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Bashing-om'nuf is enough ..... good Nite good folks07:52
pauljwHi everyone14:41
BluesKajHi pauljw14:43
pauljwhey BluesKaj :)14:44
Bashing-omOK, ready to have fun now . devestation may follow .20:34
nicomachusthat's the best kind of fun21:01
Bashing-omUh Huh, and the best part of it .. ubuntu .. always fixable - given time. effort and want to . ( Lord I hope that hard drive has not failed - afraid to look !)21:04
nicomachussomewhat random: the Linux Foundation is offering 50% training and certification in a bunch of areas for Ubuntu users: http://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/12/15/get-50-off-linux-foundation-training-and-certification/21:04
Bashing-omLooks like a push is on to get some accredited people in the industry .21:06
nicomachuswe need 'em21:12
nicomachussent it to my dad, too. He's a network engineer. I think he gets most of his certs through Cisco and Red Hat though.21:13
Ben64i need to find a linux job21:17
Ben64everything ive seen lately wants AD21:18

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