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flocculantkrytarik: good surmising on the evidence available12:52
flocculantbluesabre: not sure what's going on now but ... http://i.imgur.com/JY5ACzm.png13:08
flocculantmusic works elsewhere13:11
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flocculantalso - better mention lack of clutter now that works (at least with mugshot)18:00
knomeUnit193, what's your assessment, will pitti's news affect anything in our world to be enough that we need to re-evaluate things?18:29
knomeUnit193, eg. do we need to seek to make new contacts with some of the core components or do you think they will just roll on as usual?18:30
* flocculant wondered similarly18:37
flocculantbluesabre: further to parole - looking back had an update on gstreamer20:12
flocculantthis week, whole bunch of packages went to 1.10.2-1ubuntu1 20:14
flocculantaah - totem also broken20:16
flocculantif I remember I'll see if people in -desktop have seen similar20:20
flocculantmmm totem works in ubuntu it seems21:48
flocculantoooh clever :) ubuntu-bug totem asks questions - when I say it has problems playing some files it reports to gstreamer21:59
knomepleia2, i think two of the main things we should do is the council article and the #lovexubuntu contest22:05
* pleia2 shows up to work on things and stuff22:05
knomeyou probably noticed my idea on the -contacts list about those t-shirts22:05
pleia2knome: sounds good, I'll look at the lovexubuntu stuff first and make sure we have everything on the wiki that's supposed to be there22:05
pleia2yeah, the women's ts22:05
knomeno, gabor wanted to send us 3 shirts22:05
knomeso i asked if he could ship them to 3 different addresses22:05
flocculantbluesabre: bug 1650036 bug 165003822:05
knomeand he said it's fine22:05
ubottubug 1650036 in gstreamer1.0 (Ubuntu) "Some mkv files report error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165003622:05
ubottubug 1650038 in parole (Ubuntu) "mkv files report gstreamer backend error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165003822:05
knomeso if we want to spread them out...22:06
flocculantevening knome pleia2 - have fun :)22:06
knomeflocculant, thanks ;)22:06
pleia2knome: an etherpad for today would help my brain22:07
knomepleia2, set up one22:07
knomei'm looking at the mirrors issue first, poking with some results next22:07
* pleia2 sorts through -contacts email22:08
knomedid you set up a pad already?22:08
knomeif not, i'll do that now22:08
knomewhat a rememberable url22:09
pleia2we don't need to remember it :)22:09
knomeso both of the chinese mirrors say they have 1gbps, i'd trust them22:10
knomeLP says one of them is completely in sync and the other one is lagging behind on some22:10
knomeso we'll probably go with the one that is on sync for the main page22:10
knomeok, mirror stuff done22:20
pleia2I keep getting distracted, but I left a note in the pad under the website code thing22:21
knomei noticed22:21
knomeone thing i really want to happen is download link lists that are created automatically22:21
knomebut that's for later22:21
* pleia2 nods22:21
knomeis the #lovexubuntu wiki page up-to-date?22:22
pleia2that's what I'm working on now22:22
* knome goes look at staging.x.o22:24
pleia2oh yeah, I'm going to do the standard system upgrades on that now too22:26
pleia2should probably boot it into a new kernel sometime soon too (maybe today?)22:26
pleia2oh, I also need to see when we need to do a community funds request again, I think we're coming up on a year22:27
* pleia2 adds to the pad22:27
knomeare those the press links you're looking after?22:28
pleia2oh, yeah22:29
knomei think i just moved them back then22:29
pleia2that's what I was looking at and haz none22:29
knomei know, we need that shortcode22:29
pleia2so I was confused, and we need ones for 16.1022:29
knomejust add the ones in the wp admin for 16.1022:29
pleia2k, I will put in pad to do in a little bit22:30
knomeok, so that shortcode is not working22:31
* knome goes look at the code22:31
pleia2knome: no rush at all, but do let me know when there's a 10 minute window during which I can reboot the server22:43
knomein 5 or so, i'll notify22:43
knomeok, go ahead22:47
pleia2ok, rebooting it now22:49
pleia2Linux xubuntu-dev 4.8.6-x86_64-linode78 #1 SMP Tue Nov 1 14:51:21 EDT 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux22:50
pleia2yay, all set22:50
* knome reconnects22:50
* pleia2 goes back to hunting a particular lost #lovexubuntu submission22:50
pleia2I could have sworn I blogged about the xubuntu cookie cutter22:51
knomeyou tweeted at least22:52
pleia2yeah, and G+22:52
knomethe link is there22:52
pleia2oh! the tweet HAS the G+ link22:52
pleia2phew, good, sorted :)22:52
* pleia2 looks for any stray hashtags now22:53
* knome cries a bit22:53
pleia2knome I love you <322:53
* knome <3 pleia2 22:53
knomedidn't i tell you to tell me not to do this?22:53
knomeeg. keep stuff unpushed in staging for too long?22:54
pleia2I am a bad enforcer22:55
knomeawwh :)22:55
knomei would have loved you to enforce me22:55
knomei mean...22:55
knomei'd rather not be in this place now ;P22:55
pleia2and yeah, delta between prod and staging gets brutal22:56
Unit193knome: Well he was the systemd guy, and with the migration to systemd user sessions...22:56
knomeok, that thing is fixed22:56
knomeUnit193, yes - my question is, will there be a replacement for him (regardign systemd) and do we specifically need to be in touch with them, or shall we just expect things to work in the future22:58
Unit193I wouldn't count on the latter.22:58
* pleia2 snorts22:59
pleia2I mean, totally22:59
knomeUnit193, in that case, will you keep an eye on the replacement?22:59
Unit193I have no idea who it's going to be, but if I see any news on that I'll give a shout.23:00
knomethat's pretty much what we can expect from anybody right now23:00
knomepleia2, do we want the press archive to be latest-first?23:01
pleia2knome: I think so23:02
pleia2most people want to read most recent23:02
pleia2ok, just one more image to add to the lovexubuntu wiki and then I think we'll have everything23:09
pleia2alright, I think that's it: http://wiki.xubuntu.org/marketing/projects/lovexubuntu/201623:17
knomehow many winners did we say we'd pick?23:18
pleia2sorry, tv repair person showed up, handling that ;)23:27
pleia2"At the end of the competition, we will select 5 finalists. All finalists will receive a set of Xubuntu stickers from UnixStickers! We will pick 2 winners from the finalists who will also receive a Xubuntu t-shirt!"23:30
* genii investigates this contest which could possibly pay in stickers23:31
knomegenii, it's kind of closed :P23:31
knomepleia2, my favorites are:23:32
knomeand then the cookie cutters by Keith23:32
knomeand then the story by Dina Goldin23:32
knomeok, phew23:33
knomepleia2, ok, so23:34
knomehttp://staging.xubuntu.org/press/ <-- created by a shortcode23:34
knomehttp://staging.xubuntu.org/press/archive/ <-- created by a shortcode23:34
knomedo you feel like we need some more functionality here?23:35
knomepleia2, RT #2942623:45
knomeso once the new code is pushed, i'll change some bits to magic shortcodes and everything is awesome23:47
knomepleia2, so did you fiddle with the admin to add the release links already?23:55
pleia2so I agree re: cookie cutters23:56
* pleia2 grumbles at etherpad23:57
pleia2I'll have to trawl through the tweets to find some favorites, but I would also like to select one of the stories (probably not Dina's, because I'm a prude)23:58
knomepleia2, http://xubuntu.org/wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=release_link23:58
knomebasically input your data, select a release from the release box and click publish23:58
knomeonce we have our latest code up, this updates all appropriate lists with your link23:58
pleia2This server could not prove that it is www.xubuntu.org; its security certificate expired 22 days ago.23:59
pleia2I'll submit a ticket abou that23:59
knomethat's a non-https link though23:59

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