praisethemoongood day folks!07:49
ChikoreMorning praisethemoon :)07:59
praisethemoonChikore, good morning!08:00
praisethemoonHow is it going?08:00
ChikoreGood :) working ...08:01
praisethemoonWork Harder!08:16
praisethemoonWe want to see awesome things :308:16
Chikorehaha you will see me crying08:30
elachecheMorning! Check this http://ipv6tree.bitnet.be/08:47
praisethemoonChikore, xd no not that xD09:10
Chikoreelacheche, let's ping it all haha09:13
elachecheChikore: Read the updates.. The whole internet is pingging him x)09:19
ChikoreMeskin :D09:19
elachecheoussemos: Morning! Check this http://ipv6tree.bitnet.be/09:19
elachechewassup praisethemoon09:20
oussemosMorning elacheche & all09:20
praisethemoonpinging who elacheche ?09:20
elachechepraisethemoon: check the link09:21
praisethemoonChikore, I think of starting my own business and working at the same time, do you think that is possible?09:21
elachecheGo in PM praisethemoon :p09:21
praisethemoonokay, sorry ^^09:22
praisethemoonI want to share a sad story09:22
praisethemoonthere is a new AI course hosted by Udacity09:23
praisethemoonit costs about 1600$, and has limited seats, requires an application09:23
praisethemoonI applied and was accepted, the total number of applications is currently about 3000 for a 1000 available seats09:24
elacheche1600$ is too much :/09:24
praisethemoondidn't realize the price till they accepted my application and asked me to pay, or apply for a scolarship (30 seats only)09:24
elachecheisn't it?09:24
praisethemoonIt is man09:24
praisethemoonso I applied to the scholarship, and got09:25
* praisethemoon stares into space09:25
* praisethemoon and cries09:25
elachecheGood luck for the next time praisethemoon09:25
praisethemoonthank you elacheche x)09:26
praisethemoonat least I tried :309:26
praisethemoonbtw, what project did you choose elacheche?09:26
elachecheoussemos: isn't it better to register your nickname and get a cloack?09:27
praisethemoonDid the teacher accept the suggestion I proposed?09:27
elachechepraisethemoon: still thinking..09:27
praisethemoonoh boy09:27
praisethemoonyou think way too much09:27
praisethemoonI can help you with some css09:27
praisethemooni'm good @ bootstrap and Semantic UI09:27
elachecheAlso still try to find a teacher x)09:28
oussemoselacheche: u r talking about freenode? its already registred09:30
elachecheoussemos: what do you wait fo to get a cloak ;)09:32
praisethemooni can see ur IP09:33
oussemoselacheche praisethemoon : yeah good remark guys :D09:35
SalahMessaoudo/ Channel09:47
praisethemoonSalahMessaoud, \o10:03
praisethemoonHow is it going?10:04
SalahMessaoudpraisethemoon, good good and you ?10:04
praisethemooni'm good as well my friend10:04
SalahMessaouddid you try to apply to udemy nanodegree ?10:05
praisethemoonSalahMessaoud, yeah, got my butt kicked :(10:09
praisethemoonelacheche, yo21:38
elachecheyo praisethemoon21:53
praisethemoonelacheche, how is it going? :)21:55
elachecheGood :)21:59
elachecheHaving fun tonight praisethemoon ?22:01
praisethemoonelacheche, yeah took the day off tomorrow22:10
elachecheCool! Already @sousse then?22:12
praisethemoonno XD22:12
praisethemoongonna spend it here22:12
elachecheOh! OK :p x) Have fun :p22:12
praisethemoonworking on my language22:12
praisethemoonwbu elacheche?22:13
elachecheGood boy praisethemoon..22:13
elachecheI think that I find my project idea x)22:13
praisethemoonelacheche, hit me22:26
elachecheA Tomcat check plugin for Nagios.. Actually it's something that I need, and I was not able to find a good/easy way to do it.. If there is a way, there is no docs.. Unreadable codes etc... I think somone should work on that, why wait for others when  have an idea how to do it.. It's "dev" (scripting) and SysAdmin..23:46
praisethemoonelacheche, java tomcat?23:47
praisethemoonokay :D23:52
praisethemoonyou'll tell me more about it tomorrow23:52
praisethemoongonna sleep now ^^23:52

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