wrst[Ubik]: sounds like the Ubiquiti stuff is excellent stuff01:19
cyberanger[Ubik]: what happened to the DECT phone?08:28
* cyberanger is reminded to get one for himself08:28
[Ubik]cyberanger: which one?20:05
[Ubik]cyberanger: The DECT SIP ones we played with here (the base on your desk, and the repeater in the front window of what is now our office, which was abandoned space at the time), and got it to work at the gas station across the road...that's at the pipe organ place in Ooltewah...  RF Hell!20:06
[Ubik]We just deployed another one at some place in Chattanooga, same base unit, but newer model handsets...and they love it (not RF Hell)20:06
[Ubik]The one I used to carry around (Panasonic DECT hooked to an ATA...) still carry it... it'll work in there. We have a vtech that PHC/First Cash sent us (when they returned their gear they sent numerous cordless phones, I don't know why...)20:07
[Ubik]I eliminated the office ATAs scattered everywhere, hooked up a SPA8000 8-port to our FreePBX system here, it's in the phone closet/server room, I cleaned that whole wall of equipment up... then mounted that, hooked it to a 66-block, and from there cross-connected it to various jacks around our suite...20:08

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