* compdoc passes dasjoe the calamine lotion00:01
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ballWell, I wouldn't have predicted this but I've just installed Ubuntu Server.01:58
ballIf I'm reading this right it took just 1.3 GB on disk.02:04
ball(plus swap, which doesn't count)02:05
pmatulisball, sounds about right02:05
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rbasakpowersj: on bug 1540323, I'm not sure I follow. The source package does need removing, and we need to create the binary from the seeds instead.12:30
ubottubug 1540323 in ubuntu-virt (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-virt is not generated from seeds" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154032312:30
rbasak(or get rid of the binary package entirely; that needs further checking)12:30
rbasakpowersj: I replied to bug 164972912:42
ubottubug 1649729 in ntp (Ubuntu) "ntpd startup failures under xenial" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164972912:42
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powersjrbasak: re: ubuntu-virt, so you expect the binary to exist, but to be generated by a different source package?15:10
rizonzI really doubt if I need to mirror universe and multiverse for my servers15:14
rbasakpowersj: right. Actually I'm not sure if the binary should exist, but if it should, it should be generated via a seed through src:ubuntu-meta I think.15:16
rbasak(which is semi-auto-updated from the seeds)15:16
powersjrbasak: ok thanks, I was doing old bug triage and didn't quite understand if there was still an action. I see you added it to the backlog, so I think we are good then :)15:17
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hasenovhello everyone, i am running ubuntu novalxd openstack18:26
hasenovand i imported an image from a remote host18:26
hasenovi can see it when i go into the compute container and do "lxc image list"18:26
hasenovbut it is not present in the horizon ui18:27
hasenovwhat is the way to make it visible in horizon?18:27
sarnoldare you "allowed" to mix the novalxd with normal lxd like that?18:27
hasenovsarnold: oh i didnt realize they had different commands18:35
hasenovcan i do remote add with nova lxd?18:36
sarnoldhasenov: the usual lxd image store doesn't have any concept of tenants or 'owners' -- it's nice and simple :) -- but the novalxd thing is going to use glance for images, which do have owners, and so on..18:36
sarnoldso I suspect when you step out of the openstack tooling, you're probably going to have trouble integrating with novalxd; and when you step out of the lxd tooling, you're going to have trouble integrating with openstack18:37
hasenovmy situation is that someone just shared an lxc image with me from their repo and i downloaded it, i believe my only solution is to create a tar out of it and create new image through horizon ui?18:40
sarnoldthat sounds plausible; there might be better choices but I can't think of anything off-hand18:40
hasenovso i exported the image and create new one in horizon, and looks like through openstack the instance wouldn't start19:16
hasenovbut when starting with lxc it starts up fine19:16
hasenovWARNING nova.compute.manager [-] [instance: 9cb756c9-a39c-42fe-8ce3-c069f8c86b1c] Instance shutdown by itself. Calling the stop API. Current vm_state: active, current task_state: None, original DB power_state: 4, current VM power_state: 419:17
hasenovis what is printed out in the nova var log19:18
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hasenovhow would i be able to get a novalxd image from a remote Image Location?20:36
hasenovcan i use images.linuxcontainers.org?20:36
GrandPa-GI have just been given responsiblity to manage a rack mount server with Ubuntu. I am looking for suggestion of how to manage20:51
GrandPa-Git, especially for being up/down. I will have access to ssh. It will have mysql, apache and another socket based app.20:52
GrandPa-GHow to know status without looking? What tools. Any references are great.20:52
andol1) You will gradually want to get some configuration management in place, such as Puppet or Ansible20:54
andol2) Icinga 2 is not a bad choice for monitoring, to be able to see what is up or not, etc.20:54
andolGrandPa-G: ^^20:55
andolOr wait, are we just talking about one server now? In that case I guess it might be more effencience to use a hosted solution for monitoring, such as Pingdom or Monitis.20:56
GrandPa-GOne caveat is I am told no $ to spend. Just one server, not high usage, just don't want to have to monitor until something is going bad.21:03
andolGrandPa-G: If we take Pingdom as an example you would probably me able to get away with their Starter tier for $15 a month.  Surely spending that small amount of money must be preferable to you spending a non-trivial amount of work time?21:06
GrandPa-GIf I were in charge, I would agree. It just that any funding is a big deal.21:08
andol...and your time is free?21:11
GrandPa-Gactually it is on this project21:14
DK2my server brings a duplicate address up on eth2 after every reboot, are there any logs as to why this happens?22:25
DK2i have and after the reboot theres also a , why?22:25
bekksDK2: What does your configuration looks like?22:26
DK2auto eth222:27
DK2iface eth2 inet static22:27
DK2  address
DK2  netmask
DK2thats all.. lol22:27
dasjoeThat's all, no gateway, no DNS, no other interfaces configured?22:29
DK2yes its not needed in this case22:29
bekksNot even the loopback adapter configured?22:30
DK2there is22:31
DK2but not for eth2...22:31
DK2eth2 ist just for interal access to some servers22:31
bekksGuess why the loopback is named loopback and not eth2. :P22:31
DK2ya well the loopback adapter is there :P22:31
DK2i just dont know where that mysterious duplicate /32 comes from22:32
k2gremlinTrying to add a second disk to my ubuntu server.. ran fdisk -l and the one I am adding is /dev/sdb  I want to mount it to /storage. In fstab I put in /dev/sdb /storage ext4 defaults 1 3 However, I get this error "Can't find ext4 filesystem... does it need to be formatted or something??22:37
tarpmank2gremlin: yes, you should partition it first, and then make a filesystem in the partition22:38
k2gremlinDo I need to use the mkfs.ext4 command?22:38
bekksk2gremlin: you need to create a partition on it, like sdb1, and create a filesystem on sdb1 afterwards.22:38
bekksThen, you can mount it.22:38
k2gremlinbekks, should it be primary or extended?22:40
bekksk2gremlin: Doesnt matter actually.22:40
dasjoeWill mkfs.ext4 actually refuse to work on a raw block device? Let's see22:41
bekksNot, it will work fine on whatever block device.22:42
dasjoeYeah, just tested: /dev/zd96: Linux rev 1.0 ext4 filesystem data, UUID=8a0923ec-5575-4234-8ddc-78d0ecb67a30 (extents) (large files) (huge files)22:43
k2gremlinbekks, thanks.. got it working great :)23:02
tarpmannacc: just saw your comment on bug 1436558. I haven't proposed a merge yet because I want to see what's happening with heimdal in debian (heimdal 7 RC just got uploaded to unstable)... if I'm going to be adding back heimdal support anyway, I'd kind of rather not merge in the current state with heimdal disabled23:25
ubottubug 1436558 in openldap (Ubuntu) "package libldap-2.4-2 2.4.31-1+nmu2ubuntu8 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite shared '/etc/ldap/ldap.conf', which is different from other instances of package libldap-2.4-2:amd64" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143655823:25
nacctarpman: ah ok! thanks!23:25
tarpmannacc: I understand it's a nasty bug, but it's also been around for a decade or so :)23:26
nacctarpman: 100% ack on that, mostly a note to myself as i triage23:26
rizonzmeh my apache stopped serving my vhosts on a 14.04 to 16.04 upgrade23:40

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