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cimipstolowski, morning! any chance you had a look at josh MP? https://code.launchpad.net/~josharenson/unity-scopes-shell/fix-overview-results-sorting/+merge/31307511:00
pstolowskicimi, heya, not yet, but will do today11:05
BernmeisterAsked this in #ubuntu-desktop and was redirected here: I have developed a number of appindicators using Python3/GTK+3 under Unity 7.  I recently tried running those indicators using Ubuntu 16.10 in the Unity 8 session and they didn't exactly run.  Will appindicators developed in Python3/GTK+3 be supported in Unity 8?11:08
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rvrHow can the gesture wizard be disabled in Unity8? It's annoying and I can't properly use it in qemu.11:49
davmor2rvr: there is a first time run line you can add somewhere let me find it11:51
davmor2rvr: touch .config/ubuntu-system-settings/wizard-has-run11:52
rvrdavmor2: Dave to the rescue. Thanks, dude!11:53
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pstolowskicimi, hey, is josh off today?13:54
cimipstolowski, it's 5:57am for him13:57
cimipstolowski, wait 1h30m or 213:57
pstolowskicimi, ah, I didn't realize, thanks13:59
pstolowskijosharenson, hey16:20
josharensonpstolowski: hello16:22
pstolowskijosharenson, i've looked at your MR for shell plugin, nothing wrong with it afaict but can you help me understand where we iterated "hundreds of thousands of times" in the existing implementation?16:27
josharensonpstolowski: I looked at it for a long time and couldn't figure it out myself... but I put a counter in the loop it replaced and it was iterating 130,000 times (for 17 scopes, moving item in position 16 -> 0 )16:29
josharensonpstolowski: after a while, i decided just to sort everything :-p16:30
pstolowskijosharenson, this is a single for loop with a map-based lookup... shouldn't happen in theory16:30
josharensonpstolowski: it wasn't hitting the increment operator because of the continue statement16:31
pstolowskijosharenson, that's true, i was pondering that...16:32
pstolowskijosharenson, but it's not obvious to me why it's so devastating in it16:32
josharensonpstolowski: I'm sure there is a solution to the existing code, probably just a small off by 1 error or something...16:32
josharensonpstolowski: but the output was so odd, I couldn't figure it out16:33
pstolowskijosharenson, one more thing... your code doesn't need the "pos + (pos > i ? 1 : 0))" kind of shift in beginMoveRows, correct?16:39
josharensonpstolowski: I don't think so because it only ever moves items up...16:40
* josharenson should probably test it a bit more16:40
josharensonpstolowski: all the reasonable edge cases that I could think of to test manually worked16:41
pstolowskijosharenson, ok, thanks16:53
pstolowskijosharenson, I've yet to test it, a little hard when i only have vivid phone/tablet16:54
josharensonpstolowski: thats all I've been testing it on... built it on the device in a chroot16:54
josharensonpstolowski: I can try and send you debs if you want?16:55
pstolowskijosharenson, that would be great116:55
josharensonpstolowski: give me a few minutes, I haven't actually tried building the packages, just been installing locally16:56
josharensonpstolowski: hum debuild fails on installing libscope-harness.so.2 even though it exists and there is a .install file for it17:22
pstolowskijosharenson, scope harness lib is built as part of the unity-scopes-shell build17:23
josharensonpstolowski: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23634609/17:24
* josharenson is trying a few things..17:26
pstolowskijosharenson, can you just send me the .so file?17:27
josharensonpstolowski: libscope-harness?17:29
pstolowskijosharenson, no, the plugin17:29
pstolowskifrom src/Unity/... after you build locally17:29
josharensonpstolowski: sure one moment17:31
josharensonpstolowski: sent, that was easier...17:33
pstolowskijosharenson, yeah.. thanks, i'll take a look at this tomorrow, it's getting late. o/17:36
josharensonpstolowski: cool, thanks o/17:36
dmj_s76andyrock: Think we can produce a good scaling outcome with a one line change...testing now20:21
BernmeisterI have developed several Unity 7 appindicators using Python3/GTK+3.  I tried running those indicators in the Unity 8 session of Ubuntu 16.10 and they didn't exactly run.  Can someone tell me please if appindicators developed in Python3/GTK+3 be supported in Unity 8?22:33

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