White_Light4.8.0-30-generic appears to have usb issues on my machine - is this even a supported kernel or is 4.4 the only thing supported on 16.04?04:14
White_LightUpstream 4.8 and 4.9 work perfectly04:15
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rbasakShould one expect exynos_defconfig to have CONFIG_IP_MULTICAST? Because it doesn't, libnss-mdns regressed for me between v4.2 and v4.9. Using Trusty userspace, and the regression was in "dcd87999 igmp: net: Move igmp namespace init to correct file" by adding additional conditionals on CONFIG_IP_MULTICAST.12:05
smbrbasak, sounds like something that just may slip unnoticed without hw for testing. Did you file a bug about it already?13:00
rbasaksmb: no. I wasn't sure if would be considered a bug or not. It's mainline, not Ubuntu.13:04
rbasakwasn't sure> hence my question.13:06
smbrbasak, yes, just the way you describe it would need us to adapt the config. Not sure from the top of my head whether multicast as option was turned off deliberately or just happened to be no as default and the change should have also made the default a y13:06
rbasakIt happened to be no as default.13:07
rbasak(it still is)13:07
rbasakEnabling it fixes the problem13:07
smbrbasak, ok so maybe something we should do while knocking at upstream's door. All better with a bug report somewhere. 13:09
rbasaksmb: you want a bug report for Ubuntu? I didn't think you'd care about exynos_defconfig (for my Samsung ARM Chromebook).13:10
sforsheestgraber: henrix was asking me some questions about the patches to enable fuse userns mounts by default in xenial, whether we need to worry about breaking older lxd versions, and should we encode that in the packaging. What's your opinion?13:10
smbrbasak, hm... not sure tbh13:14
ppisatirbasak: yes please, fill a bug13:18
stgrabersforshee: given that it only affects a tiny bit of LXD (injecting new devices in a running container), I think we're fine with not worrying too much about it and just pushing the kernel SRU as normal14:05
stgrabersforshee: anyone who files a bug about an outdated LXD is asked to update to the latest anyway so that will be fine. Also you don't want some systems not updating their kernels because the admin somehow pinned LXD to an old version14:06
sforsheestgraber: thanks14:16
sforsheehenrix: ^14:16
henrixsforshee: stgraber: awesome, thanks for clarifying14:16
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mitya57Hi, can someone please look at my patch in bug 1215411? Without this I have to use the 5-year-old cpufreq library in gnome-applets instead of the modern Linux APIā€¦16:48
ubot5`bug 1215411 in linux (Ubuntu Zesty) "libcpupower.so is not installed from linux-tools (saucy)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121541116:48
mitya57^^ Ignore that, I forgot to subscribe to the bug and missed the response17:21
mitya57Sorry for the noise17:23

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