Syntax___Is there anyone on00:50
Syntax___I am new to Linux00:50
Syntax___And I choose Xubuntu as my first distro00:50
Syntax___But I have come into a problem00:50
Syntax___I do not understand what is going on here00:51
Syntax___I do not understand systemV00:51
Syntax___Or the secureboot loader00:51
knomeyou'll want all of the updates that are offered for your software00:52
Syntax___But, I thought that you manually update yourself?00:53
knomeyou can select to have a remind later if you don't want to update right now00:54
Syntax___I understand that00:55
knomei guess i don't understand the problem?00:56
Syntax___I am just confused as to the systemV01:31
Syntax___I am also confused at the secreboot01:31
Syntax___Is Xubuntu too really updating?01:32
Syntax___Like did you recieve a notifaction to update your software in past week or so01:33
Syntax___I need to know if this common01:33
Syntax___Sorry my english not the best01:33
Syntax___I have choose to just try it01:36
Syntax___and accept01:36
Syntax___If something happens I will wipe hard drive and install anoth Distro, I have been looking at Gentoo01:36
adrian_1908hello. Can anyone tell me what the "Indicator Application/Messages/Sound" launchers in Autostart do? They are deactivated by default. Am I missing out on notification balloons from my programs?11:42
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xubuntu91w#xubuntu  hi12:53
xubuntu91wi am having issues updating, upgrading & installing on my Xubuntu 12.04.  i need some help pls12:55
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akxwi-davexubuntu91w:  12.04 went end of life  in april 2015, you would be better to back up your data, and install a fresh version of 16.04 for the latest LTS version13:51
recon_dskhi, made a bit of a mistake on a fresh install of 16.04 and manually installed libraoffice 5.1 not realizing 5 was already installed, so i uninstalled 5.1 but the menu Items for 5.1 are still in the menu! how do I get rid of the duplicate items that no longer work?14:45
recon_dskI've opened the menu editor but it only shows one menu item while 2 show up in the actual menu14:48
digbychickenrecon_dsk: I wonder if doing purge/reinstall would be the way to go.14:48
recon_dsknever liked that new menu, feels like my computer thinks i'm an idiot14:49
recon_dskdid a reboot and the dups are gone, very windows14:50
digbychickenah, good idea14:51
recon_dskactually, very poor. seems developers make things worse and call it progress14:52
recon_dskreboot to fix things is a real step backwards14:53
recon_dskand whats with hiding the names of the applications you using, you should see the mess that kicad shows up as in development, I get 5 menu items that are the same in development and can't even put them in a sub folder14:55
recon_dskbut in general I love xubuntu14:56
digbychickenme too...love how easy it is to customize14:58
recon_dskalso seems UEFI systems are unable to make bootable ubuntu usb flash drives using UNetbootin , not a xubuntu issue though.14:58
recon_dsknow, how do i get a "setting" button on a panel15:00
recon_dskok, worked that one out.15:06
recon_dskwell, very easy install as usual. keep up the good work !!!15:12
recon_dskhmm, another little issue, wanted to copy my desktop setup to a new account so copied ./config/xfce/ to the new account home dir, and the icons of menu items where lost15:23
recon_dskhmm, quick launcher item properties in panels items properties  has some french text??15:43
krytarikrecon_dsk: Out of curiosity, for what launcher?15:51
recon_dskquicklauncher (programs with several launcher)15:52
recon_dskhmm, and still no brightness widget15:52
recon_dskI think should really be one included by default, and redshift would be nice15:53
krytarikrecon_dsk: Didn't you say "item properties" there though?15:55
recon_dskin configure quicklauncher you get items like "Espace entre les lanceurs"15:57
recon_dskonly a little thing15:58
krytarikrecon_dsk: So it appears LP bug ##179917 has resurfaced, and this fix was never released yet: https://git.xfce.org/panel-plugins/xfce4-quicklauncher-plugin/commit/panel-plugin/callbacks.c?id=b4fdc236af82ae690a8638f968924baadff58efc16:34
recon_dskkrytarik: well kudos for looking it up :)16:47
recon_dskI'm off for a bit of game playing, hope the silver surfers at the local mens shed like their new xubuntu desktop.16:49
SpassHello, last link on this site is broken http://docs.xubuntu.org/contributors/getting-started.html17:45
SpassIt goes to tracker.xubuntu.org instead of dev.xubuntu.org17:45
knomeindeed, that page is kind of a stub; i'll fix that in the source17:46
knomeSpass, fix is in the branch, will land in production at some point17:51
Spassknome: Cool.17:54
veninemanyone know what can i do with the error "usb 1-5 descriptor read 64 error...." ???22:16
veninemreal time support22:19
knomewaited three minutes?22:20
knomeright, i wonder where you can get that speedy *volunteer* responses.22:20
veninemgo back to your bed22:20
pleia2veninem: I suggest being a bit more friendly if you're looking for folks to help you :)22:21
pleia2veninem: what do you do to get that error?22:21
venineminstalling xubuntu22:21
veninemand everytime restaring in xubuntu or other distro22:22
pleia2unfortunately you'll have to be a bit more specific22:22
veninemon what point22:22
pleia2installation is very complicated and a lot of things are going on, when exactly do you get this error? does it make the installation fail?22:23
veninemwhen kernel is starting i get these messages (a lot) and after a while it is logging in22:23
pleia2logging in to the live session?22:24
geniiSounds like you have a card reader without any media in the reader22:24
veninemyes it is an htpc with a card reader onboard22:24
pleia2yeah, it could be a harmless error, but you haven't said what exactly it's breaking22:25
pleia2(or if it's breaking anything)22:25
veninemyes i think webcam isn't recognize at all22:25
pleia2so the webcam isn't working, and the error you get is "usb 1-5 descriptor read 64 error...." ?22:25
pleia2or that's your assumption?22:26
veninemyes error and 71 for examble and some other numbers22:26
pleia2so the best way to debug is to isolate exactly what you're trying to do22:27
veninemi also get multiply error messages about amd-vi or something22:27
veninemi think that it has to do soething about the non-support of amd cpus right?22:28
pleia2you've now mentioned installation, other distros and a webcam, so the first thing you want to do is be clear about what exactly you're trying to fix :)22:28
pleia2...and now amd cpus22:28
knomehmm, what non-support?22:28
pleia2you're all over the place here22:28
veninemthe only amd on my system is my cpu22:28
knomeyes, and how are amd cpu's not supported?22:29
veninemmy gf card is nvidia22:29
veninemthe brother of my friend's cousin told me so... :D22:29
knomelet's forget that22:30
knomeis your webcam the only thing that isn't working?22:30
veninemi mean not fully supporting22:30
veninemyes the only22:30
knomeand you want to fix that, or?22:30
knomeok, it would have helped if you told that first22:30
knomeso which webcam is it?22:31
knomeor if it's integrated, which pc model do you have?22:31
veninemlogitech quickcam 9000 pro22:31
knomeso... how do you figure out it's not working?22:32
veninemskype cant find it22:33
knomehave you enabled video on skype?22:34
veninemyes but no webcam to select22:34
xanguaI believe currently Skype for Linux doesn't support video22:34
xanguaAt least the new one22:34
knomethat could be the other reason why it doesn't work22:35
xanguaNot sure what version partner repo offers22:35
veninemis there an alternative with skype servers?22:35
xanguaUh so you want your cam to work, to use it in Skype?22:36
veninemor anything software i want22:36
veninemi ll do a restart and i ll be back with new results22:38
xanguaIt appears both Skype.com and partner repo offer the 4.3 version, not sure if that's the old or the new one22:39
pleia2I always use cheese to test basic webcam functionality22:47
knomepleia2, i guess that goes down to basic mouse functionality too then ;)22:49

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