helohello_But attempting to log in is saying "failed to start session"00:00
_Sym_jpmh, I think the safest way is to disable the internal hd from the bios and use an external drive to boot off of00:00
jpmhsounds like time for a new compute anyway - I bought an Acer 14, last week, for $97 in Walmart, it has 802.11ac so th wifi is fast and the bios is clearly upto date00:01
jpmhtook only a few mins to get Windoze off00:01
_Sym_jpmh, this is a new laptop00:01
_Sym_jpmh, skylake00:01
jpmh_Sym_ if it is new then relace it undr warranty00:01
helohello_Vfw: any suggestions?00:02
_Sym_jpmh, replacing it will not be easy to do and it will cost me more money that i dont really have right now00:02
jpmh_Sym_ image the HD, take the machine back - get a new one with an update BIOS00:02
jpmh_Sym_ if it is new why would replacing it cost anything - it is clearly dfective00:03
_Sym_jpmh, i cant do that every time a new bios is released. i would just like a method of updating it.00:03
_Sym_jpmh, its not defective, that is the way they are now00:03
jpmh_Sym_ any machine that has a BIOS that needs to be updated and provides no way to do it without installing a virus IS DEFECTIVE00:04
_Sym_jpmh, they wont agree00:04
jpmh_Sym_ it is not a matter of whethr they agree.  Facts are facts - just put it in dispute on your credit card00:04
Bashing-omhelohello_: vfw :: Booting the install and at the login screen what results key combo ctl+alt+F1 ? can you log in here to the system ?00:04
_Sym_jpmh, well, HP is about the only option that I have in this country (im not in the US)00:05
jpmh_Sym_ of course you could ask yourself - why do I care about the BIOS upgrade and anyway, how did you even now that there was/is one 8nless you have some virus that "called home" and alerted you00:05
_Sym_jpmh, i looked on the HP website for software updates00:05
jpmh_Sym_ why?  is there something wrong with the one ypu have?00:06
_Sym_jpmh, there is nothing wrong. I just wanted to know if it was possible to update it00:06
jpmh_Sym_ with your multiple fears I wpuld be REALLY worried about updating a BIOS anyway simce that is always a ddgy operation that can easily brick the machine00:06
_Sym_jpmh, it says in the help pages that it requires windows to update the bios00:07
jpmh_Sym_ then you did not buy a laptop - you purchaed a Windoze machine that you are now ry9ng to use as a non-windoze machine00:07
wedgie_Sym_: what laptop, or better yet, link to the bios update?00:07
_Sym_jpmh, I also do not like windows so i put linux on it the first day00:08
jpmh_Sym_ eithr way, you have learned if you are going to buy a low end machine with Windoze on it, shrink the Windoze partition and leave it there when you install a real OS00:08
_Sym_wedgie, http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=10180323&swLangOid=8&swEnvOid=419200:09
_Sym_jpmh, i dont want any windows partitions on my laptops main drive00:10
_Sym_jpmh, i think i will just get an external drive00:10
helohello_Bashing-on: I was able to log in via terminal I'm just reinstalling everything in case the chroot failed to access things00:10
_Sym_jpmh, and disable the main hd in the bios00:10
jpmhso, vfw and wedgie - any other ideas on my security fears?00:10
wedgie_Sym_: really looks to me like sp76931.exe can be put on a freedos bootable usb and run from there.00:11
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_Sym_wedgie, yes, I read also that people have done that. but when I extract the new exe, it looks very different from what I expected00:12
wedgiejpmh: sounds to me like your setup is sufficiently paranoid :)00:12
wedgiewhy are you "extracting" an exe?00:12
jpmhwedgie - ty - I hope so - sometimes it is noce to be called paranoid, isn't it?00:12
_Sym_wedgie, thats what I thought it said to do in some help page00:12
Bashing-omhelohello_: K; I will continue to lurk behind ya . Let us know how goes once all the updates a re completed .00:13
_Sym_wedgie, i cant remember where00:13
helohello_Ok so I get to the login screen00:13
helohello_But now nothing is present00:14
helohello_I can still ctr alt f100:14
wedgie_Sym_: this page mentions a way to create a bootable USB for bios updates in the section "Updating the BIOS when Winddows does not start" http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00042629   Maybe give that a look. Will probably require a windows vm or another working windows computer though00:14
jpmh_Sym_ I still think that you should just ignore the bios update anyway unless you are aware of something that it has that you need - which I very much doubt00:14
Bashing-omhelohello_: And ya can log into the system from that console ?00:15
wedgie_Sym_: also that ^^ if it's not broke don't fix it00:15
_Sym_im convinced now, more than ever, that its not worth the hassle and is too dangerous00:16
helohello_Bashing-om: yes00:16
_Sym_ok thanks guys00:16
_Sym_they dont make this easy00:16
_Sym_i used to have bios that just let me put in a floppy disk with a bin file on it and update it directly from within the bios00:17
_Sym_not anymore00:17
jpmhvfw and wedgie thanks for the help, _Sym_ good luck - i'm out of here guys00:18
_Sym_and now I have this stupid tpm chip in there too00:18
_Sym_windows trusted computing chip?00:19
nacc!ot | _Sym_00:19
ubottu_Sym_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:19
Bashing-omhelohello_: Great , then we are at a X layer issue . the susten it's sekf is in good stead . Try ' sudo apt-get autoclean ; sudo apt autoremove ; sudo apt-get clean ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ; sudo apt -f install ; dpkg --configure -a ' . Then we look at any possible problems in that GUI layer .00:20
genii_Sym_: Your best bet is probably to ask them in ##windows how to accomplish this00:20
whallzwhy may dd not receive the info signal when i ctrl+t? instead i see ^T00:23
Ben64whallz: siginfo isn't a thing00:25
whallzhow is that00:26
Ben64kill -l00:26
Ben64do you see siginfo? cause i don't00:26
* haimzur8x is away (Autoaway after 30 minutes) messages will be saved *gSXc*00:27
helohello_Bashing-om: ok Logan screen back and able to login00:27
helohello_But it just hangs00:28
helohello_Oh wait00:28
helohello_After about five minutes everything popped up00:29
yenclgj5nlwHi all! As I have already said, my PC hangs after recovery from S3 state. I have already tried the latest mainline kernel, it doesn't help much: when I use it i doesn't hang completely, but hdd io gone mad and I'm even unable to logon.00:30
yenclgj5nlwAny solutions?00:30
helohello_A bunch of system problem dialogs popped up00:31
whallzBen64: kill -USR1 that is00:31
Ben64yeah i know00:31
Bashing-omhelohello_: Before re-booting ; what does grub think about the booting kernel ? pastebin ' ls -al /vmlinuz* initrd.img* ' .00:32
Bashing-omhelohello_: typo s/b also /initrd.img* .00:33
helohello_Network is buggy00:41
helohello_Lol I can go to every site except this freenode site00:42
Bashing-omhelohello_: Humm .. messed up IRC client config file ? .. got an alternate client you can try and see if that alternate connects ?00:44
whallzhi, im installing 16.04.1 alongside win 7 for dualboot00:45
whallzi got this error: bootloader install failed00:45
helohello_Its certain websites... Reddit won't load00:45
whallzwhen i chose a different device and click OK button it does nothing00:45
helohello_But YouTube does00:45
helohello_Ubuntu help forums no00:45
whallzim installing from usb stick00:46
Bashing-omhelohello_: DNS issue now > what results ' ping -c3 ; ping -c3 ubuntu.com ' ?00:47
Bashing-omwhallz: Show the channel in a pastebin ' sudo fdisk -lu ' see what the partitioning here is .00:48
helohello_Network unreachable00:48
whallzBashing-om: how can i get a terminal in the installer?00:48
Bashing-omwhallz: try F4 .00:49
h1n1you install first windows last u ubuntu00:49
whallzh1n1: yeah00:49
whallzBashing-om: ctrl+alt+f4 gives a blinking _ as all other ttys00:50
whallzonly f1 works and its the installer00:50
whallzf2 and on dont give me a prompt00:50
Bashing-omhelohello_: "unreachable" ping'n ubuntu .. but is good ?00:50
helohello_No both unreachable00:52
Bashing-omwhallz: Sorry, do not know then .00:53
whallzhelohello_: tried traceroute?00:53
Bashing-omhelohello_: ' ping -c3 ' ??00:54
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helohello_that works00:56
helohello_Hmm network manager problem00:56
leafybasilWhenever I add a repo to my sources (as described in https://docs.influxdata.com/influxdb/v1.1/introduction/installation/ for example) I get told there is no Release file and the Packages 404s00:57
Guest68115guys how can I update the opengl version my gpu uses?, I recently installed an amd hd 7770 and glxgears info says it is using opengl 3.0 but wikipedia says it has support for 4.500:57
leafybasilI'm confused as to why it's happening for everything I add00:57
Bashing-omhelohello_: Likely .. what desktop are you using ?00:57
Guest68115give us one of said repositories, leafybasil00:57
leafybasilGuest68115: the link describes ubuntu installation for influxdb, but give me a moment and I'll paste the result00:57
Guest68115and the ubuntu version you are currently using00:58
leafybasilGuest68115: the resulting line in my sources file is "deb https://repos.influxdata.com/Ubuntu yakkety stable"00:58
leafybasilGuest68115: I am using 16.10 / yakkety00:59
Guest68115and yakkety does indeed exist in their repos01:00
helohello_Hmm something ain't right... tried to reboot and its still taking forever to start up01:00
leafybasilGuest68115: I added some other repos previously and thought I'd made some error or tha they were outdated, but this one seems like it really should be...01:00
helohello_I think what I'm going to do is back up my files and fresh install01:00
leafybasilGuest68115: ahh it's the capitalisation of 'Ubuntu'01:01
Bashing-omhelohello_: OK, from square 1 , pastebin ' sudo lshw -C network ' lets see what the intreface is known by and if there is a driver installed .01:01
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leafybasilGuest68115: their instructions are wrong01:01
leafybasilSorry for the false alarm01:01
Guest68115leafybasil,  are you using the code in the first box?01:01
leafybasilGuest68115: yeah the 'ubuntu' part01:02
Guest68115what other  ppa was giving you problems01:02
helohello_I can't paste in01:03
helohello_Pastebin *01:03
Bashing-omhelohello_: piggy back from a USB thumb drive ? If I am to "help" I got to have some kinds of info to base a judgement on . I am not all that good !01:05
helohello_Haha I know I'm crunched for time01:05
helohello_I have to go01:05
helohello_But I'll be back on later if your around01:06
helohello_Thank you so much for getting me this far01:06
Bashing-omhelohello_: K .. If not me .. others here will come to the aid of their comrad .01:07
helohello_Last minute ran Audi dhclient01:10
Bashing-omhelohello_: Yep sometimes getting that new lease is a good thing .01:12
benevolentdictatguys, what's up with silverlight ... the pipelight plugin download page ...01:13
benevolentdictatIs something broken01:13
Trollinatoris ZSH better than gnome terminal?01:21
Bashing-ombenevolentdictat: show the link you are referring to . most of us do not do 'silverlight' .01:21
dr_what's good01:22
benevolentdictatBashing-om, http://pipelight.net/cms/installation.html#section_201:23
benevolentdictatIt's broken for me. Maybe it's a DNS issue?01:23
re87683Should I use ZSH or gnome terminal?01:25
Bashing-ombenevolentdictat: http://pipelight.net/ he syas he " Pipelight has been discontinued!" .01:25
benevolentdictatwell that sucks01:25
benevolentdictatHow am I supposed to watch Netflix on Ubuntu now?01:26
benevolentdictatHmmm ... why can't I find google chrome when I do an apt-cache search chrome ?01:27
fluvvellWhat troubleshooting can I do with an Xorg crashed with SIGABRT in RRSetChanged() ? I've put the latest nvidia drivers in but get a .proc.drive.nvidia.warnings.fbdev message01:27
OerHekschrome is not in our repos, benevolentdictat01:28
fluvvelland Error21 is a driectory: /proc/driver/nvidia/pus/0000:01:001:28
geniibenevolentdictat: Because Chrome is a proprietary product of Google01:29
OerHeksif you add the ppa from the google site, it is called google-chrome-stable01:29
fluvvelli guess the canned answer is nvidia drivers are not supported01:29
re87683I keep getting disconnected01:29
fluvvellbenevolentdictat, go to chrome.google.com for chrome, there are instructions for adding their repo if needed01:30
benevolentdictatOk ... thanks. Working with the deb file now from the command line. For some strange reason it wouldn't install using software installer01:31
fluvvellbenevolentdictat, you can use gdebi01:31
Bashing-omfluvvell: Tried purging the old nVidia driver and re-install a driver ?01:32
benevolentdictatfluvvell, dpkg worked ... weird that I had to use the command line tho ... Let's see if Chrome lets me watch Netflix now01:33
benevolentdictatwow ... that was a chore! Finally!01:34
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fluvvellbenevolentdictat, it appears likely01:38
fluvvellBashing-om, thats how  I got here01:38
Bashing-omfluvvell: Ho Kay .. so what is the hardware we are working with ? pastebin - lspci -k | grep -EA2 'VGA|3D' - .01:40
pantatoI have a dual boot with windows 8 and ubuntu (installed with the ubuntu installer / grub) . How do I completely remove ubuntu and grub and expand the windows partition to fit the entire hard drive?01:42
pantatohttp://www.howtogeek.com/141818/how-to-uninstall-a-linux-dual-boot-system-from-your-computer/ <--- is this a good guide?01:43
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:43
pantatoI have a dual boot with windows 8 and ubuntu (installed with the ubuntu installer / grub) . How do I completely remove ubuntu and grub and expand the windows partition to fit the entire hard drive? http://www.howtogeek.com/141818/how-to-uninstall-a-linux-dual-boot-system-from-your-computer/ <--- is this a good guide for this?01:44
OerHekspantato, yes, but i would do the windows 8 repair disk first, then remove all non-windows paritions and expand01:45
pantatoi ran the thing it told me too in the command prompt but i am still getting a grub rescue mode upon boot...01:50
OerHeksi hope command prompt from that iso, anyway, that page is clear01:53
pantatoyes i did exactly what it said01:54
pantatoi used my original windows 8 installer usb01:55
OerHeksno clue then, maybe ##windows can help ?01:55
glitchdpantato, just got here, whats the problem?01:56
Ben64yeah, looks like a ##windows issue01:57
glitchdBen64, OerHeks what problem is he having?01:58
Ben64windows isn't booting01:58
glitchdwindows 8?01:59
OerHekshis attempt to repair his win8 install with the iso does not work, i think there must be a boot flag or bios issue01:59
glitchdare there any specific error msgs?02:00
Ben64take it to ##windows though02:00
glitchdlol not sure why he even asked a windows question in here to begin with02:01
Ben64it happens often02:01
glitchdoh im sure it does02:01
pantatoi think i deleted a crucial partition is why.02:01
glitchdpantato, then delete the rest and just simply reinstall02:01
glitchdpantato, here is a link to some info on a non-destructive repair install https://www.winhelp.us/non-destructive-reinstall-of-windows-8-and-8-1.html02:03
glitchdpantato, btw, in the future, dont come to a linux channel asking windows questions. its highly frowned upon.02:04
OerHeksglitchd, that is not needed, he surely can ask how to undo02:05
glitchdOerHeks, i might be faster and easier for him to just do a repair install if he deleted an entire partition.02:06
glitchdOerHeks, *it02:06
OerHekshis guide looked normal so his question is valid.02:06
glitchdomg....i didnt know he removed linux and now couldnt boot. thats an entirely different situation02:07
glitchdmy bad.02:07
Ben64except that's all in windows... so it's a windows thing02:07
glitchdalthough, i did ask first, and gave my suggested answer based on what he replied with02:07
OerHeksyes, i would do the windows 8 repair disk first, then remove all non-windows paritions and expand02:07
glitchdyes, and yes.02:07
pantatoOerHeks: i thought you meant make the disc first. Im very sleepy02:12
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brandonmy wireless card isn't working, what are some steps i can take to solve this?02:14
brandoni'm a first time linux user02:14
glitchdwhat kind of card?02:14
brandoni think intel, i remember having intel pro/set on my cmputer02:15
glitchdtype lspci at command prompt and look for the network controller line and report back02:15
metanoviihi dudes, can u help me? I use ubuntu 16.04 and kde 5, after load to DE i can not return to tty(by ctrl+alt+f1), becouse keyboard in tty not work. Or may be tty freeze .02:16
brandonintel centrino 2230 n02:16
* puffinz hands you a pair of glasses02:16
brandonis in the list, the rest is sata and ethernet02:16
glitchdbrandon, ok, type "rfkill list" at the command line, without the ""02:17
glitchdbrandon, what does it say for wireless lan?02:17
brandonwireless lan is soft blocked but not hard blocked02:17
brandonso.. my wireless switch is on?02:17
brandonbut it's still disabled02:18
glitchdtype ifconfig02:18
brandonglitchd, i only see ethernet02:19
brandoni see it with iwconfig02:19
kostkonbrandon, try:  rfkill unblock all02:19
glitchdwhat is it called in iwconfig02:19
brandonok, i see it in the top panel now02:20
brandonthank you, so it was disabled by default?02:20
brandonis that normal?02:20
glitchdnice kostkon02:20
kostkonbrandon, no02:20
Gorian  hey02:21
brandonok, well thank you for the time glitchd and kostkon02:21
GorianI'm having some issues with resolvconf adding a redundant line to resolv.conf and adding a \r to the end of it02:21
glitchdbrandon, np02:21
Gorianbreaking all dns resolution02:21
GorianI've looked /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/{head,base}, /etc/network/interfaces02:22
glitchdGorian, my knowledge of the resolv.conf is limited..02:22
GorianI can't seem to find where resolvconf would be getting it's config from otherwise02:22
Goriandefined in /etc/network/interfaces is "nameserver\nnameserver"02:22
Gorianyet, running resolvconf -u generates resolv.conf with "nameserver\nnameserver\nnameserver\n\r"02:23
Gorianor just \r, either way02:23
puffinzDon't use google dns.02:25
puffinzGoogle is evil.02:25
SonikkuAmerica"Don't be evil..."02:25
Gorianpuffinz, not the point, doesn't help, client server so it's not changing atm02:25
puffinz:D you could memorize every ip address.02:27
puffinzdns servers are so 2000 and late.02:27
Ben64puffinz: keep your irrelevant comments to yourself02:28
OerHeksnot helpfull indeed02:28
Umeaboypuffinz: Just out of curiosity, what alternative do we have to DNS?02:29
Ben64Gorian: you got something else going on, resolvconf doesn't make a new resolv.conf02:29
GorianBen64 What do you mean? Running "resolvconf -u" does exactly that02:30
Ben64no, it doesn't02:30
GorianBen64, I'm watching it do it02:31
Ben64thats why i said you got something else going on02:31
puffinzI have a 70's style rolodex with ip addresses and name servers. It takes awhile to get used to but it's a strong asses when dns servers go down.02:32
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GorianBen64, I edit /etc/resolv.conf to remove the third nameserver line. Then I run "resolvconf -u", and then /etc/resolv.conf is updated. Everytime.02:32
Ben64Gorian: what os did you install02:33
GorianI didn't install it. It's Ubuntu 16.04.102:33
Ben64Gorian: look in /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/02:37
Gorian<Gorian> I've looked /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/{head,base}, /etc/network/interfaces02:38
Ben64you're running something that isn't default, so... maybe ask who installed the system02:39
mukluksOerHeks: I see google have an official linux Chrome version now, should i just switch to that? [just seeking your opinion]03:05
OerHeksmukluks, chrome is more up2date indeed03:07
energizerWhen I try to boot, I get a black screen with a blinking _ underscore. What can I do?03:27
cfhowlettenergizer, did it ever boot properly?03:28
energizercfhowlett: Yes, it worked this morning.03:29
energizerIn fact, looks like by pressing ctrl+alt+F1 I get root terminal03:29
cfhowlettenergizer, guessing you did an upgrade and kernel isn't quite ready for primetime.  reboot, select an earlier ubuntu version03:29
energizerI was messing with some hardware when this happened. Is this consistent with having broken some particular component?03:31
energizerRoot terminal but no gui03:31
cfhowlettenergizer, easy enough to test: remove the HW and reboot.03:32
energizerI removed the cd drive i was messing with, no luck there. But it's always possible that I broke some other unspecified hardare in the meantime03:33
energizerok I tried running with an earlier version and i get :03:33
cfhowlettthat would be pretty much outside of ubuntu control ...03:33
energizerscsi host8: runtime PM tryiing to activate child device host8 but parent is not active03:33
energizeryou are in emergency mode, ater logging in type journalctl -xb to view...03:34
cfhowlettyep that is pointing to HW.  not fully configured?03:34
energizeri tried plugging in a cd drive and since unplugged it, but maybe i fried something else03:35
energizerbut thats the only change i made03:35
energizerintentinoally anyway03:36
energizer"Press Enter for maintenaance or pres Ctrl-D to continue"03:36
energizerhow to proceed?03:36
cfhowlettjust as it says ...03:36
energizerSorry, i mean, which option will be most helpful in diagnosing the situation03:37
Sean_McGhi all03:37
energizerpressing enter gives root shell03:38
cfhowlettsee you logs.  journalctl -xb       will display03:38
energizercfhowlett: ok, lots to see in the logs, what should i be looking for03:39
cfhowletterror msg's should be pretty recognizable03:40
muklukscfhowlett: did you unplug your ssd/hd while plugging your cd drive?03:45
cfhowlettenergizer, see ^^^03:45
xanguaWhy does Lubuntu comes with the graphical app to add and manage printers... But doesn't come with cups? Lol03:45
cfhowlettmukluks, energizer has the isse, not I03:45
mukluksoops my bad03:46
mukluksenergizer: did you unplug your ssd/hd while plugging your cd drive?03:46
cfhowlettSean_McG, ask your ubuntu question03:46
nog_I just installed OpenVPN, but can't edit the config file in /etc/ because it's read only. Please help.03:47
mukluksnog_: your VPN service provider should provide you with a ".ovpn" file which you can use to connect03:48
energizermukluks: good thinking03:48
mukluksif you are actually trying to setup an openvpn server then you have a lot of reading to do03:48
energizeryes, apparently that is exactly what i did03:48
nog_I did use that, but DNS doesn't resolve once connected, and looking online, I need to edit the configuration file to include an "up script".03:48
mukluksenergizer: u r welcome, that'll be twenty bux :P03:49
energizermukluks: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ paid in full, signed and notarized03:49
mukluksnog_: do you have the file /etc/openvpn/update-resolv-conf ?03:54
=== violetZzzzZ is now known as violet
mukluksnog_: and does it contain useful looking code and stuff?03:54
cfhowlettenergizer, so you got it sorted then??03:55
cfhowlettwhat was the issue?03:55
energizercfhowlett: Unplugged hdd while plugging cd03:56
energizerin particular, i think it had sata data and no power03:56
nog_mukluks, yes I do, it's installed when I did the sudo apt-get install command in terminal.03:58
=== BlackoutIsHere is now known as BlackoutIsHere|O
mukluksnog_: try adding the following to your .ovpn file: http://pastebin.com/jU485p2f04:00
* mukluks bb in 5 mins04:06
mukluksnog_: how'd it go?04:08
Darkjack404[m]Sorry people just jumping in so someone can track me down, alright nic find me bitch04:09
nog_It's working. Thanks, mukluks!04:11
energizerI've got a tougher one now.04:11
energizerWhen I resume from sleep, the computer doesn't resume, it just gets stuckat black screen04:12
energizerso I have to reboot, which works fine04:12
mukluksnog_: <3 yw04:13
mukluksenergizer: you never disconnected sata data from your hd/ssd correct?04:16
mukluksjust power?04:16
energizermukluks: that's correct for the issue before04:18
mukluksenergizer: cool, was just checking the disk hadn't been moved logically04:19
energizerany thoughts about sleep/resume issue?04:19
mukluksenergizer: the suspend thing will probably be something specific to your computer so you'll probably have to google it and do some research04:19
energizerya ive found people with related problems but everyone seems to say its a kernel issue fixed in 16.10, which it evidently isnt04:20
Bashing-omArturofm: - from another channel - please pastebin the out put of ' sudo lshw -C display ' .04:21
mukluks560 baby, memories04:23
ArturofmHow can I quote or call someone here so they know I'm talking to them?04:24
cfhowlettArturofm, tab complete04:24
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.04:24
ArturofmBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/bmTuR2Hu04:25
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Bashing-omArturofm: Right ,, you presently have the open source driver nouvua loaded . And the issue is that you boot to a black screen ?04:27
ArturofmI thought to switch to Kubuntu but so far I like ubuntu way more :) I'd like to try to fix this so I can use KDE04:28
Bashing-omArturofm: How about we see what results with a proprietary driver ? pastebin ' sudo ubuntu-drivers list ' .04:28
ArturofmBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/ycid2e5J04:29
Bashing-omArturofm: I like . now let us make sure there will be no conflicts . pastebin ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' .04:32
ArturofmBashing-om:  I put that on the terminal and nothing happened04:33
ArturofmBashing-om: I wrote:  dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia04:34
Bashing-omArturofm: In this case that no return is a good thing . ok run ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' and reboot to see the effect .04:35
ArturofmBashing-om: when I do the upgrade, it shows: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).04:37
ArturofmI'll reboot04:39
Bashing-omArturo: Hey !04:47
ArturoBashing-om: hi, I tried a couple of things04:48
Arturowith 1 proprietary driver and with the open sourse04:48
Arturoand none worked04:48
ArturoI didn't tried all proprietary drivers04:48
Bashing-omArturo: Well we got to make the package manager happy . pastebin ' sudo apt upgrade '; so we see the error in context .04:49
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=== Guest1359 is now known as violet
ArturoBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/bWbfJEgW04:53
Bashing-om!info kde-config-telepathy-accounts xenial04:54
ubottukde-config-telepathy-accounts (source: ktp-accounts-kcm): KDE Control Module for managing Telepathy Accounts. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 144 kB, installed size 789 kB04:54
Bashing-omArturo: Pich .. where did you get "kde-config-telepathy-accounts" ?> Pastebin ' apt-cache policy kde-telepathy-minimal kde-config-telepathy-accounts ' .04:57
vfwArturo: Did you run apt-get -f install ?04:57
Arturovfw: I did but it shows another error, I'll post it in a sec04:59
Matrixredalguém do brasil?04:59
cfhowlett!br | Matrixred04:59
ubottuMatrixred: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.04:59
ArturoBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/iiu5WxDt05:00
Arturovfw: http://pastebin.com/3PXAKUxe05:01
ArturoBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/3PXAKUxe   and the one I pasted already: http://pastebin.com/iiu5WxDt05:02
Arturovfw: http://pastebin.com/3PXAKUxe05:02
vfwArturo: sudo apt-get autoremove05:04
Arturosame error: Try using -f05:04
vfwArturo: I'm late to the conversation, how did you get to this point?  (What happened?)05:05
Bashing-omArturo: vfw :: Let's try ' sudo apt install --reinstall kde-config-telepathy-accounts ' , See where that leads us ( conflict with google-talk ??)05:06
Arturothat I know I don't have google-talk, let me try that05:06
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ArturoSub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)05:07
vfwMaybe purge account-plugin-google05:07
Bashing-omArturo: As we have " /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-config-telepathy-accounts_4%3a15.12.3-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb " let's clean up the system removing this ,deb also in that process .05:08
ArturoBashing-om: how?05:08
ArturoI'm new to linux05:09
Arturobtw is there a way to install ubuntu with the kde pre-installed? I wouldn't mind installing it again to avoid this trouble05:09
Arturoyeah but it's not the same05:10
Bashing-omArturo: run ; ' sudo apt-get autoclean ; sudo apt-get clean ; sudo apt autoremove ' . depending here we go back to that /kde-config-telepathy-accounts .05:10
Arturokubuntu relies on ubuntu, right? it's not the same like having the original05:10
ArturoBashing-om: on it05:10
xangua! Flavors05:10
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. The current list is: !Edubuntu, !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, Ubuntu !Kylin, !Lubuntu, !Mythbuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, !Xubuntu, and Ubuntu !MATE05:10
Bashing-omArturo: All the releases are the dame .. hust the DE and default installed applications differ. one can install on that base anything one desires .05:11
vfwArturo: Well, you can install kubuntu-desktop05:11
ArturoBashing-om: when I ran sudo apt autoremove05:12
vfwArturo: Yea kubuntu is dame ;)05:12
Arturoit gave me the error of -f05:12
Arturodame? or same? or damage? ^_^05:13
Bashing-omArturo: ' sudo apt remove kde-config-telepathy-accounts ' I can accept that the package manager says no can do , but want to see that output in a pastebin .05:14
ArturoBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/nCrqyAYz05:15
vfwArturo: It was a feeble attempt at humor05:15
Arturovfw: lol05:15
Bashing-omArturo: OK .. Now what ' sudo apt install kde-config-telepathy-accounts ' .05:16
kidn3ysHello, I'm trying to attach a second iscsi target to my ubuntu 14.04 instance but can't seem to figure out how to add a secondary set of credentials for this target/lun to the config. I've tried using iscsiadm but login fails and it doesn't look like any config gets added to the iscsid.conf. Thoughts?05:16
vfwArturo: sudo apt-get remove kde-telepathy-minimal  kde-config-telepathy-accounts05:17
xanguaI don't know what you did (installed Ubuntu, then KDE, then attempt to remove everything Ubuntu unity related?) but installing kubuntu takes a half hour, maybe less05:17
i-make-robotshi!  I just did a release upgrade from 12.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS.  I fixed the mysql problems, now I'm stuck on getting SSL working again.  how do?05:17
i-make-robotsi don't see anything in /var/log that screams ssl.05:17
ArturoBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/gfBWL6yD05:17
i-make-robotsor opendkim.  i completely forget how it all works.05:18
puffinzwhats the tiger to start gdm at boot? is it service gdm start? or is that false? how do i add it to systemd?05:18
Sir_AndreiPpl, im having a problem with ethernet connection05:19
Sir_AndreiWell, i'm connected now through an usb wifi card05:19
Bashing-omar Odd ! "  error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-config-telepathy-accounts_4%3a15.12.3-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb " That file should no longer exist if ya '"cleaned" the system . hummm .05:19
Sir_AndreiI've installed Ubuntu in this PC, but im having issues with ethernet, as i said05:19
vfwi-make-robots: You did what?05:20
metanoviican u help me? Some times i have stuned tty. Ubuntu 16.04, intel gpu05:20
Sir_AndreiOne moment, ill post a log of my problem05:20
vfwi-make-robots: You mean you upgraded 12.04 to 14.04?05:20
Sir_AndreiMy kernel is 4.4.0-53-generic05:21
Sir_AndreiI'm using Lubuntu 16.04.1 amd6405:22
Bashing-omArturo: ^^ .. run ' sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-config-telepathy-accounts_4%3a15.12.3-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb ; sudo apt install kde-config-telepathy-accounts  ' .05:22
Sir_AndreiMy lspci results05:23
ArturoBashing-om: lol the second command returned with the same error code (1) ^_^ bro honestly If you want I can run the installation again, I don't have anything yet05:24
Sir_Andrei00:07.0 Bridge [0680]: NVIDIA Corporation MCP61 Ethernet [10de:03ef] (rev a2)05:24
Sir_AndreiSubsystem: ASRock Incorporation 939NF6G-VSTA Board [1849:03ef]05:24
Sir_AndreiKernel driver in use: forcedeth05:24
Sir_AndreiBut is failing :705:24
Sir_AndreiIt's a fresh install05:25
Bashing-omArturo: As xangua advised .. will be faster to do a fresh install . but that is up to you .05:25
ArturoBashing-om: I'm just trying to set up this quick to set up the dev tools and use my vacations to learn more about java but this is taking me forever05:25
ArturoBashing-om: I'll do that then, thank you veryy much for your felp05:25
Arturogood night guys05:26
Sir_Andreibay Arturo05:26
Sir_AndreiWell, so....05:28
Sir_AndreiI have to reboot, one moment05:35
Sir_AndreiIm back05:38
esokiahi all05:41
esokianeed a git channel05:41
cfhowlett?  this is the ubuntu support channel05:41
Bashing-omSir_Andrei: forcedeth driver ; See: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1003297 . for the solution .05:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1003297 in linux (Ubuntu) "10de:03ef [ASRock N68-VS3 FX] Networking and ACPI conflicts" [Low,Expired]05:42
Sir_AndreiLet's see05:43
Bashing-omSir_Andrei: Boils down to try ' echo "options forcedeth msi=0 msix=0" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/forcedeth.conf ' .05:45
Sir_AndreiIn the Tobías comment?05:46
Sir_Andrei:O, yes, it crashes during reboots05:47
Sir_AndreiIt's..., well, i've installed Ubuntu in a lot of PCs and it's the first time with this problem05:47
Sir_AndreiLet's try05:47
Bashing-omSir_Andrei: I Have no hearburn to also rebuild the image file ' sudo update-initramfs -u ' Might do some good .05:50
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Sir_AndreiFUCK!, it works!05:55
Sir_AndreiBashing-om: U deserve a fucking beer!05:55
Bashing-omSir_Andrei: Been there, done that .. just passing it on along . :)05:58
helohelloso Im setting up a fresh install on a ssd06:02
helohellois there a way to automate transfering all the programs i have installed on my other ubuntu instalation?06:03
Flannel!clone | helohello06:05
ubottuhelohello: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate06:05
emejingtry to using aptoncd06:05
plytrohelohello: the programs from apt, yes, the settings, not as easily06:07
helohelloFlannel: my other installation is fucked up, does apt-clone just do programs?06:07
helohellotarget programs, I should say06:07
Flannelhelohello: Yes.  It just does programs, and I believe you can tweak the list (easily) too before letting it loose on the other machine.06:07
helohellook cool06:08
helohelloI don't have much nivested cos I can just wipe this new drive and start over06:08
helohelloI'll try apt-clone06:08
helohellothanks! will report back06:08
pavanany body python expert06:09
pavanserial communication06:09
wafflejockpavan, not really the right channel maybe try #python or ##programming06:09
wafflejockpavan, no prob ubuntu support channel here if you have problems with serial permissions/access in ubuntu then come back :)06:10
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tychotithonusis there a way to use sources.list mirror: syntax against a local list of mirrors?07:01
tychotithonusas in, served up from the local filesystem rather than over http?07:02
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tychotithonusasking because of: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/164746707:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1647467 in apt (Ubuntu Zesty) "InRelease file splitter treats getline() errors as EOF" [High,Fix committed]07:03
tychotithonuspreferring https anyway (despite InRelease) would be helpful, imo07:05
tychotithonusbut really, my question (without jumping to solutions) should be: what's the best way to only use https mirrors?07:06
tychotithonusnaively, i simply scripted a check of all mirrors in mirrors.txt that cleanly support https (without self-signed, cert mismatch, etc.)07:07
tychotithonusso now i have a de-facto list of https mirrors, and i wanted to use this list instead of the centralized mirrors.txt07:07
reisioI miss Rihanna07:37
=== u__ is now known as danieldu
tychotithonusshe's still here in spirit07:39
reisiosnow has finished eating the sidewalk and patio07:40
ben-nabiyI am having some strange ssh issues. I cannot ssh directly to a computer on the same subnet, but if I remote to a different computer, then I can ssh to the lan through the router pinholes07:45
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tychotithonusben-nabiy: using ufw? does the connection attempt time out, or immediately rject? anything in the logs on the target system?07:47
ben-nabiytychotithonus, http://pastebin.com/fvtQtxU007:48
ubuntu679im dual booting ubuntu and windows and have 3 separate drives.  What file system should i format my storage into if i don't want windows to have access to the storage drive?07:48
ben-nabiytychotithonus, ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer07:48
cfhowlettubuntu679, ext4 i.e. ubuntu default07:49
netcrimeWhat is my options to use Skpye on Ubuntu 16.04 ? I tryed using Skype Online (Web based) but options Voice Call and Video Call is inactive..07:49
ubuntu679cfhowlett: thanks!  i've generally used ext4 for all linux purposes but this is my first time installing on a desktop07:49
tychotithonusben-nabiy: is that the log message from the target system, or from the source system?07:49
ben-nabiybut if I ssh outside the lan, and then ssh back to the lan through the router, I can access them07:50
ben-nabiytychotithonus, source07:50
ubuntu679is ext4 stable compared to ntfs?07:50
cfhowlettexponentially more stalbe07:50
ubuntu679i'm on a livedisk right now :D07:50
tychotithonusben-nabiy: what about the logs on the target system? and is that target system using ufw?07:51
tychotithonusand it sounds like you're doing inbound NAT. is it possible that you're listening on a non-standard port, and the router is translating it for you?07:52
ben-nabiytychotithonus, the actual ssh is on standard ports, the router is doing NAT and taking nonstandard ports and translating07:52
ben-nabiybut on the lan, no need for non standard ports07:53
tychotithonusok, that makes sense07:53
tychotithonusjust trying to rule things out07:53
tychotithonusso are you using ufw, or anything else that would acl/filter based on source IP (like tcpwrappers/hosts.allow)?07:53
ben-nabiytychotithonus, yup. Understood. I am too07:53
ubuntu679thanks for the help as always guys!07:54
ben-nabiytychotithonus, no hosts.allow /deny07:54
ben-nabiytychotithonus, no tcpwrappers or ufw07:54
tychotithonusnormally, that "connection reset by peer" would have a corresponding log entry of some kind - auth log or something.07:54
iamunderstandhey all, does lubuntu fall under "official flavours" of ubuntu or am i in the wrong place?07:55
EriC^^iamunderstand: yes07:55
cfhowlett!flavors | iamunderstand07:55
ubottuiamunderstand: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. The current list is: !Edubuntu, !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, Ubuntu !Kylin, !Lubuntu, !Mythbuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, !Xubuntu, and Ubuntu !MATE07:55
ben-nabiytychotithonus, WARNING **: Couldn't get presence status: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files07:55
EriC^^it's an official flavor07:55
tychotithonusben-nabiy: that seems kinda unrelated. does it show up in the logs every time you make an ssh attempt?07:56
ben-nabiygnome-session-binary[3333]: CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry....07:56
iamunderstandgood to know, anybody able to help a newbie troubleshoot his bluetooth?07:56
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ben-nabiysshd[2942]: error: Failed to allocate internet-domain X11 display socket.08:00
ben-nabiytychotithonus, ^ in auth.log08:00
tychotithonusben-nabiy: those are display-related and unrelated, i think08:00
tychotithonusben-nabiy: gotta sleep now, but "connection reset by peer" implies deliberate refusal - like sshd is mad about file permissions, or cipher mismatch, or stuff like that. all of which would show up in the ssh-specific logs.08:01
ben-nabiytychotithonus, which I cannot find evidence of what is happening. will look more08:02
ben-nabiythank you08:02
tychotithonusyou could try starting up sshd on an alternate port, forced into the foreground, with verbosity cranked up (see man page) to watch it08:02
tychotithonussorry i wasn't more help - good luck08:02
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jstecher1wazz: mysql sur l'ip c'est bien en mode dev?08:16
cfhowlett!fr | JStoker08:17
ubottuJStoker: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.08:17
rominewhat is the best chat channel08:19
cfhowlettromine, this is ubuntu tech support.  ask your ubuntu questions08:19
pronetHas anybody tried the Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS. If so is it stable??08:23
cfhowlettpronet, pretty sure a few million of us have tried it.  yes, it's stable08:23
pronetminimal specs.08:24
pseudonymouspronet: it's very difficult to say. Linux runs on pretty much *anything* - the differentiator in regards to resources needed is really only the top layer - that is, your desktop environment. Unity, Gnome 3, KDE all require more than say XFCE or Mate. That said, if the computer ran any copy of windows newer than XP you'll be fine for sure.08:31
cfhowlett"you'll be fine" = ubuntu will "technically" run on many configurations but ... it will run better on some than others.  if your hardware is low/old specification I highly recommend you try first try lubuntu or xubuntu.08:32
pseudonymouspronet: and on that note. Unless you have *very* specific requirements or *really* know why, you should use 16.04 (also an LTS) instead. You really won't win anything performance-wise from running an older copy of Ubuntu.08:33
cfhowlettthis!  ^^^08:33
pseudonymousI don't suppose anyone's got or seen a quick 'n dirty guide to just remapping the keyboard to include a hyper key somewhere. Right ? I have to go forth and figure out how to create a new layout ?08:36
pronetThnks guys. will look into it,08:42
EriC^^pseudonymous: xmodmap08:43
pseudonymousEriC^^: hasn't that ceased to work in favour of xkb ? I used to use xmodmap but remember having issues with that in newer ubuntu releases08:43
EriC^^pseudonymous: still works afaik08:44
mukluksum anyone got a quick and dirty way to get dwarf fortress up and running on ubuntu-16.10? last i tried it had some libc/libsdl/libpng conflicts or something08:45
EriC^^xmodmap -e "keycode <keycode>=Super_L"08:45
EriC^^grab the keycode from "xev"08:45
ubuntu243hi all - fresh install; should i encrypt root?08:46
cfhowlettyou can.  depends completely on your tinfoil hat index08:46
mukluksubuntu243: if you can afford the io overhead, definitely08:46
mukluksif you have an SSD and aren't manipulating terabytes of video footage per day, i'd recommend it08:47
ubuntu243im reading that data recovery could be harder if i encrypt08:47
ubuntu243is that the case even in case i boot through a usb?08:48
ubuntu243is that the case even if i boot through a usb?08:48
muklukswell if you lose your disk encryption key or passphrase, then yes, data recovery will be very difficult, no matter what you boot from08:49
pseudonymousEric^^: cool, I'll look into that then :)08:49
firc1f655e60join #FFLM08:49
ubuntu243ok so as long as i know the password i'll be ok then08:49
mukluksyup - back up anything important, as always08:50
ubuntu243sweet thanks08:50
ubuntu243how much of a hit can i expect for encrypting home08:58
ubuntu243i'm on ssd for root and 7.2k rpm for home08:58
Ben64depends more on cpu08:58
ImUs3riptables -t filter -L08:58
ImUs3rmodprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'ip_tables': Operation not permitted <— what’s wrong?08:58
devnull84hook a sudo infront08:59
ImUs3rthanks devnull84 :)08:59
devnull84no probs08:59
ImUs3rman iptables  <—— space bar <——> ?09:07
ImUs3rhelp me09:08
Ben64ImUs3r: ask a question that makes sense09:09
ImUs3rwhat is reverse of space bar at man page?09:09
devnull84shame man09:10
ImUs3rpressing space bar will show next page in man page, how can i see previous page?09:10
devnull84hes learning09:10
Ben64page up09:10
devnull84page up or page down09:10
devnull84or man the page piping with more09:10
ImUs3rmy keyboard don’t have page up.09:10
Ben64get a better keyboard?09:10
ImUs3ri have no money09:11
devnull84man iptables09:11
Ben64press the up arrow until you get to where you want09:11
devnull84with space bar you you can page through09:11
devnull84or alternatiely, you can check man pages for iptables online09:11
devnull84which is the same thing09:11
devnull84unless you dont have a gui09:11
ImUs3rarrow key is too slow09:12
devnull84hold shift09:12
devnull84and then use arrow key09:12
devnull84it will page09:12
devnull84might be specific to mac tho :P09:12
devnull84dont know what system you on09:12
Ben64probably ubuntu09:13
ImUs3rnothing happend when i press shift + arrow key09:13
devnull84space bar should be sufficient for scrolling through man pages09:13
KingsySince I upgraded my OS to 16.10 from 16.04 a couple of my applications have really bad performance graphically. Scrolling up and down on them causes loads of screen tearing and its jumpy. Has someone seen this before? 99% of applications are good.09:19
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ImUs3rprot opt source   —> opt means option and source is source ip then what is prot?09:22
ImUs3rNo one is here?09:25
wyoungImUs3r: I am here09:26
ImUs3rprot opt source  —> opt means option and source is source ip then what is prot?09:26
wyoungImUs3r: werd09:26
ImUs3rwyoung: ?09:27
wyoungImUs3r: protocol09:28
ImUs3roh good thanks09:28
ImUs3rwhy means all?09:28
wyoungImUs3r: It's a maths thing09:28
ImUs3ri don’t understand it09:29
wyoungbecause with a 0 mask means everything!09:29
wyoungwithin the 2^32 address space09:29
ImUs3ri can’t understand it09:30
wyoungImUs3r: that's cool09:30
wyoungImUs3r: you don't really need to know it09:30
ImUs3roh really thanks :)09:31
wyoungLearning firstaid, for example, is a better skill to have then knowing anything about IP addresses :)09:32
wyoungImUs3r: but if you need some assistance then let me know some more about the issue you are having09:33
ImUs3rok :)09:33
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tarkus_How to install PostgreSQL 9.6.1 on Ubuntu 16.10?09:40
wyoungtarkus_: sudo apt-get install postgresql09:40
tarkus_wyoung doesn't it install 9.5?09:40
devnull84update your repo's for specific versions09:40
wyoungtarkus_: no idea, but if you add backports or another repo into /etc/apt/sources.list that has that version then it will work09:41
ImUs3riptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 22 -j ACCEPT   <—— this is correct? because dport must be sport?09:41
andrewebdevMorning. I ran updates on my machine this morning but got the following error;09:42
andrewebdevThe following packages have unmet dependencies.09:42
andrewebdev apt-utils : Depends: apt (= 1.3.1) but 1.3.2ubuntu0.1 is installed09:42
ImUs3rwyoung: help me09:42
* wyoung throws ImUs3r a life jacket09:43
ImUs3ri think that —sport is correct instead of dport because there is a INPUT09:44
wyoungImUs3r: you are doing firewall stuff hey09:44
wyoungImUs3r: wrong, — != --09:45
wyoungImUs3r: you can't use UTF-8 / UTF-16 chars in it09:45
wyoungImUs3r: replace — with --09:47
ImUs3r- -09:47
wyoungtrenta: hihi09:47
trentahow r u09:48
wyoungtrenta: been better09:48
theparadoxer02Can we add kali tools in ubuntu?09:57
guardianL_hack the planet10:01
NomiddlesSomeone has problems with remmina fullscreen? Like top bar hidden, no autoscroll left-right  side10:05
NomiddlesI'm using ubuntu-gnome 16.1010:05
ragbakGood morning10:10
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wyoungragbak: Good 'morrow!10:17
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multifractalI'm trying to get this http://registry.gimp.org/node/27986 GIMP plugni to work under 16.04. I pasted all files (a couple of executables and some .py scripts) into ~/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins/ and made them all executabel with chmod +x10:47
multifractalBut the plugin doesn't appear in the GIMP menu10:47
madsjI've tried to do dd bs=4M if=raspbian.img of=/dev/sdb, but "/home" in the root-filesystem still has data from previously10:50
BunicuEnCerurido you know a very very dark ubuntu wallpaper?10:52
BunicuEnCerurivery close to black10:53
bazhang!themes | BunicuEnCeruri10:53
ubottuBunicuEnCeruri: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy10:53
BunicuEnCeruribazhang, only the wallpaer10:53
bazhanghave a look at those sites BunicuEnCeruri10:53
bazhangthen have a look around BunicuEnCeruri we wont do that for you10:53
BunicuEnCeruribazhang, i googled already and i couldnt find smth really dark, almost full black10:53
bazhangcheck deviant art BunicuEnCeruri10:53
BunicuEnCeruribazhang, thanks for reminding me10:54
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pronetJust got there, found some dope wallpapers.    http://www.deviantart.com/art/Lit-Blue-Wallpaper-12340646711:08
froikehi, there is any way to stop apache2 using systemctl?11:18
pronetyeah,  pkill the service.11:20
ppffroike: systemctl disable apache211:21
pronetppf : ^^^11:28
ppfpronet: ?11:29
pronetppf: that also works.. But much preferd ( pkill service )11:30
ppfpronet: certainly not?11:30
ppfit also doesn't do what froike asked11:30
ppfbut, more to the point: no, never ever do that11:31
ppf(exceptions prove the rule)11:31
pronetppf: .. i left out the systemctl part.11:32
ppfdoesn/t matter11:34
srulidoes anyone know a graphics card for min 3 independent monitors which works well on linux? (not for gaming dont need high end ones)11:34
ppfsruli: today, all of them11:35
ppfamd drivers are even open source, so yay amd11:36
ppfthen again, nvidia drivers are (subjectively) less broken on average, so yay nvidia11:36
srulithats great, i just happen to see on this channel many times people needing support for graphics card...11:36
Ben64i don't think every card supports it though11:37
ppfyeah you need a card with 3 outlets of course11:38
sruliobviously ;-)11:38
srulinevidia or amd? which should i go for?11:38
Ben64that might not be enough still11:38
Ben64depending on monitors and things11:38
ppfsruli: most of those people did something stupid and are facing the consequences11:38
ppfyeah you should make sure that you have the right kind of ports or adapters available11:38
sruliBen64:  what should i be looking for?11:38
Ben64that's why i didn't answer at first, because it's complicated11:39
ppfi prefer nvidia cards11:39
ppfi'm a cuda programmer, though11:39
Ben64figure out what monitors you want to run first11:39
ppfthe driver thing makes this choice ethically questionable, though :)11:39
sruliif amd works fine, i'll support the open source.. its not for gaming so dont need high end11:41
Ben64yeah there's the new amd driver in the kernel11:41
ppfbest to just pick a card, and then check user reports if there's a dealbreaker11:42
peter__132341234hi everyone11:43
multifractalI installed jdk 8 via apt-get http://askubuntu.com/questions/464755/how-to-install-openjdk-8-on-14-04-lts but where is it installed to?11:51
multifractalI need to locate it for my java ida11:51
ppfmultifractal: dpkg -L openjdk-8-jdk11:53
arunsFolks, Everytime I install or remove/ purge something, I get this message on terminal for ntop >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/23633195/  > FYI, I tried sudo apt-get remove ntop , apt-get purge --force flag and few other options, there is no luck as of yet. Kindly suggest solutions to get rid of this.11:57
ppfaruns: apt-get install --reinstall ntop11:58
ppfif that doesn't help, throw in a -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confmiss"11:59
arunsppf, No success with reinstall command12:01
ppfpaste please?12:01
arunsppf, reinstall paste >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/23633217/12:02
ppfsudo dpkg --configure -a12:03
KingsySince I upgraded my OS to 16.10 from 16.04 a couple of my applications have really bad performance graphically. Scrolling up and down on them causes loads of screen tearing and its jumpy. Has someone seen this before? 99% of applications are good.12:05
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arunsppf, sudo dpkg --configure -a >> it shows nothing, no output12:06
ppfdid you try with the confmiss option already?12:06
Ben64aruns: dpkg -l | grep ntop12:07
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ubuntu943Where is ubuntu dev channelö?12:08
arunsBen64, ppf : http://paste.ubuntu.com/23633234/12:09
Ben64aruns: try "sudo dpkg --force-all -P ntop"12:10
thirasis there any way to get 32bit nvidia drivers at the same time on the system?12:18
thirasskype returns libgl1.so error which is 32bit12:18
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DrvanonHi I installed Ubuntu server 16.04 from USB. Internet (wlan0 and eth0 both) don't work. When I start in recovery mode and choose the network option it does work.12:21
ppfDrvanon: how does "don't work" look like12:24
DrvanonIfconfig only shows lo12:25
ppfifconfig -a12:25
rommelDrvanon, do you know the drivers needed for the devices and are they available.. ie can you modprobe them12:27
Drvanonppf, it now shows enp5s0f5, lo and wlp7s012:27
ppfthere are your interfaces, they're just down12:27
rommelthen they are loaded12:27
rommelwhy then are they not brought up automatically12:28
ppfbring them up with ip link set dev <interface> up12:28
ppfconfigure them with ip12:28
ppfor: configure them properly in /etc/interfaces12:28
ppfor: use networkmanager12:29
Drvanonppf I did sudo  ifconfig enp5s0f5 up12:29
DrvanonStill no internet12:29
ppfyes, you need to configure it12:29
ppfwhat i said above12:29
DrvanonI will install networkmanager12:30
DrvanonOr if you would like to, you can learn me to configure it correctly12:31
ppfyou can learn that yourself by reading man interfaces12:31
DrvanonThat will be fun12:31
DrvanonI will try that first12:32
ppfthose options are exclusive, you can use either nm or /etc/interfaces, not both12:32
DrvanonI will try interfaces first. It sounds like I will learn more.12:33
rommelis ubuntu server cli or does t have a gui interface12:33
DrvanonServer cli12:33
rommelwhat was the footprint for your install12:33
rommeldisk usage12:34
DrvanonI do not know how to find this information.12:34
rommelits ok i was just curious12:35
ikevin<rommel> is ubuntu server cli or does t have a gui interface <== not by default, so you can install one12:35
ikevinin other case, you can execute graphical tools using ssh -X12:36
DrvanonThat might be a good idea12:36
ikevinlike installing firefox on the server and on other machin using: ssh -X user@server_ip firefox12:36
srulippf: the cheapest card i found is AMD Sapphire Radeon RX 460 Nitro, can i take it at face value that it will work on ubuntu?12:41
ppffor a reliable answer, ask the vendor12:43
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srulippf: amd have drivers for it on their site..  is that enough to rely on?12:47
ppfis i said it will likely work. for anything more definite, ask the vendor12:48
srulii bet u the vendor dont have a clue about linux12:48
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syphersruli: Yeah, a cursory Googling would have found this. http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMD-Radeon-GPU-PRO-Linux-Beta-Driver%E2%80%93Release-Notes.aspx13:06
srulisypher: thats the page i was refring too, thanks13:07
ioriasruli, "This driver only supports AMD Radeon RX 480, R9 Fury X, R9 Fury, R9 Nano, R9 M395X, R9 380X, R9 380, R9 285"13:09
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sypherThe page I linked to has the following in its compatibility matrix: "Radeon™ RX 460 Graphics"13:11
sruliioria: if you go further down the page "The AMDGPU-Pro Driver is compatible with the following AMD pr​​oducts." which lists the rx 46013:11
sypherioria: Matter of fact, I'm not even seeing that text on the page I linked to.13:12
wonderfulfalconcan i remove the watermark on the login screen?13:12
ioriasypher, ^13:13
sypherNot trying to be a jerk, but why do I care about a PCWorld article from July, when I linked directly to the vendor's compatibility listing?13:14
wonderfulfalconm using ubuntu 16.04LTS13:14
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syphersruli: The vendor indicates compatibility with your hardware, so that's the best you can hope for.13:17
Walnutbeard_if i give my laptop specs would u help which ubuntu version runs without driver issues ?13:23
sypherWalnutbeard_: Run the latest version, and if you encounter driver issues, work to resolve them.13:23
sypherWalnutbeard_: By latest version, I mean latest LTS, unless you have a reason to use something newer.13:23
Walnutbeard_but its old laptop i am not sure i get additional drivers especially gpu bothers my mind .13:24
Walnutbeard_TOSHIBA Satellite L655 Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 6144MB RAM ATI Mobility Radeon HD 514513:24
sypherGonna be honest, we're not here to do the homework on your hardware.13:25
sypherIf you have a specific functional issue, then sure, but basic compatibility research is your responsibility.13:26
cfhowlettWalnutbeard_, OR - I know it's crazy - but here's the xubuntu download link.  So download the .iso, make a bootable USB, boot it up and test for yourself maybe.13:26
sypher^ Research like that!13:27
Walnutbeard_well i tried Ubuntu 16.10 and 14.10 couldnt see additional gpu driver should u download every version and test each ?13:28
srulipff: Ben64: sypher: ioria: thanks for all your help been wanting to upgrade my twin display to triple for years and held off as was worried about drivers13:28
ioriasruli, i'am worried too when it comes to Amd13:29
sruliioria: the reason i went for amd was opensource drivers... got to support what you preach ;-)13:30
KingsySince I upgraded my OS to 16.10 from 16.04 a couple of my applications have really bad performance graphically. Scrolling up and down on them causes loads of screen tearing and its jumpy. Has someone seen this before? 99% of applications are good.13:32
Kingsynot much info about it on google.13:33
odfhw5bv9sHi all!13:33
odfhw5bv9sHow to enable app-armor?13:33
sruliWalnutbeard_: my experience with toshiba & linux is not very good, it works but not best...13:33
ppfodfhw5bv9s: it's enabled by default13:34
odfhw5bv9sit seems it is not13:34
pavanin ubuntu 16.06i install mac theme which is supported in 12.0413:34
Kingsycould it be a driver or soemthing that I might be missing that would cause this in a few cases?13:35
Walnutbeard_well i tried linux mint and different ubuntu versions but couldnt get additional driver support for gpu  thats the only reason i am usin 713:35
odfhw5bv9sapparmor module is loaded.13:35
odfhw5bv9sapparmor filesystem is not mounted.13:35
cfhowlettpavan,  no13:35
pavanany other option13:36
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arunsBen64, ppf : Guys any hint with this >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/23633234/13:38
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ppfaruns: did you run the reinstall command?13:42
ppfwith missing configs?13:42
mateusz_hi there can any1 help me with sshpass and rsyn ? i running this command sshpass -p 'pass' rsync --progress -avz ./ -e ssh user@beta.host.com:~/web/ but what i get is "Host key verification failed." i know about -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no but dont know where to put it to make it works :/13:42
arunsppf, No not with missing configs13:43
ppfthen do so13:43
arunsI did sudo apt-get install --reinstall ntop13:44
ppfyes. run the other command that i told you13:44
arunscan you repeat the command again please?13:45
ppfscroll up?13:45
ioriarF = removed - half configured , i guess13:46
aruns{<sruli> ppf: the cheapest card i found is AMD Sapphire Radeon RX 460 Nitro, can i take it at face value that it will work on ubuntu?} Last able to reach till here only, unable to dig up, scroll bar is not going up? can you repeat again.13:48
ppfsudo apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confmiss" install --reinstall13:49
codfectionwhy ubuntu is purple >13:50
ppfblue was taken13:50
cfhowlettcodfection, because it is.13:50
arunsppf,  sudo apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confmiss" install --reinstall see output >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/23633550/13:51
codfectionpurple looks a bit odd in office environments13:51
cfhowlettcodfection, do you have an actual ubuntu tech question?  otherwise chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic please13:51
ikoniacodfection: just change the colour scheme to one you like, it's all customizable13:51
codfectioncfhowlett, they are not knowledgeable people thats why I ask here13:52
ikoniacodfection: yes they are13:52
ikoniacodfection: it's a social channel, you can ask in both, but now you have the answer.13:52
vfwmateusz_: Setup ssh key for passwordless login. ssh-keygen -t rsa (copy code from client's ~/.ssh/is_rsa-pub to server's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys)13:52
codfectionofftopic is full of hillary and trump, I dont care about politics. sorry I just care about myself13:53
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codfectionthanks ikonia for the answer13:53
Guest99297does anyone know about the amdgpu drivers? I know the -pro variant only supports a handful of devices and that it doesn't even support 16.10 yet, is this also the case with the open source amdgpu driver? I can't find info on this13:55
sruliaruns: was looking for a card that supports 3 independent displays13:56
mateusz_vfw: i can do this, but i will have soo many authorized keys than ( environment from where i need to push via rsync is a new docker container each time i push some code to repo )13:56
codfectionis Dell XPS 15 supported by Ubuntu and what about Razer Blade Pro and Macbook? Asking for someone please13:57
geirhaso copy the key to the container?13:57
sruliGuest99297: just ordered a amd card.. will know in a few days...13:57
Guest99297well, our situation isn't the same as im using a GCN 1.0 card, I'd assme if you are buying a recent card you'd be supported13:58
srulicodfection: linux usually works out the box on Dell, many people use linux on mac book pro (inc linus himself)13:58
codfectionsruli, he uses macbook air 11". I wonder how he can code in 11 inch screen13:59
Guest99297I'm currently using oibaf ppa and I assume this is the reason why ubuntu-drivers doesn't list anything for the card, does anyone know what component is in charge of opengl support?13:59
ikoniaGuest99297: what component ?13:59
sruliGuest99297: correct, cant help u any futher, sorru13:59
Guest99297what package of all things related to the gpu14:00
srulicodfection: 1 line at a time ;-) . dualboot mac and ubuntu on macbook pro is on my todo list.. maybe sometime in next 3-4 months14:00
Guest99297xorg, mesa, libdrm, llvm,etc....14:01
codfectionsruli, which macbook are you getting my mate14:01
codfectionisn't OS X superior to ubuntu? sruli. It runs Photoshop, MS Office, and many other programs.. plus its a true UNIX underneath. and more stable and fast14:02
ikoniacodfection: no14:02
ikoniacodfection: this is nothing to do with this channel14:02
codfectionikonia, just answering to sruli14:03
ikoniano you're asking if os X is superior to ubuntu14:04
ikoniaand making statements like "more stable and fast"14:04
pseudonymouscodfection: As someone who is using OSX daily, both personally and at work. I'd say it's not that simple. It's definitely not more stable, I've had plenty of system freezes for various reasons. It's not bugfree (plugging monitors in/out will fail at times). It's a true Unix only because they pay for a certification. Unix-philosophy-wise it isn't14:04
srulicodfection: dont know which one i'll get, will find the cheapest used macbook pro .. its just for testing and to help people who want to use linux on mac.. dont really need it.. if it turns out that it works blazingly fast might consider buying good one for myself... os x is superior in what way? free and opensource? i can configure it in which ever shape or form i want ?  anyway this is way off-topic.. u asked about models which support linux.. i answered...14:04
codfectionpseudonymous, thanks a lot14:06
arunscodefection : Ubuntu works like charm on XPS 13/15 , Also works on razor pro , and mac book as well. Depends on your usage, You want coding then XPS 13/15 is bests machine among the category you asked.14:06
codfectionaruns, why xps is better for coding? makes no sense14:08
threshhi.  is it me or unattended upgrades are broken on 16.10.  I get "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.".14:10
threshand somehow "apt-utils : Depends: apt (= 1.3.1) but 1.3.2ubuntu0.1 is installed".14:10
pseudonymouscodfection: NP :) FYI - the unix philosophy can be read here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_philosophy <- you'll see that the unix philosophy enables shell scripting because each program should do one thing and should communicate in text etc. That's why 'cat'/'sed'/'echo'/'ls' etc are unix'y programs and Safari & iTunes aren't :)14:10
ppfthresh: did you fiddle with ppas14:10
threshppf, I havent14:11
ppfwhat's in your /etc/apt/sources.list.d14:11
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pseudonymousthresh: I got the same error and I didn't add any ppa's either. However, do as it says and the error will go away :)14:11
threshpseudonymous, sure, I can do that - but not easily since this is an image to start VMs.  I'd rather fix the issue than apply band-aid.14:11
pseudonymousthresh: I'm not sure I follow, most VM-style products allow taking snapshots from which to derive new VM's, isn't this possible for you ?14:13
threshpseudonymous, that's exactly what I do (I run a small cloud for my own needs)14:13
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threshand since a couple of days ago yakkety VMs started to misbehave14:13
threshall in all I kinda support the idea of keeping the machine up-to-date, but oh well maybe I should just disable unattended upgrades and be done.14:14
holycrunchitzI'm trying to troubleshoot  a dead apache install. is there a command that will check my vhost configs and dump errors?14:16
holycrunchitzany help at all would be lovely14:18
Piciholycrunchitz: apache2 -t  would be a good start14:18
holycrunchitztyvm Pici14:18
holycrunchitzomg can't type this morning14:20
GrandPa-GI am trying to do an install of pear and get error dpkg: error processing archive /tmp/apt-dpkg-install-NW8Pyy/0-zeroc-ice-utils_3.6.3-1000_amd64.deb (--unpack):14:21
GrandPa-G trying to overwrite '/usr/bin/slice2html', which is also in package zeroc-ice-compilers 3.6.2-stretch-51-gba6baa6-214:21
vfwholycrunchitz: systemctl status apache14:22
cfhowlettGrandPa-G, pear????14:22
holycrunchitzI think that's what I was looking for14:22
GrandPa-Gcfhowlett: yes, it is for mail for php14:22
GrandPa-Gi have tried apt-get -f install and I get this (and a few other like it) errors.14:23
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vfwholycrunchitz: Whasamatter?14:25
holycrunchitzvfw can't get apache to tell me what's wrong. all my vhosts are down14:25
vfwholycrunchitz: Did you see any errors?14:25
holycrunchitzvfw no. that's the problem14:26
vfwholycrunchitz: how about /var/log/apache/error_log14:26
vfwholycrunchitz: Let us take a look:  systemctl status apache |& nc termbin.com 999914:26
vfw... send URL14:27
holycrunchitzthe apache error log is empty14:27
holycrunchitzjust getting the other14:27
xelahi - i'm getting fsck errors after clean umount of the partition. I mean: mkdir /test; mount /dev/xxx /test; ls -al /test; umount /test; fsck /dev/xxx -> xxx contains a file system with errors, check forced.14:27
holycrunchitzvfw none of what i'm seeing for errors is very descriptive14:28
xelathe filesystem is ext4, and the partition table is GUID. But a clean umount shouldn't avoid such errors at fsck ?14:28
GrandPa-Gif I see "10 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 2 to remove and 7 not upgraded." what is the next step I should take?14:28
vfwholycrunchitz: Let us take a look:  systemctl status httpd |& nc termbin.com 999914:28
vfwholycrunchitz: Can't remember which it is...14:29
holycrunchitzvfw http://termbin.com/dllm14:29
holycrunchitzalso service not found14:29
vfwholycrunchitz: Not running?14:29
vfwholycrunchitz: start it.14:29
holycrunchitzno error14:29
holycrunchitzsilent failure i guess.14:30
vfwholycrunchitz: systemctl start apache14:30
GrandPa-Gvfw: should it be apache2?14:30
holycrunchitzvfw http://termbin.com/b8qs14:30
holycrunchitzyes. thank you GG14:31
holycrunchitzsorry cup of coffee number one over here14:31
lesshastehow can I change the default audio track in a video?14:31
vfwholycrunchitz: Let us take a look:  systemctl status apache2 |& nc termbin.com 999914:31
vfwlesshaste: kdenlive14:32
GrandPa-GI need help with dns-nameserver and network-manager not picking up values from interfaces file.14:32
holycrunchitzfor the record, my apache logs just say AH00016: Configuration Failed over and over14:34
holycrunchitzis there a way to narrow it down?14:34
GrandPa-Gholycrunchitz: have you tried sudo apache2ctl configtest?14:38
vfwholycrunchitz: lynx --dump localhost14:38
vfwholycrunchitz: Does it say "Unable to connect"14:38
GrandPa-Gholycrunchitz: are you using certs?14:39
holycrunchitzi don't have lynx installed14:39
vfwholycrunchitz: Or replace localhost with IP-address14:39
holycrunchitzi am using certs14:39
holycrunchitzapachectl says config ok14:39
GrandPa-Gdon't know if this helps, but look at http://www.randomhacks.co.uk/apache-2-4-failed-to-start-ah00016-configuration-failed/ towards the middle14:39
vfwholycrunchitz: sudo apt-get install lynx14:40
holycrunchitzbut wget localhost returns connection refused14:40
holycrunchitzapache is not running14:40
BluesKajGrandPa-G, try adding the nameservers in /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head , just ignore the warning in that file14:41
holycrunchitzwhat about php config?14:41
holycrunchitzcan i test my php.ini?14:41
holycrunchitzcould that cause this?14:41
Southern_Gentlemholycrunchitz, there is something in your configs thats bombing14:42
vfwholycrunchitz: You can only test php if you get apache2 running.14:42
holycrunchitzi need to narrow it down14:42
Southern_Gentlemso remove one by one and test14:42
holycrunchitz9i thought maybe a bad php setting. i changed some stuff in php.ini yesterday.14:43
holycrunchitzI've been working on trying to get our postfix working14:43
holycrunchitzhaven't even changed stuff in apache in over a week14:43
vfwholycrunchitz: Something broke it.  Can you nail down a time when it quit?14:44
Southern_Gentlemso most likely its in you php14:44
holycrunchitzyesterday is the earliest I noticed14:44
vfwholycrunchitz: Restart apache2 and look again.14:45
vfwholycrunchitz: systemctl status apache214:45
vfwholycrunchitz: What version of Ubuntu?14:46
GrandPa-GBluesKaj: I have them in the interfaces file, but will try head file as well. How can I see what it current is?14:46
vfwholycrunchitz: lsb_release -r14:46
holycrunchitzthat's from the restart14:47
vfwholycrunchitz: Look at the logfile again.14:48
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vfwholycrunchitz: cat /var/log/apache2/error_log |nc termbin.com 999914:48
holycrunchitzAH00016: Configuration Failed14:49
holycrunchitzover an over14:49
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holycrunchitzno need for a termbin14:49
vfwholycrunchitz: sudo strace -f apache2ctl start14:51
holycrunchitzstrace isn't helpful14:51
holycrunchitzthe output is super verbose and I've picked it over a couple times14:51
threshppf, pseudonymous, speaking about the apt issue I had before, it seems like it's the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/164995914:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1649959 in apt (Ubuntu Yakkety) "unattended upgrade of apt kills running apt-daily job" [High,Fix committed]14:52
threshso, not the ppa14:52
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vfwholycrunchitz: http://flaz.biz/2015/08/apache-wont-start-with-a-generic-ah00016-configuration-failed/14:53
pseudonymousthresh: interesting - I came across it on a regular workstation install.14:53
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »14:54
holycrunchitzvfw. i have to go to work soon, and if we don't get this first, thank you for your help14:54
vfwholycrunchitz: Ok14:54
vfwholycrunchitz: http://flaz.biz/2015/08/apache-wont-start-with-a-generic-ah00016-configuration-failed/14:55
elGALLOif I reinstall Ubuntu, will I lose my RAID 0 setup?14:57
pavanhow to uplod image in chat15:00
pavani am using xchat-gnome in ubuntu15:00
holycrunchitzI have to go to work. site still down15:01
pseudonymouspavan: to the best of my knowledge. You can't, you'll have to upload the image to some service, then link it15:01
elGALLOif I reinstall Ubuntu will I lose my RAID 0 setup?15:02
elGALLOpavan like imgur, puush,15:02
pavanelGALLO  what it is15:03
elGALLOimgur.com  puush.me15:03
elGALLOupload your image, either site will give you a link, then you can cut and paster the link here15:04
pavanthanks elGALLO15:04
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LordNelthonhi, I'm trying to install ubuntu with lvm on luks with boot inside the encrypted container. I'm installing the grub manually (with efi support), but I'm getting the following error on boot: http://pastebin.com/V63qHuMr . I followed this article: http://askubuntu.com/questions/729673/ubuntu-full-disk-encryption-with-encrypted-boot15:10
klankaneed help installing cannon MX450 series printer15:13
klankacups problem?15:15
h1n1hello peoples15:17
zykotick9LordNelthon: <sidenote only> that seems like a LOT of work, for minimal benefit (having /boot encrypted)...  are you _sure_ it's worth it?  best of luck.15:20
LordNelthonit does not make the system more secure against the vector attack?15:23
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zykotick9LordNelthon: i'm not sure what "the vector attack" even is... so i couldn't say.15:24
Southern_GentlemLordNelthon,  no not really15:24
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sruliin /etc/crypttab after uuid i put "none luks,discard" this is for ssd, what do i put for regular hdd?15:31
LordNelthonsruli: dont use the discard, it tells the system to use the ssd trim15:35
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sruliLordNelthon: just "luks none" ?15:35
LordNelthonsruli: yes, but pay attention to the order. first none to tell that there is no key to open and then the luks15:36
sruliLordNelthon: typo, yes thanks15:38
srulii have an error when updating initramfs, "w: possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/i915/kbl_dmc_ver1.bin" for module i915_bpo" same line again with file skl_guc_ver6.bin what are those files, how do i fix?15:39
LordNelthonzykotick9: it's when someone changes the unencrypted boot partition content to compromise your system when you boot it normally. but since grub would need to be in the unencrypted efi partition if the boot p. is encrypted, Southern_Gentlem is right, if anyone knows how to do it in one way knows the other way too and it's not that harder to justify15:41
Southern_GentlemLordNelthon,  how are they going to do that15:43
Southern_Gentlemwithout escalated15:43
LordNelthonI have two separate disks, hdd and ssd with partitions encrypted in both. Does anyone know how to not have to type a password twice on boot (once for each partition in separate drives)?15:44
srulion the subject of encrypted boot, is there a way to encrypt it on a dualboot (win+ubuntu) with no password needed for booting win?15:45
sruliLordNelthon: is using a key inside the root partition to mount the other partition accaptable solution for u?15:46
LordNelthonSouthern_Gentlem: After the research I have made, I think it's really hard to do and even some exploits would be needed, but it's not impossible. I don't know how to do it, but it's seams plausible.15:46
LordNelthonsruli: I tried that and it did not work, because there is no guarantee that the root filesystem is mounted when you need the key for the second drive.15:47
sruliLordNelthon: what is the second partition? why not add the script to mount it after boot finished15:48
LordNelthonsruli: I think you don't need the key if the boot is outside an unencrypted volume (someone correct me if wrong)15:48
snadgei installed updates on my laptop... ubuntu 16.10, and now its stuck at loading initial ramdisk15:49
LordNelthonsruli: The second partition is just the /home so it should work, but maybe there is an easy way, I don't know15:49
sruliLordNelthon: didnt follow from the start are you talking about using the password for boot to open root?15:49
snadgeremoving quiet splash doesn't seem to achieve anything.. if i edit the rescue option and add init=/sbin/upstart .. then it will boot into recovery mode15:50
snadgei broke systemd maybe? :/15:50
sruliLordNelthon: in that case if its not open do you get to a gui login screen at all?15:51
LordNelthonsruli: The crypttab just opens the volumes and then fstab mounts it. That's why the key in the first one might not work15:51
LordNelthonsruli: Since both have an entry in crypttab the system asks twice for password, so always reach login after that. With the key in the first one I have not tested yet, but all articles point to what I said previously.15:53
uruk7hello I have ubuntu 16.04 software ubuntu center doesn't work15:54
sruliLordNelthon: put the key in the crypttab file, "sdX_crypt      UUID=xxxxx  /path/to/keyfile  luks"15:54
uruk7can yuo help me15:54
ledeniuruk7, what you try to install?15:56
sruliuruk7: please state the exact problem you have15:56
LordNelthonsruli: When crypttab opens the encrypted volume it mounts the partitions right away with the information in fstab? If not, there is no path to the key file yet15:58
sruliLordNelthon: not sure, but it should know where the keyfile is as soon as it tries to mount, try it.. see how it goes16:00
sruliLordNelthon: is it 2 phisical drives or just partitions?16:00
bobofezzayo bros16:01
LordNelthonsruli: 2 physical drives, 1 luks volume in each. I'm going to try. In a few minutes I have the feedback16:05
sruliLordNelthon: why dont u use lvm turn both drives into 1 LV, this way you will only need 1 luks16:07
LordNelthonsruli: Since one is SSD and other HDD, the HDD it's for home to store files, I think it would be hard to make this separation16:10
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sucode_i want to contribute to linux kernel; where should i start; is there any specific irc chennal for that16:21
yeevehey chat, trying to use rsyslog to get apache error/access logs but my current setup uses apache vhosts with their own logs. Is this just complicating it all if I'm just going to push it all to a single server?16:23
pseudonymoussucode_: they use mailing lists to coordinate work. And while I wouldn't want to discourage you, they won't hold your hands on getting started.16:24
vfwyeeve: nfs16:25
sucode_pseudonymous: why is it so ?16:25
yeevenfs? (as in network-file-system/samba?)16:25
pseudonymoussucode_: why they use mailing lists or why they won't hold your hands ?16:25
vfwyeeve: Yea, maybe a possible alternative?16:26
sucode_pseudonymous: no irc why ?16:26
yeevevfw, my main concern at the moment is adding extra steps for nothing, if I have 10 split logs which are going to be pumped into rsyslog remotely, I might as well pump all the error/access logs into 2 files (instead of 10)  so the rsyslog setup is easier (new to all this so trying stuff out)16:27
pseudonymoussucode_: I guess they feel IRC is a bad medium. Mails allow longer, more thought-out responses because, unlike IRC, twitter, slack, telegram etc there is no need for an immediate response. Also, IRC, like twitter, have some limits on message length, again discouraging deep discussion.16:28
vfwyeeve: Just seems simpler than having multiple copies of the same file.16:28
sucode_pseudonymous: would u give me some link (mailing list, to get started)......16:29
yeeveOk so I'll change apache first so it's just 2 files and then I'll worry about the rsyslog steps. I just wanted to make sure no one in chat was going to correct me and show me an easier way to handle multiple files in rsyslog16:29
vfwyeeve: Either way is ok.... one may be easier for you, that's all.16:29
xxxxhi. yesterday i download ubuntu 16.04 lts, put in a 500hd computer with 4 partitions (80g "/", 380G /home/, 4G swap , 4g empty) for trying to fix a boot problem... cannot turn off: in the final process, the ubuntu logo just freezes and fo nothing else until i turn off manualy but i think important updates cannot install well and the display broken last week... any ideas?16:29
xxxxfo > do*16:30
vfwyeeve: But that's just one persons opinion.16:30
yeeveI value your opinion more than my own at this point :) cheers vfw16:30
vfwxxxx: Tell us more.   Boot problem?16:31
pseudonymoussucode_: https://kernelnewbies.org/ML has some info. The front-page even mentions an IRC channel where other newbies hang out (purportedly). Though I got to say - kernel development requires that you're self-driven, not relying on a ton of help from others16:31
xxxxboot for saying = cannot turn off16:32
vfwxxxx: So you've yet to install grub?16:32
xxxxi click shut down, shut down again... and the final ubuntu logo just freezes16:32
uruk7i can not install ffmpeg16:32
xxxxi intalled the last 5 times16:32
vfw!info ffmpeg | uruk716:33
ubottuuruk7: ffmpeg (source: ffmpeg): Tools for transcoding, streaming and playing of multimedia files. In component universe, is optional. Version 7:3.0.2-1ubuntu3 (yakkety), package size 1350 kB, installed size 2003 kB16:33
xxxxthe problem are from the first ubuntu download and delete windows16:33
sucode_pseudonymous: i like helping myself; thanks after all16:33
sruliuruk7: what error do you get when installing? did you try from command line or only software center?16:34
xxxxvfw: gonna install grub and try again, come back in a minute16:34
vfwxxxx: I'm not sure we udnerstand the exact nature of your problem.  Please tell us more or restate more clearly the problem you are having.16:34
pseudonymoussucode_: no problem. Remember; the key to getting going is to find small problems (maybe look for small bug-reports) and to find some way to easily test (find a quite on booting a small VM in kvm directly from a kernel image). That way, you have a mission and a way of testing your progress16:35
vfwxxxx: I was only speculating about grub.  You said you had trouble shutting down?16:35
xxxxi shut down the software (ubuntu) and in the end, the ubuntu logo, just freezes and that's it.. i have tu shut down with the power button16:35
sucode_pseudonymous: thanks for your guidance16:36
vfwxxxx: Power it back up agan.  Open a terminal and issue command:16:36
vfwxxxx: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt dist-upgrade16:36
vfwxxxx: reboot again.16:36
xxxxdone. nothing16:36
xxxxbut i try whit the grub first, come back16:37
yenclgj5nlwHi all. Is it only me who experience plasma crashes when uses the search in the start menu?16:37
xxxxvfw: i'ts something weird.. yesterday, after install ubuntu.. when ask me to remove the installation device and press enter never turn on again, just the blue light of the computer and i do nothing else than go to sleep the full night16:41
xxxx*all night long16:44
srulihow do i check what is the latest kernel available on 16.0416:45
OerHekssruli, uname -a # if you run 16.04 now16:46
vfwsruli: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt dist-upgrade16:46
OerHeksor take a look at launchpad16:47
srulidont want to check what i have installed, just want to know hwat the latest is16:47
OerHekssruli, lolz, lazy kid16:47
sruliOerHeks: where on lunchpad?16:47
nacc!info linux-image-generic xenial | sruli16:48
OerHekssruli, you know perfectly how to find it, i am not your google,16:48
ubottusruli: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB16:48
xxxxi think is: sudo apt update (??????)16:48
nacc!info linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04 xenial | sruli16:48
ubottusruli: linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04-edge (source: linux-meta-hwe-edge): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 9 kB16:48
vfwsruli: apt-cache policy linux-image16:48
naccsruli: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/RollingLTSEnablementStack16:49
yeevewith rsyslog.conf and `*.* @rsyslog.server.co.uk:514` I'm not getting a %programname% for the kernel/syslog bits, is there a way to tell rsyslog to send a default programname via rsyslog.conf?16:56
ikoniadefault program name ?16:57
yeeveikonia, on the server I'm using $programname% with logged -t "name" to push into a log called name.log but syslog/kernel stuff isn't been written. If i remove my rules I get syslog.log with ALL the bits in a single file (not bad but I would like syslog.log kernel.log and apache.log etc)16:58
yeeveI'm half tempted to setup a super simple version just pumping everything into it's own %hostname%.log file which rotates daily. I can prob filter kernel/syslog/apache stuff using some parsing tool16:59
Sujayhi guys17:01
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LordNelthonsruli: it works with the key inside the first volume! yeah17:02
Arpithi all17:03
sruliLordNelthon: great17:03
phos1I am trying to upgrade to php 5.6, php -v shows php 5.6, but php info on my website shows 5.5 still. I am running Ubuntu 14.04.517:04
Arpiti have upgraded my laptop to ubuntu 12.04 from windows... now today i tried to upgrade to ubuntu 14.04 and packages were downloading ... i left for some time and when i came back trying to og in getting the " GNU GRUB Version 1.99-18ubuntu1" can you please help me to get out of it... i am completely new to ubuntu17:05
yeevephos1, are you using mod_php or php_fpm?17:06
Arpiti have upgraded my laptop to ubuntu 12.04 from windows... now today i tried to upgrade to ubuntu 14.04 and packages were downloading ... i left for some time and when i came back trying to og in getting the " GNU GRUB Version 1.99-18ubuntu1" can you please help me to get out of it... i am completely new to ubuntu17:06
nacc!patience | Arpit17:07
ubottuArpit: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:07
phos1yeeve: mod_php17:07
yeevephos1, does this return anything? `apachectl -M | grep php`17:07
naccphos1: what's the package you installed to upgrade to 5.6?17:07
phos1yeeve:  php5_module (shared)17:08
phos1nacc: sudo apt-get -y update17:08
phos1sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php17:08
phos1sudo apt-get -y update17:08
phos1sudo apt-get -y install php5.6 php5.6-mcrypt php5.6-mbstring php5.6-curl php5.6-cli php5.6-mysql php5.6-gd php5.6-intl php5.6-xsl php5.6-zip17:08
yeeveyou may have to do something like a2dismod php5 && a2enmod php5.617:08
phos1Ops sorry about multi line17:08
naccphos1: ah, so not ubuntu's packages :)17:08
ikoniayeeve: interesting, so it's the "prefix" you're missing in the log ?17:08
Arpitok thanks ubottu.. i was trying to search but doesnt understand which option to choose17:08
naccphos1: but what yeeve said is probably right, to enable the 'correct' php module17:08
phos1Ok, I’ve never done that command, is it just as he said?17:09
yeeveikonia, it seems so but the default syslog/kernel stuff just get generally pushed to rsyslog via the *.*, with apache I'm using logger so I can supply the name/tag via -t17:09
yeevephos1, you'll need root/sudo but it should just work17:09
yeeveI had the same issue moving from 5.6 yo 7.0/7.117:09
phos1yup I have that. trying it17:09
naccphos1: i think so, but not done it myelf17:09
ikoniayeeve: can you not assign a standard syslog event eg: .warn to your application events ?17:10
phos1Looks promising, rebooting17:10
yeeveikonia, I'm super new to all this, you mean like `*.warn server.address.co.uk:514`17:10
yeevephos1, fail?17:10
naccand why did you reboot to test an apache change17:11
phos1Yeah, it came back with “Restating web server apache 2 …. Fail"17:11
phos1nacc: It told me to: To activate the new configuration, you need to run:17:11
phos1  service apache2 restart17:11
naccphos1: oh, not reboot, restart17:11
ikoniayeeve: well not quite, that will send all warning events (not a bad thing) but you need to define lets say...apache 404 (just for example) as a warn event, so that it's logged as a *.warn event17:11
yeevephos1, `apache2ctl configtest` might show something helpful17:11
ikoniayeeve: that way it's using a standard priority, which may work better than using logger -t17:11
phos1rebooting whole server...17:12
ikoniayeeve: (I don't know - I'm suggesting as I've not got a syslog host running application events in front of me)17:12
yeeveikonia, that's fine dude I'll keep looking. I'm using the logger command because it seems like a nice/clean/easy way to push apache logs and can be undone easily. if I could using logger for syslog and kernel messages I probably would :P17:12
phos1that worked thanks!17:12
ikoniayeeve: I'm pretty sure you can do it without logger, I'm pretty sure I did it last year for apache (funny enough) for a php based application17:13
yeeveikonia, I think I can but I've got 20+ vhosts setup each logging to it's own error and access log so instead of changing (read: breaking :P) everything, I'm just using the logger. I might try get it all using the rsyslog.conf stuff though but I think it means I need a single error.log and access.log for all my vhosts to share17:14
Arpitupgradation from 12.0 LTS to 14.04 LTS crashed.. on log in getting the "GNU GRUB version 1.99-18ubuntu1" with couple of options.... how to get out of this screen ? thanks17:15
ikoniayeeve: nah, you can do it with multiple log files, that I'm sure of17:15
yeeveikonia, I can but it seems messy/complex, my ideal (at the moment at least) is to keep everything simple and with as few moving parts as possible. (once I'm comfy with the setup I'll try consolidate it all, plus I have 5+ servers to go through so I'll build my experience up soon enough)17:17
yeeveI appreciate having someone to talk it through with. I'll bare what you've said in mind and aim to do as much as I can via rsyslog.conf :)17:18
ikoniayeeve: use an include directory and just drop per app / per vhost syslog.conf files in17:18
ikoniayeeve: you'll find it very modular and easy to manage individual applications with different logging needs17:19
yeeveikonia, that's a great idea, I like that. bit of leg work up front but I could integrate it into my vhost setup scripts to make it smooth17:19
ikoniayeeve: if you leverage config managment tools, puppet/chef/ansible/bcfg2/something you'll find it easy to template and deploy too17:20
yeeveikonia, nooooo that's too much too soon :p (read: i'm lazy xD) I've considered it and I try to keep up with the terms/names but for now I don't setup/configure enough for it to seem viable. My server setup is generally a script to setup/lockdown, one to setup apache and one to setup mysql and that's it :P17:22
marachaPRIVMSG #ubuntu: hi17:24
eeightis software center down (ubuntu 16.04) ????17:24
eeightor deprecated!?17:24
eeightjust installed ubuntu 16.04 to show to my boss that our game could be in the ubuntu store = boom nothing17:25
OerHekseeight, no, why?17:25
xanguaeeight: gnome software is the new software centre apparently17:26
xanguaeeight: did you enable the partner repositories17:26
eeighta fresh install of ubuntu 16, there's an icon a the quick launch bar for ubuntu software, but no applications are shown....17:26
OerHeksDid you update?17:26
xanguaeeight: it takes some time to load17:27
eeightit is a fresh install and enable automatic update while installing17:27
eeightit's been 5 mins come on17:27
xanguaTerminate gnome software, run apt update and try again17:28
eeightI can see Editor's Picks, but no thumbnails (...) no titles, nothing17:28
eeightgnome software == ubuntu software ?17:28
diverdudeHi. I need to copy a 250G file from one mount point to another. I would like to be able to see the copy speed while it is being copied (mb/s). What would be the best and fastest tool for this?17:28
yeevediverdude, rsync -avzP /src/file /dst/ should do the trick17:29
yeeve(avz not always needed for local copies but it never stops me, and -P will give you the progress which should show transfer speed)17:29
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yeevealso if rsync is stopped half way with the -P on it will pick up where it got stopped (i think, not 100% sure but I think that's correct)17:30
eeight@xangua: no luck17:30
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Guest34048mate >> unity17:33
diverdudewhen copying a large binary file with dd what is the optimal blocksize?17:38
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LordNelthonwhen I try to do cryptsetup luksClose it says it's busy, but I know that everything is unmounted17:39
alpha_testeri have an r7-250x and i dont know which driver to use with 16.04 help if you know thanks17:39
xanguaeeight: sorry I was updating, i don't really get the decision of including gnome software and KDE boutique in LTS releases17:40
ikoniaLordNelthon: there is more to a device being in use than mounted17:40
OerHeksxangua, it should work, odd17:41
sruliLordNelthon: whats the output of "lsof /dev/mapper/<cryptdevice>"17:41
xanguaeeight: even when I have the partner repository enabled, it won't show KDE, gnome software seems to prefer to offer gnome related software17:41
srulixangua: have you enabled thord party repo?17:42
xanguasruli: always do17:42
jeffreein pulse audio volume control, under input tab, by 'port' I can select between 'Internal Microphone' and 'Microphone (unplugged). I am using a laptop. Can anyone guess why 'Microphone (unplugged)' is receiving audio? There is nothing plugged into the mic input jack.17:44
xanguaOerHeks: it works, but why would Canonical choose something that won't offer or even show software from it's partners?17:45
OerHeksxangua, no clue, i start with installing synaptic17:46
xanguaHaven't installed synaptic, trying to learn to use apt better17:46
Bipul I have question, If i am compressing my .pdf files into zip via zip -r command, then i hope it should easily open at windows17:50
naccBipul: what is your question?17:51
xanguaBipul: or you could just install 7zip in windows17:52
quupBipul: yup, that should be fine  (just don't expect to save much space since pdfs often contained compressed data already)17:52
quupBipul: but for just bundling up files .zip is usually best if you want to share with windows17:53
BipulYes, i just wanted to make sure it works on windows if i compressed the files on Linux terminal via zip -r file.zip files*17:54
ipwnhi, how an eee more concretely on a inspiron mini how do i set the proper resolution? do i have to change Xorg settings? eg. i want to put OS screen fitting monitor screen but at default using lubuntu is not well17:54
xanguaipwn: did you try Lubuntu monitor settings?17:55
ipwnxangua, no,that option is avail after installation?18:02
ipwnalso i keep getting a error when i try to install Lubuntu w encryption18:03
ipwnis it normal?18:03
ipwni read about a distro that is more lightweight than Lubuntu called "icebuntu" or "spri linux" but it seems its abandoned, their site do not work18:04
bluefox83ipwn: try dsl (damn small linux)18:05
ipwni did swapoff on Lubuntu but i get another error complaining its not able to install w encryption18:05
ipwni know DSL18:05
ipwnbut Lubuntu works fine on eee or inspiron mini computers?18:05
MotherMGAHello, I'm using Ubuntu 16.10.  I normally use chromium browser and a few months ago my system updated to Chromium 53, which has a known bug: NET::ERR_CERTIFICATE_TRANSPARENCY_REQUIRED18:12
MotherMGAI switched to a PPA that has Chromium 54, which doesn't have that bug, but I'm constantly getting "Aw Snap" errors where the browser simply crashes.18:13
MotherMGAI've since switched to a Chrome PPA, but I'm still getting "Aw Snap" crashes.18:13
sruliin ubuntu-mate using Mutiny menu, how can i cahgne the icon of a custom launcher?18:13
MotherMGAIs Chrome/Chromium just totally busted on ubuntu? whats going on?18:14
GrandPa-GI am trying to run an apt-get purge, (or any other apt-get) and get error "The following packages have unmet dependencies:18:15
GrandPa-G" and list. How do I fix this so I can go on?18:15
elGALLOif I reinstall Ubuntu 16.04.1 server will I lose my RAID 0 setup?18:17
ikoniaelGALLO: no18:18
uruk7i can not install ffmpeg18:19
uruk7in ubuntu 16.0418:20
Epx998Is there a single command that returns the number of cores a system has?18:21
vfw!info ffmpeg xenial | uruk718:21
ubottuuruk7: ffmpeg (source: ffmpeg): Tools for transcoding, streaming and playing of multimedia files. In component universe, is optional. Version 7:2.8.8-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 (xenial), package size 1273 kB, installed size 1887 kB18:21
vfwuruk7: What seems to be the problem?18:21
i_and_iMotherMGA.. i dunno Chromium, but it sound you better downgrade back to the stable version, if possible18:21
vfwuruk7: Are you getting some sort of error?18:21
MotherMGAi_and_i: stable version is 53, which has the net transparency bug, which breaks 20% of all sites in existance18:22
uruk7vfw error of dependences libavcodec57 don't instaled ....18:22
i_and_ihow bout the version before that one?18:22
MotherMGAI guess I can look for 52. let me see18:23
i_and_ii use Firefox myself18:23
uruk7and software ubuntu center doesnt work18:23
vfwuruk7: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt dist-upgrade18:23
vfwuruk7: Tell us if you get errors...18:23
devslashI installed Ubuntu on my laptop last night and it installed correctly but I'm having an issue with Grub. I already had Windows 10 on it (sda3). I created sda4 as a Bios Boot partition sda5 as the root partition as sda6 as swap. Is it possible to install grub to sda4 partition ? During the installation when I was setting up the partitions, I didn't have a BIOS boot partition at first and the installer warned me about that so I created the 1GB18:24
devslashBIOS boot partition18:24
i_and_iuruk perhaps you could use the Synaptic Package Manager instead18:24
i_and_ifor ffmpeg18:24
uruk7vfw -> http://pastebin.com/raw/MvXKaUHH18:25
SleePyI have mdadm, and I notice that a resync is occurring, but I don't see any drives having been removed. stat shows "2 near-copies [4/4] [UUUU]".  I'm thinking that some cron task kicked off and has it doing a verify.  I can't find anything in roots crontab nor do I see anything in /etc/cron.* stuff.  Thoughts?  Ubuntu 16.04.118:25
vfwdevslash: So it's not booting for you?18:25
ikoniaSleePy: you think wrong18:25
srulidevslash: have you used luks or unencrypted?18:25
ikoniaSleePy: it's probably just lost state, so is doing a resync18:26
devslashvfw if i choose the boot menu at boot up and select the linux partition it boots into Ubuntu18:26
devslashbut grub doesn't appear to be installed18:26
SleePyikonia: Well checking the smart status yields no results, so just maybe a timeout or something that caused the system to drop the disk and then readd it?18:26
ikoniaSleePy: unlikley18:26
vfwdevslash: install grub to sda18:27
vfwdevslash: (not a partition)18:27
devslashI tried. unfortunately im not in front of the computer so i cant tell you what the error was18:27
SleePyikonia: So should I worry.  Just trying to dig into why.  The system auto-rebooted over midnight for some reason.  Wasn't a power loss.18:28
uruk7i_and_i synaptic doesn't download18:28
ikoniaSleePy: no need to worry18:28
ikoniaprobably just the unclean shutdown18:28
SleePyI've had issues with this system doing auto reboots since I built it.  Can't find the reason.18:28
SleePyThinking the PSU or motherboard since the OS shows no indication or no data is written before it reboots, just logs up until the reboot and then the system showing it booting.18:29
compdocSleePy, how does SMART look?18:30
i_and_iit's a must-have18:30
SleePycompdoc: All disks pass18:31
i_and_iuruk perhaps you have not set all the right repositories ?18:31
vfwuruk7: sudo apt install libavcodec57 |& nc termbin.com 999918:31
vfwuruk7: SHow us resulting URL18:31
compdocSleePy, sometimes they pass even though there are a few reallocated or pending sectors18:31
compdocbut you only need one reallocated or pending sectors to screw it up18:32
UNIm95Hi. Can someone help me: http://askubuntu.com/questions/860934/mate-purple-icons-after-reboot18:32
SleePycompdoc: http://pastebin.com/wpAvPVuY18:34
compdocSleePy, perfect18:34
SleePyAll 4 disks related to the current raid rebuilding.  I have 2 other disks in a raid 1, but those are not rebuilding or rebuilt already (SSDs for OS)18:34
compdocPSUs, and older motherboard can develope bad caps18:35
uruk7vwf --> http://termbin.com/ypjd18:35
=== BunicuNuTeUit is now known as AsymmetricalFace
SleePySystem is 2-3 years old, but I haven't checked the caps18:36
vfwuruk7: sudo apt-get -f install |& nc termbin.com 999918:37
=== MonkehParade is now known as Guest67853
vfwuruk7: https://www.devmanuals.net/install/ubuntu/ubuntu-16-04-LTS-Xenial-Xerus/how-to-install-libopenjp2-7.html18:44
uruk7vfw --> http://termbin.com/p0gk18:45
vfwuruk7: Follow link above - the part pertaining to 16.0418:49
ArturoI just installed ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS, I need some help installing kde :)18:57
wafflejockArturo, why not just install kubuntu? you want unity too?18:57
Arturowafflejock: I tried kubuntu, it works great but I want to have the main OS18:58
naccArturo: also, why specifically 14.04.1 (rather than say 14.04.5 or even 16.04.1 at this point)18:58
wafflejockArturo, you can sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop18:58
naccArturo: what do you mean by "main os"?18:58
wafflejockalso second nacc18:58
Arturomain distro18:59
naccArturo: you mean you want to try the default Ubuntu?18:59
MonkeyDustArturo  http://kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/18:59
naccArturo: kubuntu is a supported flavor of ubuntu18:59
naccArturo: all the same packages, etc., just different default install18:59
wafflejockArturo, yeah you would want to be on the latest point release of 14.04 even if you don't want to jump to 16.04 but 16.04 is LTS as well (quite a bit of changes though)19:00
ArturoI know, but I just wanted to install ubuntu with kde, I'd like to use the plain ubuntu, which one do you guys have?19:00
naccIMO, ubuntu with kde = kubuntu, or might as well19:01
Jakey3what is the best way of securing a production server19:01
Jakey3is ssh with ssh-key enough19:01
Jakey3does double hop help19:01
wafflejockJakey3, depends on what's open and what's installed19:01
naccJakey3: that 'secures' ssh -- doesn't mean your server is secured19:01
Arturowafflejock: so do you recommend me to jump to 16.04? I heard it has only 9 months of updates19:01
naccArturo: that is incorrect19:02
xxxxagain.. ubuntu doesn't turn off, doesn't reboot19:02
naccArturo: 16.04 is also an LTS (so 5 years)19:02
wafflejockyeah !lts19:02
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04.1)19:02
Jakey3wafflejock, nacc, what would you recommend if a lamp stack was on the server19:02
Arturoso... if I install 16.04 how can I install KDE on it? I know kubuntu exists but I'd like to try ubuntu :)19:03
wafflejockJakey3, there are no silver bullets to security but look at the various services you have running and can google about general linux hardening or hardening of those services to help keep things more or less locked down19:03
naccArturo: i mean, i'd suggest installing 'kubuntu-desktop'19:03
Arturobtw that's the one I have, 16.04 LTS19:03
naccArturo: at which point you now have kubuntu, hence my point19:03
wafflejockJakey3, I like to at least have fail2ban running to block IPs that are knocking on the SSH door too much but really depends on the particulars of what you're running how you should secure that19:04
MonkeyDustArturo  as suggested above: sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop19:04
naccArturo: the only reason to go that route than to just insall kubuntu is if you want to try unity (or some other flavor) simultaneously19:04
wafflejockJakey3, for example if you're running wordpress on the stack would look into hardening that as well19:04
Jakey3wafflejock, agreed19:04
Jakey3what about a double hop19:04
akikArturo: there's a long lasting bug when going the ubuntu (unity) way to kde19:05
akikArturo: it's best the you install kubuntu. it's 100% as ubuntu as anything else19:05
Jakey3]with the second server only alowing ssh from the first19:05
Jakey3]server ip19:05
Arturook, I'll use kubuntu19:06
Arturojust curious what flavor do you have?19:06
wafflejockJakey3, not really familiar with that technique of mitigation but locking the connection to particular IPs is a good idea, on AWS they have a firewall config where you can set that up in a web interface which makes it easy to fix if your IP changes19:07
akikArturo: i'm using kubuntu 14.0419:07
naccArturo: everyone runs whatever they want to, not really relevant in the support channel19:07
Arturonacc: lol19:07
Arturoakik: thanks19:07
ArturoI have a question since I'm new to linux, if I learn the commands for ubuntu, would they be useful for the future for kali linux?19:10
Arturoor other distro?19:10
wafflejockJakey3, if you're using SSL/https would make sure you look into disabling any protocols that are known to have vulnerabilities too, you may also want to consider using ntop or something similar to monitor traffic on the server, can help to see if the server is unexpectedly talking to someone a lot19:10
marachathey are the same (bash)19:10
Jakey3wafflejock, yep thanks19:11
fajker f19:12
imtershaaker f19:14
helloheloI'm not sure if anyone from yesterday is around19:24
hellohelobut I just switched to a ssds with a fresh install, and migrated a lot of my old setup to the new ssd19:25
hellohelowith apt-clone, etc... but making sure everthing ran correctly, I did apt-get update and apt-get -f install19:26
helloheloand this happened: http://pastebin.com/dfTMAZ1k19:26
helloheloand an internal error system dialog popped up. what should I do to clean this up?19:27
Jakey3can anyone see a problem with With wrt Workspaces, a potential alternative would be to run a small linux instance on aws VPN into it and then vpn &  ssh (with keys) into the the production server. On the server being ssh'd into only allow ssh connections from a specific server with firewall management?19:31
_AxS_hey all -- ive got an ubuntu 14.04 box that's failing to configure networking.  my interfaces file is complex (two bonds, some bridges) but it all seems straight-forward and i can't find any errors.  The big issue i have right now is i can't find any info on how its failing.19:32
_AxS_is the detailed activity that 'networking' does logged anywhere?19:35
hellohelono one's around huh?19:39
MonkeyDusthellohelo  keep your question in one line an repeat it every 10-15 minutes or so, until someone enters who can help19:41
wafflejock_AxS_, good to include what your lsb_release -a info is since logging I believe is different with systemd vs before but this may help https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/NetworkManager/Debugging19:42
i_and_ihello i cannot help, but i have read your error report19:42
_AxS_wafflejock: is NetworkManager what parses /etc/network/interfaces ?  i thought it used its own config19:43
i_and_iit looks like some packages need to be installed first19:43
xanguaIs it normal a black screen after OEM install?19:43
MonkeyDust!nomodeset | xangua19:43
ubottuxangua: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter19:43
xanguaMonkeyDus I booted fine the very first time into the temporal OEM user and now booted into a black screen but I can see the cursor19:44
xanguaDoes that still counts as "black screen"?19:45
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wafflejock_AxS_, yeah always a bit fuzzy for me too pretty good explanation in the answer here http://askubuntu.com/questions/1786/what-is-the-difference-between-network-manager-and-ifconfig-ifup-etc19:47
_AxS_wafflejock: ok thanks, so as i thought, NetworkManager is not being used here.19:48
yocs0000hi! I have a very old laptop, I was wondering which flavour of ubuntu could work well on it. Just to surf internet, use emails and edit on google doc. Or is it better too install android or chromium OS?19:51
MonkeyDustyocs0000  lubuntu19:51
wafflejock_AxS_, ifquery might help, haven't used it myself I don't think http://www.computerhope.com/unix/ifup.htm19:51
minitrueor ubuntu+i3 and uninstalling some stuff19:52
=== Henric_ is now known as Henric
_AxS_wafflejock: thx, will look into it19:52
yocs0000MonkeyDust: tried that in the past .... did not really get into it .... still a bit too heavy, and no real advantage. Anything lighter?19:53
nicomachusyocs0000: lighter than lubuntu?19:53
nicomachusmaybe ubuntu server...19:53
xanguathis is what I got after reboot (first OEM temporal account worked with no issues) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/IwxuWKKd/irccloudcapture57276515.jpg19:56
wafflejockyocs0000, is there android for x86?19:58
yocs0000wafflejock: yep .... well, there was19:58
wafflejockyocs0000, my guess is the worst part of the experience of trying to browse the web on old hardware will be having a GPU and acceleration or not for video19:58
yocs0000nicomachus: yes ....19:59
yocs0000wafflejock: yes19:59
akikwafflejock: look into remix os19:59
wafflejockakik, interesting thanks19:59
ioriaxangua, using AHCI not IDE in bios, right ?20:00
yocs0000MonkeyDust: nicomachus: lubuntu has quite hefty reuirements http://lubuntu.net/20:01
ikoniano it doesnt20:02
xanguaioria: what should I use? I restored BIOS setting to detail so don't currently know20:02
ikoniayocs0000: define "light"20:02
ioriaxangua,  in SATA menu20:02
wafflejockyocs0000, yeah think the problem is browser itself needs lots of RAM etc20:02
ioriaxangua,  AHCI20:02
MonkeyDust!mini | yocs0000 or try this20:02
ubottuyocs0000 or try this: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD20:02
wafflejockyocs0000, the system underneath doesn't really need much20:02
ioriayocs0000, hefty ? lubuntu ?20:03
ioriayocs0000, what's your specs ?20:04
yocs0000ioria: compare it to puppy linux or macpuppy ....20:04
yocs0000ioria: toshiba nb30520:04
ioriayocs0000, oh, yes then check Kolibri http://kolibrios.org/en/20:05
=== nat is now known as Natkeeran
yocs0000ioria: http://www.toshiba.co.uk/discontinued-products/toshiba-nb305-106/20:05
ioriayocs0000, kidding20:05
wafflejockyocs0000, my browser is using 4.4G right now...20:05
yocs0000ioria: actually ....20:06
ioriayocs0000, lubuntu with fluxbox should be ok tho20:06
=== Henric_ is now known as Henric
yocs0000ioria: I will try ....20:08
ioriayocs0000, ok20:08
nicomachuswafflejock: ram usage from your browser absolutely depends on how much is available.20:08
nicomachusyocs0000: have you considered expanding that out to 2gb ram?20:09
nicomachusshould be cheap.20:09
yocs0000I would have preferred something very web based ....20:09
yocs0000nicomachus: yep ....20:09
nicomachusand that would be a huge improvement in performance20:09
ioriain this case, the atom is the issue i'am afraid20:10
nicomachusthat architecture is just touch to work with20:10
yocs0000nicomachus: yes I think so ioria ....20:11
yocs0000currently windows 10, what a pile of crap ....20:11
ioriayocs0000, it runs ?20:11
sun45261hi guys, I accidentally deleted my /etc/defaults/hostapd file20:12
sun45261anyone knows how to restore it?20:12
nicomachuswow, it runs windows 10??20:12
sun45261i tried reinstalling the hostapd package via apt but still lost20:12
nicomachus!restore | sun4526120:12
nicomachus!recover | sun4526120:13
ubottusun45261: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery20:13
sun45261I deleted it because i messed it up and thought deleting it would cause hostapd to generate a new clean one20:13
sun45261so recovering the messed file wont help much20:13
xanguaioria: keeps showing the same message, this is a gigabyte BIOS20:14
yocs0000ioria: yep20:14
yocs0000nicomachus: yes20:14
nicomachusthat's impressive.20:14
nicomachussun45261: just create a new one20:14
xanguaAfter changing to AHCI20:14
nicomachustouch /etc/defaults/hostapd20:14
ioriaxangua,  oh...20:15
sun45261nicomachus but the default one wasn't empty20:15
yocs0000have been running it like a year .... I really hate it and it is so slow ....20:15
sun45261will that cause a problem?20:15
nicomachussun45261: what were you using the hostapd for?20:16
nicomachussun45261: creating a wifi ap?20:16
nicomachussun45261: use this guide to setup a new one: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessAccessPoint#Setup_hostapd.2C_port_forwarding.2C_haveged.2C_and_dnsmasq20:16
ioriaxangua,  AHCI was selected, when you installed the OS ?20:17
yocs0000how is this kolibri ioria?20:17
sun45261nicomachus: ty i'll give it a try20:17
ioriayocs0000,  ridiculous20:17
nicomachussun45261: ##networking could be helpful here as well20:17
nicomachusnot my forte.20:17
ioriayocs0000,  no offence20:18
xanguaioria: no, I restored to defaults settings and ide was selected, booted without issues into OEM temporal account a few days ago20:18
xanguaUsed it for half a day, installed additional software, updates20:19
yocs0000ioria: no no I never heard of it before .... is it like an experiment?20:19
ioriaxangua,  i think you need it enabled while you install ... but i could be wrong ...  the hd is ok ? the sata cables ? the ports ? have you tried switching ?20:20
ioriayocs0000,  no experiment .... just very basic20:20
allard-alfahi there20:20
sun45261nicomachus: thank you very much20:21
xanguaioria: no, I was reading I might need a new cable but hope the HDD is OK... Computer was turned off since February20:22
nicomachussun45261: np20:22
allard-alfaguys, I feel alone :c20:22
nicomachusallard-alfa: the guys in ##chat would love to chat with you.20:22
ioriaxangua,  i see ... i'd try a new install with AHCI20:23
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blazeme8hi, how do I found out how long a package will remain available in apt-get?20:26
ioriablazeme8, meaning ?20:26
MonkeyDustblazeme8  with apt show20:26
MonkeyDustblazeme8  like    apt show firefox20:27
=== Apunkt1 is now known as Apunkt
akkonradI've created script that replaces some conetnt of file with passed argument20:27
blazeme8Hmm that works MonkeyDust but not exactly like i mean20:28
akkonradbut when trying to trigger that script with ssh, it complains that something is not defined20:28
Ben64blazeme8: then explain what you mean20:28
xanguaioria: everything seems to be OK inside, just some dust... Since February20:28
blazeme8ioria: I would like to find out when specific packages will be removed from apt-get due to age20:28
akkonradI get error: sed: -e expression #1, char 20: unknown option to `s'20:28
blazeme8Ben64: ^20:28
xanguaI got a new message now20:28
nicomachusakkonrad: check with ##bash20:28
Ben64blazeme8: packages don't get removed from an ubuntu release20:28
ioriablazeme8, ah.... no idea sy20:28
blazeme8Ben64: aren't versions of packages removed periodically?20:30
Ben64that's up to the mirror20:30
blazeme8Ok, so for the official mirror?20:31
MonkeyDustblazeme8  what makes you ask that?20:31
blazeme8MonkeyDust: I have a project that builds against a somewhat old version of a package, and am deciding if i should port it to build against a new version or continue on20:32
ioriaxangua, which is ?20:32
ioriaakkonrad, wrong sed command i guess20:32
nicomachusblazeme8: probably better to port it anyway to future-proof.20:32
blazeme8nicomachus: you're right, though that task competes with other priorities...20:33
xanguaioria: could not write /var/cache/debconf/config.dat-new: read only filesystem20:34
Ben64requiring an outdated version of something probably isn't the way to go20:34
nicomachusblazeme8: /shrug20:34
ioriaxangua,  that on boot ?20:34
akkonradioria, I'm asking on bash already - command is fine when called in certain circumstances .20:34
blazeme8thanks guys!20:34
xanguaioria: the same error in my last pic, with that additional line20:35
ioriaxangua,  i have a /var/cache/debconf/config.dat   (root rw - r-r) but not  config.dat-new ....20:37
josdotsoIs there a place for Ubuntu Cloud questions ?20:37
BrutoAlguien que hable español20:38
Pici!es | Bruto20:38
ubottuBruto: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:38
xanguaioria: sorry that was now the exact error, I'm already booting into live xubuntu with AHCI enabled20:39
phos1I am running into an issue where a script will be running, and it will just suddenly fail with internal server error. No logs in apache logs, no errors. Just internal server error. It’s Ubuntu 14 LTS on Amazon e2c. Any ideas?20:39
ioriaxangua,   so you can check the permissions on that file20:39
phos1I have been fighting with it for days and am totally stuck20:39
ioriaxangua,   but read only not a good sign20:40
Brutofunciono gracias..20:40
nicomachus!es | Bruto20:41
ubottuBruto: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:41
josdotsoAnyone a PXE-booting expert? :)20:42
xanguaioria: right now the installer says(translated from Spanish): error while copying files to HDD20:43
ioriaxangua,   i see20:43
xanguaioria: error 30, read only system '/target/bin'20:43
xanguaSays the cause might be a bad disc :-\20:44
ioriaxangua,   time for a smartctl -a /dev/sdX20:44
ioriaxangua,  maybe the iso, tho20:47
ioriaxangua,  check it and the media20:48
thechaif you got systemsettings / drives and create a new drive with format and encrypt it in ext4 then how save is this encryption?20:49
thechais this pretty good privacy?20:49
xanguaioria: pastebin.com/2A6nG0SK20:49
xanguaI've used the same USB to install both ancient and my new laptop (Lubuntu and Ubuntu)20:50
ioriaxangua,  not an expert of this, but not PASSED20:51
ioriaxangua,  no sorry yes20:52
xanguaSays just "Passed"20:53
ioriaxangua,  can you try another hd on that system ?20:55
xanguaAnother port or HDD? ioria just have this one20:55
ioriaxangua,  another disk, i mean :(20:55
ubuntu136why my ubuntu one can't run?20:56
xangua! Details | ubuntu13620:56
ubottuubuntu136: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.20:56
ubuntu136why my ubuntu one can't run? ubuntu 12 .04 lts20:57
wafflejockubuntu136, http://blog.canonical.com/2014/04/02/shutting-down-ubuntu-one-file-services/20:57
xanguaubuntu136: there is no more Ubuntu one, for files at least20:58
nicomachusxangua: there is an account signin thing because of snaps21:02
nicomachusit's awful21:02
nicomachusand "supposedly" a "bug"21:02
ikonianicomachus: has that finally been confirmed now ?21:02
nicomachusikonia: I know it exists, idk if the bug is confirmed. I've seen some its a bug, some say it's a feature21:03
nicomachusseen some say*21:03
nicomachusor at least a necessary evil21:03
gianyhi, how can I make an apparmor profile persist after reboot?21:16
ikoniait shouldn't drop the profile on reboot21:16
scw-aahi, looking for some help on how to add a keypair from puttygen in windows onto my user in ubuntu xenial21:17
pseudonymousHi - does anyone know of any programs for creating cheat sheets fairly easily  ?21:17
ikoniascw-aa: you need the pagent daemon21:17
ikoniathe same as windows21:17
ikoniascw-aa: however - you could just use ssh and not use putty and load it as a key21:17
ikoniapseudonymous: cheat sheets ?21:18
gianyikonia: for some reason after I reboot the profile is not found here : /sys/kernel/security/apparmor/profiles21:18
ikoniagiany: it won't be in sys21:18
ikoniagiany: sys is dynamic21:18
ikoniagiany: you should have it on the physical hard disk for loading21:18
Jakey3how secure is amazon workspaces compare to openvpn into a ubuntu server?21:18
pseudonymousikonia: yea - I'm getting back into emacs more. But the extra key combos I'll need to remember to be proficient are more than I can just expect to remember straight off the bat- Hence I want a cheat sheet to remind me21:18
scw-aai meant as in, i already added a keypair to root, then i added a new user with adduser new, now i'm wondering how i will stick the keys onto my ubuntu vps21:19
scw-aathe ones i generated on windows with puttygen21:19
ikoniapseudonymous: any text editor will do it21:20
scw-aai should be able to ssh in as root and add it into the users directory somehow yes?21:20
ikoniascw-aa: root is disabled by default21:25
ikoniaMichael-Dot: ?21:27
nicomachusuhh... free crash bandikoot?21:30
nicomachusexcept it's probably more malicious than that21:31
OverCoderHey guys21:31
OverCoderI've been setting up inteface bonding21:31
OverCoderThe bond0 interface goes up, and cat /proc/net/bonding/bond0 shows good stuff21:32
OverCoderbut, no access to neither internet nor local network21:32
OverCoderhere's my config https://pybin.pw/XImaXin821:32
_AxS_OverCoder: what's it plugged into?21:32
OverCoderwhat's plugged?21:32
_AxS_OverCoder: the nic's youre bonding together21:33
OverCoderOne is internal wifi, named wlp4s0, and Ethernet, named enp2s021:33
_AxS_OverCoder: OH.  yeah you can't do that.21:33
_AxS_OverCoder: you can't bond random interfaces.21:34
OverCodercan I bond two wifi interfaces?21:34
OverCoderI can do two wifis21:34
_AxS_maybe, though bonding will generally baulk if their "line" speeds differ, and since that can vary a lot with wifi...21:34
OverCoderhow much is a lot21:35
OverCoderbasically is the same ISP, same signal strength, same everything, except connection max speed, and of course, different networks21:35
OverCoderI mean ping should be very similar21:35
_AxS_OverCoder: well, my link jumps up and down to 50% of its line speed over the course of a minute, just sitting on my desk here21:35
_AxS_Oh, the other thing is, you can't bond two different networks together.21:36
_AxS_bonding is specifically for combining two physical links on the same ethernet network.21:37
OverCoderso basically my approach is all wrong21:37
OverCoderI just have to internet connections, want to use them together21:37
_AxS_I think so yes.  You might want to look into "multipath"..21:38
nicomachusOverCoder: but why....?21:38
* OverCoder googles21:38
OverCodernicomachus: because I hvave two internet connections21:38
nicomachusoh well that explains it21:38
Ben64make them both ethernet21:38
* nicomachus throws his hands up21:38
OverCoderBen64, each on their floor21:39
OverCodercan't put cables21:39
OverCodernicomachus: explains what21:40
=== uruk is now known as uruk7
_AxS_OverCoder: so here's the thing -- most tcp traffic cares about the route it follows, so a tcp session will usually want to come back on the same ip address it went out on.  this is generally not an easy thing to do if you're trying to load balance all of your internet usage.21:43
OerHeks"basically is the same ISP" makes me wonder what the benefit would be21:43
_AxS_OerHeks: i'm guessing he wants to use these two 10Mbs links to get an effective 20Mbps or something like that21:44
ikoniait's not going to work21:44
ikoniaas they will be different ISP's21:45
ikoniaso you're not going to be able to do anything like ecmp to re-assmble packets IF they where split21:45
scw-aaovercode why not use them separately?21:46
ikoniawhy use two21:46
ikoniajust accept the limitations of your connectivity at that location21:46
uruk7i dont have ubuntu software center how to get it?21:47
scw-aawell, failover or something having 2 connections can have its uses21:47
scw-aabut using 2 as one, i dont see the point in that21:47
skomorokhHiya... any idea how updating from 16.04 -> 16.10 might have messed up my DNS? resolv.conf has the right (probably dnsmasq?) and "dig somelocalname" works fine and reports as the server it got the ip from. But "ping somelocalname" fails the lookup as does ssh and nfs.21:47
ikoniascw-aa: failoer - totally over the top for a home machine21:48
skomorokhOr in general where ping and ssh might get their DNS from that would differ from host and nslookup and dig?21:48
nicomachusOverCoder: I just see no benefit in that whatsoever21:48
ikoniamore effort to maintain21:48
OverCoder_AxS_: yeah I see but I want to uh21:48
nicomachustoo much work for 0 payoff21:48
OverCoder_AxS_: put a download manager and seek all the speed21:48
ikoniaOverCoder: not going to happen21:49
ikoniaOverCoder: you have 10mb - thats what you've got21:49
OverCoderit happens on Windows21:49
scw-aadidnt know it was a home con21:49
ikoniait really didn't21:49
nicomachusOverCoder: then use a download manager that grabs files from alternate sources to increase speed. Using 2 connections isn't going to help21:49
OverCoderikonia: I have TWO internet connections21:49
OverCoderand TWO wifi adapaters pointing at TWO different routers21:49
ikoniaOverCoder: yes, I gathered that, hence why I said not going to happen21:49
nicomachus!info axel | OverCoder21:50
ubottuOverCoder: axel (source: axel): light command line download accelerator. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.11-1 (yakkety), package size 49 kB, installed size 141 kB21:50
scw-aayou cant add two 10mbps connections and expect them to work like 1 20mbps xdd21:50
OverCodernicomachus: wat21:50
OverCoderscw-aa: ikonia, do I just go switch to my dual-booted windows and show you that ._.21:50
nicomachusOverCoder: it's a download manager that uses multiple sources to download file parts from different sources, and speed up the download.21:50
OverCoderIt's basically load-balancing the connections randomly over two interfaces21:50
ikoniaOverCoder: it's not21:50
nicomachusif you want to speed up downloads, do it that way. adding 2 10Mbps connects together won't do anything.21:51
OverCodernicomachus: yes but does that automagically work without any sort of load balancing on linux21:51
ikoniaOverCoder: it may bond but you will not get the speed you seek21:51
nicomachusOverCoder: yes.21:51
ikoniait doesn't work like that21:51
* OverCoder tries things21:51
ikoniaOverCoder: you can't use bonding for that21:51
_AxS_OverCoder: layer 2 load balancing is only to help with the server-to-switch.  for what you want to do , you need to do it layer 5 or higher21:51
nicomachusOverCoder: http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/speed-your-downloads-axel21:52
OverCodernicomachus: I just ran axel, with both internet connections21:52
OverCoderuses one internet only21:53
nicomachusOverCoder: it's only going to work over one connection....21:53
OverCoder_AxS_: scw-aa, either me describing my problem wrong or something21:53
* OverCoder googles something21:53
nicomachusthat's what I've been trying to tell you21:53
nicomachusand we don't need all the /me does somethings21:53
OverCodernicomachus: and what I've been trying to tell you all the time is that I *did* load balance that21:53
OverCoderon Windows21:53
hestonhow should I go about troubleshooting my ubuntu 16.04 ubuntu installation? It tends to completely freeze up when using google maps21:54
_AxS_OverCoder: but windows didn't load balance this by making a virtual interface that bonded two real ones.21:54
ikoniaOverCoder: you've not21:54
ikoniaOverCoder: you've bonded an interface and you think you're load balancing21:54
ikoniaOverCoder: you can bond interfaces but it will not use both pipes like that21:54
OverCoderI used Connectify Dispatch21:54
_AxS_OverCoder: that would be a layer4 or layer5 solution. you need a linux version of that21:55
OverCoderikonia: fine. why wouldn't it21:55
OverCoderIf we have two separate connections, what's wrong with routing each on an interface21:55
OverCoderwhat's a layer4 layer521:55
scw-aathe guys face in that dispatch infomercial had me sold21:55
NoImNotNineVoltosi layers model21:56
_AxS_OverCoder: that you do not understand the OSI network model and what each layer does, is the issue as to why you don't know why it doesn't.21:56
ikoniaOverCoder: what is the default route on your machine with two cards21:56
ikoniaOverCoder: explain that - and think about it21:56
=== user01 is now known as Guest3846
NoImNotNineVoltyou can't understand networking without understanding osi21:56
OverCoderikonia: why would there be a default route21:56
OverCoderwhy not randomize per connection21:56
ikoniaOverCoder: there has to be21:56
* OverCoder reads on OSI21:56
ikoniaOverCoder: how would your machine know to go to "the internet"21:57
=== terzo is now known as Guest61792
ikonia(if there wasn't a default route)21:57
OverCoderikonia: right, so you're very basically trying to tell me that I haven't been merging my internet connections for the past year on Windows and grabbing a fancy download speed over my download manager21:57
ikoniaOverCoder: not with the way you said (bonding two cards)21:57
_AxS_OverCoder: no, we're saying that what you're doing to do that is at the application level, not at the physical / link / ip level.21:58
ikoniaOverCoder: it's technically possible - just not with the way you are saying you are doing it21:58
urukhow to install in ubuntu 16.04 ubuntu-center --> http://pastebin.com/raw/ZfFpqHvB21:58
scw-aaOverCoder: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_model21:59
OverCoderwhoops I lost my connection for a while22:00
OverCoderyeah I'm back22:00
OverCoderikonia: let me google what does "bonding" exactly means, but all I know is that Connectify Dispatch was doing something on the software level22:01
NoImNotNineVolta randomizing default route would be a great way to make an admin's head explode :P22:01
eigerwho did 9/11?22:01
OverCoderI just connect to different wifi networks, start it, and it all works22:01
ikoniaOverCoder: thats a an application22:01
ikoniaOverCoder: you said earlier you bonded interfaces in windows22:01
ikoniaOverCoder: they are two very different things22:01
DArqueBishop!ot | eiger22:01
ubottueiger: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:01
_AxS_OverCoder: right - its an application-level thing, not something low-level like bonding.22:01
ramsub07why doesn't my system time change when I use VPN ?22:01
_AxS_ramsub07: ?22:01
nicomachusramsub07: because your system isn't moving....22:02
OverCoderwouldn't just connectify dispatch *bond* interfaces? I thought it does os22:02
_AxS_OverCoder: no.22:02
OverCoderso *22:02
ramsub07nicomachus, _AxS_: whats the difference between me going to a place and using a VPN ? I'll be using their public IP, DNS etc..22:02
OverCoderSo what can I do to achieve a similar effect on the *application level*22:02
scw-aaYou can bond 2 interfaces just fine but your os would have no idea what to do with it properly22:02
nicomachusramsub07: you wouldn't be using their public IP.22:02
ikoniaOverCoder: use an application22:02
OverCoderI uh, I don't really care whichever the way I combine my internet connections, I just want them combined, however.22:02
NoImNotNineVoltso, there's nothing stopping an application from creating a virtual interface which handles its own routing over other existing interfaces.22:02
scw-aathat's why you do it on a application level22:02
nicomachusYour public IP would be whatever your VPN is22:03
OverCoderikonia: as if I found a single one for LInux22:03
scw-aait's pretty simple22:03
OverCoderLinux *22:03
NoImNotNineVoltOverCoder: if you want to do this yourself, you'll need to have some understanding of how to do it.22:03
OverCoderscw-aa: hmm22:03
luca_msg NickServ IDENTIFY Kalgon ErnestGulbis22:03
NoImNotNineVoltjust because something is an "application" doesn't necessarily mean its interacting at layer5.22:03
NoImNotNineVoltluca_: time to change your password :P22:04
OverCoderwait, I have some bunch of servers, with high speed internets. Can I just do some magic by setting up my own VPN and.. idk.. do something?22:04
=== luca_ is now known as Calgon
scw-aawell, along with the os that is just doing on a software layer wouldnt work alone i think22:04
ramsub07my question is, if i move to London, my system identifies that and goes behind by an hour. But from Paris, if I connect to a VPN at london, that doesn't happen22:04
ramsub07could someone explain me this?22:04
scw-aabecuase using a vpn wont change your system time22:05
NoImNotNineVoltOverCoder: it's not clear what you're asking. yes, it is possible to set up a vpn and "do something" over it. that's not the same as bonding multiple nics.22:05
nicomachusramsub07: right. because your system knows where you are, but anyone seeing your public IP would think you are wherever your VPN is pointed to.22:05
scw-aaits redirecting traffic22:05
nicomachusramsub07: regardless, this is really a question for ##networking not #ubuntu22:06
NoImNotNineVolti disagree. it's more a question about how ubuntu automatically sets your timezone.22:06
NoImNotNineVoltclearly not be geolocating your public ip, it seems.22:06
scw-aait doesn't?22:07
NoImNotNineVoltit doesn't automatically set your timezone?22:07
nicomachusNoImNotNineVolt: no, you do that on install. and then can change it with tzdata22:07
scw-aai meant as a answer to your Q22:07
ramsub07when i am not connected to internet, why don't i see change in time ? Why does it happen only after connecting to the net?22:07
nicomachusUbuntu never does it "automatically"22:07
scw-aait doesnt by geolocating?22:07
NoImNotNineVoltso then it seems ramsub07's system has been compromised, as his timezone setting changes when he changes timezones.22:07
skinuxHow long should it take to install Ubuntu Xenial via USB?22:07
phr33k3rskinux took me about 30 mins for usb install of ubuntu mate22:08
_AxS_is it the system timezone that's changing? or something in i.e. firefox?22:08
nicomachusNoImNotNineVolt: compromised is a strong word, and probalby the wrong one22:08
NoImNotNineVoltramsub07: your clock doesn't run without an internet connection? your system sounds very broken.22:08
skinuxI would be installing with Unity.22:08
scw-aadepends on the usb, but all from 10 to 30?22:08
scw-aausb / hdd22:08
ramsub07NoImNotNineVolt: i'm using 16.04 and clock works without internet22:08
nicomachusNoImNotNineVolt: getting very close to FUD territory22:08
ramsub07i didn't mean that22:08
ramsub07i meant it doesn't get updaed without internet22:08
tgm4883NoImNotNineVolt: Stop speaking nonsense22:09
NoImNotNineVoltwhat does "updated" mean to you?22:09
skinuxI believe my USB drive is USB 2.0.22:09
ramsub07NoImNotNineVolt: are you a bot?22:09
chalcedonymy husband's computer is only seeing part of the keys on the kepboard, so  he can't log in. on Ubuntu 16.04 - we tried with two ps2 keyboards22:09
NoImNotNineVolti don't think i am. but if the value displayed on your clock is changing as time passes, then your clock is updating.22:09
scw-aachalc, clarify please22:09
ikoniait's really simple22:09
NoImNotNineVoltdo you mean that your clock isn't synchronizing with ntp servers if you don't have an internet connection?22:09
scw-aawhat do you mean with seeing part of the keys22:10
skinuxRight now, I need to try to find unneeded software that's installed and remove it, but it may come down to just reinstalling. I've used almost all 100G of Ubuntu partition is my problem.22:10
_AxS_NoImNotNineVolt: is that because you were programmed without the knowledge that you're a program?22:10
ikoniayour clocks time zone is set by your time zone, ntp queries servers for that time zone22:10
ramsub07_AxS_: XD22:10
ikoniausing a vpn does not change your time zone22:10
NoImNotNineVolt_AxS_: this is entirely possible. i'm a fan of pkd novels :P22:10
ramsub07ikonia: how does my timezone gets identified at first?22:10
ikoniaso you're asking a time server for your correct timezone time over the VPN and it's reporting back your correct time22:10
ramsub07is it using GPS?22:10
z999how can i find out the version i have?22:10
tgm4883ramsub07: IP address22:10
NoImNotNineVoltramsub07: ntp, network time protocol, requires network connectivity between a client and the server.22:10
ramsub07tgm4883: no22:10
ikoniaramsub07: geo location normally22:10
tgm4883ramsub07: yes22:11
scw-aaas i said it doesn't but it depends on how the site you are visiting handles your connection info22:11
ramsub07tgm4883: if IP address, why not when i'm using a VPN ?22:11
ramsub07that's my question22:11
wedgieit doesn't ask for a timezone. It gets the universal time and then your system displays it offseted by the proper amount for your timezone22:11
ikoniadhcp servers will often issue time zones22:11
tgm4883ramsub07: it's trivial to say "if using a VPN, don't update time"22:11
ikoniaor time servers with the time zone set22:11
ikoniaI should say22:11
nicomachusagain, this is definitely a ##networking question at this point22:11
ramsub07how do you indentify?22:11
z999how can i find the ubuntu version i have?22:11
scw-aalets put it this way, there is more then 1 way to do it22:12
nicomachusz999: lsb_release -a22:12
nicomachusz999: or cat /etc/issue22:12
abhishekany ideas on this http://askubuntu.com/questions/861085/possible-missing-firmware?22:12
x01 22:12
ikoniathis better not be the intel one again22:12
z999are there trojans for ubuntu?22:13
ikoniaabhishek: why do you post a question in askubuntu then expect IRC to answer it22:13
chalcedonyevn trying with a PS2 keybord, it doesnt see alphaneumeric key presses - he can't log in22:13
ikoniax01: there can be exploits and risks, yes22:13
nicomachusabhishek: found by googling the error message: http://askubuntu.com/questions/811453/w-possible-missing-firmware-for-module-i915-bpo-when-updating-initramfs22:13
z999are there such a thing as trojans for ubuntu?22:13
ikoniaI knew it would be the intel one22:13
ikoniait's a warning - ignore it22:13
scw-aaz999, it's not as easily infected as windows but yes it does exist22:13
skomorokhHow do ping and ssh look up domains? It seems not as simple as just /etc/resolv.conf as I have the correct DNS there and host/dig work but nothing else seems to?22:14
tgm4883why wouldn't there be trojans for ubuntu?22:14
morfz999: sure there is pretty much malware for any vulnerability ...22:14
ikoniaz999: there are risks and exploits, defining a "trojan" is hard22:14
ikoniassh look up domains ??22:14
ikoniaskomorokh: give me an example of your problem22:14
uruki can't install nothing with apt-get can you help me?22:14
wafflejockz999, so long as you use trusted repositories you're not likely to have malicious software in there but there will always be bugs and therefore potential attack vectors22:14
ikoniauruk: explain the problem22:14
x01uruk: apt-get install **package**22:15
skomorokhikonia: I upgraded from 16.04->16.10 and now my local domains (resolved by my router as returned via dhcp) fail to work. eg. ping and ssh can't look them up. Weirdly, host and dig resolve them fine. ping and ssh can access the ip directly.22:16
vfwz999: Short answer: Possible but extremly rare. ;)22:16
NoCodeGetting some weird error where if I hover my mouse over maximize icon on any program, the window kinda jumps around like it wants to maximize but it's already maximized.22:16
ikoniaskomorokh:your local domains - so not internet domains22:16
skomorokhikonia: /etc/resolv.conf has (presumably dnsmasq) I changed it to use and confirmed via dig that dig now uses that, they both look up fine there.22:16
ikoniaskomorokh: yeah, thats not how it works in ubuntu22:17
skomorokhikonia: correct. Internet domains work, leading me to believe it is somehow using some other dns.22:17
ikoniaskomorokh: did you see the line in /etc/resolv.conf that says ** do not change this file by hand **22:17
ikoniaor words to that effect22:17
abhishekikonia, what's the issue in that? :)22:17
ikoniaabhishek: issue in what22:17
wedgieskomorokh: ''nmcli device show <your network device name> | grep DNS''22:18
abhisheknicomachus, I read that but as mentioned I installed both still the same error.22:18
nicomachusabhishek: it's not an error, it's a warning. it can be ignored. as people are now telling you on Stack Exchange.22:18
skomorokhwedgie: It's showing the correct one.22:18
nicomachusif my removal request for the duplicate hasn't gone through yet, that is...22:18
skomorokhikonia: Yes, I realise resolvconf or network-manager will overwrite that file, but have successfully made transient changes there in past22:19
ikoniaskomorokh: it's more than just overwrite it22:19
ikoniaskomorokh: if a config file says "don't do this" actually in the file, and you do it - you're asking for a problem22:19
tgm4883skomorokh: in your resolv.conf file, does it also list a search domain?22:19
tgm4883skomorokh: alternatively, are you able to ssh/ping with the FQDN?22:20
skomorokhtgm4883: nope, just a nameserver line22:20
skomorokhtgm4883: i can ssh/ping the ip directly.22:20
wedgieskomorokh: i don't know. I've had trouble with this kind of thing before. It'll get stuck on some nameserver that is not the first one in the list and keep using it. I don't know what to do about it or get it to tell me what it's preferred one really is. I ended up solving my particular problem by manually setting DNS servers in network manager :/22:20
chalcedonyhope im not bothering you. my husband is unable to login on his ubuntu 16.04 LTS - its a recent upgrade from 14.04 on his desktop. the computer is not seeing part of the keys, with ps2 or USB. can anyone help please?22:20
tgm4883skomorokh: you can ping/ssh when it's set to by using the FQDN?22:20
=== james is now known as Guest74705
skomorokhtgm4883: nope, it fails to resolve.22:21
skomorokhtgm4883: weirdly, dig and host can use just fine to resolve that same name into the proper ip22:21
skomorokhtgm4883: so dnsmasq or whatever is working fine-ish22:22
nicomachuschalcedony: what do you mean it's not seeing part of the keys?22:22
skomorokhtgm4883: and ping and host are happy with that ip.22:22
tomreynchalcedony: when you hit ctrl-alt-f1 and get the textual login prompt there, can you use all the keys there?22:22
chalcedonynicomachus, it sees arrow keys and caps22:22
tgm4883skomorokh: sounds like your dhcp server might not be pushing all the right options22:22
SnargHi, does anyone have a few minutes to help me with some problems with basic apt-get and repository preferences?22:22
chalcedonyi don't know. wonder if it will see ctrl alt22:22
chalcedonywill try it thanks :)22:22
=== scott is now known as Guest19518
nicomachusfirst thought is that the layout got changed somehow and just needs reverted22:23
scw-aado anyone actually like vim? xd22:23
wedgiescw-aa: yes.22:24
skomorokhtgm4883: interesting... my dhcp server is just dnsmasq on lts.  I have a file, /etc/dnsmasq.d/localnames where I do things like address=/visibly/
tomreynchalcedony: when you say it sees arrow keys and capital letters only - what about numbers? also, is caps lock active by chance?22:24
=== Guest74705 is now known as x01
Snargvim is a great way to learn movement keys for roquelikes ;)22:24
scw-aajust seems so unlogical to me22:24
Snargthat's because you're used to other paradigms22:24
wedgieSnarg: I found nethack to be a great way to learn movement keys for vim :P22:24
nicomachusSnarg: what's the issue?22:24
skomorokhscw-aa: the logic is that those keys are where your fingers already are :)22:24
chalcedonytomreyn, nicomachus - ctl-alt f1 worked, but typing d e  got me ^E^H22:25
scw-aaassuming you know where my fingers are22:25
Snargnicomachus:thanks! I am trying to install DCSS 0.19 on a PocketChip , as per instructions here22:25
tomreynchalcedony: hit left and right hand CTRL and ALT (ALT GR) keys several times, then try again.22:26
nicomachusSnarg: ok, and did you get an error?22:26
Snargsources.list is properly updated22:26
chalcedonyscw-aa, love vim - try #vim22:26
Snargwent through several cycles of purger/remove, try again, etc.22:26
nicomachusSnarg: what was the error? please pastebin and link here. best to just do the whole thing22:26
chalcedonytomreyn, left and right ctrl and alt - what is GR?22:27
Snargnicomachus: can't easily paste bin, this little machine moves real slow, can't run full browsers well, am typing from real computer.22:27
CodeHunterExI am running Lubuntu 16.04 and I have dual monitors.  How can I have each monitor as a separate screen, or extended screen?22:27
tomreynchalcedony: you should have two ALT keys, one left and one right of the space bar, those are the ones i mean.22:27
nicomachusSnarg: <command> | nc termbin 999922:27
chalcedonytomreyn, ok yes thanks :)22:28
nicomachus!pastebinit | Snarg or install this22:28
ubottuSnarg or install this: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com22:28
wafflejockCodeHunterEx, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/MultiDisplay22:28
SnargOk installing pastebinit, thanks22:28
tomreynchalcedony: so did this fix the input issue?22:30
chalcedonytomreyn, its not seeing anything now when i type d22:30
scw-aaanyone have any experience with online.net vps22:30
chalcedony(on usb keyboard)22:30
tomreynchalcedony: hmm maybe you really have a broken keyboard there? can you try in your bios or at the grub boot prompt?22:31
tomreynchalcedony: alternatively try a different OS or live usb / cdrom if you have any22:31
tomreynchalcedony: this is not a wireless or battery powered keyboard by any chance?22:32
scw-aaanything good to automate updates and cleanup in ubuntu server?22:32
nicomachusscw-aa: you can set it in cron22:33
chalcedonytomreyn, i have both ps2 and usb keyboards (wired in)22:33
tomreynchalcedony: oh you have two separate keyboards, not just one keyboard with both connectors?22:34
scw-aawas thinking as in something like http://www.togaware.com/linux/survivor/Wajig_Overview.html22:34
tomreynchalcedony: try the bios / grub prompt / live system / alternative OS approahc then, see if either keyboard works there.22:35
chalcedonytomreyn, yes three actually. 2 ps222:35
chalcedonyi will see what we can do, thanks for your help :)22:35
tomreynchalcedony: welcome. one possible explanation is that the ubuntu installer (or you accidentially) selected the wrong keyboard layout during installation. if so, reinstalling (and watching out for any keyboard layout options) is your easiest option.22:37
Snargnicomachus: ok sources.list - http://paste.debian.net/902433 apt-cache policy - http://paste.debian.net/902432 apt/preferences - http://paste.debian.net/902428 and finally the failed install command - http://paste.debian.net/90243122:37
tomreynchalcedony: ^ and yet another option would be to use the text graphics mini.iso installer instead of the default one, since there you can specify your keyboard layout precisely.22:38
nicomachusSnarg: what version of Ubuntu are you running?22:38
Snarg nicomachus: oh crap, this is debian jessie... I thought this would be the same in ubuntu?22:39
nicomachus!debian | Snarg22:39
ubottuSnarg: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/ubuntu-and-debian - !Repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!22:39
Snargand everybody in #debian was ignoring me... so I thought I'd try here :)22:39
nicomachussorry Snarg, we can't support debian here.22:40
chalcedonytomreyn, they are regular standard keyboards i doubt he selected anything odd. it has been working ok for a few days22:40
syadnomhi all, I'm having trouble getting ubuntu to boot from an external usb3 connected hard drive.22:40
Snargnicomachus: ok, thanks anyway, I guess I thought it might be similar enough. Oh well, have a nice day!22:40
syadnomwhen booting, it moves the cursor down 1 line and then the cursor just sits.  It's like grub is dying before it even starts to put 'grub..' on the screen...22:41
wedgiechalcedony: in the upper right do you have a selector for language/character map?22:41
=== ThisIsTheory is now known as Guest84536
chalcedonywedgie, not sure. on the login screen?22:42
chalcedonyi dunno. ill look22:43
* PontifexMaximus greetz chalcedony22:43
chalcedonyPontifexMaximus, hi good to see you :)22:45
chalcedonyok wedgie tomreyn - rebooting seems to have solved it. rebooting with the usb keyboard plugged in22:46
chalcedonyi walked over there and he's in22:46
=== scottt is now known as Guest18497
xxxxhow can i configure my keyboard to a 115 letters? arrows doesn't work so any solution using those will be like nothing22:55
scw-aaif i have set my ssh to a custom port to need to change the "ssh" var in fail2ban22:56
Sean_McGI don't use fail2ban but I should... far too many unwanted connections from .cn22:57
foliThis it to notify the we are beginning maitenance on Canonical data centre firewalls.22:57
scw-aadont really see a reason to not use it22:58
=== GreyB3ard is now known as TheGreyBeard
EdSantos754Hi. Can someone please tell me which version of the nvidia gpu driver is available on Ubuntu 16.10?23:17
scw-aait's a baremetal from online.net tought it seemed cheap and i guess that's why23:17
Sean_McGEdSantos754: packages.ubuntu.com23:17
EdSantos754thanks sean23:17
scw-aahad it freeze one me once already after installing ufw23:18
scw-aahard to do a hard reboot23:18
wafflejock!info nvidia-current yakkety > EdSantos75423:18
wafflejock!info nvidia-current yakkety23:18
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-304): Transitional package for nvidia-current. In component restricted, is optional. Version 304.132-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 4 kB, installed size 19 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)23:18
skomorokhStill haven't figured out yet, but ya, 16.10 does change DNS stuff FWIW, in case anyone happens to stumble on this log https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2016-May/039350.html23:19
Sean_McGoddd, I have nvidia-370 on my 14.04 box23:19
PontifexMaximusIn component restricted, is optional. <--- what does that mean?23:19
Sean_McGmaybe I have an external repo...23:19
* Sean_McG checks23:20
wafflejockSean_McG, think if you go into additional drivers you can get a newer version but the default "current" is older23:21
Sean_McGwafflejock: I was right... I'm using the graphics-drivers PPA (EdSantos may want to check that out)23:22
wafflejockSean_McG, EdSantos754 yeah lots of other packages here http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nvidia&searchon=names&suite=yakkety&section=all looks like they go up to 36723:23
EdSantos754367.57 is the default one for 16.0423:23
energizerWhat is "respawning" a service?23:24
EdSantos754actually, let me check it23:24
EdSantos754367.57, it's correct23:25
EdSantos754so it's the same version, if I got it right?23:27
Sean_McG370.28 is available in the graphics-drivers PPA23:27
Sean_McG(which is what I'm using)23:27
vfwenergizer: respawning is just another way of saying restarting23:28
EdSantos754can I use it on 16.04?23:28
EdSantos754is it stable?23:28
EdSantos754for you, I mean23:28
Sean_McGprobably, I don't have an issue yet -- I have a GTX107023:29
vfwEdSantos754: Yes, 16.04 is stable23:29
energizervfw: thanks23:29
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vfw!16.04 AAA23:29
EdSantos754vfw, I meant the nvidia driver that sean is using23:29
vfw!16.04 | EdSantos75423:30
ubottuEdSantos754: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) is the current LTS release of Ubuntu. Download at http://www.ubuntu.com/download - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/xenial23:30
EdSantos754the nvidia driver available on the repositories is killing me23:30
vfwEdSantos754: Oh.  Sorry.23:30
vfwEdSantos754: I prefer the open source one23:31
vfwEdSantos754: What's it doing?  (Or not doing?)23:31
EdSantos754random crashes23:31
EdSantos754It took me some days to figure out it was the nvidia drivers23:32
EdSantos754tried ubuntu, opensuse and mint23:32
wafflejockEdSantos754, you mean periodic system refreshes, it's a feature ;)23:32
EdSantos754crashed on all of them23:32
EdSantos754dual booted windows works fine23:32
EdSantos754so it is not hardware23:32
EdSantos754ah ah :P23:33
wafflejockEdSantos754, which card?23:33
vfw!nouveau | EdSantos75423:33
ubottuEdSantos754: nouveau is an open-source nvidia driver included by default since Ubuntu 10.04. Currently, 3D rendering is only partially supported. More information can be found at http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/ | See !nvidia for the closed-source Nvidia driver.23:33
EdSantos754gtx 96023:33
kk4ewtEdSantos754,  ok so you should be supported by the newest nvidia driver23:33
vfwEdSantos754: You could download from nvidia.com23:33
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EdSantos754atm I'm on mint (for the first time) and even the open source one is acting strange. When I start the computer, it says it's on software rendering mode, for some reason23:34
vfwEdSantos754: But if you do, you'll need to re-install should you upgrade to a newer kernel.23:34
EdSantos754:/ I'm almost a newbie23:34
EdSantos754can't I just use a ppa?23:35
Sean_McGvfw: I thought that was managed by DKMS?23:35
kk4ewtSean_McG,  not the nvidia.run23:35
vfwSean_McG: DKMS?23:35
wafflejockdynamic kernel modules me thinks23:35
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vfwoh ok23:35
wafflejockyeah ppas aren't really supported here so you're on your own or trusting ppa maintainer to help you23:36
vfwSo are we correct in assuming the driver modules we install from nvidia.com are *not* DKMS?23:37
wafflejocknot sure on the nvidia drivers, I know vbox has dkms drivers that will automatically get installed when the kernel gets updated but dunno with nvidia drivers how that works out23:38
vfwPretty sure that is correct.  At any rate, I've seen a number of folks here that prefer to download direct from nvidia.com23:38
Sean_McGoh yeah maybe the non-packaged version is not dkms managed23:38
wafflejockvfw, problem with that is then you have no easy way to remove23:38
vfwwafflejock: Oh yea, you can remove it, but just not via the package manager.23:39
jamesrleimergood evening23:39
EdSantos754what does DKMS means? :P23:40
wafflejock!ppa | EdSantos754  Sean_McG23:40
ubottuEdSantos754  Sean_McG: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge23:40
Bashing-omEdSantos754: Consuder : http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/112992/en-us . nVidia recommends the 375 (beta) version driver for that card - available in our PPA .23:40
arturohow can I set it up so when I right click an image it appears the set as background?23:41
Sean_McGthe games I have in Steam aren't overly demanding.23:41
EdSantos754Bashing, "our"?23:41
wafflejock!dkms | EdSantos75423:42
ubottuEdSantos754: DKMS is Dynamic Kernel Module Support. See https://launchpad.net/dkms for more.23:42
Sean_McGadmittedly I probably could have settled with a 1060 but the 1070 was on sale23:42
EdSantos754indies rule :P23:42
wafflejockEdSantos754, basic gist is they are drivers that aren't a part of the kernel but get loaded into or out of the kernel (main core of the OS that talks to hardware)23:42
arturohow can I set it up so when I right click an image it appears the set as background?23:43
wafflejockarturo, from what context? like a browser or file browser?23:43
EdSantos754ok, thanks wafflejock23:43
EdSantos754I just didn't from which ppa the 375 version is available23:44
arturowafflejock: file browser, currently using Dolphin23:44
Bashing-omEdSantos754: Yeah Ours ; background : https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-desktop/2015-August/004693.html .23:44
wafflejockarturo, looks like this https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?t=1066723:45
energizerIs service restart exactly the same as service stop ; service start ?23:45
EdSantos754I can't open that link23:46
wafflejockarturo, you'd need to add the right click menu option and then find a script for setting the background I think, not sure about the second part yet but that seems to do the first23:46
Bashing-omEdSantos754: checking the link ,23:46
EdSantos754keeps loading23:46
vfwenergizer: Supposedly yes, but I've had an instance or two when it just did not work and I reverted to stop and start23:47
EdSantos754in any case, the nvidia driver I was getting on Ubuntu was the 367 one23:47
Sean_McGoh, yeah foli mentioned Canonical was doing some firewall work23:47
Sean_McG"lists.ubuntu.com took too long to respond."23:48
vfwenergizer: ... not sure what the problem was, and there may have been other circumstances that caused things to not work as I expected, but just sharing my experience....23:48
foliSean_McG: that's correct, probably is down right now23:48
energizervfw: thanks23:48
vfwenergizer: I should also point out that with systemd we now have start, stop, restart and status and status gives good information on what happend when a service starts or why it did not start.23:50
Bashing-omEdSantos754: Well . I also can not connect .. and on the PPA I get " If we are in the middle of an update, Launchpad will be back in a couple of minutes. : . Maybe related . Will try again in a bit .23:51
energizervfw: unfortunately im using a computer with 14.04 atm23:51
vfwenergizer: Ok. Well, just something to look forward to.23:51
EdSantos754Bashing, so it's an official ppa, but not the default one?23:52
vfwenergizer: procrastination *is* curable ;)23:52
Bashing-omEdSantos754: The "https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa" was a consolidated/concerted effort from many fronts with ubuntu leading the way . Lots of support from many sources in the industry .23:53
EdSantos754I see23:54
EdSantos754I'll give it a try23:54
z999i am trying to install ubuntu and i can not get to the bios23:55
Sean_McGlong answer to what seemed like a simple question I'm sure23:55
vfwz999: Laptop or desktop23:55
compdocz999, you need to change something in the bios?23:55
tgm4883Bashing-om: probably due to the firewall maintenance23:56
z999it will not recognize the usb23:56
vfwz999: You have to watch closely, you should see instructions on the screen when it first comes on.23:56
z999i thought i might have to switch it to boot usb23:56
Bashing-omtgm4883: Thanks ,, launchpad is back up at this time :)23:56
tgm48832:57 PM <foli> This it to notify the we are beginning maitenance on Canonical data centre firewalls.23:56
tgm4883Bashing-om: cool23:56
vfwz999: One thing you can do is alternate between Esc F1 F2 Del really fast as it starts23:57
z999tried that23:57
compdocz999, some computers have a boot menu if you hit f11 at boot. Sometimes that will show you the usb stick. It can be different than f11, so you might have to look up your pc to see which key to hit23:57
scw-aahaving some issues with ufw (i think) everytime i set it to enable it will tell me, you will interupt any ssh blabla, so i go on23:58
vfwz999 or F1023:58
scw-aahowever after that my server stops responding23:58
Bashing-omEdSantos754: " 375.26-0ubuntu0~gpu16.04.1  " in the referenced PPA . as well looks to be available for all supported releases .23:58
scw-aai did allow my ssh port23:58
scw-aaand i can only get back if i do a hard reset (cut the electricity)23:59
scw-aahelp :s23:59
vfwscw-aa: stops responding to ___________?23:59
scw-aaeverything basically23:59

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