cmaloneyrick_h: Still waiting on JoDee. Will be there when she's done withher exam00:48
rick_hcmaloney: I turned around. Google had me at 1.5hrs to drive there with road issues00:57
rick_hcmaloney: so pulled the plug sorry00:58
cmaloneyYeah, no worries01:44
cmaloneyI was walking through it and it was kinda dicey01:44
cmaloneyAnd this weekend sounds like it's going to be positively lovely01:44
rick_hOh joy01:47
cmaloneyTotes fun01:51
cmaloneyand apparently B&L is closing up early tonight01:51
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cmaloneyGood morning13:46
wolfgerOne morning closer to Christmas. I guess that qualifies as good. :-)13:49
cmaloneyI'm so completely out of the Christmas mood13:55
cmaloneyit's an interruption13:55
rick_hgotta say, I'm so far behind I'm definitely not ready for that atm13:55
cmaloneyThe only thing I'm looking forward to for Christmas is having Chinese Food with JoDee and her sister.13:55
cmaloneyThat's about it13:55
cmaloneyBah Don't Care.13:56
wolfgerI'm looking forward to my new toy. I been a good boy.13:56
rick_hI've already gotten all my new toys13:56
wolfgerand looking forward to 11 days off work13:57
rick_hit's just have to get ready for visiting folks/etc13:57
cmaloneyThis does not surprise me13:57
rick_hwell I was told my new camper was my present13:57
rick_hthen my guitar...then...something else13:57
cmaloneyHave you already unwrapped it?13:57
rick_hfor us presents are used as permission to get something during the year13:57
rick_hoh right, we got a king size bed this year13:58
wolfgerI'm getting an Occulus Rift. I've only been waiting for it for ten years or so. :-p13:58
rick_hand of course the one I liked best had to be the most expensive so that was our "joint christmas"13:58
cmaloneyNice. :)13:59
rick_hit is very nice13:59
rick_hwhen I got home from the last sprint I went to bed and went "oh thank goodness...this is soooooo nice"13:59
wolfgerI hope so. It's my first "early adoption". My brain tells me I should wait for 2nd gen, but my heart says "why did we never get the developer kit?"13:59
rick_hour old bed could be on par with some of the hotel ones I stay in heh13:59
wolfgerSome are comfy. Most are not.14:00
cmaloneySo it's an upgrade from the Motel 6 "Sleeper Slab"14:00
jrwrentil: squid moved from universe to main between trusty and xenial. yay support!14:46
rick_hok, I can't tell if this is the end of our civilizatoin or just one more step until we get transporters... https://smile.amazon.com/b?node=8037720011&sa-no-redirect=116:09
cmaloneyrick_h: Yep. WE're fucked. :)16:13
wolfgerOne more way to put humans out of jobs. We'd better start accepting socialism quick, because there won't be anybody left who can afford to buy anything.17:09
cmaloneyAnd just deleted my Yahoo account18:47
cmaloneyit was a placeholder. Now it's gone.18:47
wolfgerLikely a good idea. I think the only thing tied to that account is a Flickr that I filled to capacity and promptly stopped using.19:02
brousch__Guys, there's an offer letter in my email for a good Linux devops job.22:33
brousch__I'll be working with Ubuntu servers22:36
greg-gthe second line makes me think you're going to take it :)22:38
greg-gwhere at?22:38
jrwrenbrousch__: congrats!22:40
brousch__Limelight Network22:41
greg-gbrousch__: cool! remote I presume :)22:43
greg-g(looks like their based in AZ)22:43
brousch__I'm excited about the job, but also because then only other option I have open right now is working for Dick and Betsy DeVoss22:43
brousch__Limelight had a Grand Rapids office22:44
greg-gbrousch__: ugggggh re DeVoss22:44
greg-g"On July 1, 2016, it was announced that the Massachusetts District Court entered the final judgment in the case, with Limelight paying $51M in total damages to Akamai (to be reflected in Limelight's 2016 Q2 earnings)."Akamai wins patent lawsuit, with rival forced to pay $51M". Boston Business Journal."22:44
greg-gheh :)22:44
greg-ghuh, that WP article lists FB as one of their customers. That surprises me as I know that FB has their own cdn :/22:46
* greg-g reads the citation22:46
brousch__Or do they ...22:46
brousch__MS and YouTube have also been name-dropped. I cannot confirm or deny22:47
greg-goh, this FB thing is from 2006, when the PR says: "Limelight Networks today announced that Facebook, the leading online directory connecting people through social networks at schools, has extended its CDN relationship with Limelight."22:49
greg-ga taaaad dated :)22:49
brousch__Cmaloney they want to hire one more person for the role.22:49
brousch__Long commute though22:50
greg-gah, no remote, lame :/22:51
brousch__Occasional remote22:52
cmaloneybrousch__: Pass. Thanks. :)23:35

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