arturoanyone here to help a new comer? :)00:08
valoriehi arturo, what's the problem?00:10
arturohello, I need some help, I'm new to kde and I'd like to set up a right click shortcut to set the image to the background, how could I do that? I was reading this: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?t=10667  but since I'm new to linux I don't know how to do it00:11
arturonew to kde and linux as well00:12
valoriearturo, on your desktop, just right click and look at the menu00:15
valoriethat is standard00:16
valorieno need to set up a custom shortcut for that00:16
arturovalorie: what I meant is once you right click an image00:18
valoriethat's not how it happens00:18
arturovalorie: there is no option to set that image as background00:18
valorieput the image you want into your photo or Pictures folder00:18
arturobut there is a way to create such command and add it to the menu right?00:19
valoriethat isn't how it works00:19
valoriejust move it to the folder you use -- I call my desktop pix or so, within Pictures00:19
valorieand use a slideshow00:19
valoriebut you can choose a particular photo or background if you prefer00:20
valorieno matter where you put it00:20
arturowhat alternative do I have? I don't want to go to the desktop and click folder view settings everytime to add a picture there00:20
arturothe folder I use?00:20
valorieright-click and you should be able to save the image00:20
valoriesave it to your downloads, or Pictures or whatever00:21
valorieyou have to save it anyway00:21
squintyarturo, seems pretty weird the kde file manager doesn't have that option. personally I don't use kde but nautilus file manager has that function and kde has more whistles and bells than unity, etc00:21
valorieit's set from the desktop itself00:21
valorienot sure why the file manager would be mucking with your desktop?00:21
valoriethat seems backwards to me00:22
arturonvm, thanks00:23
squintyvalorie,  in unity (for instance) a new desktop wallpaper, background etc can also be changed by right clicking on the desktop. so there are two options00:23
FritiBig issue. my system is messed up. "Failed to start Load Kernel Modules". What can I do???00:28
Fritino input devices work on loving screen, and I am using old phone to be on irc.00:29
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FritiI'm kinda desperate, I don't know what to do now00:32
Fritianyone? please?00:33
valorieFriti: is this on a restart, or what?00:34
valorieand what system are you running, did you recently change something, etc.00:35
Fritino, didn't make any changes,  just kkept up with updates, no backports. in put devices wont work on log in screen, but do work in recovery mode00:36
valoriehmm, that's very strange00:37
valoriewhat are you running?00:37
Fritisorry for bad typing, stupid phone. ..00:37
Fritirunning 16.1000:37
valoriewow, that has been trouble-free for so long00:37
valorieI wonder if there was a recent kernel upgrade that messed with you00:38
valoriecan you log into an older kernel?00:38
Fritiikr, I dont know why this went wrong00:38
Fritisudo dropping perhaps in the midle of an operation?00:39
valorieI've never heard of that happening00:39
valorieit really would be better for you to ask in #ubuntu, which is a much larger channel though00:40
valorieeveryone here seems away or asleep, and I'm about to go afk for dinner00:40
FritiI can Log into older kernel, but when reaching stem log in, input stops working, so I have no gui00:40
valorieso it is not a kernel problem00:41
valoriebut probably a driver?00:41
Fritistem = SDDM00:41
valorieplease ask in #ubuntu, I'm afraid you are wasting your time with me, because I have no experience to offer you00:41
Fritiyou are the most experienced hare, lol00:42
Fritiyou have helped kemany times before 😃00:42
valorieI know how to do some things.....00:43
Fritibut I will go to that Chan. thanks for trying though00:43
valorieplease tell them what you have, what you have tried, etc.00:44
valorieand best of luck00:44
squintyFriti,  you could use an earlier kernel and try the "nomodeset" menthod at the grub screen00:44
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:44
Fritiwill fry that, although my ged card was never an issue. nvidia rte45000:45
DarinMillerFriti: I have to leave in a few minutes but are you running proprietary NVidia drivers?  Can you get to a terminal with ctrl-alt-f1?00:47
FritiDarinMiller: I can't get to tty like that since my input devices are unresponsive. but I can get to terminal by booting into recovery mode00:50
DarinMillerFriti: Proprietary NVidia?00:50
Fritiyes, have those00:51
Fritioh, new icons. hold on....00:51
Fritiinfo,  not icons00:51
Fritidumb phone...00:52
DarinMillerFriti: I have seen what you describe when a kernel upgrade does not play well with nvidia drivers.  Boot to recovery and sudo apt purge nvidia*00:52
DarinMillerFriti: Reboot and you should be able to re-install NVidia.  I suspect it may be a dkms hic-up or something, but re-install usually works.00:53
FritiI have 3 kernel versions. 4.8.0-30, -26 and -22. recovery in -30 also makes keyboard unresponsove00:54
Frititesting -26 now00:55
Fritiwill reinstall prop. drivers after thie00:56
DarinMillerHave you tried boot into the recovery version of the -30?00:56
DarinMillerOK, got to go now. I will be back in about 30 to 60 minutes....00:56
alphazului went ahead and setup the staging repo and updated, but have problems01:01
alphazulucannot install plasma-desktop, says i need libkf5newstuff5 (>= 5.27.0)01:02
alphazului also have no working menu/taskbar01:02
arturohi, I'm trying to install a theme for terminator using: subl ~/.config/terminator/config but it's not letting me?   I'm using http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man5/terminator_config.5.html  as reference. how can I access the config file?01:08
DarinMillerFriti2: : I am back. Any luck?01:18
Friti2DarinMiller: uninstalled nvidia stuff, nouveau should have kicked in but didn't.  installing nvidia-670 now01:18
DarinMillerFriti2: did you manually upgrade the kernel?  If so, grab the nvidia ppa:  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa01:20
DarinMillerFriti2: I have a couple older NVida boxes that need the patched drivers found in that ppa when running some of the bleeding edge stuff.01:21
Fritidunno why I keep Dc ing01:26
DarinMillerFriti: I assumed you were rebooting... wifi flakey?  Some people have reported intermitent wifi issues with the newer plasma packages, but I have not seen any issues and I don't know if they were solved.01:28
Fritierror: could not open directory /lib/modules/4.8.0-22: no such file or directory01:29
FritiDarinMiller: did you see the error message?01:36
DarinMillerFriti: I am not positivie but I think you have to must boot into recovery mode of the latest kernel in order to perform the nvidia unintall.01:36
DarinMillerFriti: Yes.01:36
alphazuluwell it looks like the plasma-staging stuff came from debian unstable which has libkf5newstuff5_5.2801:37
alphazuluso i just added the sid sources to apt and am installing all the related packages now01:37
Fritilatest kernel does not work, remember?01:37
DarinMillerFriti: as far I a understand, each kernel rev has the nvidia drivers installed/complied into the kernerl so booting to an older kernel rev only uninstalls to that kernel.01:38
DarinMillerFriti: are you familiar with nomodeset ?01:38
alphazulusigning off - hopefully back on a working system!01:38
DarinMillersoee and Fritia are having a disconnect contest....01:44
DarinMillerupdated nvidia drivers... rebooting... brb01:45
Fritifound flash drive with 15.10, will see what I can do with that02:02
DarinMillerFriti: I have a hybrid Dell Inspiron 7559 laptop w/ NVidia 960 +Intel 530, aka:  "the monster".  All my Nvida systems are rock solid during updates except that one.02:03
DarinMillerFriti: when it kicks the bucket, I have to edit the boot parameters and add nomodeset to the kernel boot line.02:04
DarinMillerFriti: that allows me to login, remove NVidia drivers, sometimes reboot with Nouvea (sometime nomodeset is required an 2nd time).02:04
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DarinMillerFriti: Then I can re-install NVidia drivers.02:05
DarinMillerFriti: BTW, what NVidia card?02:05
Guest61733Darin, I am here now. using my 1-year old Kubuntu on my flash drive.02:05
Guest61733Oh, neec to change nick02:05
DarinMillerFriti: Also, I never boot into an older kernel.02:05
=== Guest61733 is now known as Friti_on_Flashdr
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: :)02:06
Friti_on_FlashdrNow, let's se what you said on my phone....02:06
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: which NVidia card?02:06
Friti_on_FlashdrIt's a GTS450, so not a bad one02:08
Friti_on_FlashdrThe machine itself is an I7 990x with 12gb RAM02:09
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: Did you try the nvida driver ppa?02:10
Friti_on_FlashdrNow, I am a bit in a panic, because it would appear tghat my boot drive is gone.02:10
Friti_on_FlashdrAnd I have been using that PPA for quite some time now02:11
Friti_on_FlashdrSince when it was still new ;-)02:11
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: Do you separate your home and root partitions?02:11
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: Dang!02:12
Friti_on_FlashdrUing parted to find the hdd, hold on02:12
Friti_on_FlashdrOkay, found my homedir, that's good. Now to back it up to another partition02:13
Friti_on_FlashdrJust in case I need to do a full reinstall02:13
alphazuluit complains about qdbus02:14
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: in your recovery attempts, did you select the Advanced Option in the boot menu?02:15
Friti_on_FlashdrDo you mean the gurub menu?02:16
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: YES02:16
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: sry... yes02:16
Friti_on_FlashdrI used recovery mode, that brings me to a recovery menu, no advanced option, so i don't know what you mean02:17
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr:  Does  grub recovery menu have a both a current kernerl and current kernel recovery option?02:20
Friti_on_FlashdrYes, but here's the rub. If I boot into recovery on the -30 kernel, my keyboard becomes unresponsive, so it's useless02:21
Friti_on_FlashdrThat's 4.8.0-3002:21
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr:  both in recovery and regular mode?02:22
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: try rebooting and do the following:02:22
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: ?02:22
Friti_on_FlashdrRight now, NONE will allow me to enter recovery because this LVM thing02:23
Friti_on_Flashdr"Cannot process volume group kubuntu-vg"02:23
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: you have multiple drives married with lvm?02:23
Friti_on_FlashdrSo what I am doing now is I am going to make a backup of my home, which will take some time, but I will feel more confident with that secured02:24
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: Excellent idea.02:25
Friti_on_FlashdrAs for your question, LVM suddenly became a thing between Kubuntu versions. I did not have a say in this, it just happened02:25
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: how many HD's do you have? Does your LVM setup merge all of them?02:25
* Friti_on_Flashdr has been a 'buntu user since 2005 BTW02:25
Friti_on_FlashdrI don't think anything has been merged. I have 3 HDDs and they are all treated as individual drives.02:27
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: In linux years,  you are older than I...Linux user since fall of 2007...02:27
Friti_on_FlashdrHaving said that, I do have a machine with UEFI and that may have something to do with this02:27
Friti_on_FlashdrOKay, so my home is 320 gb, that will take a while ;-))))02:27
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: So what is the issue with LVM?  If each drive is it's own, then LVM is NOT used to merge the drive into a single volume?  I don't understand your LVM setup.02:28
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: 320BG of actual data or the HD size is 320?02:29
Friti_on_FlashdrActual data02:31
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr:  Do you have any experience editing the grub boot line (i.e. the one that starts with "linux")?02:31
Friti_on_FlashdrSome, but it seems different with grup202:31
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr:  yes, grub2 is slightly different.  So when your system boots to grub, hit the "e" key to enable edit mode.02:32
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: move down to the line that says linux (2nd from the bottom typically) and nomodeset right after the work quiet02:33
Friti_on_FlashdrWill try that on the next reboot02:33
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: that's how I recover my "monster" when it exhibits the same behavior.02:34
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: note the live grub edit is not permanent02:34
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: after adding nomodeset, hit f10 to continue booting.02:35
Friti_on_FlashdrYeah, I remember that02:35
Friti_on_FlashdrI am using kbackup in root mode (so it can write!) so I hope it will preserve ownerships of the files and their perms02:36
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: if that works, your graphic may look quite funky and your resolution may not be correct.  But if your keyboard works, you can proceed with the NVidia uninstall/reinstall process.  Also, ensure to add the Nvidia PPA (followed by sudo apt update).02:36
Friti_on_FlashdrThat PPA is enabled02:37
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: was that PPA enabled prior to the issue?02:37
Friti_on_FlashdrYes it was, and for some time already, from back when it was still a new thing02:37
Friti_on_Flashdr[02:11] <Friti_on_Flashdr> And I have been using that PPA for quite some time now02:37
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: oh, that's scary as I was hoping that would fix your issue as saved my butt as I mentioned before on a 16.xx upgrade.02:39
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: Hmm, maybe is was the re-install of the driver that fixed the problem on the the PPA... (now I am second guessing)....02:39
Friti_on_FlashdrOkay, the backup is running now. And since I currently have use of my keyboard, i can perhaps paint a more complete picture of what is going on.02:49
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: OK02:52
Friti_on_FlashdrIt seems to have started during today's round of updates, my desktop suddenly locked up, I have enough free space on all my drives, so that was not the issue. Also, I did get into TTY1,2,3,4,5,6 without a problem and managed to reboot the system from there02:54
Friti_on_FlashdrWhen the I came back into the SDDM login screen, my mouse and keyboard were no longer working. Rebooting into recovery console did allow me to use keyboard, but as soon as I got back into X, mouse and keyboard no longer worked02:56
DarinMillerSo wait, how did we start blaming the video drivers?02:57
Friti_on_FlashdrI tried dpkg --configure -a, because I thought that perhaps a package was left unconfigured, but that didn't help. apt-get install -f also had no effect because there was nothing to force02:57
Friti_on_Flashdr(I don;t know, you suddenly brought up DKMS)02:58
Friti_on_FlashdrI uninstalled nvidia* because you thought it could help kick DKMS into gear.02:59
Friti_on_FlashdrOh, right. Whilst entering recoveruy mode, I would see "Failed to start Load Kernel Modules", which i think is the core of the problem03:00
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr:  May bad!  I thought you could not boot into 4.8.-30 at all....03:00
Friti_on_FlashdrI can, but it's useless without keyboard support03:00
Friti_on_FlashdrAnyway, the issue got worse and worse and now I can;t even get into recovery mode because the system complains about kubuntu-vg03:01
Friti_on_FlashdrBRB, bnaby needs diaper change03:01
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: OK :)03:02
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: still here.03:05
Friti_on_FlashdrAnyway, that's pretty much the sotry of what happened, And I am scared03:05
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: I cannot find any packages called kubunt-vg and I have never heard of that package.  Did you abreviate the name?03:07
Friti_on_Flashdrkubuntu-vg is a volume group03:09
Friti_on_FlashdrNot a package03:09
Friti_on_Flashdr"Cannot process volume group kubuntu-vg"03:10
DarinMillerYes, that makes sense and now I understand your fear and the reason for the backup....03:10
Friti_on_FlashdrHere are some things that I THINK are going an and how they are related: The update somehow corrupted, removed or moved the kernel drivers. These include my USB devices and LVM, as a result there are cascading errors all over the place. The one thing that does NOT make sense is that there appears to be a progression of one thing failing after another between sessions.03:12
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr:  Yes, that makes sense.03:13
Friti_on_FlashdrThe 64-dollar quetion is though: how to fix this?03:14
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr:  Thinking out loud... usb device drivers are in the kernel which would imply the kernel update was bad...03:15
Friti_on_FlashdrTrue. But then why would older kernels, which worked well previously, wet the bed too?03:16
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: at least I THINK they are in the kernel...03:16
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: so do you get the kubuntu-vg error on grub start? Or booting into any kernel now?03:17
Friti_on_FlashdrI get it upon booting into any kernel.03:17
Friti_on_FlashdrAnd i just checked, /lib/modules has only one subdir, and that's for -3003:17
Friti_on_FlashdrIf I can get back into a TTY, I could reinstall -22 and -26 and see if they install some modules03:19
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr:  are you running an LVM?03:23
Friti_on_Flashdr[02:25] <Friti_on_Flashdr> As for your question, LVM suddenly became a thing between Kubuntu versions. I did not have a say in this, it just happened03:24
Friti_on_FlashdrI think LVM got enabled because of something to do with UEFI and requiring a boot partition03:25
Friti_on_FlashdrAs in a partition, dedicated to housing the kernels03:25
Friti_on_FlashdrAgain, I had no say in this and it was not my choice03:25
Friti_on_FlashdrI don't understand LVM, so i would not install or enable it on a machine which i use every day03:27
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: LVM's are intended for physical drive pooling.  Moving an existing system to LVM is rather involved (not just checkbox).03:28
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=== Friti_on_Flashdr is now known as Friti
DarinMillerFriti_on_Flashdr: lvm is a cool concept for desktops as multiple drives appear as one big pool. The total volumen can be increased by adding new drives, but to OS, they appear as one big drive.03:30
FritiSounds kinda like RAID, only without requiring drives of the same type and geometry03:31
DarinMillerFriti: yep03:32
FritiSo what happens when one of the dives in an LVM suddenly dies?03:33
DarinMillerFriti: So unless you specified LVM during install, no regular update would convert your FS to LVM.03:33
FritiWell regardless, the choice was made for me03:34
FritiI just can not recall exactly when that choice was made03:34
DarinMillerFriti: Depends how the data is distributed and mirrored.  I had drive die on a non-mirrored LVM system and I was still able to boot the system with the drive removed and repair the volume.03:35
FritiMy boot drive a 600GB drive, and in addition to that, I have a 1Tb and a 3Tb drive03:35
DarinMillerFriti: If my OS would have been on the failed drive, I would have been hosed.03:35
FritiThat is scary03:35
FritiI have a collection of rare MP3 files, which I downloaded back when mp3.com what thee place for musicians to share their own music.03:36
FritiIf something happens to that drive........03:37
DarinMillerFriti: we use that system as a large volume backup system. If data is lost, it's OK.  We would rather have more data storage and risk an occaional loss than have redundancy.03:37
FritiI have been able to help some musicians out that thought they lost everything from those days. So the value of those failes is pretty high on a personal scale03:37
DarinMillerFriti: yes, defintely keep a duplicate or triplicate of those.03:38
FritiMy backup os about 10% complete now. I really hope that I won't be needing it!03:39
FritiBTW, If I had the money, I would definitely have bought another drive to hold my home on03:40
FritiIf I'm not mistaken, i would simply disconnect the drive before formatting the boot drive (for safety because oopsies can happen!), then after the reinstall, I hook it back up and edit fstab to hang the drive on /home/<user>03:41
FritiThere, my phones needs charging03:42
DarinMillerjust make a ~25G partition for root.  and put home on its own partition.  With 12GB RAM I doubt you need a swap, but since you have lots of drive space you could spare a 4GB swap partition.03:42
DarinMillerswap partition(s) can be on any or all drives03:43
FritiI know, but my current concern is my home03:43
DarinMillerI occasionally need to reinstall, and when I do, I select the manual install option, format the root partition and set the /home partion (NO FORMAT) and everything is magically just as I left it.03:45
FritiWell, I do have large drives, but I am using a lot of space on them too. I don't know how much I use on sda (my 600Gb drive) but it's a lot at the moment.03:48
DarinMillerI am not sure how to recover your current situation with the kubuntu-vg error.  That makes no sense if you did not specify LVM during install.03:48
FritiI'm looking at the partition manager now, And here's what I see on /dev/sda : sda1 is an ext2 partition, and holds grub and my kernels. sda2 is an extended partition and holds sda5 which, according to partitionmanager, is an lvm pv03:51
FritiI'm not going to play around with any parameters at this point, because the backup is still running and at 14%03:52
DarinMillerWhen backup is complete, I recommend googling lvm recovery and follow those instructions.  Assuming the LVM recovers, then work on fixing the kernel.03:54
DarinMillerI googled keyboard failure after upgrade and people described something similar to what you mentioned.   They either booted to an older kernel and re-ran updates or ssh'd  to rerun updates.03:56
FritiYeah, I did that too, but that didn;t help03:59
FritiAnd that was before any LVM issues03:59
FritiI'm gonna have to take a break for now. I will be back in a bit, dunno how long. Not gonna log out though, but there is not much that I can do until the backup is complete04:05
DarinMillerlvm issues imply possible hw problems.  I recommend reviewing the smart drive data to ensure  the drive is OK.04:05
DarinMillerOK. see you when u return.04:06
Fritiwill do04:06
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gvandeweyeracheronuk: thank you for the link.08:32
user|81311couldnt find minimum requirments page08:34
user|81311could an intel core 2 solo 1.4ghz handle this distro?08:35
hateballuser|81311: how much ram?08:35
hateballit's the desktop effects that might kill a GPU old as that CPU08:35
hateballuser|81311: You can just liveboot Kubuntu and see for yourself08:35
gvandeweyeracheronuk: the panel seems to disappear after sleep or docking/undocking with external monitors.08:36
user|81311this laptop has 4gb ddr3 ram08:38
user|813114330 ati radeon mobile08:39
user|81311think i need to overclock that cpu xD08:39
* lordievader runs Kubuntu on a c2d with 3gb ram and an intel gpu...08:39
lordievaderWhen it is not OOM it runs fine.08:40
lordievaderBut that is most of the time caused by Chrome with too many tabs.08:41
user|81311oki, thanks for explaining08:41
viewer|18533hi to all! How do I disable the automatic lockscreen use config files? p.s Kubuntu 16.04 KDE5.310:33
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alvaropagHello, is there anyone who can help me with a multi monitor problem? I'm using a laptop (lvds1) with an hdmi monitor (hdmi1). But after an update everytime I unplug my external monitor the task manager vanishes and it doesn't matter if I set lvds1 as the primary display11:57
alvaropagWhen I plug the hdmi1 again everything comes back to normal11:57
alvaropagI noticed that if I set the "primary display" to lvds1 the taskbar is shown on hdmi1 and vice-versa11:58
alvaropagI already deleted the files on ~/.local/share/kscreen but the problems persist... maybe is something with plasma?11:58
alvaropagBTW, I'm on kubuntu 16.1011:59
Nod0n_NeonHi, I just installed kde neon on my test laptop. I like it. For productiv systems I'm only using ubuntu 16.04 with kde or self made desktop (awesome/i3/ what ever). My question now is: what is better at kubuntu then kde neon. Or: why should you use kubuntu instead of kde neon? Are ther reasons?12:10
dmoynekmail no more accepts keyboard input to edit messages! how to solve this problem12:43
soeei have no idea, i gave up using kmail a long time ago :)12:47
IrcsomeBotlapti was removed by: lapti12:47
dmoynethis problem is related to all application that are using the same editor12:51
dmoynefor exemple if I want to use synaptic or gparted no way to enter the password12:52
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BluesKajHowdy all14:48
=== donnguyen-away is now known as donnguyen
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yotuxneed to run a script at boot also needs root access any ideas how to add this to /etc/local.rc ?16:11
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=== donnguyen is now known as donnguyen-away
EvilRoeywhy does my screen locker say it is broken?17:03
EvilRoeyI have to do loginctl unlock-sessions in a pty to get this unlocked17:03
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alesanhello. I really need some help...I had a 14.04 installed on my laptop, yesterday I upgraded to 16.04 kubuntu...18:49
alesannow the PC starts, I get the KDM login, I input my pass and username.... and then nothing18:49
alesanmouse pointer and background image are there but the PC will never login or show a desktop18:49
alesanwhat can I do :(18:49
alesanI'm completely stuck, the computer is unusable18:50
alesanoh now I selected "plasma desktop" and I was actually able to login18:52
alesanI do not recognize my desktop however18:52
alesanI had some icons on the quick launch area, no visual effects, the KDE2 theme... now it's all gone?18:53
BluesKajwhen you get to the login page, drop to a TTY/VT (ctl+alt+F1-F6) . login a the prompt . then remopve kdm , and install sddm. Then do sudo systemctl enable sddm , then sudo systemctl start sddm , reboot18:53
alesanBluesKaj, those where not available18:54
alesanpressing ctrl alt f1 would give me a blinking cursor only, not a tty login18:55
BluesKajthen F218:55
alesanby the way - not sure what login manager I was displayed by the way, I assumed it's KDM as this is Kubuntu, that in theory should not use GDM, but I have not followed the login manager too much18:55
alesannone was availabe, F1 to F6, F7 would bring back to the graphical18:56
alesannow that I chose plasma desktop, those vitrual ttys are availabel again. weird18:56
alesan^OK this is the login from the computer that had the upgrade18:59
alesan^wow all the KDE config is gone and now I have what seems a brand new system18:59
alesan^a lot of work to go back to the config I like :D18:59
alesan^there is no KDE2 theme in the 16.04 kubuntu?19:01
BluesKajalesan^, reboot and use the recovery kernel , then dpkg repair then onc e theupdatews/upgrades, if any are done you should get tha previous menu back and choose  resume19:02
alesan^BluesKaj, by selecting "plasma desktop" it fixed everything it seems19:02
alesan^I am now trying to get to a KDE configuration that I like19:03
BluesKaj`ni KDE2 or 3 or 4 for 16.04only plasma 5 as it's called now19:10
geniiBluesKaj: "..KDE2 theme"19:11
BluesKajoh, sorry my mistake19:11
* genii slides BluesKaj a fresh coffee19:11
IrcsomeBot<weltimeister> So Plasma 5.8 just came to backports in 16.04. … Downloading it right now :-)19:13
IrcsomeBot<acheronuk> @weltimeister, Yes, if you have any issues, please report back. They have been tested, but as with all sofware updates, bugs may still exist that only get picked up when the release becomes more widespread19:17
IrcsomeBot<weltimeister> I will. Thanks to all who worked for this!19:18
SmurphyHmm. So latest plasma 5.8 hit the backports :}19:20
mfz_: /join HackerdaDepressao19:26
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momken_I have a laptop with intel 3320M cpu and it uses the integrated intel gpu20:49
momken_I wanted to know whether intel gpu is fast enough to run KDE (Kubuntu) seamlessly?20:50
mgolden_momken: Haven't tried it, but I bet it's okay20:51
mgolden_Just download the installer and try it without installing20:51
momken_mgolden_, Previously when I tried kde 4 it was really heavy on my old latitude laptop with Core2Due cpu and dedicated nvidia gpu20:52
mgolden_Be aware that running off a USB or DVD is slow20:52
momken_So I shifted to xfce. But I have heard that by offloading most renderings to gpu using Qt Quick component, the KDE 5 must be faster and using less cpu20:53
mgolden_momken: that's a pretty modern machine and I wouldn't be surprised if it's okay, but best is to just try20:53
momken_mgolden_, I have run it from USB. I didn't see any glitches in after booting up, but it took ~1 mins to boot up from usb to full kde5 desktop20:55
momken_For xfce this time was about 50secs to boot from usb20:55
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mgolden_momken_: that probably has nothing to do with the graphics.21:10
mgolden_Bandwidth off a USB stick is quite a bit slower than a drive21:10
momken_hmmm. So I should install the OS and SSD and test it again21:10
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redcow77i just finished setting up kubuntu.But i have two desktops(kde or Xfce).Is is possible i will screw something up with the two desktops?22:12
redcow77I probly should uninstall KDE22:16
mgolden_redcow77: I haven't done this for a long time, but I installed gnome and KDE with no problem once22:19
redcow77mgolden:the new KDE is kinda nice lookin22:23
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CrellHi folks. I'm having an odd issue with the Startup Disk Creator. I'm on 16.04, and want to make a USB key for 16.10.22:49
CrellAs soon as I start the program, it immediately pre-selects the USB key I have plugged in and somehow finds the ISO I downloaded, and gives me an empty dialog for "Installing", with no content except a progress bar.22:50
CrellIt never goes beyond that, and my USB key's access light never comes on.  If I try to cancel the dialog, the whole program exits.22:51
CrellWhat's up with that? :-)22:51
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