radek_hi, I've been trying to install ubuntu-touch on OnePlus One and I wondered if I'd really appreciate some help01:15
radek_I've tried to install it from mac, both from mac os x and from an ubuntu on a virtual box01:16
radek_at the moment I've got some issues with pushing files to .cashe01:17
radek_the last error i get is: Cannot push /Users/radoslaw/.cache/ubuntuimages/ubuntu-touch/stable/bacon/version-16.tar.xz to device01:17
radek_I've been following instructions from there https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install/OSX and here https://devices.ubports.com/#/bacon01:20
radek_I'd also like to try installing it according to the "No setup method" but I don't know how to do the last step - 'Manually flashing your device with adb and fastboot '01:23
radek_it also appears that problems with authentication while pushing seem to occur when the phone goes from fastboot state to normal booting on it's own01:25
siljaerhello to everyone02:03
siljaerI have a question: is the phablet-6.x branch usable?02:05
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brunch875dobey: I gotta thank you, I managed to get firefox running from phone through ssh from that chroot11:30
brunch875wouldn't have been possible without your advice!11:30
brunch875the performance is much better than the rpi too11:31
brunch875although I get massive network lags; using wifi to ssh and also browse the internet is too much for it :p11:32
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UBportOnePlusThrIs Anyone active?13:20
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pareidoliaIs it possible to set a scaling factor for X apps? I get tiny tiny fonts19:32
pareidoliaIs it possible to view photos by folder? They're all organised this way, I can't be arsed to add ad hoc albums19:40
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