xubuntu05dhow to install RabbitVCS on xubuntu 16.04?02:07
xubuntu05dhttp://wiki.rabbitvcs.org/wiki/install/ubuntu   I follow this, but it can't work!02:09
Spassxubuntu05d: Xubuntu i386 or amd64? This PPA seems outdated (last packages are for Utopic) and I don't see amd64 build of the newest rabbitvcs package.02:21
krytarik!find rabbitvcs02:26
ubottuFound: rabbitvcs-cli, rabbitvcs-core, rabbitvcs-gedit, rabbitvcs-nautilus02:26
krytarik!info rabbitvcs-cli02:26
ubotturabbitvcs-cli (source: rabbitvcs): Command line interface for RabbitVCS. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.16-1.1 (yakkety), package size 4 kB, installed size 21 kB02:26
SpassThunar compatibility seems abandoned (issues on GitHub).02:29
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TLEHallo. I have just installed the lastest xubuntu and am running multiple instances of a Qt program. After a few minutes all the instances of this program completely disappears from the display (including program switcher and program bar) BUT the program keeps running i.e. producing output11:55
TLEDo any of you have any clue as to how I can trouble shoot that?11:56
knomesounds like the program itself has some issues11:56
knomehave you tried running it from the terminal to see if it outputs any error messages when that happens?11:57
TLEknome: could be, it was however running (although in a slightly altered version) on Windows for a long time11:57
knomesure, but windows and linux builds of apps are more or less different11:58
knomexfce, or any component in ubuntu, do not cause apps to close unless you specifically tell them to - again unless there is a problem in the application code or how it interacts with other components11:58
TLEknome: yes of course, I mean, the window manager/desktop environment isn't the first place to look, I get that, I just wanted to check if there was any known problems11:59
TLEknome: it does specifically not seem to close, but simply to disappear11:59
TLEknome: anyway, thanks for the help, back to debugging11:59
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xubuntu85dhow make a new user xubuntu, please16:02
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xubuntu85dno one?16:04
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jonashhhi, can someone tell me if there's no screen tearing on xubuntu 16.10 out-of-the-box?20:07
SeTunTunhello, could anybody help me to disable the guest user in xubuntu 16.04.20:22
SeTunTunI can not find much information.20:22
Spass_SeTunTun: Did you try adding "allow-guest=false" to the /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf file?20:29
SeTunTunmm no. Let me try Spass20:38
SeTunTunViel Spass20:38
krytarikSeTunTun: Also see here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/62564/how-do-i-disable-the-guest-session20:42
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