmh_Sym_ have your tried WINE23:43
vfwjpmh: You could restrict sshd access to certain IP23:43
vfwjpmh: But be careful to not lock yourself out23:44
jpmhvfw - yes, that is done - I have retsricted the machines that can connect as root to each other and no other23:44
helohellovfw: Errors were encountered while processing:  mysql-server-5.7  mysql-server E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)23:44
_Sym_I don't think my BIOS update will run in DOS.  It says that it requires Windows.23:44
_Sym_Ive tried to extract the files, but it doesnt look like it will work23:44
helohellobut the last line is23:44
vfwhelohello: sudo apt-get -f mysql-server23:45
jpmhvfw, I DO appreciate th warnings - but thogh of that.  I have a sudo enabled account that I use and it has two factor authentication.  Actually three factor23:45
helohelloE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)23:45
_Sym_and I dont really want a giant paper weight23:45
vfwhelohello: or:  sudo apt-get autoremove23:45
vfwhelohello: Can you pastebin a few lines?23:45
jpmh_Sym_ install Windoze as as vrtual machine23:45
_Sym_jpmh, now thats an idea23:46
helohellovfw: E: Command line option 'f' [from -f] is not understood in combination with the other options.23:46
vfwhelohello: sudo apt-get -f install mysql-server23:46
* haimzur8x is away (Autoaway after 30 minutes) messages will be saved *gSXc*23:46
_Sym_jpmh, but I'm not sure if that would work either23:46
jpmh_Sym_ I would be HIGHLY susciious of a BIOS update that required Windoze to install anyway23:46
_Sym_jpmh, all the new HP laptops are like that23:47
jpmh_Sym_ the virtual machine idea may not work - but it is VERY EASY to try, assuming you have a legal Windoze23:47
helohellovfw: mysql is throwing chroot errors23:47
helohelloi can do that later23:47
Bashing-om_Sym_: There is also the possibility that your Bios is on chip . if so, consider the 'safer' alternative and replace the chip .23:47
_Sym_jpmh, my bios does not have any options to perform an update within the bios23:47
_Sym_jpmh, my system came with windows pre installed, but not with any cd23:48
helohellovfw: http://termbin.com/zhqa23:48
jpmh_Sym_ this is why I always recomend to people who buy low end laptops to leave a small Windoze partition on there23:48
_Sym_jpmh, yah, I would have but not enough space23:49
genii_Sym_: What is the model?23:49
jpmh_Sym_ a minimal Windoze is not that big - how small is your hard drive?23:49
helohellovfw: should I try to do anything else? autoremove?23:49
helohelloand then try to boot?23:50
_Sym_jpmh, HP 250 G5 Notebook PC/81EB23:50
_Sym_jpmh, 250gb, but its full23:50
Bashing-omhelohello: " E: Can not write log (Is /dev/pts mounted?)  " suggest that there is no full CHroot .23:50
_Sym_jpmh, can I install windows to an external hd?23:50
helohelloBashing-om: hm23:51
_Sym_jpmh, i wish i could just boot windows from a usb stick23:52
jpmh_Sym_ I have no idea - I regard Windoze as a VIRUS of thw worst order and would never allow it near a partition that I cared about.  I guess you could buy a $20 small hard drive, swap it in to the lap top, install Windoze, then do what you wan, and then re-insall the Ubuntu hard drive23:52
helohelloBashing-om: is there anything else I should do, do you think before trying to reboot into ubuntu?23:52
_Sym_jpmh, yah, im kinda scared to do that since i dont want to lose what im working on23:53
_Sym_jpmh, i also hate windows23:53
jpmhI would return the laptop under warranty - it is clearly not fit for use if it can not allow the bios to be updated without your installing a virus23:53
jpmh_Sym_ best way of no risk to waht you are working on is my ida of replace the HD then23:53
jpmh_Sym_ but why on eath do you have something that you can loose.  Tis is wha cloud backups are for23:54
_Sym_jpmh, yah, but then i lose warranty since there is no way of opening the case without breaking seals23:54
jpmh_Sym_ yet another reason to return it under warranty23:55
helohellowell /sbin/init is there now23:55
* haimzur8x is back (Autoaway after 30 minutes) after 8mins 51secs. *gSXc*23:55
_Sym_jpmh, i have it all on github, but its a pain in the you know what to set it all up again23:55
helohelloso I think I can reboot23:55
helohelloill be back23:55
Bashing-omhelohello: I jave not been payting that clos of attention . my concern hwere is if this is not a full CHange root as somthing like ' for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done23:55
Bashing-omsudo chroot /mnt23:55
jpmh_Sym_ if it is a pain then you do not have it set up right.  I bought a new laptop last week - took me less than 20 mins to be fully operational23:56
Bashing-omhelohello: Then the upgrade will not work out.23:56
tacomasteris there a pip for python 3? because when i did pip and tab i get a 2.7 version as well23:56
haimzur8xBen64 vfw thanks guys, looks like distr-upgrade did the trick eventually23:56
haimzur8xi'm now on 16.04 installed the nvidia upgrade23:56
haimzur8xdriver i meant23:56
_Sym_jpmh, its takes days to download 150 gb of source code23:57
yenclgj5nlwHi all! As I have already said, my PC hangs after recovery from S3 state. I have already tried the latest mainline kernel, it doesn't help much: when I use it i doesn't hang completely, but hdd io gone mad and I'm even unable to logon.23:57
yenclgj5nlwAny solutions?23:57
jpmh_Sym_ 1) no idea why it should take that long, 2) why do you need to download it all23:57
jpmh_Sym_ the more I hear the more I would say, either: 1) return the machine under warranty, 2) risk the warranty and install a replacement HD to do what you want, 3) accept that the bios is outdated, 4) try the virtual machine idea23:58
_Sym_jpmh, 1) it takes a long time because im on slow wifi and 2) it wont build without all the repos23:59
jpmh_Sym_ what is so important about ths bios update anyway?23:59
helohello_Ok I can start ubuntu23:59
_Sym_jpmh, probably nothing and the more I discuss it with you, the less I want to do it23:59

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