knomewe have that one redirection stuff ticket open00:00
knomeand - note that it's not www.xubuntu.org, it's xubuntu.org :P00:00
pleia2I know, unrelated discovery00:00
pleia2oh, hm00:00
knomebut yeah, this is again too server for me to worry about it00:00
pleia2so www.x.o expired, but x.o is fine00:01
knomehttps still isn't default00:01
knomebut xubuntu.com redirects to https00:01
* pleia2 headscratch00:01
knomewww.xubuntu.com redirects to http00:01
pleia2maybe I just have caching00:01
knomei think i need to poke them tickets00:01
pleia2I'll poke around this later and submit something if it's all still broken00:02
* pleia2 adds note to etherpad00:02
knomeupdated RT #2679400:04
knomeok, so what next?00:07
knomeshould we figure out the other #lovexubuntu winner?00:07
knomeand the finalists too00:08
pleia2I put a todo list in the etherpad00:09
knomei noticed00:09
pleia2trying to order food now because I haven't eaten recently00:09
pleia2almost forgot about council blog post, added to pad00:12
knomei'll look into that in a bit00:13
pleia2anyone find any other 16.10 links? https://xubuntu.org/release/16-10/00:49
pleia2ah, there's http://news.softpedia.com/news/xubuntu-16-10-released-includes-xfce-packages-built-with-gtk-plus-3-technologies-509273.shtml too00:50
knomewell, there are some results not listed there when you google "xubuntu 16.10 review", but i'm not sure how far that way we are willing to go00:51
knomewait, no00:51
knomethey are the same review00:51
knomesigh at aggregating sites00:51
pleia2heh, yeah00:51
pleia2not so keen on videos00:52
knomethat's the media of the day00:53
pleia2get off my lawn00:54
knomei think it would be most beneficial to have reviews and links that are useful for the users00:54
knomebut that would mean watching or at least glancing the videos00:54
pleia2if someone wants to watch one and tells me it's good, I'd consider it00:55
knomei know00:55
pleia2alright, these three links are really the only ones I can find00:58
bluesabreflocculant, thanks for the bug reports (and link to testable file)!01:01
knomepleia2, just to get it recorded - one thing we considered/discussed about the council article was putting some "human" in it - i still think that'd be a good idea (along with AUA and potential team member interviews/etc)01:05
knomeso if you have an idea what that could be, that would be awesome01:05
pleia2thanks, I'll think about it01:05
knomei could then put in my part of it and kick the other council members to do it as well01:05
knomeok, and now sleepy sleepy01:06
pleia2night :) thanks!01:06
knomeand thanks to you too for everything :)01:06
pleia2tweeted about the new Chinese mirrors being added01:17
pleia2confirmed that we received the dev.xubuntu.org VPS funding from the community fund in December of 2015, so I've placed a new request to cover 201703:07
flocculantbluesabre: welcome - I'll ping someone in -desktop bout the totem one - pretty confident if that fixes the one I really care about will too - I know that parole was working prior to gstreamer update06:22
flocculantpleia2 knome - re community funding - I noticed there are now 2 ubuntu flavours asking for donations outside the normal method, mate and this budgie thing - remind me why we don't?06:23
pleia2flocculant: I didn't know here was a way outside the normal method06:29
pleia2german ancestry, I like following the rules :)06:29
flocculantseems like some flavours bend them :p06:30
pleia2what do they do?06:31
pleia2I've tried going outside the fund entirely and requesting things directly from the hosting companies (got a Linode for ubuntu-us.org that way) but they're being a bit more restrictive these days06:32
pleia2we're not a non-profit, etc06:32
flocculantbudgie have patreon and paypal options for users to donate, mate do similar, https://ubuntu-mate.org/donate/06:33
pleia2I'm not willing to put myself at risk legally when it comes to holding funds like that06:33
pleia2might be easier for someone outside of the US06:34
flocculantnot asking anyone to do that - just mentioning it again :)06:34
* pleia2 nods06:34
flocculantI guess that would be something that Xubuntu Council should mull over \o/06:37
pleia2yeah make them do it!06:37
* pleia2 sleep &06:37
flocculantknome bluesabre ochosi ^^06:37
pleia2but in the meantime, I did submit the request and it should be fine06:38
* pleia2 goes for real now06:38
flocculant[1]yup - thanks pleia2 06:45
flocculantbluesabre: mentioned in -desktop 07:35
knomepleia2, http://xubuntu.org/press/09:16
knomepleia2, uses shortcode09:16
knomeflocculant, ack09:17
knomepleia2, http://xubuntu.org/press/archive/ too, though i notice the order is wonky09:18
knomemeh :)09:18
knomeoh well, i'll get that fixed for next09:18
knomenow with sidebar!09:29
knomepleia2, please glance at  http://xubuntu.org/?p=4171&preview=true  once you have time and either ACK it or propose/do changes for publishing09:45
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knomepleia2, was toying a bit with this: http://staging.xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/13:59
knomepleia2, to clarify, these lists are created automatically with a shortcode, using a internal database of mirrors (with URL templates where we replace the version number)14:15
knomeso creating a new list for a new release is as easy as changing the shortcode14:15
knomeand adding a mirror (or deleting one) is as easy as adding a new post in wordpress14:16
knome-- then all lists are updated14:16
knomei also have two checkboxes; active (setting inactive means the mirror is essentially not showing up) and "main"/"not main", which controls whether the mirror in question is shown on the initial list of mirrors14:16
knomepleia2, some more work with the release links -> http://staging.xubuntu.org/release/14-04/16:04
knomepleia2, not completely satisfied with the organization of that yet, maybe i'll hide all direct download links first and only allow them to appear with a click16:05
knomenow sauna, bbl16:06
slickymasterright knome 17:42
slickymasterthat means a need for a thighter watch17:43
knomeslickymaster, watch for what?17:45
flocculantknome: thighter's17:46
slickymasterhi knome 17:46
slickymasterthe docs main branch17:46
knomeslickymaster, oh right, you're replying to ancient stuff :)17:47
slickymasteroh wait17:47
knomebut yes, indeed17:47
slickymasterwell, the push rights is just for team members, so forget it17:48
slickymasterdidn't read it all the way through :P17:48
knomesure, but it still means we don't want to let anybody in who is just starting to contribute17:48
knomeso it is tighter than it's now17:48
slickymasterhm hm17:48
flocculantknome: i THOGHT WE'D DONE THAT17:56
knomeflocculant, WHAT?17:57
flocculantthe old tracker link17:57
knomeme too17:57
knomethat happens :)17:57
flocculantyup :)17:57
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ::xubuntu-docs:: [zesty] r626 Update the tracker description (and more importantly, link) ... (by Pasi Lallinaho)18:51
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ::xubuntu-docs:: [zesty] r627 Update the entity file with the new status tracker link.... (by Pasi Lallinaho)18:51
flocculantI thort we'd done that :D19:10
pleia2knome: yay for press pages working again, thank you (even if archive ordering is wonky)19:15
knomepleia2, archive ordering will be fixed in the next upload19:18
knomepleia2, did you look at the NEW updates on staging?19:18
knomepleia2, and do you think we want to start using them?19:19
knomepleia2, ok, so i have another idea, which i literally just figured out i probably want to do19:22
pleia2not yet, just got back from dr appointment so just settling in19:23
knomepleia2, add a "Releases" (or sth similar) under "About", working as the "front page" for browsing the releases19:23
knomepleia2, then move the "About and around" (this is under the Press page now) under "The community"19:23
knomepleia2, and finally, make the screenshot page work much like the press page; we have the information to sort our screenshots based on releases as well19:24
knomepleia2, yet another thing is potentially moving FAQ out of the menu structure - it hasn't been updated since august 2014 19:25
knomei'm also kind of playing with the idea to make any and every place we mention a version number a link19:26
knomewith some JS obviously19:26
knomebut that's kind of.. for later19:26
* pleia2 catches up on backscroll first19:27
pleia2for normal humans the staging getxubuntu site doesn't look much different than the live one19:33
knomeso look at the mirror downloads section19:34
knomeand press the "full"/"all" links19:34
knomeand you'll notice a big difference19:34
pleia2ah yeah, no more direct links to FTP/HTTP/Info19:34
knomeno more FTP to be exact19:35
knomethe big change here is19:35
knomethis is dynamically created19:35
knomethe markup for the new one is simply:19:35
knome[mirrors release=14-04]19:35
pleia2does anyone even use ftp to download these?19:35
knomethey can get to that from the info19:35
knomethe info shows up when you open the full list19:35
knomebut anyway19:35
* pleia2 nods19:35
knomeyou like this?19:35
pleia2yep, it's good19:36
knomenext thing is a release page19:36
knomeeg. http://staging.xubuntu.org/release/14-04/ vs. http://xubuntu.org/release/14-04/19:36
knomefirst, forget the sidebar19:36
knomei just haven't set that up on staging19:36
knomebut on staging, you can see the torrent links19:36
knomethose are new fields that we can insert (and update) per release19:37
pleia2I liked the new sidebar :)19:37
knomeyes, that will stay19:37
knomeand we have the same direct/mirror downloads list here19:37
pleia2yeah, I think this is better19:37
knomebut i'm not sure about how it's presented currently19:37
knomemaybe we should make it a link in the release links section19:37
pleia2articles and things are great, but I think what most people will want is download info19:37
knomethen when that's clicked, pop up the direct download list19:38
* pleia2 shrugs19:38
knomealternatively, we could drop the torrent links above the direct downloads like the get xubuntu page19:38
knome...but i tried that, and it looked weird without any text around the buttons19:38
pleia2ah, hm19:39
knomeso maybe the answer is to move the description above the codename etc.19:39
knomebut yeah, this is totally automatized too19:39
knomeso one more thing you'll notice here is the online doc link19:39
knomeIF WE WANT19:39
knomei can create a shortcode19:40
knomethat lists all of the non-EOL, non-released releases that have a docs link19:40
knomethink: the help & support page list19:40
knomehttp://xubuntu.org/help/ <- the list in the green box19:40
knomethen just s/The supported releases are:/The documentation for supported releases can be found via the following links:/ or stjh19:41
knomeso basically automatize everything that is related to releases - or at least make us update it only once19:42
pleia2I think that makes sense19:42
knomeyes, good19:42
knomeso i have to write that - np though, it's a trivial piece of code19:42
pleia2thank you :)19:43
knomeso now that we have this sorted out, what about the new releases main page?19:43
pleia2which one is that?19:43
knomenone yet19:43
knomei was thinking: list all non-EOL releases, LTSs first, newest first19:43
knomeat least the release number and codename, maybe the description19:43
knomeand a link to the release page19:43
knomethat might be enough19:43
knomeand that would obviously share the saem sidebar as the release pages19:44
* pleia2 nods19:44
pleia2sounds good19:44
knomeyou probably read the part about the maintenance of mirrors, but it will be super easy after this upload19:44
knomelike, something is down, you can either delete it for good or mark inactive19:45
pleia2ooh, inactive19:45
knomeand you can check/uncheck mirrors to be shown/not shown on the initial list19:45
* pleia2 nods19:45
knomethat said, we might want to look to make that a little smaller19:45
knomethe new china thing for example, it's only a 100Mbps server19:46
knomealso, do we want to duplicate UK19:46
* pleia2 nods19:46
knomebut again, that's just checkboxes in wp-admin19:46
knomeok, i'll stitch the not yet done pieces together tonight and then file another ticket to get that up19:47
knomethen we need some initial form work after which we are ready to go19:47
pleia2no problem19:47
knomealso, i wrote a blog article about this19:47
knomebut since we are moving so fast, i'll update that to say we have it all now rather than "we might have something later"19:48
knomebut you might want to glance at that too as i mentioned ;)19:48
pleia2I'm on the east coast next week, but I am not actually going to be super busy, still jobless and mostly just going there to hang out and spend evenings with friends+family :)19:48
knomei will literally have this ready your today19:48
pleia2oh ok19:49
pleia2I still need to review the council blog post19:49
knomemost of the stuff is ready already on staging19:49
knomei just wanted your input before pushing to branches19:49
* pleia2 nods19:49
knomedifferent order19:52
pleia2that's better, intro first19:56
knomepleia2, http://staging.xubuntu.org/help/20:15
knomein production, we bold LTSs, is that needed?20:15
knomein production, we also list here how long releases are supported. needed?20:15
pleia2I liked the green20:16
pleia2no bold though20:16
knomeoh meh :D20:16
knomeyou're focusing on the wrong things20:16
knomethe green will be there20:16
pleia2I like listing how long they are supported, people are ALWAYS confused20:17
pleia2(because 5 year Ubuntu lts)20:17
knomei'll figure out how to do that then20:17
knomeoki, look now20:24
* pleia2 thumbs up20:35
knomepleia2, aaand here: http://staging.xubuntu.org/about/releases/20:45
knomecan haz any content between page title and the release blobs20:45
knomeand will have the "releases" sidebar, where you can dump more20:46
pleia2geez, how many of these releases page do we have20:46
knomethis and one for each release :P20:46
pleia2well ok :)20:46
pleia2I guess I was also thinking about the download page20:47
knomethen we have the list on the docs page20:47
knomebut that's useful repetition20:47
knomebesides, download page is still manual20:47
pleia2agreed, just making sure we don't get out of hand20:47
knomewe don't list two LTSs there for example20:47
* pleia2 nods20:47
knomeno, i think this is really needed because currently it's all just really meh20:47
knomethere's no easy way to discover these pages20:48
knomethe release pages, that is20:48
knome*i* know how to find them20:48
knomebut it's always meh20:48
knome(go to blog, find the links in the sidebar)20:48
knome(yes, that's not where the usual user would look)20:48
knomelorem ipsum there just for proving concept20:49
knomewe probably want to say stuff like xubuntu is released every 6 months and lts every 2 years, support lengths, here you can see all of the supported releases20:50
knomeand visit their release pages for lots more20:51
pleia2yeah, just so long as the text doesn't need updating much20:53
knomejust something generic20:53
knomehuh, deja vu20:58
knomeweird :)20:58
knomeok, RT ticket filed21:06
knomescreenshot thingy not yet done21:06
knomebut that's minor imo21:06
* pleia2 nods21:09
knomethat was a sprint too21:10
pleia2what was?21:13
knomethe above ^21:13
pleia2(lunch arrived, munching and then will for real focus on  council blog post)21:13
pleia2having a hard time being creative about this council article, though it totally deserves it22:50
knomefeel free to just delete etc22:53
knomepleia2, still not feeling creative?23:51
pleia2distracted again :(23:52
pleia2I think "resolutor" is a made up word23:56
knomearen't all words made up?23:57
pleia2yeah, silly humans23:57

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