teranetk done : http://paste.ubuntu.com/23631252/00:01
marcoceppiteranet: what does MAAS say now?00:02
teranet3 Ready  3 deployed00:02
marcoceppiteranet: okay, so you've got 3 nodes doing something else?00:02
teranetshould I release those too ?00:03
marcoceppiteranet: release those manually then00:03
teranet1 I know had a hardware issue which I fixed00:03
teranetok will do00:03
teranetok now they are all ready00:04
teranetso now I should bootstap again ?00:05
teranetcorrect ?00:07
teranetok bootstapping a controller again00:12
marcoceppiteranet: yes, bootstrap and deploy again00:12
teranetfor juju-gui can I only deploy the gui to make it work or does the rabbitmq server has to be deployed too?00:13
teranetand mysql sorry forgot that one LOL00:13
bdxteranet: what I would do, when all your maas machines are in a 'ready' state, is `juju add-machine -n 6`00:14
bdxteranet: and just make sure they all deploy successfully without any charms or bundles00:14
teranethmm ok will do that00:14
bdxthen once you verify that, the rest should fall into place00:15
teranethow do I add later more to it ?? does juju does it automaticly once maas say''s they are ready ?00:15
bdxteranet: yea, your `juju status` will show them as 'started'00:15
bdxif you succeed in ^, the rest will work given you have your maas<->juju<->openstack networking aligned00:16
teranetok will check it00:16
marcoceppiteranet: juju gui doesn't require anything00:21
marcoceppiteranet: it's already deployed by default, just run `juju gui` command00:21
teranetah ok cool00:24
wetoolaguerHi everybody, I'm trying to use this bundle https://jujucharms.com/kubernetes-core/ but it's installing the latest version of kubernetes. How can I force it to use an older version? Thanks a lot!04:30
stubskay: ta. I'll test and merge that and add some docs on the charm store publication workaround.04:48
stubskay: released06:03
stubkwmonroe: My issue on that is https://github.com/juju/charmstore-client/issues/10306:28
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kjackalGood morning Juju world!08:46
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deanmanHello, is it possible to auto-scale (regardless the infra) the worker node of a juju kubernetes deployment?13:30
deanmanor do you have to create a custom solution that monitors kube workers load and decides whether to request for extra resources (lxd, VMs) using the API of the underlying infra?13:30
voidspacefrankban: ping13:33
frankbanvoidspace: hey13:33
voidspacefrankban: hey, hi13:33
voidspacefrankban: I have made a change to bundlechanges that I would appreciate you looking at13:34
frankbanvoidspace: sure13:34
voidspacefrankban: https://github.com/juju/bundlechanges/pull/2913:34
voidspacefrankban: we need container placement to honour application constraints13:34
voidspacefrankban: this change implements that13:34
voidspacefrankban: but the bundlechanges package is new to me :-)13:34
voidspacefrankban: when you get a chance anyway13:35
frankbanvoidspace: looking13:36
voidspacefrankban: for context, this is the juju bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/162659713:37
mupBug #1626597: Juju ignores constraints set in the bundle and deploys KVMs with default values <4010> <juju:Triaged by mfoord> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1626597>13:37
frankbanvoidspace: reviewed13:53
voidspacefrankban: your analysis of the bug seems correct and passing constraint only rather than application is reasonable, however also <shrug>13:54
voidspacefrankban: :-)13:54
voidspacefrankban: the new test, when the unit is located to "new", that can't be a container can it?13:55
frankbanvoidspace: yeah that's the kind of "take it or leave it" suggestion, the branch is good, happy to see that bug discovered13:55
voidspacefrankban: a unit can only be located on a container if placement is specified13:55
voidspacefrankban: i.e. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "new" :-)13:55
frankbanvoidspace: it cannot, but since your change touches that it would be nice if that's exercised by a test anyway13:55
frankbanvoidspace: "new" is a special placement meaning new top level machine13:56
voidspacefrankban: right13:56
voidspacefrankban: is that an explicit placement?13:57
voidspacefrankban: ah, I see it in the code - I will try and work it out13:57
frankbanvoidspace: which is the default if no placement is specified, but for instance, IIRC, can be used in a multiple placement definition, like to: ["1", "new", "lxd:2"] or similar13:57
voidspacefrankban: ah, I see13:57
voidspacefrankban: understood13:57
voidspacefrankban: I may be able to remove that change - let me check13:58
frankbanvoidspace: for instance https://github.com/voidspace/bundlechanges/blob/37e0752c3c530d1af168b3a2f90592dc9ce85549/changes_test.go#L28613:58
voidspacefrankban: I added the change there too because I saw a ContainerType13:58
voidspacefrankban: yep13:59
frankbanvoidspace: I don't think that's a bad change, maybe that's required as well13:59
voidspacefrankban: right, it might actually be a different bug...13:59
voidspacefrankban: ok, I'll add a new test :-)13:59
frankbanvoidspace: ty13:59
voidspacethe new machine should honour application constraints as well13:59
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CarlFKjuju deploy /home/juser/temp/charm-ubuntu/builds/ubuntu monitor - 27 of those, 25 started, 2 are State:pending15:53
CarlFKit has been like that at least 5 hours.15:54
voidspacefrankban: I've added a new test for the case you suggested and made the change to explicitly pass constraints rather than the whole application spec16:00
voidspacefrankban: and I'm going to land the change16:00
frankbanvoidspace: cool thanks16:00
voidspacefrankban: thanks for your help16:00
voidspacefrankban: is it the usual $$magic$$ to trigger the landing bot on that branch as far as you know?16:01
voidspacefrankban: if there's no landing bot I might will have to ask you to land it, as I don't have write access to that repo16:03
voidspacefrankban: it's alright, I found the magic...16:06
frankbanvoidspace: sorry, on call, it's :shipit: probably16:07
voidspacefrankban: it is, and it's done - sorry for the noise16:07
cory_futvansteenburgh: I'm trying to see the delta between the latest and next-most-recent review rev of https://review.jujucharms.com/reviews/24 and it seems to include a bunch of stuff that was not specifically changed in the latest rev.  Am I missing something?16:31
* tvansteenburgh looks16:33
cory_futvansteenburgh: nm, I was reading the diff wrong.  It's actually showing the right stuff16:36
tvansteenburghcory_fu: can you give an example of a something that's displayed but shouldn't be? like, name a file16:36
tvansteenburghoh okay16:36
teranetok quick question on juju network ranges16:47
teranetI have my MAAS to use 10.5.x.x/24 but somehow now all of the sudden when I deployed juju charms those charms took 10.0.0.x IP's where do I can see and change that ?16:48
marcoceppiteranet: that's odd, do you have multiple spaces configured?17:22
teranetno not yet17:24
teranetwhere could I see what spaces / ranges juju uses ?17:25
rick_hteranet: it reads them from maas. You can use list-spaces to see what spaces it sees17:25
rick_hteranet: and show-machine 0 to see details about the machine and what networks it's on17:25
teranetok that only shows what I  configured : http://paste.ubuntu.com/23634617/17:27
teranetbut below you can see my charm's somehow have also 10.0.0 in use .....17:28
rick_hteranet: adjust the number of the machine to the one that your charm is deployed on17:28
teranetcan that be something within the charms ? even when I deployed the yaml none had any network setups in it17:28
rick_hteranet: not really, the charms are handed a machine to run on so it's what maas has for network config and what you've done in Juju to specify deployment constraints17:29
teranetok updated17:29
rick_hteranet: when you update the pastebin the link url changes17:30
rick_hteranet: so can't see any changes with the other url17:30
teranetups :-) there we go17:30
rick_hteranet: does MAAS provide dhcp and is it providing dhcp on both subnets?17:33
rick_hteranet: in Juju the containers should be getting their IP addresses from the MAAS dhcp server17:33
teranetMAAs provides DHCP on the default which is 10.5.100...17:35
teranetbut only on eth017:35
teraneteth1 is reserved for public only17:35
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teranetany idea ?20:39
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gQuigshow do I tell juju2.0 to use a specific LXD image?23:06
gQuigsthat I installed into LXD manually23:06
gQuigsor do I have no choice and I have to use simplestreams?  (the environment this is going in is completely offline, with manually syncing of everythng)23:26

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