Gorianis anyone able to point me in a good direction to debug resolvconf?03:09
sarnoldthe manpages aren't bad03:09
sarnolddo you actually need the thing though?03:09
patdk-lapwhat exactly is there to debug?03:10
sarnoldmost 'server' sort of users are static enough that it's not really helpful03:10
Gorianwell, running "resolvconf -u" updates /etc/resolv.conf, but it is adding a third line that i can't find defined in any configuration files for resolvconf03:10
Gorianoh, resolvconf is just shell script03:16
sarnoldGorian: do you get different results if you put a newline at the end of the 'base' file? many tools can't handle input files that don't end with a newline03:20
Goriannope :/03:21
sarnoldis one of the resolvconf sources (say, a dhcp server) telling you to use
Goriannot sure03:26
patdk-lapwhat is in your /etc/network/interfaces file03:26
Gorian8.8.8.8 and
Gorianbut, just once each03:26
patdk-lapI can't see it03:26
patdk-lapI wasn't concerned about those two ip addresses03:32
patdk-lapor I wouldn't have asked to see the whole file03:32
Gorianonly ones defined03:43
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ballWhat server Linux alternatives are there to Ubuntu Server?05:28
jamespag`frickler, 10.2.5 built in ppa:openstack-ubuntu-testing/ceph-sru07:51
* cpaelzer is handing jamespag` an 'e'07:53
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cpaelzeryou see :-)07:53
JavezimAnyone here running ZFS on Ubuntu 16.04 Server?08:02
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rbasaksmb: do you have an opinion on bug 1396670 please?10:31
ubottubug 1396670 in xen (Ubuntu) "gdbsx missing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139667010:31
smbrbasak, I am full of opinion... just not always good ones10:32
rbasaksmb: what is your opinion on bug 1396670 please? :-)10:34
ubottubug 1396670 in xen (Ubuntu) "gdbsx missing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139667010:34
smbrbasak, I would have to look into the 4.7 case. Maybe moved or dropped by upstream10:36
smbrbasak, can't tell you anything more specific right now10:36
rbasakOK, thanks.10:37
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OerHeksHi, what is a good tool to read/merge/sort pst files?13:35
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KeykapsHi, quick question here : is using SAMBA 4 as an AD for ~30 users on Windows machines a viable option or should I forget it ?15:02
caribounacc: rbasak: jgrimm: I've redone the clamav merge and we're now down to one delta which is caused by tomsfastmath not being in main15:39
jgrimmcaribou, \o/ nice!15:40
caribounacc: rbasak: jgrimm: so if we MIR tomsfastmath, we can sync clamav15:40
* jgrimm checks the status15:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1619239 in tomsfastmath (Ubuntu) "[MIR] tomsfastmath (runtime dependency of clamav)" [High,In progress]15:40
jgrimmcaribou, looks like there is a path forward on the MIR.. MIR team will accept enabling tests as good enough15:42
jgrimm>>Either we can add a quick delta or wait for Debian to add it, but seems like any test would be good to enable15:43
cariboujgrimm: I did open a but for basic test coverage that got fixed recently15:43
cariboujgrimm: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=83849715:43
ubottuDebian bug 838497 in libtfm1 "libtfm1: Please add basic test coverage to build process" [Normal,Fixed]15:43
jgrimmcaribou, so that's enabled in the latest merge?15:44
jgrimmif so, we are golden15:44
cariboujgrimm: lemme check15:44
cariboujgrimm: yes, it's in Zesty : 0.13-415:45
jgrimmcaribou, cool, please update the MIR.  I've just subscribed 'ubuntu server', so that's covered now too15:46
rizonzis there a known apt sources list which is needed for servers only ?15:50
rizonzwhen you want to create a mirror and don't want to have all desktop packages as well ?15:50
sypherrizonz: "Server" is just an Ubuntu release with a specified package set.15:51
rizonzsypher: I agree15:51
rizonzsypher: but there is to much packages I don't need15:51
rizonzmy mirror is now 400G for I think 12 and 1415:51
sypherrizonz: Then you've answered your own question. There isn't a "server only" repository because "server" is not a separate distro/release/package set.15:52
rizonzsypher: it would be nice if we could excluded unneeded files15:52
sypherOn the other hand, a mirror with innumerable unsatisfiable dependencies sounds like a nightmare to me, so no thank you.15:53
jgrimmcaribou, nicely done. thank you15:54
rizonzsypher: should not be needed if you have fallback to public mirrors if needed15:54
rbasakrizonz: "it would be nice if we could excluded unneeded files"> then you'd need to define what is unneeded, since the server product does not define that for you.15:55
rizonzotherwise, I don't need 12.04 anymore so I can ditch that one15:55
rizonzrbasak: let's say X15:55
rbasakrizonz: I believe some mirroring tools have some tooling around that.15:56
rizonzwho wants X on a server15:56
rizonzgnome, kde, name it15:56
rbasakUnfortunately X isn't just one package.15:56
rizonzoffice packages (only needed when doing online openoffice applicances so can be done in some other way)15:56
rbasakAnd you end up with stuff that depends on X libraries, for example ssh for X forwarding support.15:56
rizonzrbasak: indeed, that is why it grows so much15:57
rizonzwith unneeded files15:57
rbasakSure. Just define the set of packages you don't want and don't mirror them. We don't define or maintain any such list, so you'll need to derive that from your own list and the dependency tree.15:57
rbasakYou might be interested in the "germinate" tool, which does the opposite - given a set of packages you _do_ want, it'll tell you all the dependencies you need, recursively.15:58
rizonzrbasak: that sounds good15:59
rbasakThat's what is used to decide what goes on to the server ISO for example.15:59
rbasakHowever, we do introduce new packages in a stable release, for example kernel (including security) updates come in a new package each. So you'll need to automate a regular run of that.16:00
rizonzyeah can be cronned16:01
rizonzrbasak: what do we need default, universe, the who shabang ?16:07
tewardrbasak: just an update, i'm likely going to do a non-merge update of the version to latest nginx stable just so we have something updated - i'm getting some strange build errors with regards to the dynamic modules, and am going to have to spend at least a whole day uninterrupted chasing it down.  This way at least we have an update to nginx that fixes some things... I'm fairly certain we don't want to track mainline right now, and that's got16:14
tewardits own build headaches.16:14
tewardblah too long a line >.<16:14
rbasakrizonz: well, that's up to you.16:20
rbasakteward: OK. Thanks!16:20
rizonzrbasak: true but there were some default and some you don't want at all16:21
rbasakrizonz: nothing in universe is on the ubuntu server ISO.16:22
rizonzrbasak: ok, what kind of packages are in there, I try to find a list which says, ok these vendors, etc16:23
rbasakrizonz: grep-dctrl can help you generate a list.16:24
rizonzrbasak: ok, and multiverse is not on it as well ?16:25
rbasakUse grep-ctrl to filter to whatever you want.16:26
nacccaribou: nice!16:27
tewardrbasak: i've got something I'd like Server Team input on, which would then ahve to be bounced to the SRU team.  I assume the ML is the best place for it?16:32
rbasakteward: yes. ML should be fine.16:35
tewardrbasak: ack.  i'll email in to the list within the next few hours.  In the mean time, build tests underway on the direct 1.10.2 upload, in a PPA.  If it passes it'll be pushed to the repos.16:36
tewardfor Zesty16:36
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GrandPa-Ganyone here able to help with dns-nameserver problem>17:58
naccGrandPa-G: it's probably better to just ask the question first18:04
GrandPa-Gok - ubuntu 16.10 server, network manager, wpa_supplicant, wifi usb. I want static ip with dns-nameserver
GrandPa-GI have put all of that in the interfaces file, but the dns names do not stick and always goes to
GrandPa-GVery confusing google stuff about what to do, so coming here to get latest, best answer18:07
GrandPa-Gof course, putting in resolv.conf gets overwritten next boot.18:07
naccyou're using network manager on a server?18:08
GrandPa-Gputting in head stops interface from loading18:08
* nacc thinks nm and eni are not necessarily compatible18:08
GrandPa-Gnacc: yes, long story, I am willing to change if necessary as long it doesn't require a reinstall18:08
naccGrandPa-G: i think if you use nm, it runs a dnsmasq server locally?18:09
GrandPa-GI will try anything, once, as long as it is somewhat legal18:09
GrandPa-Gwhat is eni?18:10
nacc /etc/network/interfaces18:10
naccGrandPa-G: need to step away, but i think you either want to use /etc/network/interfaces or nm, not both. And if you are using nm, then you need to configure your dns settings in nm, not in eni18:11
GrandPa-Gcan you suggest how to remove nm? is it just sudo apt-get purge network-manager18:12
GrandPa-GI am trying to run an apt-get purge, (or any other apt-get) and get error "The following packages have unmet dependencies:" and list. How do I fix this so I can go on?18:15
tarpmanGrandPa-G: apt-get -f install18:16
GrandPa-Ggives me the same thing18:17
tarpmanGrandPa-G: pastebin the output18:18
tarpmanthat doesn't say anything about unmet dependencies18:19
tarpmanwhat you have there is buggy packages that aren't declaring correct Breaks/Replaces18:20
tarpmanyou can probably work around it by removing zeroc-ice-compilers and then trying apt-get -f install again18:20
tarpmanGrandPa-G: where did you get your zeroc-ice from, anyway? 3.6.3-1000 isn't a version in ubuntu or debian that I can see18:24
GrandPa-GIf I remember I should have got it from zeroice.com distrubtion. apt-get install zeroc-ice-all-runtime zeroc-ice-all-dev18:26
GrandPa-Gunless something else put it in when I was installing something else.18:26
tarpmanhmm, maybe they don't support upgrading from the debian/ubuntu packages to their own18:26
tarpmanor they do and it's buggy18:26
GrandPa-GHow do I get out of this mess?18:27
tarpman10:20 < tarpman> you can probably work around it by removing zeroc-ice-compilers and then trying apt-get -f install  again18:27
tarpmanactually, if the layout of their packages is different from what you have installed, might be safer to uninstall/purge everything zeroc before installing theirs18:27
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GrandPa-Ghow would I get the compilers to go away? I can't do apt-get remove. I have to leave, but can you leave some more directions? Thanks in advance.18:28
tarpmanGrandPa-G: please pastebin output of 'apt-get purge zeroc-ice-compilers'18:31
ballI'm tempted to try Ubuntu Server. Where can I find its system requirements?18:31
pmatulisball, probably in the installation guide18:32
ballThanks pmatulis18:36
sypherpmatulis: I admit that I kept trying to read your name as pmautils. Like you're a package or something.18:37
pmatulissypher, i never thought of that :)18:38
sypherpmatulis: My thoughts were along the lines of "huh, maybe he's the package maintainer for whatever that is."18:38
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GrandPa-Gtarpman: back, sorry. The apt-get purge zeroc-ice-compilers gets the same errors20:54
tarpmanGrandPa-G: last time you said "the same", it was anything but. please actually pastebin the results20:55
tarpmanoh, apt being silly21:01
tarpmanGrandPa-G: so apt-get purge zeroc-ice-compilers zeroc-ice-all-dev libzeroc-ice-dev libzeroc-ice-java21:02
tarpmanGrandPa-G: or even just apt-get purge 'zeroc-.*'21:02
GrandPa-Gtarpman: did both as well as -f install http://pastebin.com/WdGn8nwJ21:09
tarpmanGrandPa-G: getting closer... probably need to go as far as apt-get purge 'zeroc-.*' 'libzeroc-.*'21:10
tarpmanGrandPa-G: or even just apt-get purge '.*zeroc-.*', and review the output carefully to ensure it doesn't pick up more than desired21:10
tarpmanoh, wait21:11
tarpmanGrandPa-G: ah, I see. hard to deal with this without taking out your mumble server at the same time, eh21:11
GrandPa-Gtarpman: if that will clean it up. ok21:12
GrandPa-Gtarpman: I am tempted to just start over with a new install of ubuntu. It would take me a day, but it might prevent future problems21:14
sarnoldcan the ppa-purge program help here?21:15
sarnoldI've never tried to use it on non-ppa package archives but it might do the trick21:15
tarpmanGrandPa-G: the root problem here is that the zeroc.com packages you're trying to install are broken wrt upgrades21:15
tarpmanGrandPa-G: you should certainly report that to them as a bug. in the meantime, in your position I think I'd be downgrading to the ubuntu versions of all those packages (and removing ones that don't exist in ubuntu)21:15
tarpmansarnold: interesting idea, I had the feeling it only worked on actual ppas but you could be right21:16
tarpmanGrandPa-G: installing a new system is certainly an option, then you could decide whether you want the ubuntu packages or the zeroc.com ones21:16
tarpmanGrandPa-G: or wait a few months for zesty to be released, which includes zeroc-ice 3.6.321:17
GrandPa-Gfortunately I have a reasonable document on what has to be installed. I just don't like starting over.21:17
tarpmanGrandPa-G: just curious, is there a specific bug or missing feature that makes the current ubuntu package not suitable for your needs?21:18
GrandPa-Gno, I really don't know how I ended up with the wrong one. I have to downgrade to 10.4 to match zeroc. I can't use ppa-purge since it isn't installed.21:19
tarpmaner. installing packages from an external, non-ubuntu repository isn't really something that happens by accident21:20
blacknred0how big of a squid server would i need to setup if i use ~200gb of data every month?21:27
macskayhi guys im trying to set a rewrite, so i added a proxxy pass ProxyPass / however when calling sub.domain.com it tries to load the site or rather sub.domain.com/login, but it loads sub.domain.comlogin. How can I tell the apache to keep the / before the contextpath?21:28
sarnoldblacknred0: squid has a million tunables that you can use to try to make it fit your needs better21:30
blacknred0sarnold: ok, it sounds that i need to do some reading21:31
blacknred0now, i assume that once i have it setup i have to have the nodes pointing to it, right?21:31
sarnoldblacknred0: that's best, yes; it's possible to do it without configurating clients too, but that's less reliable and may not be worth the hassle21:32
sarnoldhey good news, the howto has been updated to use iptables :) http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/TransparentProxy-6.html21:32
blacknred0sarnold: ok, thanks mate :)21:33
sarnoldthere's also this which may or may not work and may or may not be better :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_auto-config21:33
dasjoeSo, uh, l2tp/ipsec is not configurable in 16.04's NetworkManager?21:33
sarnoldhey dasjoe ;) maybe with strongswan-nm or network-manager-strongswan?21:35
blacknred0thanks! i found this -> http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-setup-transparent-squid-proxy-server-in-ubuntu.html21:35
blacknred0i think the keyword for me is transparent proxy ;)21:35
dasjoeHey sarnold, long time no see :)21:35
sarnoldblacknred0: funny, on the one hand, I'm tempted to say "be careful, that guide is eight years old", but 95% of it looks identical to what I remember setting up back in 1997 or something... crazy. :)21:37
sarnolddasjoe: aye, it's been too long.21:37
blacknred0lol :)21:37
dasjoesarnold: no luck, network-manager-strongswan is installed, still no L2TP/IPsec in nm-applet when I'm trying to add a VPN. I'll check whether this is known21:38
dasjoesarnold: I see. It's a known, fixed bug in upstream: https://wiki.strongswan.org/issues/1429 and just known on launchpad: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-strongswan/+bug/1570352 - would this need an SRU?21:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1570352 in network-manager-strongswan (Ubuntu) "strongswan vpn cannot be established via the network-manager" [High,Confirmed]21:40
sarnolddasjoe: yeah, it'll need an SRU, pity tobias closed it with "fixed in 1.4.0" rather than "fixed with <patch>"... https://wiki.strongswan.org/issues/140621:43
GrandPa-Gtarpman:When I do a fresh install, network manager is not installed, correct?22:48
tarpmanGrandPa-G: I have no idea, haven't used ubuntu in years :)22:49
GrandPa-Gtarpman: what do you use?22:50
tarpmanGrandPa-G: debian22:50
GrandPa-Gtarpman: and yet you hang out in ubuntu channel and are knowledegable?22:51
tarpmanit's mostly the same :)22:51
tarpmanGrandPa-G: these days, I'm here mostly in case anyone says the word "ldap" or "slapd"22:51
GrandPa-Gtarpman: unfortunately I have to install with only a wifi usb network interface.22:53
GrandPa-GJanC: yes on default install23:27
dasjoeSo, Ubuntu's netinstall images don't come with a kernel command line enabling a serial console, this just bit me23:59

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