mate|87577Hi folks01:22
mate|87577Quick question, please bear with me01:22
mate|87577Is 16.10 being actively developed/ported to Raspberry Pi? :-)01:22
xzaviorlooks like i am the onley one here01:45
xzavioris this HexChat is for online chat01:46
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mate-fan1HI all need some advice, how do u keep plank on startup apps or appear on boot?04:34
mate-fan1tried startup apps but couldnt get plank in there04:35
mate-fan1nvm ,Found out how to keep plank on start up, just tried startup apps and put "plank" on all three brackets04:46
shen_shen_ i04:50
ceegeeis there a way to order the starter symbols in the bar on the top in a grid (in german its called "raster")?11:14
tiger__i am a new here14:57
ouroumovflexiondotorg, hi - any news regarding Bountysource? I'm thinking about posting a couple more bounties but I'd rather it'd be as part as a Ubuntu MATE warchest or somesuch.15:07
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surajhello all17:49
mate|26557anyone have experience booting ubunto mate from CD on PPC mac successfully? i've tried boot only-ubiquity and just boot and it always freezes on the welcome screen19:43
Akulii have, but i don't think it was ubuntu mate19:43
Akulihow much ram do you have?19:43
mate|26557its a G4 MDD and maxed out. So probably 2gb? I'm not sure how much ram that comp held19:43
mate|26557yea 2gb19:44
mate|26557maybe ubuntu mate isn't the best for this system. what build would u suggest?19:44
Akulii have a really old imac g3 with 256mb19:45
Akuliruns great with ubuntu and no gui, ubuntu mate runs just fine on 2gb19:45
Akulii installed ubuntu from a mini.iso, it was pretty straight-forward19:46
mate|26557from a CD?19:49
mate|26557i am really having a hard time troubleshooting what the problem is19:49
mate|26557it freezes at the welcome screen, or it frees at the install (superuser) screen.19:50
mate|26557i was trying to boot from a usb stick but was having a hard time booting to it from open firmware. so i'm back trying the CD thang19:50
Akuliyeah i burned the mini.iso to a cd and booted from it and installed, everything worked great19:54
mate|26557hmmm is right19:54
mate|26557is there a way to yaboot in a way that will display some log so when it freezes i can see whats up?19:55
Akulisounds like its getting past yaboot to me19:55
mate|26557yea. it gets to the desktop. usually i can roll over an icon or something for a second or two, maybe even open a folder if i'm quick but once welcome screen gets ready to pop it just freezes19:56
Akulithen its not a yaboot problem :)19:56
mate|26557is there a way to yaboot it and have the welcome screen not pop up/?19:56
Akuliuninstall lightdm and run without the gui?19:57
Akulihey now i know whats wrong19:57
Akuligraphics drivers19:57
Akuligetting my Xorg.conf right was kind of a pain on my g319:57
mate|26557how would you remedy this19:57
Akulii think i found a nice ubuntu howto somewhere19:58
Akulilets see if i can find it19:58
Akulii believe i got some of the stuff i put in xorg.conf from here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCKnownIssues19:58
Akulibut before we can get there we need to get ubuntu installed...19:59
Akulii recommend mini.iso for that, then just install the gui world with apt-get19:59
mate|26557can you link me to mini.iso?19:59
Akulithey seem to call it network installer https://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads20:00
mate|26557i dont want these? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD#A32-bit_PowerPC_.28ppc.29.2A.2A20:01
Akulii think they point to same things20:01
mate|26557is G4 MDD ppc or ppc6420:02
Akulii don't know20:02
mate|26557i'm gonna guess its 3220:02
mate|26557i think the G5s were 6420:03
Akuliim feeling like that too20:03
Akuliactually i don't remember where i looked up that mine is g320:03
mate|26557thanks for yourhelp. how can i find you again if i need more20:04
Akulii'm sometimes here20:04
Akuliwhen i'm not you can leave me a memo20:04
Akuli/msg memoserv send Akuli hello there how are you doing20:04
mate|26557ok thanks! hope this gets me somewhere20:05
Akuliok :)20:05
Akulido users need to be registered to leave memos? i don't think so20:05

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