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kgunncamako: AlbertA hey so been chatting with mfeatherston, he's on a freescale chip with vivante drivers22:34
kgunnand it's an ubuntu-core all-snaps22:34
kgunn....and his driver choices are closed/prop x, wayland, or android22:35
kgunnso wondering...22:35
kgunncould he just pack the android drivers along with libhybris into a mir-kiosk snap and get it rolling?22:35
kgunnor is libhybris going to have baked in system path assumptions that will not be happy with the snappy world?22:36
kgunnkdub: ^ ah you might know this...22:36
camakokgunn, has libhybris never been used in snappy?22:36
kgunnif you're on and not changing diapers :)22:36
kgunncamako: nope....at least i don't think22:37
kgunncamako: we've not yet had a need to put snaps on an android driver stack22:37
kgunnso this would be a first...22:37
camakokgunn, I don't really know without trying it out22:38
kgunni was kinda wondering camako if there is an device where we could do this...22:38
kgunnlike m10 i don't think has an image from the foundation team yet22:38
kgunnmfeatherston: curious...did you roll your own image?22:38
mfeatherstonhttps://github.com/embeddedarm/ubuntu-core if you're curious22:39
kgunnmfeatherston: so you've put the gfx drivers in for the propritary x version i suppose?22:39
mfeatherstonYes, we support yocto which uses their proprietary x11 drivers.22:40
mfeatherstonWe have android running too with their drivers22:40
kgunnhey, i need to run actually...but mfeatherston i am really interested in your effort22:41
kgunncamako: kdub can we think about how we might test out and build some instructions for running mir-kiosk on android drivers?22:42
kgunni think we knew there'd eventually be a need...just need to figure out how to do it22:42
mfeatherstonkgunn, I'll be working on this the next few weeks at least so I'm sure I'll be around.  Thanks for your help!22:42
camakokgunn, sure22:42
kgunnlike i suppose we could use dragonboard?22:42
kgunnas a vehicle22:42
kgunnjust to prove the hybris/android thing22:42
kgunnok...gotta run22:43
camakokgunn, yes we can talk more about it22:43
kdubyeah, can probably make some option work22:50
kdubandroid platform compiled against glibc, or the mir patches on top of the wayland stack would get freedreno going i think22:50
kdubbeen on the backburner for a long time22:50
mfeatherstonfreescale provides binary wayland drivers too if that would be simpler for this case as well.23:02

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