lazyPowerstokachu - i know its late, i discovered this and submit a patch https://github.com/conjure-up/spells/pull/23   LMK if i broke the spell or anything... I'm not super familiar with what the ExposeResult method does.01:25
stokachulazyPower: o/02:06
stokachulazyPower: trying to work through deis and helm02:06
stokachulooking at your pr now02:06
lazyPowerahhhhhhh :D02:06
lazyPowerthat makes me excite02:07
lazyPoweri volunteer to pilot your spells02:07
stokachulazyPower: i need a good name for it though02:07
stokachuive got 2 spells named Canonical Kubernetes and Kubernetes Core02:08
lazyPowerstokachu - why not just use the software name?  conjure-up deis02:08
stokachuah i like that too02:08
* lazyPower hands stokachu a nicely wrapped deis with a bow02:08
lazyPowerthat'll be 59.9902:08
stokachulazyPower: small comment on the PR02:15
lazyPowerack, taking a look02:15
stokachuexposeResult just prints to the summary screen at the end of conjure-up02:15
lazyPoweractually, is there a way i can test a spell locally?02:15
lazyPowerdisclaimer, in true lazy fashion, i have not read the docs02:15
stokachulazyPower: yea if you want to clone the spells github02:15
stokachuand just do conjure-up -d path/to/spell02:16
stokachuor cd into the spell dir and do conjure-up -d .02:16
lazyPoweraahhh ok02:16
lazyPowerthanks for the tip02:16
lazyPoweri'l give it a run before i resub02:16
stokachucool man02:16
stokachulazyPower: so with deis we've been trying to avoid installing binaries on the users host system02:18
stokachuit's not a hard rule, but one other option we thought of was deploy an ubuntu charm02:18
stokachuand installing deis/helm on that02:18
stokachuor does it really make more sense for those things to be on the users system locally?02:18
lazyPowerthat seems expensive02:18
lazyPowera unit in cloud $X for just 1 bin02:19
stokachuare they just binaries?02:19
lazyPoweri'll hvae to take another look02:19
* stokachu hasn't looked to deep in them yet02:19
lazyPowerbut i thinkt hats the case02:19
stokachuif they are just like go compiled binaries i think that should just be fine to put locally02:19
stokachulike we do with the kubectl script02:19
lazyPowerthat ^02:20
lazyPowerits just like kubectl02:20
stokachucool ill do that then02:20
stokachui got the paas itch02:21
stokachuhopefully it'll make a comeback02:21
lazyPowerstokachu - you're in good company, and the deis stack is pretty nice.02:48
lazyPowerstokachu oh hey, have you seen the new debug action on the kubernetes charm?03:13
lazyPowerdebugging-info ++03:14
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deanmanGood morning, could anyone check the following http://paste.ubuntu.com/23637511/ and let me know if their shell gets also frozen? Not sure whether it's a bug or my setup.10:30
narinderguptahow can i install juju-core of 1.25.5 as 1.25.6 is having issue on trusty?12:08
deanmannarindergupta, Try this, could work -> `apt-get install «pkg»=«version»`12:41
narinderguptadeanman, no unfortunately it does not exist. I tried all combination. So i ended up download using wget and use dpkg -i but now need to upload 1.25.5 tools only. so figuring it out juju bootstrap command to upload old version of tool.12:43
narinderguptadeanman, do you have that handy?12:43
deanmannarindergupta, there is a way to explicitly state the tools you need to upload during bootstrap.12:45
deanman`juju bootstrap --agent-version` https://jujucharms.com/docs/1.25/commands#sync-tools. Is that what you want ?12:46
deanmanor maybe this `--upload-tools (= false)` is more pertinent?12:47
narinderguptadeanman, thanks i think thats what i was looking for12:48
mgznarindergupta: you probably don't need --upload-tools, jsut give the --no-auto-upgrade on bootstrap with the 1.25.5 client12:53
narinderguptamgz, ok will try that thanks12:54
mgzalso, what's your issue with .6? tls version?12:55
narinderguptamgz, correct thats the issue12:59
narinderguptamgz, i wrote this issue but status is not won't fix12:59
narinderguptamgz, also with maas 2.1 and juju 2.x i am finding it uses lxdbr0 which is private network for lxd so somehow all of my deployments with current codes are failing.13:00
narinderguptai have stable with juju 1.25.6 and maas 1.9.x which fails due to tls issue13:01
narinderguptaand maas 2.1 with juju 2.0 failed because ips used in lxd machines are from lxdbr013:01
gQuigscan I manually specify an LXD image to bootstrap Juju with?14:26
gQuigs*local only LXD image14:26
gQuigsor do I have to use simplestreams?14:34
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vmorrisbootstrapping into a manual provider, what's the ideal way to setup the lxd bridge on the machines so that they'll bridge out to the physical network?17:21
vmorrisideally there would be (and maybe already exists) a way to specify which interface on the machine I want lxdbr0 to bridge to (no NAT), and a pool of IP addresses from which new units would pick from17:22
vmorristhis was all easy to do with MAAS as the provider, but i cannot use it for this currently17:23
TeranetGood morning everyone18:11
cory_futvansteenburgh: You still around to take a look at my BT PR?  https://github.com/juju-solutions/bundletester/pull/8021:32
sfI need a help on this one21:53
sfIs there a way to get the num-units deployed/added in my charms code?21:53
sfEither juju deploy --n <num> or juju add-unit -n <num>21:54
sfI want to dynamically fetch the number of units added in my charm code21:54
sfHow can I get that info?21:54
cory_fusf: Your charm will have a peer relation to itself, and you can count the number of units on the peer relation with relation-list21:57
sf@cory_fu, thanks. How do I go it programmatically in python.  charm/hooksenv.py does not have relation-list function22:05
sf@cory_fu, thanks. How do I get it programmatically in python.  charm/hooksenv.py does not have relation-list function22:05
cory_fusf: hookenv.related_units(rel_id)22:07
sf@cory_fu. Thanks22:09
cory_fusf: np!22:09
sf@cory_fu. it works but it doesn't include itself. say you have 3 units, the peer relation returns only 223:28
cory_fusf: That's true.  It only counts the number of peers, so if you want the total, you have to add 1 for yourself23:29
tvansteenburghcory_fu: still around?23:34
cory_futvansteenburgh: Yep23:34
tvansteenburghcory_fu: do you need a release of this bundletester patch?23:38
cory_futvansteenburgh: It would help with my debugging, yes.23:39
tvansteenburghcory_fu: done23:40
tvansteenburghcory_fu: np, going afk, text me if you need another one23:41
cory_futvansteenburgh: Much obliged!23:41

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