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happyaronLaney: mind to have a look at my email to devel-permission? IIRC you wrote a script to generate that PPU package list03:29
happyaronseb128: morning07:06
seb128happyaron, hey07:06
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davmor2Morning all09:10
flexiondotorgMorning happyaron seb128 willcooke davmor209:14
seb128hey willcooke davmor2 flexiondotorg09:15
seb128how are you?09:15
willcookeSo, Mastercard have told our card issuer that our credit card has been "compromised" so the card issuer have cancelled it (without telling us).  So, all supermarket online pre-orders have been cancelled09:17
flexiondotorgwillcooke, Have fun with that then :-(09:22
flexiondotorgseb128, Bit sleepy. Up late messing with random snaps.09:23
seb128flexiondotorg, luckily it's friday! some coffee (or tea for you I guess) can help as well :-)09:23
seb128flexiondotorg, did you try the gnome runtime or played with other things?09:24
* seb128 wonders if flexiondotorg felt back to sleep now10:01
flexiondotorgseb128, Yes tea. Always tea :-)10:05
flexiondotorgI'm going to make a GTK3+ snap now :-)10:06
seb128ghex snap is 1.5M instead of 60M now ;-)10:10
flexiondotorgYeah, I'm going to do and before and after.10:18
flexiondotorgseb128, I noticed what could be an interest trick in your example snapcraft.10:29
seb128flexiondotorg, yes?10:29
flexiondotorgWhat did you encounter that caused you to use configflags and organise in the way you have?10:30
flexiondotorgSimply because you're content sharing now?10:30
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1583250 in Snapcraft "upstream use of build-time defined PREFIX or DATADIR incompatible with snaps relocation" [High,Triaged]10:30
seb128it's the only way I found to make loading of .ui (which are not resources) or translations work10:31
seb128if you build with prefix=/usr it's going to look for datas file in $prefix/...10:31
seb128so /usr10:31
seb128see the bug for details10:32
flexiondotorgUNderstand, thanks.10:32
seb128flexiondotorg, btw you can refresh that url I added another trick10:34
seb128  # workaround snapcraft trying to outsmart us by copying ldd listed libraries10:34
seb128  workaround:10:34
seb128    plugin: nil10:34
seb128    stage-packages:10:34
seb128      - libgtk-3-010:34
seb128    snap:10:35
seb128      - "-*"10:35
seb128otherwise snapcraft copy the libraries it thinks that used (basically ldd the binary and copy the list)10:35
seb128got the snap down from 7M to 1.5M with that trick10:35
flexiondotorgYes, I've noticed that.10:36
flexiondotorgseb128, Have you got any spare time today?10:36
flexiondotorgMaybe an hour to peek at something10:36
seb128I'm about to go for lunch but the afternoon I just have to write an email to the snapcraft list about the runtime10:37
seb128just drop me the context and I can have a look after lunch10:37
flexiondotorgseb128, I've made a before and after snap of mate-system-monitor11:52
flexiondotorg-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  65M Dec 16 11:31 mate-system-monitor_1.17.0_amd64.snap11:52
flexiondotorg-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 6.0M Dec 16 11:47 mate-system-monitor-udt_1.17.0_amd64.snap11:52
flexiondotorgI've still got some cruft in my content shared snap.11:52
flexiondotorgwillcooke, ^11:53
willcookeexcellent work guys11:54
happyaronbroken network on the VM I run IRC client...12:02
flexiondotorgseb128, I'm off for lunch.12:15
flexiondotorgI'm not able to get the runtime snap connected.12:15
flexiondotorgerror: cannot perform the following tasks:12:15
flexiondotorg- Connect ghex-udt:gnome318-runtime to gnome318-udt:gnome318-runtime (snap "gnome318-udt" has no slot named "gnome318-runtime")12:15
flexiondotorgI get that with your example and mine.12:15
seb128flexiondotorg, I'm back, reading backlog, enjoy lunch!12:50
seb128flexiondotorg, yeah, sorry, the interface name is gnome318-udt:content in the store version12:51
seb128flexiondotorg, I've pushed a fix to the vcs, just need to get it built&published to the store now12:51
flexiondotorgseb128, Thanks. I'll update and rebuild after my meeting :-)13:56
happyaronLaney: around?14:21
seb128happyaron, he's on holidays since wednesday14:22
happyaronah I see14:22
happyaronthen I'd seek for sponsorship for dkms first rather than extending my PPU...14:22
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seb128details about the GNOME runtime snap17:56
seb128enjoy ;-)17:56
seb128flexiondotorg, ^17:56
flexiondotorgseb128, Thanks!17:57
flexiondotorgseb128, I'll be making some more GTK3+ snaps next week :-)17:58
flexiondotorgEnjoy your vacation17:58
flocculantseb128: have a good one :)17:59
seb128cleaning my inbox/desk now and getting ready for holidays ;-)17:59
seb128flocculant, thanks17:59
* flocculant guesses all canonical peeps get too long off :)17:59
flocculantaren't they lucky :D18:00
willcookeho ho ho.  Merry everybody!18:06
willcookeHolidays starts now (opens beer) have a great break all.18:06
willcookenight all18:07
flexiondotorgNight desktopers, pub time :-)18:24

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