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Kiloshi paddatrapper superfly inetpro Xethron theblazehen dude42 night nlsthzn MaNL ambo chesedo and other lurkers06:19
superflymorning Kilos06:21
superflypaddatrapper is not yet awake ;-)06:21
Kilosthrow him outa bed06:21
superflyhah, no. he was up late last night. they went out for carols by candle light at Kirstenbosch gardens06:21
Kilosshould i mail maia with the wiki page superfly 06:21
superflyhe needs his sleep06:22
superflyKilos: I'm sure maia is aware of it06:22
Kilosand clarify that she will be our front?06:22
Kilosi did some editting superfly hopefully everything is ok06:23
superflygood evening dude42 :-)06:23
superflyKilos: I'll take a look now06:23
Kilosnot sure what we do about testimonials, just leave old ones in place06:24
superflyai, oom Kilos, you need to look a little better when you edit06:28
Kiloswhat did i do wrong06:28
Kilosi did it so slowly to try not make errors06:28
Kiloswhat am i going to do when you have left superfly ?06:36
Kilosi just read it all and cant see where i went wrong06:37
superflyI'm not going to be totally gone06:37
superflyI'm certainly not leaving this channel06:37
superflyKilos: I already fixed it06:37
Kiloswhere was the change06:37
Kilosi have reloaded yet06:37
Kiloshavent as well 06:40
superflyKilos: you messed up the links to my and your nicks in "Ubuntu members" in the Key Details section06:46
Kilossorry 06:46
Kilosi wanted to edit my testimonial as well but now im scared06:47
superflyKilos: just be carefuly06:47
superflyI need to go06:49
Kilosgo weel superfly 06:49
XethronHow many Kilos are there in a Miles?08:19
Kilos1.6 i think08:23
Kilosthats too far back to remember08:23
Symmetriakilometers to the mile 08:40
Kilosty Symmetria 08:55
theblazehenhi Kilos09:25
Xethronhaha. Miles doesn't have a lot of Kilos in him. I bet I can carry him around :P09:43
Kilosyou tough Xethron 09:55
XethronOh, I thought it was only 1.6 :P09:55
XethronHow are you man?09:55
Kilosalive ty and you09:55
Kilosim gonna go nap a while i think09:56
XethronI'm very well thanks09:59
XethronAwesome, will chat later :)09:59
XethronActually I think a nap sounds great. I'm going to go do the same10:05
Xethronbtw, I just posted an article on your first successful open source project on https://24daysindecember.net - would love some feedback if anyone is interested in reading it :)10:08
LangjanHello guys, are you reconciled?10:48
paddatrapperAnyone know why dd'ing a debian iso to disk changes it physical block size to 2048MB and partitions it into a 10MB partition and a 15.9 (the rest) partition? I'm unable to boot from it or format it13:38
paddatrapperHappended to two disks13:38
theblazehenpaddatrapper that's the way it's set in the mbr of the iso14:39
theblazehenYou can cfdisk /dev/sdb or whichever to fix it14:39
theblazehenIf you can't change the block size there then dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=512 count=114:39
theblazehenCan you boot other ISOs that you dd on?14:40
paddatrappertheblazehen: thanks. Don't know why th newest iso has changed things...14:40
theblazehenpaddatrapper sure. Also, if that doesn't work, try the netboot.xyz usb image. I quite like it14:40
paddatrapperI haven't tried others. I'm trying a straight cp, as that seems to be the primary way suggested by the debian wiki14:41
theblazehenShould result in the same result, but give it a go anyway perhaps14:42
paddatrappertheblazehen: Tried dd again. Seems to give me no issues, though booting it returns isolinux.bin missing or corrupt15:23
paddatrapperHappens with the amd64 and i386 net installers15:23
theblazehenAh, yes15:31
theblazehenI had that before15:31
theblazehenSame with syslinux15:31
theblazehenIIRC some issue when using 64 bit inodes15:32
theblazehenTried netboot.xyz?15:32
paddatrappertheblazehen: Could not locate active partition when booting from netboot.xyz15:36
theblazehenpaddatrapper and you flashed the usb image right?15:36
paddatrappertried both ways suggested here https://netboot.xyz/boot-usb/index.html15:37
theblazehenAre you IRCing from the same computer you're doing this on?15:37
* paddatrapper has been trying since 10am this morning to get this USB to boot15:37
theblazehenEasy to do it from grub. Just copy the kernel to the right place in /boot15:38
Kilosuse disk utility to format it to mbr first then put other stuff on15:38
paddatrappertheblazehen: Sort of. IRC is running on VPS. I'm trying to boot from the usb on a server sitting next to me. This is my laptop15:38
paddatrapperI do have grub rescue prompt up15:38
Kilosgnome disk utility15:39
theblazehenMakes things easier15:39
Kiloscan you mount it15:39
theblazehencreate a filesystem on the usb, maybe fat32 or ext4 or anything. Copy https://boot.netboot.xyz/ipxe/netboot.xyz.lkrn into it15:40
Kilosmount and install grub-pc and gub-pc-bin15:40
paddatrapperKilos: Yes, Linux can read/write it too. I am now able to format it (finally)15:40
paddatrappertheblazehen: thanks will do15:40
theblazehenMaybe do that from laptop15:40
theblazehenthen at grub rescue do a ls15:40
Kilosi found the gnome disk utility quite handy it can even repair drives15:41
Kilosgood luck i go nap15:41
paddatrapperKilos: Thanks. Have another drive that that may help with15:42
theblazehenpaddatrapper is grub rescue from the hdd?15:43
theblazehenYou just need grub rescue and some filesystem with the file on it15:43
paddatrappertheblazehen: I think so. They're used drives that I haven't formatted yet15:43
paddatrapperBusy booting at the moment15:44
theblazehenBooting from hdd?15:44
paddatrapperhave grub rescue15:44
paddatrapperls returns:15:44
theblazehenAnd a disk with file on?15:44
paddatrapperplugged in a detected (at least in BIOS)15:45
theblazehenNothing in ls?15:45
paddatrapper(hd0) (hd0,msdos2) (hd0,msdos1) (hd1) (hd1,msdos1) (hd2) (hd3) (md/0)15:45
theblazehenTry ls (hd2)/15:46
theblazehenAnd ls (hd3)/15:46
theblazehenOne should show the file15:46
paddatrapperhd2: unknown filesystem15:46
paddatrapperhd3: unknown filesystem15:46
theblazehenAlright and ls (hd1,msdos1)/15:46
theblazehenIf not ls (hd1,1)/15:47
paddatrapperboth unknown file systems15:47
theblazehenAh. hd0 must be your usb15:48
theblazehenls (hd0,msdos1) and msdos215:48
paddatrapperls (hd0,msdos2)/ - unknown filesystem15:48
paddatrapperhd0,msdos1 not found15:49
paddatrapperhd0 - unknown filesystem15:49
theblazehenWhat's your usb formatted as?15:49
theblazeheninsmod fat15:50
paddatrappererror disk mduuid/<hex> not found15:51
paddatrapperwhere <hex> is a long string of hexadecimal numbers15:51
paddatrapperall drives still are unknown file systems15:53
theblazehenRemove the usb, run ls. Which drive disappears?15:53
paddatrapperhd1, hd2, hd315:54
theblazehenSo hd0 is gone?15:54
paddatrapperno, hd0 is the only one left15:54
theblazehenPlug usb into laptop, wipefs -a /dev/whatever15:55
theblazehenThen cfdisk /dev/whatever, create partition, set as bootable, mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1 or whichever, and copy the file in15:55
paddatrapperHow do I set as bootable?15:58
theblazehenIn cfdisk it should have an option for it?15:58
paddatrapperI don't see one. Only type15:58
theblazehenDoes it say gpt anywhere at the top?15:59
theblazehenEg Label: gpt or something?15:59
theblazehenwipefs -a /dev/sdb again, then cfdisk and create mbr / msdos16:00
theblazehenThen mkfs the partition and copy the file in16:00
theblazehenShould show then16:00
paddatrapperYup, thanks16:00
theblazehenOnce it's in, plug in to server, ls again16:01
theblazehenshould show a (hd1,msdos1) ?16:01
paddatrapperyes, along with (hd2) and (hd3) still16:03
paddatrapperBut I am seeing the netboot.xyz file16:03
theblazehenlinux (hd1,msdos1)/netboot.xyz.lkrn16:03
paddatrapperunknown command linux16:04
theblazehenlinux16 maybe?16:04
paddatrapperunknown command16:05
theblazehenls (md/0)/16:05
paddatrapperdisk not found16:05
theblazehenOk. Maybe insmod linux16:05
paddatrappererror disk <> not found16:06
paddatrapperunknown command linux16:06
paddatrapperunknown command linux1616:07
theblazehenOk. Copy http://linx.home.theblazehen.com/linux.mod to your usb16:07
theblazehenset root=(hd1,msdos1)/16:07
theblazeheninsmod linux16:07
theblazehenlinux (hd1,msdos1)/netboot.xyz.lkrn16:08
paddatrapperunknown command linux16:09
theblazehenAnd the insmod worked?16:10
paddatrappererror: disk <> not found16:10
theblazehenAh, sorry. set boot not root16:10
paddatrappersame error16:11
theblazehenset prefix=(hd1,msdos1)/16:12
theblazehenthen insmod?16:12
paddatrapperfile //i386-pc/linux.mod not found16:13
paddatrapperShould I move it into a directory i386-pc?16:14
theblazehenYou can try that16:14
theblazehenOr insmod (hd1,msdos1)/linux.mod might possibly work16:14
theblazehenYeah, looks like insmod with a direct path should work16:15
paddatrappererror attempt to read or write outside of disk hd116:16
theblazehenJust to be sure, this is grub resuce not grub shell, right?16:18
theblazehenDoes the server support virtual disks with it's management module maybe?16:18
paddatrappergrub rescue16:18
paddatrapperI don't think so - sun V60X with stock controller16:19
paddatrapperHaven't seen any options for virtual disks when I was messing around indisk management16:19
theblazehenlet me get full grub modue set. linux.mod may have had dependency16:20
theblazehenExtract that to usb16:21
paddatrappersame error16:25
theblazehentry set root=(hd1,msdos1)16:25
theblazehenset prefix=/i386-pc/16:25
paddatrappersame error16:26
theblazehenDo you have a rooted android phone?16:26
theblazehenTry iso as a cd drive16:27
theblazehenWhat kind of disk is in the server? SAS?16:32
paddatrapperisolinux.bin missing or corrupt on iso as cd drive16:33
theblazehenTry netboot.xyz iso?16:33
paddatrapperThat was the iso...16:34
theblazehenHmm. How about netboot.xyz usb in usb mode?16:35
theblazehenusb booting is a bitch on some servers...16:35
paddatrapperYeah... Can proabably remove a drive, put the one I want to install to in there and a DVD drive in the flexi-bay16:36
paddatrapperInstall from DVD16:36
paddatrapperI have 2 servers to provision, so may be prudent16:37
theblazehenAh. You got a dvd.. That makes things easier16:37
theblazehenIf you go netboot.xyz on the dvd then you can remove it and start install on the other server at the same time16:38
theblazehenOr can you pxe boot?16:38
* paddatrapper goes to find a CD16:39
paddatrapperI don't have a PXE server yet (this was supposed to be it ironically)16:39
theblazehenHaha, yeah. /me broke server, wanted to pxe boot, and that was it :(16:39
theblazehenLuckily it could do virtual drives16:40
theblazehenTime to brag: http://www.junkmail.co.za/computers/desktop-pcs/gauteng/pretoria/pretoria-city/ibm-x3650-m4-servers/64739274 :D16:40
paddatrappertheblazehen: Very nice!!16:42
paddatrapperSeems all the good deals are always in Joburg..16:43
paddatrappertheblazehen: Guess what... Failure reading sector from fd0 when trying to boot from CD...16:50
Kilosset bios16:51
paddatrapperThink I'm going to have to set up a PXE server on another machine temporarily and boot from that16:51
Kilosbios thinks there is a floppy16:51
paddatrapperWill do16:52
Kilosconnect a monitor and set bios to boot from cd/dvd16:53
paddatrapperKilos: That I have already done16:53
paddatrapperBoot priority is flash drive, CD, LAN, HDD16:54
Kilosand did you turn off the floppy seek thing as well16:54
paddatrapperYup. Now no error, just back to grub rescue16:54
Kilosfrom the cd?16:55
paddatrapperNo. HDD 116:56
Kiloscan it boot from cd16:56
theblazehenpaddatrapper That sucks. Yeah, go the pxe route. Otherwise write the usb image to a hdd and put then into the server...16:59
theblazehenpaddatrapper got 2 dual port 10 gbit ethernet and 4x dual 2.5 gbit fiber channel cards as well :)16:59
paddatrappertheblazehen: I would do that, but I don't have any SCSI bays except for on the servers...16:59
* paddatrapper is very jealous!16:59
theblazehenpaddatrapper Hmm. pxe it is then.17:00
theblazehenpaddatrapper yeah, I <3 it :D17:00
theblazehenBeen limited by the resources of the 2 desktops I used to use as servers17:00
theblazehen32 GB + 20 GB RAM, with desktop running in a container on the second. Used thin client17:00
theblazehenGonna be running yacy.net on there, going 2 pages deep in my browser history :) Super specific search for things seen recently17:01
theblazehenThen loading all reddit comments from 2007 until 2016 October into elasticsearch17:02
paddatrapperHaha awesome!17:02
theblazehenHaven't started it yet, but in the past few years 1 month is around 6 GB bzip2 compressed. Lots of data/documents..17:02
theblazehenI was loading a stream of comments into elasticsearch, around 40 - 70 documents / second17:03
theblazehenHaven't started  the bulk import that is17:03
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theblazehenTip: Downloading and writing an iso to a slow USB? curl | dd17:25
paddatrapperFINALL!!!!!!!!!!! Rufus on Windows worked...17:32
paddatrapperBut the keyboard isn't responding17:32
paddatrapperRestart fixed. I may actually be able to install Debian on here17:33
nsnzeroevening all17:34
paddatrapperhey nsnzero 17:34
nsnzerohow are you paddatrapper17:35
theblazehenhi nsnzero17:35
nsnzerohi there theblazehen17:36
pavlushkahi there every one :)17:36
paddatrappernsnzero: I'm better now thanks. You?17:37
theblazehenhi pavlushka17:39
pavlushkaHello theblazehen :)17:40
nsnzeropaddatrapper: sorry to hear that , but glad you well again17:41
nsnzerohi there pavlushka17:42
pavlushkahey nsnzero :)17:42
pavlushkapaddatrapper: heya17:42
nsnzerotheblazehen: was it you that sent me the asciiemia of your zsh shell ? my memory is bad17:44
paddatrapperhey pavlushka 17:45
theblazehennsnzero yeah17:46
nsnzerotheblazehen: its awesome - i copied most of it though - but i cant get the searchable history - its driving me nuts17:47
theblazehennsnzero Did you also get auto-fu?17:48
nsnzerotheblazehen: i didnt - i will check it out now 17:50
nsnzerotheblazehen: thanks17:50
theblazehennsnzero that caused issues with older versions I think, /me is afk, will get back to you later17:58
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:00
Kilossee you tomorrow18:00
nsnzerohey kilo - take care - good night18:03
nsnzerotheblazehen: yes it conflicts with the syntax highlighter - best time to trouble shoot is now18:09

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