Kiloshi Mister_Q05:16
Mister_Qhey Kilos :)05:16
Kiloshi batteronizer05:50
batteronizerhi Kilos05:59
=== Kilos is now known as inet
=== inet is now known as Kilos
dholbachhey hey08:04
Kiloshi dholbach svij and others08:04
dholbachhi Kilos08:04
svijhey Kilos and dholbach08:05
dholbachhi svij08:05
svijdholbach: enjoy your last day ;)08:05
* svij is still sad.08:05
Kiloswhere is he going svij08:05
svijKilos: https://daniel.holba.ch/blog/2016/12/taking-a-break/08:05
Kilosoh my08:08
Kilosdholbach you know where we are you can get satelite coverage anywhere so popin regularly please just to greet08:09
Kilosand let us know where you are and what you doing08:09
dholbachI was not going to live in a cave for the next 20 years :)08:11
svijyou don't!?08:11
dholbachI probably said something like "some quiet time" somewhere :)08:12
Kilosif you find a nice cave in your wanderings book it for me08:16
dholbachI'll let you know :)08:17
CoderEuropemhall119, I've asked you a question on reddit [ https://redd.it/5hl0is ] Please answer it, thankyou.11:46
* popey hugs dholbach 16:30
* dholbach hugs popey back :)16:30
* svij hugs dholbach too16:31
* dholbach hugs svij back :)16:31
czajkowskiit's getting to that time of day isn't it16:31
svijyep :(16:32
czajkowskidholbach: we're not mentally prepared for this just yet, you;ll have to try again next Thursday thanks :)16:32
dholbachok, Laura - I'll report in tomorrow!16:33
dholbachno, don't think so :)16:34
dholbachI have so much other stuff to get done, it's incredible16:34
dholbachbut I won't be gone from the planet, don't worry:)16:34
czajkowskidholbach: put it off till next week16:34
czajkowskiit wont matter really16:34
svijdon't forget to turn on IRC, dholbach (unlike dpm :P)16:35
dholbachall right my friends... I'll see you some time again... now it's time for a longer break :-)17:01
popeyHave a great time in the mountains!17:02
popeyLook forward to seeing you again sometime.17:02
popeyIf you're ever in the UK, let me buy you lots of beer.17:02
dholbachI'll let you know when I re-emerge somewhere. :)17:03
Kilosgo well dholbach17:07
Kilosmay the force be with you17:07
dholbachand the same to you :)17:08
dholbachbig big hugs!17:08
Kilosty my friend . go well :D17:08
CoderEuropemhall119, ping20:25
CoderEuropeflexiondotorg: ping20:26
czajkowskiCoderEurope: I'm sure he'll reply to the reddit comment when he gets a chance20:29
CoderEuropeokay cheers.20:29

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