CoderEuropeHiya! Anyone here ?02:02
CoderEuropeHiya ! Anyone here ?11:24
eylulwhat's up CoderEurope?12:48
CoderEuropeHiya - just wondering why Pitivi isn't included in US ?12:53
CoderEurope& what can we do about it ?12:54
eylullet me check something13:01
CoderEuropeokay brb13:03
eylulCoderEurope: it should be in US by default. which version of Ubuntustudio are you using? Also did you upgrade to that version or installed fresh?13:03
CoderEuropeI haven't yet installed US - I am going to be a tester on Virtualbox using standard Ubuntu as a base13:04
eylulah. welcome then13:04
CoderEuropeYour part of the team ?13:04
eylulbut yeah we do have pitivi among the default programs, so if it is somehow not installing with the video meta, that is a bug. 13:05
eylulyes. :)13:05
CoderEuropeGood -oh13:05
eylulby the way you should join the mailing list if you haven't already13:05
CoderEuropeI shall13:05
eylula lot of the more in depth discussion happens there13:05
CoderEuropeyes, I see that.13:05
CoderEuropegood to talk - dont get a_lot of traction here on this #channel - So good-oh13:06
eylul:) 13:07
eylulthe secret is to put the username of the person in your IRC reply13:07
CoderEuropeWat IRC client is the best IYHO ?13:07
eylullike CoderEurope I just did13:07
eylulthat will alert people you IMed them. A lot of people log the chat and check regularly even through we are not always there13:07
CoderEuropeyes I appreciate that :)13:08
CoderEuropeWhat the biggest bug on US at the moment, then  - that affects everyone ?13:08
CoderEurope<difficult question> obviously :)13:09
eylulwell there isn't one GIANT bug as far as I know13:10
eylulbut there probably is a list of various outstanding issues. 13:10
eylulwe are currently working (Mostly ovenwerks) on ubuntustudio-controls (which does need some testing)13:13
eylulpackages are at the PPA for that: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/+archive/ubuntu/autobuild13:14
eylulI know Ross has been going through a lot of other bugs, but I am not sure what else is there. 13:14
eylulCfhowlett hi! did you actually post the info about the holiday thing on the facebook? I couldn't find it13:15
eylul(oh duh nvm) *is annoyed with facebook hiding things*13:16
cfhowletteh?   will link.  wait 113:19
eylulcfhowlett: found it, I was looking at the group, completely forgot the page also existed13:20
cfhowlettand I just realized that group != page ...13:20
eylulwas this meant for the group or the page?13:21
cfhowlettbest practice: both13:21
eylulwell I shared with group13:21
cfhowlettcool.  I'll put the pics there as well.13:21
eylulso you did say twitter13:22
eyluldid you create a twitter account?13:22
cfhowlettyeah, turns out we already had one.  I completely forgot about it!13:22
cfhowlettI'm beginning to think a dedicated social media person might be a good position13:23
eylulwell you might end up finding yourself in that task, if you keep this up :D13:23
cfhowlettwe also could use some multilingual support.  Too many threads go unanswered in FB and G+ because they are not in Englih.13:25
eylulwell one step at a time13:28
eylul(also I don't see the post on twitter)13:28
cfhowlettlet me look13:28
cfhowlettI sent a link to US ... where the heck ??13:30
eylulyou mean you mentioned the account?13:32
eylulthat doesn't show13:32
eylulit needs to be manually retweeted by the account, or sent from the account13:32
cfhowlettyep.  that means we lose traffic though13:32
eylulthat's how twitter works, and is why somebody should ideally be regularly checking and updating social media accounts13:33
eylulok I need to run13:33
cfhowlettgot it.13:33
eylulCoderEurope: welcome to the team, and as I said before, do not forget to join the Mailing List. and feel free to drop a question on IM, we'll answer eventually. :)13:35

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