floridagram7<DanielCitrin> While I'm here...00:02
floridagram7<DanielCitrin> Should I pick up a Chromebook pixel 2013 for Linuxy stuff?00:02
floridagram7<DanielCitrin> I know it has SeaBIOS00:02
floridagram7<KMyers> The Chromebook Pixel is a solid unit00:02
floridagram7<KMyers> The only issue is space but that can be upgraded00:03
floridagram7<DanielCitrin> Fair enough00:11
floridagram7* AdamOutler 01:18
floridagram7<AdamOutler> Whoops.  I tapped that and it put it in chat01:18
floridagram7<SivaMachina> @KMyers, If you are implying for me to help. I will help. After some instruction of course03:34
floridagram7<KMyers> Check out "Oceanhorn ™" … https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.FDGEntertainment.Oceanhorn.gp04:10
floridagram7<KMyers> If anyone is looking for a great game04:11
floridagram7<KMyers> @SivaMachina, If you know how to use a drill and have 1-3 hours and don't mind an attic - you meet the minimum requirements04:12
floridagram7<SivaMachina> I don't mind an attic. Not sure if the attic will like me though.04:44
floridagram7<KMyers> @SivaMachina, It's not a bad one04:44
floridagram7<SivaMachina> I willing to help none the less. I am avilable Sunday-Tuesday and Saturday most likely in the afternoon.04:47
floridagram7<KMyers> Of course04:47
floridagram7<KMyers> Let me let you know. Sunday may be a good time04:47
floridagram<KMyers> It is FRIDAY!!!19:53
floridagram<Abrerr> Eff ya! Friday! And I'm failing trying to learn Google's keyboard! Woot!20:05
floridagram<Abrerr> Too used to the shortcuts on swype20:05
floridagram<KMyers> Never been a fan of swiping20:06
floridagram<AdamOutler> Haha20:07
floridagram<Abrerr> Quick swipes for numpads, edit mode, copy and paste, etc20:07
floridagram<Abrerr> Hoping Google has an equivalent20:08
floridagram<Abrerr> @AdamOutler Dat gif lol20:08
floridagram<ahoneybun> Lovely20:38
floridagram<AbMind> @ahoneybun you going to Underground Coffeehaus ?22:30
floridagram<ahoneybun> Not tonight22:30
floridagram<AbMind> Ok22:31
floridagram<AbMind> Deadpool and chimichangas22:31
floridagram<ahoneybun> Yea I know22:31
floridagram<ahoneybun> Something else came up22:32
floridagram<AbMind> Couple of my friends and I will be there22:32
floridagram<AbMind> No problem22:32

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