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flocculantbdmurray: I posted a thread on the qa mailing list today with some statements and one question - needless to say I'm getting lots of nothing to do with the question responses - it is the internet. If you see the thread and know the answer I'll send you an ethercookie :)17:17
bdmurrayflocculant: Yes, eventually but it seems like something that might be worth SRU'ing.  I'd talk to jsalisbury in #ubuntu-kernel17:28
flocculantbdmurray: ack - I assume that's the answer to my only real question there?17:31
bdmurrayflocculant: that's the answer to will it eventually get fixed17:42
flocculantbdmurray: yep - that was my assumption - just wanted to check - at some point I will talk in #u-kernel then. This is for you as promised https://pics.onsizzle.com/best-cookie-ever-oa-420045.png17:45
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