knightwisehey corenominal yes,06:56
knightwisebut i havent had a chance to do a show in a while06:56
knightwisey I seem to be the only person on the planet having a hard time getting my bluetooth mouse to work on ubuntu07:29
davmor2Morning all09:10
foobarryknightwise: using libinput or synaptics?09:17
knightwisefoobarry: the standard bluetooth control panel in ubuntu ?09:18
knightwiseI have 2 ms mice lying around and an apple mouse , only one is "visible" and it refuses to pair09:18
foobarryoh ok , so still at the bluetooth stage09:18
foobarrybuilt in bluetooth receiver?09:19
foobarryor usb dongle?09:19
knightwisebuilt in09:20
knightwiseso strange that i cant even get this basic thing working on the xps1309:29
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:47
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JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Friday, and happy Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! 😃09:54
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Guest49048git clone ssh://git@bk/home/git/customer_portal_ng10:22
Guest49048Oops, my bad10:23
diploWhat distro do you guys use as a live disc now? just want to try and retrieve files from a may dead laptop10:23
diploDownloading now10:33
diddledanMS is getting silly :-p11:48
foobarrydoes it provide much more than cygwin ?11:49
foobarryi tried installing it on the windows partition on my work laptop i kept for vmware client11:49
foobarrythe anniversary update hosed my entire disk and i had to wipe both OS and start again...without windows11:50
zmoylan-pi'without windows...' so... some improvement then... :-)11:51
foobarryi rarely used it, once every 6 months11:52
diddledan"Tuesday’s debate appeared to confirm that the Government may indeed be on the verge of adopting one of the most bonkers approaches to overzealous Internet censorship.": http://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2016/12/concern-uk-government-ponders-isp-block-twitter-social-media.html11:52
foobarrysites like reddit and twitter do have an awful lot of easy access smut on though11:59
foobarryand hate speech12:00
davmor2foobarry: it is ubuntu cloud img running on windows effectively so yes it offers much more than cygwin like the whole of the ubuntu repos for a kick off :)12:10
diddledancygwin is a hack, where the WSL is much more native12:12
zmoylan-piso once every 6 monthd you waited impatiently for it to pull down and install a massive amount of updates... :-P12:13
diddledanzmoylan-pi: you're pretty much an equal-opportunities Operating System Hater, aren't you?12:13
zmoylan-piof course, i've worked in i.t. :-D12:14
diddledanthe every 6 mo thing is a dig against ubuntu afaict. and you have macos. and you hate windows12:14
zmoylan-pinah ubuntu which can be irksome (latest lubuntu wanted me to create an account on ubuntu store just to install vlc) at least during updates can still be used...12:15
diddledanyou shouldn't need an account to access stuff in the apt repo12:16
diddledanare you sure you weren't installing a snap?12:16
zmoylan-piwhat can i tell you.... i think it was a snap...12:16
zmoylan-piso opened console in anger and 'sudo apt install vlc'12:17
diddledanyou should have an account anyway though. it uses launchpad.net for auth12:18
foobarryopenid could be a method for proving age12:18
foobarrybinary flag child/not child12:19
zmoylan-piif people in i.t. ask my age i sign the rs232 song from spitting image at them :-P12:19
foobarrysign language might be better12:19
zmoylan-pinot when i sign... :-)12:19
diddledanalso, cute kitty: https://twitter.com/EmrgencyKittens/status/80975626896133734413:45
zmoylan-piah yes, fond memories of holding a door open on cold wet winter nights waiting for the cat to decide if their need to use the loo outweighed their need to be warm and dry...13:49
foobarryah, lvextend and resize2fs online resize is just so awesome14:07
diddledanfoobarry: yeah I love that14:26
foobarryhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnXD6FRZtn0 my working song this afternoon14:40
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knightwiseliterally dugg up my Eeepc out of the basement14:56
foobarryhmm a mysql db import form another server didn't set the passwords for the user accounts it created15:57
BigRedSjust empty fields in mysql.user?16:23
BigRedSthat's... odd16:23
foobarrythe users were created but passwords not set16:27
foobarryreimported and it didn't work16:28
foobarrymysql 5.5 to mariadb16:28
foobarryshouldn't be a problem though.16:28
foobarryhad to use a tool to dump the grant lines by hand16:28
BigRedSyeah, so what was in the password fields of mysql.user?16:40
foobarrysome hash, but actually they were blank16:46
foobarrymysql -u user worked without password16:46
foobarrythe original server had real passwords16:46
diddledanfoobarry: that's an impressive performance in the video17:06
foobarrynice isn't it?17:06
daftykinsold plasma 60" vs LG OLED 65" :)17:52
daftykinsisn't finished yet of course, before the silly comments come in XD17:57
daftykinszmoylan-pi: have you seen the big news!? http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_150-8475.php22:40
zmoylan-pi i saw that but it's s30 so no java apps22:41
zmoylan-pii do have lower limits. :-D22:41
* daftykins sends this news to The Register22:41
zmoylan-pis40 gives me java apps. so i can use albite for ereader, jirc for irc, midpssh for ssh...22:42
zmoylan-pibut it is good to see they are targetting the lower end of the market.  judging by dublin bus pics of lost and found there are usually a few old dumb nokias that can now be replaced with new dumb nokias :-)22:45
daftykinswell folks... http://i.imgur.com/SEuWN76.jpg23:06
zmoylan-pisleep well23:18

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