waltmanI know I asked this a few weeks ago, but I'm going to be setting up a new ubuntu home machine this weekend. Do I want server or desktop? 16.04 or 16.10?01:58
rmg51waltman: 16.04 is an LTS. that's good for 2 years before a new LTS comes out02:25
waltmanRight, but maybe I want to keep up with the latest version?02:26
rmg51if this is for home use only, probably desktop02:27
rmg51then 16.1002:28
rmg51I've been staying with LTS' for the last couple of years02:29
waltmanIs the difference that desktop comes with Unity, or whatever the desktop UI is these days?02:29
rmg51I just don't feel like upgrading every 6 months02:29
rmg51desktop is Unity02:30
waltmanI've been running debian testing and upgrading nearly every day for the past 15 years :)02:30
rmg51unless you go with something like xubuntu02:30
waltmanI don't really like xfce, so I might try the default UI and see if I like that better.02:32
rmg51you can always add another desktop later02:36
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else10:56
jedijfwaltman: give Lubuntu (lxde) a testdrive too11:52
iceywaltman: rmg51 16.04 will actually be supported by Canonical for 5 years as an LTS13:09
waltmanI think I'm going to try to keep it up to date with the latest and greatest.14:25
iceywaltman: I wouldn't recommend my setup, I've been running nightly for about a month now, it's *msotly* fine but randomly weird things hhappen14:38
waltmanLatest and greatest official releases :)15:09

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