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greenmanspirit_hhey all, I posted earlier as greenmanspirit. I am getting the same error with apt-utils "apt-utils : Depends: apt (= 1.3.1) but 1.3.2ubuntu0.1 is to be installed" at home as I am on my workstation.01:25
greenmanspirit_hthat is when I try to do apt update and apt upgrade01:25
ouroumovgreenmanspirit_h, hi08:54
ouroumovgreenmanspirit_h, try and run the "Fixes" from the software boutique (Last icon on the right that looks like a wrench)08:54
wyclefIs anyone here?11:34
ouroumovhi wyclef11:35
greenmanspiritouroumov, fix broken packages worked. What is it doing in the background?14:34
ouroumovI think it just calls apt with --fix-broken --fix-missing14:35
greenmanspiritcool, I love how ubuntu-mate makes these things very user friendly but I do like to know the command line for if I have to ssh in. Thanks ouroumov!14:39
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mate|75804Hello, has someone successfully installed the latest version from live cd of ubuntu mate on a G4 MDD ppc?16:27
mate|75804I am getting a freeze at or before the welcome screen on boot16:28
ouroumovhello mate|7580416:39
ouroumovmate|75804, maybe ask on the forums?16:39
khwIn 16.04 I'm having to new bugs.  Pressing ^E in gvim to scroll down can freeze the screen and keyboard.  I haven't figured out any thing but a power-off to get out of it.16:53
khwAlso, the window manager gets confused about what's on top; the work-around is to cycle through the windows with Alt-Tab.16:53
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omegaeclipseGood day21:19
omegaeclipseI have had an issue with my machine, it kept saying firefox couldn't find the server on every site other than a couple. My internet is fine21:20
omegaeclipseI have avoided dangerous sites mostly but I don't know much about linux. I turned it off and turned it back on21:21
masterhi there!21:49
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Guest50082I am from Brazil21:51
Guest50082I am leaving now21:53
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xzaviorim new here23:29
xzaviorwhell see ya updateing23:29

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