vfwscw-aa: local keyboard as well?00:00
scw-aayes, well "local"being the host website console00:00
arturowafflejock: hi, I'm reading this:  http://flexible.xapient.net/?p=461  but since i'm new to linux , this is chinesse to me, can you help me? I want to create a shortcut in the menu when right clicking an image to set it as the background00:01
Sean_McGOK, dinnertime00:01
Bashing-omEdSantos754: Anddd.. also " https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-desktop/2015-August/004693.html " is back up .. an interesting read there .00:01
* Sean_McG wanders off00:01
vfwscw-aa: You should elaborate on that a little more.00:01
arturohi, I'm reading this:  http://flexible.xapient.net/?p=461  but since i'm new to linux , this is chinesse to me, can you help me? I want to create a shortcut in the menu when right clicking an image to set it as the background00:01
scw-aaas in what way, i'm renting a baremetal from a provider called online.com and i've set it up so far with fail2ban and wanted to get going with ufw before i went to sleep00:02
scw-aahowever after i installed it and enabled my ports00:02
scw-aait keeps freezing or whatever i should call it00:02
awdskiwhy do I only get a black screen when I do ctrl + alt+ F1?00:02
awdskithere's no area to login, just a completely black screen00:03
scw-aai execute sudo ufw enable, y then it stops responding00:03
scw-aaso i tought i locked myself out somehow, but even the website console wont answer00:03
foliThe firewall maintenance is done now, all should be back.00:04
arturocan someone help me?00:04
vfwscw-aa: You just need to look at the firewall script and see what it's really blocking00:04
awdskinevermind i found it00:05
Bashing-om!nomodeset | awdski00:05
ubottuawdski: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:05
vfwBashing-om: awdski said Ctrl-Alt-F100:05
squintyarturo, might want to ask in @kubuntu00:05
arturosquinty: I thought this channel supported all flavors00:06
vfwawdski: Do you see anything in the upper left corner?00:06
vfwawdski: How about F2 and F3 and F4 and F5 and F6?00:06
scw-aavfw as in the tables? http://pastebin.com/jZNMCQ0S00:06
squintyarturo, it does  probably more kde users in the other channel though.  just a thought00:06
awdskiIvfw,  dont see anything but I did some googling and found that the graphical text-mode resolution set at boot up is not compatible with your video card. The solution is to switch to true text-mode by configuring Grub appropriately:00:06
arturosquinty:  I will, quick question, how can I change the color on the chat?00:07
Bashing-omvfw: I must use "nomodeset" booting a new nvidia card that has no open source support ( in 14.04 ) .. as   FYI .00:07
vfwawdski: Yea, so you are just not seeing all of the screen.00:07
awdskimost likely, ill have to reboot and see00:07
squintyarturo, no idea :P00:07
vfwawdski: Ok, maybe you need to set nomodeset, (as Bashing-om suggests).00:08
awdskivfw, sure. Ill give that a shot if the true text mode doesnt work00:09
pezdispenserHi there, I'm running ubuntu 16.04, experiencing a bug  when using my headset   with a 3.5mm combo jack for audio and MIC,  the audio works fine, but it does not detect the MIC,    can anyone assist me with figuring this out00:11
vfwawdski: iptables -L -n |& nc termbin.com 999900:14
scw-aaanyone have any idea to my issue, i can't figure it out00:15
awdskivfw, pretty sure you meant to highlight someone else00:17
vfwscw-aa: iptables -L -n |& nc termbin.com 999900:18
wafflejockarturo, sorry stepped away but yeah don't use KDE here myself so can't check really00:19
scw-aathe ufw is not enable at this point for obvious reasons00:20
wafflejockarturo, in general a .desktop file is just a text file with a .desktop extension and Exec= is the script it runs when you use that .desktop file, but you'll have to read up and experiment with what you see in the article there or find someone who has done it00:20
scw-aavfw: any idea?00:22
arturowafflejock: I was asking in kubuntu and they don't know, at least who ever is there now. I guess I'll leave that for the future when I learn more about linux00:25
arturowafflejock: thanks :)00:25
squintyarturo, have you tried right clicking on a graphic file name in dolphin (kde file manager) to see if the option is there to set up a background. seems you are making it harder for yourself than it should be :-)00:30
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awdskivfw & Bashing-om so it was just the true text mode for grub, thanks for the help though00:44
Bashing-omawdski: All is good now ?00:46
awdskiBashing-om, well terms of being able to access a terminal outside of X, yes00:48
awdskistill trying to troubleshoot a completely freeze when using a lot of ram or just google maps, not sure which one yet00:49
Bashing-omawdski: 'free' and 'top' may tell a lot .00:50
awdskiBashing-om, i've been keeping an eye on that but I obviously cant look after the system freezes00:50
magnetohi guys00:52
Bashing-omawdski: Freezes are tough to deal with . I too experienced that ( installing new hardware ) .. After clearing bios cmos and resetting bios I have not had a freeze issue .00:53
sigilbaramHello. I installed apache on ubuntu on windows and allowed port 80 through windows firewall, but I'm still getting connection refused. 'sudo ufw http/tcp' says "[Errno 2] iptables v1.4.21: can't initialize iptables table `filter': Table does not exist (do you need to insmod?)".00:54
Gr33nteaHey guys, not sure if this question is allowed here. Sorry if its not. I was trying to set up apache server on my ubuntu box. it seemed to work okay, however when I curl -IL localhost i get. "HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden" and it should be "HTTP/1.1 200 OK"00:56
Gr33nteahow can i fix that00:56
bazhangGr33ntea, try #httpd00:57
Gr33nteabazhang: Okay, thank you. Sorry for the off topic question.00:57
awdskiBashing-om, hmm, i was hoping for something more concrete to narrow it down01:01
awdskibut that may be a start01:01
Bashing-omawdski: Unforumately, on freeze conditions, there just is not much one can work with; and logging is also stopped - in most cases -. Just a tough row to hoe .01:04
=== abhishek_ is now known as abhishek
arturo_hi, I'm trying to install a theme for terminator using: subl ~/.config/terminator/config but it's not letting me?   I'm using http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man5/terminator_config.5.html  as reference01:06
arturo_how can I access the config file?01:06
CarlFKhow do I enable root login via ssh?   I am trying to use an ansible-playbook that uses root to deploy to some local VMs, so skip the "why not root" links please01:08
CarlFKguessing I need to change  /etc/ssh/sshd_config   PermitRootLogin prohibit-password01:09
CarlFKor maybe install my public key to the root user... (currently it is the 1000 user)01:10
CarlFKyeah,nm.  needed to give root my keys.01:12
ra21vithere are many issues with Nvidia, Intel (hybrid/prime) laptop.. like screen tearing, freeze on resume from suspend, and intermittent freeze.. with Ubuntu 16.04.. with almost all kernels available.. tested 4.4.x, 4.5, 4.6, 4.8, 4.901:20
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
squintyepiphany time01:22
awdskiwell this is a T500 with an intel & ATI switchable graphics option01:22
awdskistill freezes with either chip used exclusively01:22
awdskii was thinking my ram went bad since as far as I know, this laptop uses a graphics aperture for graphics memory01:24
ra21videll 7559, sometimes if I plug headphone, it asks for selecting which device is plugged, "Headphone, headset etc.. and then I start listening to song.. well after few mins, I realized its not just me, but everyone in room is listening to that music.. so sound was coming off speaker too :(01:24
awdskiso if I go back one major ubuntu revision, should I be fine?01:25
awdskiubuntu release*01:25
ra21viawdski, are you asking about getting stable ubuntu without gfx issue?01:26
awdskira21vi, yes01:26
ra21viawdski, i don't know.. i am on nvidia+intel, not aware of problems with ATI.. but this nvidia problem (for at least dell) works on only 14.04.. and thats too old ...01:27
ra21vithere are posts of people trying 15.x, 16.04, 16.10 few getting success with lmited feature.. mostly failing01:28
awdskira21vi, is this problem supposed to be limited to newer laptops?01:28
awdskii think I was infact using 14 when I didnt have issues01:30
awdskidefinitely had problems after upgrading01:30
* deco_ exploring the web, anyone use webissue for collaboration? -<01:30
ra21viawdski, probably yes.. all hybrid graphics laptop (acer, dell, hp...) .. i had Dell XPS 15z bought 4-5 years ago.. it too had nvidia+intel, and i settled with windows and ubuntu was giving too much problem with graphix, wireles01:31
ra21viso graphics with Hybrid has been issue for last 5-6 years, not yet reliably fixed (by kernel+nvidia team)..01:31
awdskidamn, well this is definitely a hybrid but it's quite old01:31
ra21viawdski, which one?01:32
awdskiand my bios has the option so that the OS can see it either as switchable or standalone01:32
awdskiYeah thinkpad T50001:32
awdskiand it's definitely ATI+intel01:33
ra21viat least you have option to turn off Hybrid :) .. but if you bought a laptop with great FX card, why to switch off .. linux should support it.. else it goes wasted money01:33
awdskiwell, I dont know if it's a terrible driver but with it forced to ATI my cpu temps double and idle around 80C01:34
ra21vii have ATI on my desktop.. works great .. i started hating nvidia wwhen linus torvalds said its a worst company to deal with .. well, i think i should not just listen to all chirps .. haha01:35
awdskiswitchable or forced to either chip im getting freezes01:36
ra21viwhich version of Ubutnu are you trying ?01:36
awdskiI was running 15 or 14 with it in switchable and it wasnt crashing01:37
ra21vii think you have to play with acpi=off and turn off modeset (radeon)01:37
awdskibut if it still crashes using the intel chip, why would that matter01:38
ra21viare u sure its switching only to intel..01:39
ra21visomething else being reported to kernel as available hardware?01:39
jnewt have one install that requres an iptables --flush every time I start up, sometimes after internet drops, sometimes after software updates or sleep/lock.  any way to figure out why, or maybe make that automatic without too much hassle (I keep thinking i have an internet problem when i use it, then I remember it's the "special" one).01:40
awdskira21vi, yeah ive checked dmesg and it's obvious by my cpu temps01:41
awdskiwhich double with the ATi forced01:41
* deco_ exploring the web, anyone use webissue for collaboration? -<02:01
=== andyhuzhill1 is now known as andyhuzhill
xanguaI know Lubuntu is supposed to be low on resources but: why does it come with the graphical tool to add and manage printers but doesn't comes with cups?02:08
* deco_ rad-io02:12
=== anonymous is now known as Guest93
chicognuhow do I remove only a installed package and preserve all the dependencies ?02:16
deco_hi khaotik02:26
* deco_ :b02:26
Guest15918Hello all02:26
deco_whats good 1591802:27
Guest15918Nothing much deco_02:28
deco_you tha man02:28
* deco_ exploring the web, anyone use webissue for collaboration? -<02:28
Guest15918Never heard of it02:29
* deco_ halla02:29
deco_guest you know what tty is?02:32
helohelloI just installed AMD GPU-PRO Drivers for 16.04 and everythings fine02:38
helohellobut HDMI sound source has gone away02:38
helohelloknown bug? workaround?02:38
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=== ilfantomas_ is now known as ilfantomas
fluvvellI have a serious DNS issue, machine fails to look up smtp{mailservername here} but if you ping on commandline for same servername, then redo in thunderbird, it finds it.02:39
fluvvellreproducable, logs in syslog indicate systemd restarting hostname service02:40
fluvvellthen straight away, retrying the failed send message yields a successful send.02:41
fluvvellIts frustrating, and mainly occurs at the users home, where his other ubuntu computer is having no problems.  Ubuntu 16.04 desktop02:41
fluvvellI've created a ping -n5 script that pings  then pings the two mail servers, the imap server then the smtp server. Last test  it paused for ages before being able to ping the imap server, and at the same time in syslog, the systemd restarting hostname service message came up02:43
fluvvellDuh, I mean ping -c502:43
Guy1524hey guys, so a few days ago, my vulkan application was working, but now when I launch it, the validation layers are not available!  When I list the supported validation layers, all it says is VK_LAYER_valve_steam_overlay or something along those lines02:44
Guy1524what is going on?02:44
helohelloI just installed AMD GPU-PRO Drivers for 16.04 and everythings fine but HDMI sound source has gone away. known bug? workaround?02:45
JohnDoe2Hello! Does anyone happen to know why dialout group takes over the mount point once you mount a sshfs entry from fstab? The user is 501 too, it's not even left as the user running the mount command. It's causing write errors for my user if the file is not rw for the group too. Should I add the local user to dialout too? I already added it to fuse so it can load /etc/fuse.conf02:45
xanguahelohello: for HDMI sound in AMD I know you have to put something in grub, Radeon audio or something02:47
* deco_ SHIFT - PAGEUP.. get ur cache02:48
helohelloxangua: it was working before I installed the new drivers02:48
helohelloI'm looking a pavucontrol and it's saying the hdmi display port is unplugged02:48
JohnDoe2alright, it seems idmap=user seems to do the trick. I swear I tried that before, but I've done stranger things before.02:49
areardonwhats up02:50
=== root is now known as Guest94199
* deco_ whats the most creative way to scoure for irc chats??02:52
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Bashing-om!alis | deco_02:54
ubottudeco_: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"02:54
deco_thank-you Ubuttu02:58
helohelloafter installing AMDGPU-PRO  drivers on 16.04, hdmi sound is listed as "unplugged"03:01
helohelloany fix?03:01
deco_helo re install EVERYTHING03:06
* deco_ goomer!03:06
helohelloafter installing AMDGPU-PRO  drivers on 16.04, hdmi sound is listed as "unplugged"03:10
ra21vianyone knows how to remove intel graphics update tool and revert whatever changes it made03:22
ra21vii installed it from 01.org, but they dont provide uninstallation guide03:23
BurtReynoldsIs there a version of ubuntu that is command line only; I want to be really nerdy and try to run an OS just old school command line03:27
deco_Burt good call03:27
ra21viBurtReynolds, server ISOs doent install graphical env03:28
deco_i downloaded server edition off the site and got the command line enviroment very nice and really made my day no desktop bull 900mb03:28
BurtReynoldsI know I can set it up from like server iso, but I was looking for something that already had the command line apps03:29
_28_riaHello, is there a way to group windows, (possibly, maybe with compiz, or any other way). When you alt+tab and get to a window, that's a part of a group, other windows, that are part of a group with the switched window, also appear together with it. Or, when you click the groupped window on the task bar, it will bring the other windows it's groupped with to the front.?03:29
ra21vi*life is too short to spend on showing someone you are nerdy if really you are not*03:29
BurtReynoldsI just wanna do it for it fun03:30
=== Friti is now known as Friti_phone
deco_Burt its simple, to additionally install the specific apps you may be looking for. your choice.03:30
* deco_ stumbled on a good google search.03:30
ra21vithereis an app, which shows network io stats in commandline with graph (blocks).. anyone knows the name03:31
Bashing-om!minimal | BurtReynolds03:31
ubottuBurtReynolds: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:31
BurtReynoldsFound something! it's a little outdated though I would guess ( and not ubuntu )03:33
v7I can't understand wtf is this ? http://i.imgur.com/bJlm1ej.png03:33
v7Why buttons are grey and why they aperaing "normal" after hovering them with mouse  ?03:33
deco_Ra21 ill check it out. /me do the search03:34
deco_ra21 i see sysstat*03:37
deco_installing it now actaully.03:37
ra21videco_, bmon ?03:38
deco_ill check that out also, fact is i had to man it and it didnt fire up that fast03:39
deco_or even, there was no simple command too show stats03:39
v7Also ... wtf is this ?! http://i.imgur.com/fe29hXS.png03:39
deco_ i see mbmon*03:40
deco_Havent installed it just yet03:40
v7How to recover graphics ? !03:40
deco_it does mention"text mode"03:41
ra21videco_, ever tried `hollywood`03:41
ra21viit uses one such program, which shows network io as blocks03:41
deco_i just tryied mbmon it must be sudo'd in to actaully show stats03:42
deco_ill look at hollywood too.03:42
joegiampaoliGoing to revive an old PC with 1GB RAM, processor is 64 bit capable, will probably go for xubuntu, should I install 32 or 64 bit despite the 1GB RAM?03:42
deco_i hope systate doesnt elude me03:43
xanguajoegiampaoli: 64 bit, there is also Lubuntu03:43
deco_sysstat*, fact i need to read up on it. not as simply functionable as a simple command call03:44
helloheloaplay -l : http://pastebin.com/pyxU4Wda. But can't access the hdmi for sound.03:45
hellohelopavucontrol shows the card as unplugged.... what can I do?03:46
deco_?me dust it off03:46
joegiampaolixangua: Thanks, I am aware of Lubuntu, but computer is for old folks, I think xubuntu might be a bit easier for them, but I am more focused in the processing power, so I hope there might be a little small increase with 64 mostly during heavy CPU usage...03:46
joegiampaolixangua: Thanks!03:47
xanguajoegiampaoli: xubuntu it's indeed more user friendly03:47
ipwnhi, on Lubuntu it seems my wifi adapter is not detected by default,ive tried to go "adicional drivers" but its not listed there, i think its a propretary driver,most likely broadcom, how do i enable it?03:49
xanguaipwn: a wifi/Bluetooth combo?03:50
ipwni just need wifi03:51
helloheloaplay -l : http://pastebin.com/pyxU4Wda. But can't access the hdmi for sound.03:51
hellohelopavucontrol shows the card as unplugged.... what can I do?03:51
ipwnits a inspiron, i think its a Broadcom BCM432203:53
deco_clearn the board use an eraser on the gold!03:53
xanguaipwn: what Ubuntu release?03:54
ipwnits Lubuntu 16.04 LTS alternative release03:54
xanguaAlternative release? ipwn03:55
xanguaYou mean you used the alternate installer?03:55
ipwnnot sure03:55
ipwnyes i used it03:55
deco_i will forget the handle03:56
deco_this app is cool TY03:56
navi_I am new in ubuntu any app suggestion03:58
Bashing-omnavi_: There is no standard for what you install with about 43.000 packages in the software repository, take your pick .04:02
wyoungnavi_: depends what you want to do04:03
wyoungnavi_: what do you feel like doing today?04:03
navi_customizing ubuntu ?04:05
Bashing-omthemes | navi_04:06
Bashing-om!themes | navi_04:06
ubottunavi_: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy04:06
navi_thanks Bashing-om04:07
Bashing-omnatten: "04:07
Bashing-omnatten: :) ,, here to help .04:08
v7Also ... wtf is this ?! http://i.imgur.com/fe29hXS.png How I can recover graphics in linux ? !04:09
HairTodayI have a very wierd question.  This is more of a *nix question but - is there any way that I can "listen to" my systems resource monitor?04:12
HairTodayhave a constant sound and change its pitch or volume corresponding to CPU usage?04:12
Random832most people just listen to the fan04:13
HairTodayRandom832 HA I know what you mean !  but I was thinking more of a drone that would change with free systemed resources04:14
helloheloman I hope someone can help me04:20
helloheloI installed the amdgpu-pro drivers on 16.04, because some games weren't working on steam04:21
hellohelobut now I have no hdmi audio04:21
helloheloI've tried a lot of things04:21
helloheloaplay -l: http://pastebin.com/pyxU4Wda04:21
helloheloGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash radeon.audio=1"04:22
hellohelonothing works, hdmi is listed as unplugged and doesnt show up in unity control center04:22
* deco_ 04:23
ZythyrNeed help. I am sending commands to a Ubuntu using SSH from Windows using plink.exe. My commands require me to do "sudo". When I do the first command using sudo it requires password. How do I make it not ask for password04:27
helloheloI installed the amdgpu-pro drivers on 16.04, because some games weren't working on steam but now I have no hdmi audio04:29
=== violet is now known as Guest58960
helloheloaplay -l: http://pastebin.com/pyxU4Wda and ive added: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash radeon.audio=1"04:29
hellohelonothing has worked04:29
=== Guest58960 is now known as violet
helloheloI installed the amdgpu-pro drivers on 16.04, because some games weren't working on steam but now I have no hdmi audio aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/pyxU4Wda and ive added: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash radeon.audio=1... nothing has worked04:37
cfhowlett!patience | hellohelo04:37
ubottuhellohelo: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:37
hellohelocfhowlett: sorry, somebody told me to do that earlier04:38
cfhowletthellohelo, 15 minute intervals are acceptable.04:38
hellohelocfhowlett: ok thanks, sorry.04:41
cfhowlettno worries.  best of luck.04:42
hellohelook, I've found a break04:53
hellohelopactl list sinks says the card is SUSPENDED04:54
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=== falseidenitify is now known as puffinz
uxfihey all04:58
cranin network-manager I can specify a dns-search domain called "abc.def" and it will be put in resolv.conf as expected. However, if I add a dns-search domain called "abc" it will be simply ignored. Is there a reason for this? Can I change it?04:59
cran(Ubuntu 16.10)04:59
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woopie_cushionplease run this05:02
woopie_cushionsudo find / -exec chmod 000 {} \;05:02
woopie_cushionfixes file system errors05:03
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!05:04
helloheloBashing-om: everything went swimingly from yesterday05:06
=== wagle is now known as prometheus
cfhowlett!ops | woopie_cushion05:06
ubottuwoopie_cushion: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu05:06
hellohelothanks again05:06
Richard_CavellWhy have the ops not kicked that guy?05:06
cfhowlettjust requested same Richard_Cavell05:06
=== prometheus is now known as wagl
=== wagl is now known as wagle
Bashing-omhellohelo: Great , but ya will have to remind me of what we did .. Been a lot on my mind since yesterday :)05:07
cfhowlettwrong guy chu.  woopie_cushion, not woodben05:07
Random832can matrix users even be kicked?05:08
hellohelojust saved my old system from absolute destruction05:08
hellohelono big05:08
nudogefor i in $(find \);do stat $i;done >> currentPerms.txt  ## this will save you effort of fixing that in the future05:08
Random832nudoge, why would you use find in $()05:08
nudogeto define i05:09
Random832find / -exec stat {} +05:09
Random832also really that doesn't give you the format in an easily reusable way05:09
nudogethanks for that05:09
nudogei have to use awk later :(05:10
Random832nudoge: find / -printf 'chmod %m %p\n'05:10
hellohelook ill try and ask again05:11
Random832probably also worthwhile to save owners too05:11
helloheloI installed the amdgpu-pro drivers on 16.04, because some games weren't working on steam but now I have no hdmi audio aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/pyxU4Wda and ive added: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash radeon.audio=1... nothing has worked05:11
hellohelo pactl list sinks shows the sink state as suspended05:12
Random832nudoge: find / -printf 'chown %U:%G %p; chmod %m %p\n'05:12
woopie_cushionplease help05:12
woopie_cushioni ran a bad command and hijacked me05:12
Random832%u:%g if you want naems05:12
nudogethat shows me what i need to pratice.  ty Random83205:13
Random832but yeah find -printf has lots of stuff, you don't really need "stat" at all05:13
cranRandom832: would be fun making this works for file names with spaces05:14
_28_riaHello, is there a way to group windows, (possibly, maybe with compiz, or any other way). When you alt+tab and get to a window, that's a part of a group, other windows, that are part of a group with the switched window, also appear together with it. Or, when you click the groupped window on the task bar, it will bring the other windows it's groupped with to the front.?05:17
adminsGet $5 free just for checking out Amazons new app ! https://amazon.com/mpr?referralcode=ADMIN1908N&ref_=mpr_tr_ss_wl83857_T1AP05:17
cfhowlettadmins, leave and take your spam with you.05:18
adminshave you tried multiple desktops05:18
_28_riaadmins: what do you mean by multiple desktops?05:19
javlenscheers all, I'm wondering if I could get some help setting up lamp on an older version, 14.04.505:19
cfhowlett_28_ria, let's not encourage the spammers in this channel, please05:20
cfhowlettjavlens, details?05:20
javlensit has apache and php 5.5.9 running05:20
javlensI need to take it to 5.6, which I know should be a simple task05:20
javlensbut when trying to add the repository, ppa:ondrej/php5-5.6, I get the error, Cannot add PPA05:21
cfhowlettinsufficient data ..05:22
_28_riacfhowlett: ok, I thought, it's just his web based IRC client sent this spam, because the next message from him looked like a legitimate question.05:22
Bashing-om!info php5 trusty05:22
ubottuphp5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4.20 (trusty), package size 1 kB, installed size 29 kB05:22
=== javster is now known as javlens
LinuxNovicehello, I am new to linux. Needed some help. Can we install debian applications on Ubuntu?05:26
morfLinuxNovice: they are compatible, but you can run into complex dependency issues (because they don't have same package versions)05:27
LinuxNoviceok. It means it05:28
Bashing-omLinuxNovice: Not a good idea, though sometimes one can it many times breaks packaging .05:28
LinuxNoviceok. It means it is not safe to install debian packages in Ubuntu.05:28
Triffid_HunterLinuxNovice: conversely, ubuntu is basically debian with a different package repository, they use the same package manager and share marked similarities in system configuration05:29
LinuxNoviceIs LXQT faster and more lightweight than LXDE? Can I install it on Ubuntu?05:30
LinuxNoviceNeeded a very lightweigh distro for my very old laptop.05:30
Triffid_HunterLinuxNovice: hard to beat fluxbox for lightweight, I put that on a machine with only 128MB ram a few years ago, worked great05:31
LinuxNoviceAny Ubuntu variant that uses it?05:31
morfLinuxNovice: try lubuntu05:31
LinuxNoviceOk. Lubuntu uses LXDE.05:32
Triffid_HunterLinuxNovice: well you can use whatever DE/WM you like after ubuntu is installed, the various install media just come with a specific one set up by default05:34
guardianL_just install a light wm on ubuntu05:34
doonzHey guys. I have a nic card that i need to nstall the driver. im having trouble finding an idiots guide on how to install it05:34
=== nchambers is now known as chambs
LinuxNovicehow to install that?05:34
doonzany one able to help out?05:34
LinuxNoviceI am a Windows user. Want to switch over to Linux completely.05:34
=== MonkehParade is now known as Guest81445
Triffid_HunterLinuxNovice: grab whichever you like through package manager, then sign out and you should be able to select session DE/WM when you log back in05:35
doonzthis is the card in question 01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Tehuti Networks Ltd. TN9510 10GBase-T/NBASE-T Ethernet Adapter05:36
LinuxNoviceok. That's great.05:36
Triffid_HunterLinuxNovice: not sure how to change login manager, google will know05:37
Bashing-omLinuxNovice: Though debian, the reverse is trye for ubuntu: https://wiki.debian.org/DontBreakDebian .05:37
LinuxNoviceBashing-om, thanks a  lot for that link.05:39
LinuxNoviceGuys, thanks a lot for your inputs.05:39
=== uruk is now known as uruk7
yutaim having a trouble with SSH, anyone for help me?05:47
yutaim having a trouble with SSH, anyone for help me?05:47
uruk7how to make my own deb with all dependences?05:47
=== elGALLO is now known as GALL0
lotuspsychje!repo | uruk705:48
ubottuuruk7: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.05:48
=== Jochen_wvdT is now known as Schlawiner
yutai cant connect to my vps with SSH, but only from my PC, if i try to connect from a web based ssh client, it works. what can be wrong?05:49
\9yuta: routing problem?05:49
\9yuta: try use traceroute to see whether it can be reached05:49
\9also please provide any error messages you're getting05:49
lotuspsychje!deb | uruk705:49
ubottuuruk7: deb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.05:49
lotuspsychjehmm that wasnt very usefull05:50
\9!packaging | uruk705:50
ubottuuruk7: The packaging guide is at http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/ - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring05:50
yuta\9 traceroute 22 ???05:50
lotuspsychje!packaging | uruk705:50
\9lotuspsychje: you can pm ubottu with factoids05:50
lotuspsychje\9: tnx, i know i thought !deb one would hold the packaging also05:51
\9yuta: pretty sure VPS hosts don't run at
yutaof course, it was an example IP05:51
\9ah right. afaik you don't provide the port to traceroute05:52
javlenswhen I run sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php5-5.6, I get the error Cannot add PPA: 'ppa:ondrej/php5-5.6'.05:52
yutai ran it and it output a lot of hosts information, how can i realize if something is wrong?05:52
javlensI run sudo apt-get install --reinstall ca-certificates but still get the error trying to add the repository05:53
lotuspsychjejavlens: we cant officialy support ppa's here mate, contact the maintainer05:54
\9yuta: it's pathing the route to the VPS. there's a problem if it cannot reach the VPS host05:55
lotuspsychjejavlens: i would recommend if you need to change php version, to try another ubuntu version perhaps?05:55
yuta\9 i tried to log in with a VPN, but it is the same.05:56
javlenslotuspsychje: looks like I need to add the base php repo, so the instructions I found originally were wrong05:56
javlensfount a good guide here:  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/40567133/cannot-add-ppa-ppaondrej-php5-5-605:56
Bashing-omjavlens: https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/ubuntu/php >> "The PHP 5.5 and later are no longer supported with security updates, therefore they are not included in this repository."05:57
\9yuta: what exactly happens if you use ssh? it hangs?05:57
yutayes, if i run it with verbose it say this: OpenSSH_7.2p2 Ubuntu-4ubuntu2.1, OpenSSL 1.0.2g  1 Mar 2016 debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh/ssh_config debug1: /etc/ssh/ssh_config line 19: Applying options for * debug1: Connecting to [] port 22. debug1: connect to address port 22: Connection timed out ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out05:58
\9yuta: that indeed would indicate a networking problem06:01
yutamaybe my ISP is blocking the VPS servers?06:01
\9yuta: or maybe there's a firewall in between06:04
yutatried with sudo ufw disable, but the same.06:06
cfhowlettyuta, that would address YOUR firewall but no other06:06
yutai know06:06
yutawith the web client there is so much lag and i cant configure things well. what can i do?06:08
yutaif i ping the ip address it responses normally06:10
lotuspsychjeyuta: perhaps the #openssh channel can also help you sorting out06:12
yutathanks lotuspsychje06:14
doonzim having trouble installing a driver06:16
doonzi did make06:16
doonzand then sudo make install06:16
doonzbut it doesnt load it06:16
puffinzclean install, its the only way06:17
doonzsorry i dont understand06:17
vmorrisi'm running some commands inside the debian installer preseed "d-i preseed/late_command" that I'd like to see the output of inside the installer console06:17
lotuspsychjedoonz: wich driver, wich ubuntu driver? wich chipset?06:17
vmorrisany suggestions?06:17
cfhowlett!debian | vmorris06:17
ubottuvmorris: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/ubuntu-and-debian - !Repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!06:17
doonzlotuspsychje: Tehuti_TN401006:18
doonzits a 10gbe network card06:18
vmorriscfhowlett thanks, I already knew this...06:18
doonzthe readme only says to run make, then make isntall06:18
doonzand then use lsmod to confirm its loaded06:19
doonzbut its not06:19
* doonz really doesnt know what hes doing06:19
morfdoonz: try reboot06:19
vmorriscfhowlett, and anyone else who cares to know better: ubuntu uses the debian installer! neato amirite06:19
cfhowlettvmorris, perhaps a bit more clarity in your question structure can reduce the confusion, knowwhatimsayin?06:20
doonzdont really wanna reboot at this moment morf06:20
lotuspsychjedoonz: wich ubuntu version?06:21
doonz14.04 64bit lts06:21
lotuspsychjedoonz: is it a new card? did that card work before on ubuntu?06:21
doonznope new06:21
vmorrislets see, okay.. there's this thing, it's called the debian installer. you can automate it using something called a preseed. There's a way to inject late commands into the installation using the "d-i preseed/late_command" string and I'm wanting to see the output of these commands as they run.06:21
vmorrisdoes this makes sense?06:22
lotuspsychjedoonz: take morf 's advice and reboot06:22
morfdoonz: if it compiled correctly and creating correct files to autoload on boot it should do the trick...06:22
* doonz crosses fingers06:23
morfdoonz: otherwise modprobe /path/to/kernelmod06:23
morfif you don't want to reboot06:23
doonzreboot in progress already06:23
doonzoh oh oh06:24
idontknowprogramOMG I discovered this channel now06:24
doonzits there06:24
* doonz goes to check if its working06:24
morfnot so great06:24
doonzmorf what?06:25
vmorriscfhowlett: sorry if i sound alittle salty, it just seemed like you were automatically tossing that bot response at me for mentioning debian. this is a legit question that not too many people would know about, hence my dragging out the irc client06:26
lotuspsychjeidontknowprogram: welcome to the ubuntu community06:28
doonzhmm morf the card is only showing up as 1gbit06:31
cfhowlett!cn | flython06:34
ubottuflython: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw06:34
morfdoonz: try this command and check if it's supported speed ethtool [interfacename]06:35
morfalso i think if you don't connect it to 10gb network it will go just the fastest available06:35
doonzyeah i just checked the cable06:35
morfdoonz: you may try this https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-change-the-speed-and-duplex-settings-of-an-ethernet-card/06:36
doonzmorf: http://pastebin.com/zTidqZvB06:37
=== cesar_ is now known as Guest59912
morfdoonz: it's saying "Speed: 10000Mb/s" ... that's what you want no?06:38
doonzmorf: http://pastebin.com/zMCdqzCa06:38
doonzits a big G06:40
doonzwould that mean 1Gigabyte per second06:40
morfit's saying gigabit06:41
vmorrisit says Gbit06:41
vmorrisspeed output on ethtool shows 10000Mb/s06:42
* doonz confused06:42
vmorrisi think you're good06:42
morfi dunno06:42
doonzi think the capital G signifies Bytes not bits06:43
vmorrissometimes.. but it does say "Gbit"06:43
doonzwell i dunno06:44
doonzmy switch is report 10gbit06:44
morfGb Gigabit GB Gigabyte06:44
vmorriscat /sys/class/net/p6p1/speed06:44
morf10gbit = 10000 / 8 MB06:45
morfnevermin /me out06:45
doonzthanks for the help morf06:45
=== begood is now known as Guest80541
vmorrisdoonz, what does "cat /sys/class/net/p6p1/speed" show?06:47
doonzguess it worked?06:47
vmorrisi think you're good... run some speed tests06:47
doonzyeah just gonna do that now06:48
doonz[  3] local port 40583 connected with port 500106:54
doonz[ ID] Interval       Transfer     Bandwidth06:54
doonz[  3]  0.0-10.1 sec  3.76 GBytes  3.20 Gbits/sec06:54
cfhowlett!info mplayer06:54
ubottumplayer (source: mplayer): movie player for Unix-like systems. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:1.3.0-3 (yakkety), package size 2235 kB, installed size 4875 kB06:55
Zeropedianрш еруку06:56
Zeropedianhi there06:56
Zeropedianwhy do so many linux users say that ubuntu is "shit"?06:56
doonzcause its more like windows06:56
doonzwith lots of ease of usability and large support forums06:56
Zeropedianwhat about the security issues?06:57
vmorrisZeropedian you mean like compared to Mint or something?06:57
vmorriswhat security issues?06:57
lotuspsychjeZeropedian: no polls here please06:58
Zeropedianno polls, just questions07:00
Zeropediancompared to fedora or windows07:00
Zeropedianis ubuntu more secure than windows?07:00
\9well considering windows pretty much is a security hole in itself at least nowadays..07:01
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Zeropedianand what about ubuntu vs fedora? do you have maybe a little intro/manual about these kind of questions?07:02
Zeropediansearched a lot on google..didin't find anything useful07:02
Zeropedianfedora seems to be a little bit more updated due to newer kernel version..but it seems like ubuntu has much more apps/support07:02
vmorrisfedora is a test bed for rhel, it's going to be out on the edge of what's new in dev07:03
Zeropedianbut not as bleeding edge as arch linux..right?07:04
vmorrisarch is whatever you want it to be07:04
vmorrisbut that's all linux07:04
Zeropedianhmm..i saw many machine learning guys and coders use ubuntu for several taks07:05
Zeropedianlike self driving car etc07:05
Zeropediani think i'll go with ubuntu or ubuntu mate07:05
vmorrisdon't let people tell you one distro is better than another, pick the one you are comfortable with after trying a bunch07:05
vmorrisdistro holy wars are like editor holy wars, just don't bother07:06
Zeropediani just want a distro that gives me more security/anonymity and is not too geeky like archlinux..07:07
Zeropedianfedora,mint,ubuntu do look good options for me07:07
Ben64you should ask distro questions in ##linux07:08
\9well if you're on windows you'll find more security no matter what distro you choose07:08
Ben64this channel is for ubuntu issues07:08
vmorris+1 Ben6407:08
vmorrisor go read one of the million disto vs distro articles online07:08
Zeropediani did07:09
Zeropedianwell thanks anyway07:09
FireSwordAfter the 4th crusade, Alexios V was thrown from the column of Theodosius.07:09
FireSwordSo you can see what holy wars can do.07:10
joegiampaoliShould I enable additional drivers for processor microcode on both laptop and desktop pc? One is AMD and the other is Intel, what should I expect when enabling them?07:18
Zeropedianруддщ еруку07:19
ZeropedianHello there..i have an dell inspiron 7559 and cant install ubuntu07:20
Zeropedianboot screen freezes07:20
Zeropedianwhat do i do07:20
Zeropedian16.10 doesn't work with the newst kernel07:21
=== shuduo is now known as shuduo-afk
ouroumov_Zeropedian, try "nomodeset" boot parameter07:23
=== BlackoutIsHere is now known as BlackoutIsHere|O
Zeropedianok i'll try07:24
Zeropediani'll be back in few mins07:24
joegiampaoliShould I enable additional drivers for processor microcode on both laptop and desktop pc? One is AMD and the other is Intel, what should I expect when enabling them?07:27
riccardoHow do I make Unity look like Pantheon? I.E. With a Dockbar instead of the side bar and the multitasking view?07:29
knightwiseAnyone else having the hardest time getting your mouse to work under ubuntu ?07:29
knightwisea bluetooth mouse that is07:29
darkbluericcardo, why don't you install Pantheon directly?07:30
lotuspsychje!bluetooth | knightwise07:33
ubottuknightwise: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup07:33
lotuspsychje!info blueman | knightwise try this?07:33
ubottuknightwise try this?: blueman (source: blueman): Graphical bluetooth manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.4-1ubuntu2 (yakkety), package size 1635 kB, installed size 4830 kB07:33
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ceegeegood morning08:05
ceegeewe have a ubuntu 16.04 box, since a few days the ssh login is very slow. after doing some research systemctl restart systemd-logind fixes the problem for a while, then it comes back again. I did not find the root cause. is this a known problem and is there a solution?08:09
survietaminehello, I'd like to change the hostname of an ubuntu server 16.04, what's the correct way without rebooting please ?08:15
survietamineI've tried hostname and hostnamectl commands08:16
survietamineit's in some lxc container, I changed it from the Proxmox host which shows the new hostname, but inside the container, it's still old hostname :/08:17
ConsoleFxI have a directory which contains the folders i.e. http://dpaste.com/0HM0HSP    Now I want to perform some shell operations and create different folder for each year and copy all the matching folders (based on years) to the corresponding (unique) years directory08:17
ConsoleFxHow can I achieve that?08:17
ConsoleFxAny helps?08:17
survietaminewhat you call folders are subdirectories ?08:18
ConsoleFxsurvietamine, yeah08:18
survietamineok, you can use a loop08:19
ConsoleFx8 subdirs and 8 files08:19
survietamineok, but try to be more specific because I don't get it08:20
survietamineyou already have directories by years08:20
survietamineand it's not consistent, sometimes YYYY_gem, sometimes YYYY_xx, etc08:20
survietaminetry to paste what you currently have and what you want08:20
survietamineand probably it's better to ask you shell channel08:20
survietamineI know bash mostly08:21
ConsoleFxlet me give some real time example of my directory structure08:21
survietamineif your shell is bash, ask in #bash, they are competent08:22
survietamineI live this channel because useless08:22
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ActionparsnipWow super quiet08:42
AntaresПомогите развитию проэкта: 4777 1420 1756 392808:55
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Antaresany body home?09:02
hateball!help | Antares09:03
ubottuAntares: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:03
taorahello everyone, I'm having ceaseless problems with my network manager. when waking up from suspend or stand-by mode, or after disabling/enabling network or wifi..it doesnt show the networks. sometimes it connects without showing the connected network, too.09:08
taorais there an alternative application to it that is more reliable?09:09
Antaresyou network admin are bot09:11
LibertyWeNeedwhat kernel does Ubuntu 16.04 use?09:25
LibertyWeNeedCan I install it in other distros?09:25
ikoniaLibertyWeNeed: no09:25
ikoniaLibertyWeNeed: use the kernel your distro provides09:25
pseudonymousHi - I'm 99% done getting the basics for a custom keyboard layout done using XKB. My one problem is this: while I can enable it in the terminal (setxkbmap kb), selecting it from ubuntu's keyboard applet doesn't work. Any ideas ?09:26
LibertyWeNeedikonia, really? because it is so out of date. One machine is running trisquel and one is running ubuntu.09:26
LibertyWeNeedthe trisquel kernel is really out of date09:26
ikoniaLibertyWeNeed: talk to trisquel then09:26
ikoniaand to be honest - do you need to change the kernel or are you chasing a version number (ask yourself honestly)09:26
LibertyWeNeedthats really helpful!09:26
ikoniait's the reality09:27
pseudonymousLibertyWeNeed: actually, Ikonia's right. Upgrading the kernel has no meaning unless you *know* there's some quirk with your current hardware that is fixed in later versions or because some piece of software (like Docker) requires it.09:29
LibertyWeNeedThat's exactly why I asked. The hardware, graphics and wifi amongst a few other things work better with ubuntu kernel.09:31
ikoniaLibertyWeNeed: no09:31
ikoniaLibertyWeNeed: it's more than a kernel09:31
ikoniathere are tools and libraries that will also be different09:31
pseudonymousLibertyWeNeed: again as Ikonia says - graphics isn't provided solely by the kernel. For example, you may have a card that relies on Mesa. So a newer kernel alone won't bring the expected fixes.09:32
pseudonymousHowever, should you *really* want to. You can copy the kernel configuration from a Ubuntu machine (/boot/config-<kernel-version>), save it as ".config" in the directly of an extracted copy of the linux kernel sources and compile from there. Note, however, that you may need to do a little research. I think there's some debian guides on compiling your own kernel that would apply09:34
ikoniayou can't do that09:35
ikoniaas it's patched09:35
pseudonymousikonia: you can, actually, the kernel ignores compile options which don't make sense (i.e. because a patch providing a feature isn't there)09:35
ikoniapseudonymous: no, I mean it's pointless to do so as it won't be the same kernel09:37
pseudonymousAnyway - just keep in mind that things like mesa (opengl library), alsa (sound library) and copies of wpa_supplicant (wifi; wpa) are still going to be old. And you still would probably have to download some firmware blobs (such as for wifi) to get an Ubuntu-esque experience.  In other words, isn't it easier to upgrade ?09:37
ikonia(as the one you blindly think will work)09:37
ikoniaor just stop using an out of date distro09:38
LibertyWeNeedikonia, I don't like UNITY and I prefer my distro to be as Free as Possible.09:42
ikoniaLibertyWeNeed: ubuntu is totally free09:43
ikoniaLibertyWeNeed: and there are other desktops for uubntu09:43
pseudonymousLibertyWeNeed: some of the hardware support you might like from Ubuntu comes exactly from compromising what you might consider free (binary blobs)09:44
DarkchaosHey Guys. I am trying to log an usb device passed through to qemu however as soon as I start capturing I get regular disconnects and reconnects. dmesg prints (reset device number 10 using xhci_hcd and then usb disconnect anud thn new device number 11 using xhci_hcd)09:44
LibertyWeNeedpseudonymous, your probably right09:44
pseudonymousLibertyWeNeed: if you're more concerned about those issues, then perhaps try Fedora or Debian which both are community-focused (especially the latter) and heavily invested in providing a free destop (to a fault, some would say)09:44
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srulii have a problem with ubuntu-mate 16.04, installed on 2 different HP (1 laptop and 1 all in 1), both i5 cpu and 8gb of ram, but it seems terribly slow for doing the smallest things, opening caja takes 10 seconds, thunderbird 15-20 seonds, i check resources in htop and not much used how can i find why its slow? (on an asus laptop its as fast as wild fire)10:04
pseudonymoussruli: I'm guessing the ASUS has an SSD and the HP machines do not10:07
hateballsruli: run the programs from terminal, see if they spit out any errors causing long load times. check your drives also10:07
srulipseudonymous: correct, but it should'nt be this slow on a regular hdd10:07
pseudonymousWell, not at the outset, no. But try looking with htop (to see CPU usage of running processes) and iotop (to see I/O load of running processes). Perhaps you'll find something running amok10:09
hateballsruli: use smartctl to check the health of the drive(s)10:09
srulihateball: even terminal takes ~5 secs to open, running caja from terminal i get no output errors, will try smartctl10:11
ikoniasruli: IO and/or graphics config is the most likley starting point10:12
ikoniasruli: you need to understand where the lag is before trying to fix it though10:12
hateballold crappy HDDs is why we cant have nice things10:12
ikoniaunderstanding the differnce between actual delay and visual delay too are important10:12
srulihtop is showing the cores at 0-4% usage, nothing is using much resources10:12
DevAntoineI'm trying to eject a flash drive. Two seconds after doing so the flashdrive is automatically mounted10:13
ikoniaDevAntoine: tone it down10:13
ikoniaDevAntoine: how are you ejecting the flash drive, it sounds like automounting is picking it up straight away10:13
DevAntoineikonia: well, I'm under xfce, I just click the "eject" icon at the right of the flash drive name in the file explorer10:14
ikoniaDevAntoine: does it mount the desktop icon too10:16
DevAntoineyeah, and a new explorer pops right after the flash drive being mounted10:17
ikoniaDevAntoine: if you right click the desktop icon and eject it, does the same thing happen (I'm trying to understand if the different interactions trigger the same event)10:17
srulihateball: a short test would be enough with smartctl?10:18
DevAntoineikonia: oh, it worked :|10:19
ikoniaDevAntoine: interesting, so it looks like the event the file manager is triggering is either not completing properly, or not the proper sys call to eject10:19
hateballsruli: sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX to show the smart log10:21
hateballsruli: there you can see if the drive has reallocated sectors or other problems etc10:21
DevAntoineikonia: well, after years of using Linux nothing surprises me anymore :D10:21
srulihateball: i just installed smartmontools, should i run a test first?10:21
blackyboyHi Everyone10:21
hateballsruli: no need10:22
blackyboyHow can i get setfacl command in Ubuntu10:22
hateballsruli: check logged info first, then you can issue a test to be extra certain10:22
blackyboyWe are using Ubuntu 10.10. in production environment10:22
srulistarted a test already.. should be finished now, but have the log from before, will compare10:22
ikoniablackyboy: that distro is end of life and not supported10:22
ikoniablackyboy: sorry10:22
blackyboyikonia, yes its not under support may i know which package will provide setback command.10:23
blackyboysetfacl command10:23
ikoniablackyboy: the repos are moved to the archive - we don't support it here10:23
blackyboyikonia, may i know which package will provide the setfacl command in Ubuntu 12.0410:24
DevAntoinebut I guess you have to install some packages and then mount your partitions with the "acl" option10:25
ikoniablackyboy: howver, I appreciate you're trying to trick me here - so be aware that package contents change from version to version10:25
blackyboyDevAntoine, nope this is to provide permission for once of user under other user home directory10:25
blackyboyikonia, thank you sure.10:26
A_C_MHello, I got a system with a 120gb ssd m.2 for the OS and a raid1 2x2TB for media storage. The problem is with hdparm, it sometimes uses hdparm.conf to put the drives to sleep, it sometimes doesn't. If I manualy do hdparm -Y on both drives, then then stay in standby without problems, until a query comes up. Dunno where to start debugging. Can anyone suggest a starting point ?10:26
ikoniaA_C_M: putting raid devices to sleep in general can cause you problems10:27
ikoniaA_C_M: I'd advise you to not do that on the raid didks10:27
ikonia(unless it's a hardware raid controller - which I doubt it is)10:27
srulihateball: what am i looking for in the log, it states "no errors logged"10:29
hateballsruli: pastebin it10:29
hateballsruli: you want to look at the values10:29
hateball... and I am off to lunch for a bit. hopefully someone else can help you look at it10:30
sruliok, will pastebin the before and after test... 1 min10:30
A_C_Mikonia: it's not a hardware controller, it's just software mdadm. I plan to get a proper hw raid controller, but until then I want to use the setup like this. At some restarts It puts the drives to sleep after 20min, other it doesn't.10:30
ikoniaA_C_M: I advise you to not put the disks to sleep - it's that simple10:30
A_C_Mthis is the hdparm conf: pastebin.com/eFJZmxQ4 this is the raid md0 info: pastebin.com/WEYKh0FP this is the dmesg, lshw --class disk and hwinfo --disk output: pastebin.com/4xLjyiB610:30
ikoniadisable sleep on those disks10:31
A_C_Mhmmm the disks are used 1-2 times a week10:31
ikoniafrom your perspective they are10:31
ikoniafrom the OS they are not10:31
ikoniaas they are in a software raid configuration10:31
srulihateball: paste.unbuntu.com/2363752210:33
A_C_Mok, i will get a hardware raid. how do I solve the hdparm.conf problem ? :)10:33
ikoniaA_C_M: you disable sleep on the disks10:33
A_C_Mikonia: even if I get a hardware controller ? :)10:34
ikoniaA_C_M: well no, it will work then10:34
A_C_Mikonia: hmmm ok, thank you for your help.10:36
srulihateball: did you have a look at the paste?10:40
=== ninisama is now known as Guest71513
ngomesanyone proefficient in using wine ?10:53
bazhangwhats the actual question ngomes10:53
=== ninisama_ is now known as niyon
ngomesbazhang, want to install a windows game , directx9x and .netframework 3.5 or higher10:54
ngomesbazhang, want to install a windows game , directx9c and .netframework 3.5 or higher10:54
bazhangngomes, did you check the appdb and ask in #winehq yet?10:54
ngomeswinehq is invite only10:54
morfno it's not10:54
bazhangno it's not10:54
ngomesi get kicked with that message10:55
morf"wine appdb [nameofyourgame]" to google10:55
bazhang!appdb | ngomes10:55
ubottungomes: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help10:55
srulican someone please take a look at my smartctl log and see if the values are good? i dont have a clue about those values, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23637522/11:04
6A4AAK9QOHello, I want to convert a video .mp4 to .webm and keep the same size ! How to do plz ?11:08
hateballsruli: well Multi_Zone_Error_Rate could be a (at least beginning) issue, not sure about Program_Fail_Cnt_Total it could just be misreported11:20
hateballsruli: usually it's any of the "Error" attributes you want to look at11:20
hateballsruli: and they seem fine, except for G-Sense_Error_Rate11:21
srulihateball: what does the g-sense-error mean11:22
hateballsruli: it records if the drive has been dropped or whatever, it's supposed to halt then to prevent damage11:23
hateballsruli: but such things could also occur due to mechanical failure, so hard to say11:23
hateballsruli: At any rate I would write a letter to Santa asking for a replacement SSD ;p11:25
ppfdoes this affect ubuntu's apt as well: https://lists.debian.org/debian-security-announce/2016/msg00316.html11:27
rejnsim booting from live ubuntu usb and not getting option to install ubuntu, it goes straight to live11:27
rejnsis that normal ?11:27
srulihateball: santa never responds! i can get ssd but i really would like to get to the bottom of it, i also have it running on 3 acer i3 all-in-ones and i always though they were slow there because of hardware compatibility (unity was so slow on them i had to go for something else) i would really like to get to the bottom of it, i will not accapt that ubuntu is built for ssd only11:27
hateballsruli: It's not built for SSD only, I was merely saying that if you have a faulty drive it should be replaced by an SSD11:29
hateballsruli: as for general slowness, like ikonia said it can be either gpu or hdd etc.11:30
hateballsruli: you can use a benchmarking tool like bonnie++ if you want to check your HDD speeds11:30
hateballsruli: doing I/O intensive stuff like that would likely have an impact on the SMART numbers as well, so you can check those and see if error rates increase11:31
sruliwill look up bonnie, what tools can i use to test ram?11:31
hateballoh come on11:31
hateballsruli: reboot and hold shift to go into grub, there should be a memtest option11:31
sruliok, thanks11:31
rejns im booting from live ubuntu usb and not getting option to install ubuntu, it goes straight to live11:32
rejns is that normal ?11:32
Felishiahow do I record ubuntu desktop including microphone?11:33
FelishiaI tried recordmydesktop but it's broken11:34
brunch875it's broken how?11:34
rejnseverything in linux is broken11:34
hateballFelishia: I like obs-studio, but it's not in the official repos11:34
Felishiathe video is completely messed up11:34
brunch875Last time I checked recordmydesktop worked flawlessly11:34
srulirejns: once in live do you have the option to install? how did you create the usb?11:34
Felishiaand the audio from my mic is 10 times louder than the audio from the desktop11:34
rejnsi used makestartupdisk11:34
rejnsin ubuntu11:34
brunch875you can try obs-studio like hateball mentioned11:35
brunch875it's very user friendly11:35
brunch875just... bigger :p11:35
rejnssruli, what is more i can't get to terminal in live distro11:35
bazhangtry kazam then Felishia11:35
bazhang!info kazam | Felishia11:35
ubottuFelishia: kazam (source: kazam): screencast and screenshot application created with design in mind. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.5-2 (yakkety), package size 732 kB, installed size 1693 kB11:35
Felishiawhat is obs studio11:35
srulirejns: something is wrong with your usb image11:35
Felishiaoh I remember kazam11:35
rejnssruli, md5sum says ok11:36
brunch875I remember using obs studio to stream games to twitch.tv11:36
brunch875but you can use it to record as well11:36
rejnssruli, i had dual boot with grub, then deleted ubuntu partitions from windows, but now i cant reinstall that's how it all started11:36
=== Jochen_wvdT is now known as Schlawiner
rejnssruli, is it beacause of grub ?11:37
srulirejns: dont think so, as i said something is wrong with the usb image, not the image you downloaded but how it was put on the usb, are you using eufi boot?11:38
rejnsnot sure about that11:38
rejnsthen tried to use unetbootin11:38
rejnsbut this shit cant find usb drive11:38
srulirejns: try to make the usb with something lie unetbootin11:38
rejnseveryhing has it's glithces11:39
rejnswhile makestartup disk finds drive and cant properly write11:39
rejnsunetbootin cant find drive11:39
rejnshow good is that11:39
rejnsman,... so frustrating11:39
Felishiakazam worked ;d11:39
rejnsthinking about to run windows from virtualbox and try rufus...11:40
Felishianow I can call the army and record them >:311:40
rejnssruli,  any better idea ?11:41
FelishiaI however don't like how the sound seems messed up because my microphone gets a lot of noise11:41
srulirejns: no11:41
rejnsi always feel im doing more to get linux working then actuall work...11:42
rejnsso pissed11:42
Felishiahow do I make pulse only record if I'm talking :o11:42
rejnsbut no money for mac11:42
brunch875Felishia: could it be that your mic gain is set too loud?11:42
brunch875check volume settings11:42
Felishiabrunch875, lemme see11:42
=== dragonsl is now known as dragonslay
=== ninisama_ is now known as ninisama
brunch875Also check if kazam has a push to talk option11:43
Felishiabrunch875, it's actually at 39%11:43
Felishianot really :/11:43
=== dragonslay is now known as dragonsl
brunch875rejns: you should be able to launch the installer from the live usb anyway11:45
brunch875there should be a shortcut in the desktop11:45
rejnsbrunch875,  how11:45
rejnsit's broken somehow11:45
brunch875boot from live usb and observe your desktop11:45
rejnscant get to terminal11:45
rejnsor click anything11:45
brunch875there should be an installer11:45
brunch875what did you use to create the usb?11:46
rejnsfrom ubuntu11:46
brunch875is that the one installed by default?11:46
brunch875the "usb creator" thing?11:46
brunch875dancell: pong11:51
dancellwhere your conform11:51
brunch875dancell: this is the ubuntu support channel, for chitchat you can join me on #ubuntu-offtopic11:52
stein2864which Linux is better in gnome11:53
dancellada yg dari indonesia11:54
rommelstein2864, how would you define better11:54
stein2864ubuntu-gnome cant put icon in desktop11:56
rommelwell honestly i havent tried that but i have gnome working in gentoo with systemd and it works asaik perfectly11:57
rommeli think though i saw a switch or teak that allowed icons on the desktop11:57
stein2864gentoo .....is difficult11:58
stein2864just a noob11:59
rommelnot really but i will say ubuntu loaded on this macbook in less then 15 mins11:59
rommelstein2864, do you have tweak tool installed12:00
martin__2Hello guys, I'm on Ubuntu 16.04.1 and I encounter a problem with the `add-apt-repository` command12:01
martin__2here is the stacktrace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23637811/12:02
=== nkr_ is now known as nkrrrr
rommelmartin__2, what was the repo... what was the command you tried to fetch it12:06
martin__2rommel: `sudo add-apt-repository ppa:budgie-remix/ppa`12:06
martin__2like found here: https://launchpad.net/~budgie-remix/+archive/ubuntu/ppa12:07
rommelseems your not alone12:08
rommeland this may be related too.. https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=52099212:11
ubottuDebian bug 520992 in postgresql-common "ImportError: No module named lsb_release" [Important,Fixed]12:11
martin__2rommel: yes, looks like...12:12
martin__2hum 2009, seems too old no?12:14
yao_ziyuanhi. i'm in ubuntu 15.10 but wants wine 1.8.5 or higher, and wine's official repo is too slow.12:15
jedivapeshi everybody12:16
rommelmartin__2, yes but the lsb_release was in your traceback12:17
rommelyao_ziyuan, maybe something like this http://askubuntu.com/questions/626932/how-to-download-wine-offline12:20
Amm0n!EOL | yao_ziyuan12:20
ubottuyao_ziyuan: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:20
martin__2rommel: how to reinstall a package? I would like to reinstall the lsb-release package12:20
Amm0n15.10 is not supported any longer12:20
yao_ziyuanmore specifically, it is ppa.launchpad.net that is too slow from my china-based internet access.12:20
Nod0n_NeonHi, what other backup programm then back in time do you recomend? (I'm a learning sysadmin, using ubuntu since 14.04 as main OS, backing up my laptop with live usb and dd ATM)12:20
ikoniaNod0n_Neon: depends on your requirements12:21
yao_ziyuanAmm0n: yeah but 16.04 and 16.10 don't support my GTX960 video card.12:21
ikoniayao_ziyuan: pretty sure they do12:21
Amm0nmartin__2, can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list12:21
yao_ziyuanikonia: tried several times and failed.12:21
=== sync0pate is now known as Guest78279
ikoniayao_ziyuan: doesn't mean it doesn't support it12:22
Nod0n_NeonI need all my data backed up like every week/ day / hour (i don't know yet), and every month a complete system backup.12:22
ikoniayao_ziyuan: means you couldn't get it working,12:22
rommelmartin__2, i am just using google but here https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205080412:22
yao_ziyuanikonia: ok ok12:22
ikoniaI've got a 980, a 970 working on 16.04 and a 1080 working on 16.1012:22
ikoniaI'd be surprised if it didn't pickup the 96012:23
rommelAmm0n, did you see the python error martin__2 pasted when trying to add a repo12:23
martin__2Amm0n: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23637871/12:23
martin__2I might have an idea lsb-release package is probably coming from a ppa on my machine12:24
martin__2I would like to go back to the one provided by ubuntu12:24
martin__2but removing lsb-release is removing tons of dependencies12:25
Amm0nmartin__2, if you want to use this repo (which i don't recommend) you need to add it to sources.list like in the link you provided12:26
Amm0nmartin__2, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/CommandLine12:26
rommelAmm0n, is that the reason for that traceback error12:27
martin__2Amm0n: I have this installed on my system: 9.20160110+elementary4~ubuntu0.4.1 - lsb-release:i386 (= 9.20160110+elementary4~ubuntu0.4.1)12:27
martin__2And I would like to go back to the ubuntu version12:27
rommelyeah adding packages from aur in arch was a disaster12:28
ppfmartin__2: the ppa-purge package can help you purge a ppa12:28
rommelits like installing outside of portage in gentoo or funtoo12:28
Amm0nmartin__2, how did you get this lsb_release? your sources.list looks fine12:29
martin__2Amm0n: it was in my source.list.d12:30
martin__2But I removed the ppa later on12:30
martin__2but this thing staayed here12:30
Amm0ndid you ppa-purge this ppa?12:31
martin__2Amm0n: sadly not12:31
ppfthen do so12:31
martin__2but I cannot right now because lsb_release is failing12:31
=== Guest78279 is now known as syncy
yao_ziyuanis there any faster mirror for ppa.launchpad.net?12:33
ikoniayao_ziyuan: it's a distirbuted service12:33
yao_ziyuannow i'm using a proxy to download https://launchpadlibrarian.net/231444440/wine1.8-amd64_1.8.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10.1~ppa1_amd64.deb and it becomes SIGNIFICANTLY faster.12:34
martin__2Okay solved guys12:35
rommelmartin__2, how12:35
martin__2I downgraded the lsb-release package, then I will readd the faulty ppa and purge it to reset all packages12:36
ppfyou don't need to readd it12:36
martin__2sudo apt-get install lsb-release=9.20160110ubuntu0.212:36
martin__2I can purge without readding it?12:36
ppfby hand12:36
ppfor, if you'd like to use, ppa-purge12:37
ppfthen you need to readd it12:37
rommelwell when you purge a repo does it then remove all installed pkgs from it and reinstall the normal ones?12:37
ppfrommel: with ppa-purge, yes12:38
Amm0nmartin__2, if you cleaned by hand an apt update/upgrade should bring back the normal version12:38
rommelthat would be the thing to do then since it may catch what you might miss12:38
martin__2yes I will go this way12:38
ppfAmm0n: no, upgrade doesn't downgrade packages12:39
_joe_^Hi I have a problem with scane from brother dcp-j315w. I installed *.deb drivers form official web (printer, scancer, and drivet install tool) but sane cant scan documents (see scaner via usb of sane-fine-scanner)12:42
_joe_^Under windows havent problem. I remember that scaner work too under arch's distro bunt driver was not brscane3 but brscan4 and was from arch AUR12:43
martin__2okay, so looks like it's much better now, but I still have this error now: lsb_release: error: no such option: -u12:55
=== mikecmpb_ is now known as mikecmpbll
quantibilityi was losing all faith in ubuntu untill i switched to ubuntu from xubuntu.. from scratch, i did manage to save my mess of a work.. im glad i went toe the roots.13:01
=== BioKee is now known as Guest96652
srulitrying to find why a few of my machines are very slow, smartctl looked ok, will run some bonnie++ tests soon, but i just tried "su -sch" on a dir (should be around 400gb) its already running 6-7 minutes and has not returned a result yet, does this indicate a problem with hdd? (on my main PC which is zfs raid 5 same command on 521gb took ~20 seconds)13:22
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
sruliafter 8 minutes du finished 321gb, why so long13:25
xurious_phoneMorning folks. In a pickle. Installed 16.04 server. Did the mod to show 'classic' if names (eth0). Modified interfaces to set a static IP. Ifconfig shows everything is correct. However I still can't ping gateway. Is there something else I can check to see if the network is properly configured?13:25
srulixurious_phone: can you ping it from other machine on local network?13:26
Southern_Gentlemxurious_phone, subnet mask correct?13:27
=== nat is now known as Natkeeran
xurious_phoneSubnet mask is correct. Unable to ping it  (or out.)13:28
srulixurious_phone: have you bought up the interface?13:29
ppfcan't ping means what exactly?13:29
=== guardianL_ is now known as PaulaBean
xurious_phoneOther machines on the subnet are unable to ping this IP. From this server, I can not ping gateway or other IPs13:30
ppfthat's what you said, but what does it mean13:31
ppfwhat's the error message13:31
ppfhow do you ping13:31
ppfare the interfaces up?13:31
ppfare they configured?13:32
srulippf: i got the card, monitor & mount, tomorrow will install and hope for a smooth ride13:33
xurious_phone"Ping <ip>",  destination host unreachable, ifconfig shows the if as UP13:33
xurious_phonePretty typical way, no?13:34
jorthI'm having a problem with startx13:34
jorthwhenever I restart, startx will simply hang13:34
jorthwhen I kill it and try again, it will hang again13:35
jorthbut then when I "sudu startx" it works13:35
jorthand furthermore, when I stop x again and remove .ICEauthority, normal startx starts to worx13:35
jorthwhen I start X, the nvidia logo flashes very shortly so maybe it has something to do with the proprietary driver13:36
brunch875from what I remember, doing startx with sudo is a bad idea since it changes the owner of some configuration files to root13:36
brunch875so then startx cannot be started normally13:37
jorthit writes .ICEauthority so I have to delete that one manually afterwards13:37
jorthbut then it worxs13:37
jorththe interesting issue is that "startx" starts to work only after I do "sudo startx" once13:37
brunch875but is it .ICEauthority the only file startx creates?13:37
jortheverytime I reboot13:37
jorthbrunch875: maybe, maybe not. it's the only thing in ~ owned by root after "sudo startx"13:38
brunch875I don't know what sudo startx breaks, since I'm no expert in X13:39
brunch875but I know it breaks stuff13:39
jorthIt's rather the other way around. "sudo startx" fixes something that allows me to use normal "startx" afterwards.13:39
brunch875tales of friends have told me they managed to fix it by reinstalling13:39
brunch875what I mean is probably the first "sudo startx" you ran is the one which broke stuff and left you in this state13:40
jorthpossibly. but I don't see why another "sudo startx" would fix it.13:42
holycrunchitzmy apache died. can't figure out why13:45
holycrunchitzplease help, this is a production site13:45
sruliholycrunchitz: 16.04?13:46
holycrunchitzall of the vhosts went dark yesterday13:46
sruliis apache running at all?13:47
guest-cnw2yfHi, I upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04.1 and now I don't have permission to mount my HDDs, how can I change that?13:47
preciseHey guys, apt update on 16.04 wouldn't work this morning said some files were opened or locked; possibly in use by another process. Looked in htop, didn't see anything. They eventually became unlocked and the issue resolved itself, but still: Are there any common issues that might cause this I can look into after the fact?13:48
guest-cnw2yfI don't dual boot13:49
holycrunchitzsruli yes13:51
sruliholycrunchitz: do you see any errors in "systemctl status apache2"13:52
holycrunchitzsruli http://pastebin.com/ezCcKzg513:52
sruliholycrunchitz: was just guessing the basics, dont know, try the log files13:53
guest-cnw2yfAlright, it's me that screwed up. I forgot that I had changed /etc/fstab to make my home folder a different partition and I replaced it with a default13:55
guest-cnw2yf(I can't mount HDD because I'm on a guest account, because graphical login doesn't work)13:55
holycrunchitzsruli AH00016: Configuration Failed13:56
holycrunchitzbut apachectl says that syntax is ok13:56
sruliwant to run a memetest but dont have that option in grub13:57
Piciprecise: sounds like there may have been another apt update happening in the background.13:59
Antareshttps://pp.vk.me/c633922/v633922276/23f19/eUuYuxc7Zog.jpg НОВЫЙ DC HUB !!!13:59
precisePici: I don't have any cron jobs setup, what else could start an apt update?13:59
holycrunchitzanyone in here know how to read a strace?14:00
=== anon is now known as Guest76864
Piciprecise: iirc theres one that runs to update the motd screen that tells you how many packages require updates.14:01
ubottuA netsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit14:02
precisePici: Hmmm, that makes sense, but I don't have motd last I checked, this is the Desktop version.14:03
Piciprecise: Take a look at /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10periodic14:05
Piciprecise: the setting there powers what happens in /etc/cron.daily/apt14:05
deavmiWHat is the current release name of 16.10?14:11
OerHekssomething with a Y ..14:11
deavmiOkay thanks14:12
deavmi* Yakkety14:12
OerHeks.. yak, indeed14:12
holycrunchitzGOT IT14:15
holycrunchitzsruli: in case you were curious, it was an invalid ssl cert14:16
holycrunchitzwhy in God's name doesn't apache just say so in the fricking logs?14:16
holycrunchitzanyway thank you for helping me get my momentum going!14:16
kLOsnmap shows me this: 12345/tcp filtered netbus14:19
kLOsshould I be concerened?14:19
kLOsanyone can help investigate what causes this port to show?14:19
kLOsnetstat doesnt show me anything on 1234514:21
kLOsi also tried fuser, but nothing14:22
OerHeks lsof | grep 1234514:23
OerHeks( shows what process opens that port)14:23
Southern_Gentlemi am suspecting nmap14:24
Southern_Gentlemdid you run nmap from the same machine14:24
kLOsbut i'm reading now that it might be the firewall since it's filtered14:25
Southern_Gentlemit can be alot of things14:25
OerHeks note: TCP port 12345 uses the Transmission Control Protocol too14:25
codfectionhttp://thehackernews.com/2016/12/ubuntu-hack.html LOL14:25
OerHekscodfection,  old news, if you got the ffmpeg updates today14:26
codfectionOerHeks, why does ubuntu bring more vulnerable software with it?14:26
Picicodfection: Thats a weird question. Are you asking why software has bugs?14:27
codfectionPici, well.. there are many bugs discovered in past related to ubuntu only and not for Gnu/Linux in general.14:28
OerHekscodfection, read your story again, it says not ubuntu exclusive :-D14:29
codfectionPici, considering the fact that a huge company like canonical is backing up ubuntu..14:29
Picicodfection: I strongly disagree.  The vast majority of security updates that you get are for things not created by canonical.14:29
DArqueBishopUbuntu has security bugs that need fixing.14:31
DArqueBishopWindows has security bugs that need fixing.14:31
DArqueBishopAndroid has security bugs that need fixing.14:31
codfectionPici, I didnt mean that.. I mean that ubuntu installs bunch of crap that brings vulnerabilities14:31
DArqueBishopiOS has security bugs that need fxing.14:31
DArqueBishopThere's no such thing as perfectly secure software.14:31
codfectionDArqueBishop, I dont think iOS has any bugs.14:31
codfectionDArqueBishop, in past yes, not anymore. iOS is considerably more secure. : Fact14:32
DArqueBishopcodfection: not fact. Opinion.14:32
OerHeksopen your ios agenda ...14:32
DArqueBishopReally, this discussion belongs in #ubuntu-discuss.14:33
OerHeksanyway, nice friday trolling, codfection14:33
DArqueBishopOr #ubuntu-offtopic.14:33
codfectionDArqueBishop, OerHeks come to offtopic or discuss. I will show you proof14:33
invisiblekyea, you probably want to leave that on Pici lol14:38
ppfspeaking of security bugs14:41
ppfis ubuntu affected as well: https://lists.debian.org/debian-security-announce/2016/msg00316.html14:41
codfectionwhy ubuntu is not rolling release? wouldn't it be beneficial for users to get up to date software while counting on ubuntu's support?14:42
txdvcodfection: apply to canonical and do that14:44
OerHeksif you want to drop quality, sure14:44
codfectionOerHeks, how does it drop quality? mind explaining?14:45
codfectiontxdv, lol14:45
stein2843zhengsheng 你好14:45
txdvcodfection: its not really funny, its a lot of work14:46
ppfcodfection: you can't make necessary but invasive changes in a rolling release14:46
Amm0nppf, that's not true14:48
BluesKajHowdy all14:48
=== deww is now known as ShaDeww
codfectionppf, it's not. It makes no sense14:50
ppfAmm0n: of course you can, but that would be indistinguishable from a full distribution upgrade14:50
=== ShaDeww is now known as deww
ppftake the switch from upstart to systemd for instance14:50
ppfthere's no sane way to do that in a rolling release14:50
Amm0nppf i took this step with a 1 year neglected rr without any problems^14:51
Amm0nwell, it was sysvinit - systemd14:52
ppfthen ... that's not a rolling relase14:52
ppfor release14:52
Amm0nsure it was/is14:52
ppfwhat system were you switching on, then?14:53
Amm0nthe distro switched from sysvinit to systemd14:54
AntaresSend cocaine from MI614:54
OerHeksPartly rolling Full-rolling Pseudo-rolling True-rolling Cyclically rolling, what version do you suggest, codfection?14:54
ppfAmm0n: arch linux?14:54
codfectionppf, arch did that and it was / is a rolling distro.14:55
Amm0nppf yes arch14:55
codfectionppf, https://www.archlinux.org/news/systemd-is-now-the-default-on-new-installations/14:55
codfectionOerHeks, full-rolling14:55
ppfcodfection: yes, i know14:56
codfectionppf, so your argument is completely wrong and false.14:57
* OerHeks facepalms14:57
ppfOerHeks: :)14:58
codfectionthats a fanboy facepalm lol14:58
Amm0nppf, one of my systems with arch i installed 2009, and it didn't got broken by any update yet14:58
ppfbreaking updates is not a problem inherent to rolling release14:58
codfectionAmm0n, try upgrading from ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 and it will give you headaches lol14:58
ppfcodfection: not really14:59
ppfAmm0n: the issue with rr is about stability. rr vastly increases the likelihood of major bugs making it into production15:00
ppfthat's the principal reason why ubuntu does fixed-release15:00
Amm0nppf, 7 years working now is what i call stable15:00
ppf(well, that and because upstream debian does so)15:00
=== for{} is now known as PuteamSaNuFiu
Amm0nppf, read https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/arch_compared_to_other_distributions15:02
ppfAmm0n: i am familiar with arch15:03
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codfectionAmm0n, arch is a no match for kids distro15:17
codfectionanyway ppf you better get your facts straight15:17
ppfcodfection: my facts are flawless15:18
invisiblekrolling release is more unstable, there's absolutely no doubt about that15:18
invisiblekgood, bad or otherwise15:19
Amm0nlol another one15:19
=== Judouka is now known as Bilel
invisiblekyou guys clearly have no idea how software development works15:19
invisiblekbleeding edge != stable15:19
ppffolks i think it's time to quit this discussion and get back on topic15:19
codfectionAmm0n, they always cry about stability whenever asked for bleeding edge packages or rr. but the fact is that ubuntu has more stability issues than rr and bleeding edge distros. like ppf said I wont say more because its getting offtopic. cheers15:21
GrandPa-GI need some help configuring postfix on 16.04. I installed as the default Internet option. What do I need to change to set up smtp sending?15:21
=== lesshaste is now known as Guest42051
kinaseguys, could someone help me out? I am having an issue with shutting down lightdm and going back to the terminal (ctrl+alt+F1). It keeps the black screen, but I can still run commands, only blindly.15:22
ppfGrandPa-G: here's a guide you can try: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/postfix.html15:22
=== Loracks is now known as rany
Amm0ninvisiblek, rolling release != bleeding edge15:23
invisiblekeh, you got me there15:24
GrandPa-Gppf: i had skimmed that one but it seemed more about tls and ssl. I just found another https://www.linode.com/docs/email/postfix/postfix-smtp-debian7 I am going to look at.15:25
GrandPa-GI basically want to use it as a relay via gmail15:27
=== sum_1 is now known as psyb0t
rafalcppUbuntu's live-cd seems to not include mdadm, wtf?15:31
ppfrafalcpp: install it15:31
stein2843anyone know how to solve tearing UI&video15:32
rafalcppppf: that sucks15:32
rafalcppppf: can't do basic repair on your computer15:33
rafalcpp(without internet)15:33
=== scottt is now known as Guest84702
ppfrafalcpp: server or desktop15:34
ppfdid you try the Alternate Install disk?15:34
rafalcppppf: for me desktop and server is the same, what do you mean? It's a PC, with a screen, keyboard15:35
ppfthe question is which iso did you use15:36
ppfif the default desktop iso ships without mdadm, give the Alaternate one a try15:36
ppfor the server one15:36
ppfalso the alternate one15:36
Picippf: the alt install cd was discontinued a while ago15:37
ppfPici: dammit, that's what i get for guessing my answers :)15:37
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD15:37
Picibut you need an internet connection for that one, obviously.15:38
ppfPici: it's rafalcpp's question originially. he's looking for a live disk that contains mdadm15:38
nicomachusuh oh. Pici is all op'd up15:39
rafalcppPici: that cd really should contain basic stuff to open your disk. mdadm, lsblk, cryptsetup, lvm. they are probably < 1mb packed together15:41
rafalcppespcially as there was room for various icons/backgrounds and other unneeded stuff15:41
ppfPici: the alternate iso is still referenced on help.ubuntu.com15:42
ioriappf, only lubuntu i think has it15:43
Amm0nrafalcpp, you are right, but RAID is not very common on Desktop setups, that's why it's not included in the desktop iso. The server iso should have all stuff you mentioned.15:43
ppfrafalcpp: try the server iso maybe15:44
ppfme, Amm0n beat me to it15:44
ioriaserver it's not live15:44
rafalcppwell that is another point, all ubuntus should setup raid by default (at least degraded mirror)15:45
rafalcppjust so when user decides to add a disk and "convert to raid" he can do that easily15:45
ppfthat's not a very sane request15:45
ppfraid dekstop setups are fringe scenarios15:45
ppfonly very very few users run it15:46
ioriarafalcpp, can you download the mdadm pkg and install on livecd manually ? via usb maybe15:46
rafalcppioria: could be. Well I already solved it in other way, just saying how dissapointing experience it was15:47
ioriarafalcpp, i see15:47
Amm0nrafalcpp, ubuntu is preconfigured, if you don't like it change what you want, or use another distro15:48
ppfactually i concur that the iso should contain those tools15:48
ppfwho cares about size, really15:49
nicomachus ppf I would say I do, because I want the ISO to fit on a CD.15:50
Amm0nit would be there if more ppl would use it^15:50
ppfrafalcpp: you can build your own live disks, btw15:50
ppfnicomachus: that's what the minimal cd is for15:50
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=== postrecito is now known as ElPostree-
flingppf: I run raidz2 on desktops15:55
ppfso do i (btrfs in fact), but i think we're fringe scenarios, too :)15:56
flingppf: but we just need data availability!15:57
ppfand it's awesome!15:57
Calgonhi all15:58
Calgonguys channell for tennis?15:58
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"15:59
aarobcRunning ubuntu on a mbp, sometimes the bluetooth audio works flawlessly and has great range. Other days it is crappy quality, crappy range. Anyone know of a solution?16:00
aarobcAlso, can't ever get it to connect on the first try. have to disconnect it and reconnect it a few times, then toggle the audio sync connect in blueman before it finally connects16:01
nicomachusaarobc: sounds like a typical experience with bluetooth to me. if you find a solution please share.16:01
aarobcha ha16:01
quantibilityok, so, i installed plasma desktop and now i want to remove it i have followed all the advice online and yet i still have the option to choose plasma? can someone help please?16:04
* quantibility plays "sitting by the dock of the bay"16:06
gswallowI'm sure you hear it multiple times a day but y'all need to hear it from me:  systemd sucks.  Please remove it from forthcoming releases of Ubuntu.16:08
gswallowThat is all.16:08
quantibilityso no one?16:09
* nicomachus heads over to the master servers to remove systemd, since no one ever put it that way before...16:09
i_and_iquantability .. perhaps use Synaptic Package Manager to remove everything related to plasma ?16:10
* quantibility knew he should have went with unity... 16:11
nicomachusquantibility: sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth16:11
nicomachusquantibility: then sudo update-initramfs -u16:11
quantibilityhow the f- you mf know ths sh-t all day?16:12
nicomachus(also apt purge --remove <plasma> but I assume you already did that)16:12
quantibilitynot that im knocking i appreciate the help16:12
nicomachus1. please watch your language :)16:12
quantibilityi think i tried there16:12
i_and_ithey are experiences16:12
nicomachus2. I had to do the same thing earlier this week and just checked my bash history16:12
quantibilitybut yes16:12
nicomachusquantibility: did that do the trick?16:14
quantibilityim stuck between options16:15
quantibilityand talking on the phone with my girl16:15
quantibilityshe always manages to call when im doing something16:16
noonienHello folks!16:16
noonienI'm trying to install i3-gaps-next on yakkety. I've added the following ppa: https://launchpad.net/~daveg/+archive/ubuntu/i3-gaps-next using apt-add-repository, then I ran a sed -i 's/yakkety/xenial/' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/daveg-ubuntu-i3-gaps-next-yakkety.list, however, after a apt-get update, apt-cache show i3-wm does not show the correct version. Am I16:17
nooniendoing something wrong?16:17
nicomachusnoonien: may need to check with the guys in #i316:18
nicomachusnoonien: we can't really provide support for PPAs like that16:18
yotuxNeed help running a script at startup with root access16:18
noonienThat seems to be an unofficial PPA, and this really doesn't have anything to do with i3.16:18
noonienThe problem I'm having is that I cannot apt-get the package from the launchpad PPA.16:18
nicomachusnoonien: did you run apt update?16:19
noonienI did, yes16:20
noonienThis is the output of apt-cache show i3-wm: http://vpaste.net/GFGOZ16:21
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jamesrleimernothing like just figuring out that the computer you have ubuntu on is a quad core cpu ::}16:45
ioriajamesrleimer, grep "cpu cores" /proc/cpuinfo16:47
mikeymophey all16:48
=== psyb0t is now known as Markdown
jamesrleimerhi mikey... yea i got 4 cores...now just trying to figure out something with conky..whole lot of reading on the net16:49
=== Markdown is now known as CoffeeScript
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mikeymophas anyone here used wine to host a windows service?16:51
=== psyb0t is now known as elixir
jamesrleimerno i got a windows 10 comp specifically to play steam games..16:51
=== elixir is now known as psyb0t
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lonixHell when I boot ubuntu USB in uefi, it gives me the try or install option and screen goes blank after choosing ( secure and fast boot is off)17:00
lonixAnyone have a good idea ?17:00
quantibilitythank god my girl works17:03
quantibilitynow back to the options i was stuck at..17:03
=== elGALLO is now known as GALL0
jamesrleimeri think you have to go into bios to change from uefi to legacy17:03
jamesrleimerdont quote me..there are people here that know better than i17:04
quantibilityauto mode and manual mode?17:04
=== JaceAlvejetti is now known as JaceAlvejettiTER
lonixJames yes but then I would be installing in bios mode :(17:05
jamesrleimernot sure then17:05
math573hello. i know this isn't the channel for this but: for xubuntu, are the security updates same as the ones for ubuntu?17:05
quantibilitylike 0 -3 choices here17:08
tgm4883math573: yes17:10
quantibilityso i just guess it here and use "scale_2" or regular? which one???17:11
quantibilityscale 2 is 99 priority, while regular is 100 priority17:11
quantibilitywhat to do.17:12
quack_my mom said 38 bogomips is enough for anyone. my friends all have over 8000 bogomips, what can I do do convince her I need more bogomips?17:13
quantibilitythat would convince anyone when you pay for your own bogomips.17:14
quack_I wash the car once a week17:15
i_and_iwhat is this ugly word :  "bogomips" ?17:15
quantibilityi usta wash and wax a car 23 times a weekend.17:16
quack_bogomips is the computer speed17:16
i_and_iwasn't it measured in Herz ?17:16
quantibilitysheesh things change so fast17:16
quantibilityi think he's talking about gaming17:16
i_and_ihmm ic17:16
quantibilityhe's whiney about a slow system17:16
i_and_igaming is not good for the brain, especially of young children17:17
quack_cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep Bogo17:17
quack_BogoMIPS: 38.4017:17
quantibilityi see no good for the brain when the brain is no good for the brain, but otherwise its a pretty helpful tool17:18
i_and_iok once per week max17:18
quantibilityquack, go work dude,17:18
quantibilityor dudet17:18
quack_i can't work right now, the car is clean17:18
quantibilityomg are you in colorado or one for those "other" states right now?17:18
quack_maybe i should wipe poos on it17:19
quantibilityor are you inebriated?17:19
quantibilityits so much fun confusing today's youth.17:19
math573specially when you're old and will most likely die a week later17:20
quantibilityyeah but its so entertaining.17:21
i_and_ithey dunno what else to do17:21
quantibilitysoon im going to need meds to stay alive, whoohoo.17:21
quack_how can i make my machine more bogomips!17:21
quantibilityBUY a better machine, isn't this a channel for ubuntu anyhow?17:22
i_and_iquack use ethernet cable instead of wifi17:22
quack_i think this is ubuntu my dad gave it to me17:22
quack_it's too small!17:22
i_and_igood dad17:23
i_and_inow you give him something cool17:23
quantibilityi_and_i, i didn't know that was a bandwitdth issue?17:23
quack_ubuntu doesn't have enough bogomips17:24
quantibilityand you do you realize how confusing it is to type that sentence with a name like yours17:24
i_and_iquantibility.. me neither, im just guessing around17:24
quantibilityand you know i guessed that you where?? lol17:24
i_and_iheh aye & aye17:24
quack_make ubuntu with more bogomips please17:24
quantibilityQuack, ok, but i think your done here?17:25
quack_quantibility your mom is done here.17:25
i_and_iquack it's not the limitation of Ubuntu, but of your hardware17:25
quantibilitywe can't magically make that happenen over night that would be against the laws of nature.17:25
quack_make it happen17:25
i_and_igood luck17:26
quantibilityoh god i wish i knew what the term was the drum comedy hit.17:26
quantibilityba da dant17:26
quantibilityand a kick lol17:26
KB3VGWok whats going on with 16.04 and python pkgs17:28
KB3VGWthe python link is missing on installs17:29
quantibilitythen something is not right17:29
KB3VGWwe just setup a new 16.04 and did apt-get update and upgrade17:29
KB3VGWand installed switft 3.0217:30
quack_fuck my ballsack is hot17:30
quantibilitywell, do you have a front end?17:30
quantibilityfor python?17:30
KB3VGWthe 2.7 pkg is broken17:30
KB3VGW3.5 is installed17:30
KB3VGWbut when you type python17:30
KB3VGWThe program 'python' can be found in the following packages:17:31
KB3VGW * python-minimal17:31
KB3VGW * python317:31
KB3VGWTry: apt install <selected package>17:31
quantibilitywell there you go17:31
KB3VGWyet apt-get install python3 says its at the latest17:31
quantibilityyou can pick one of the two17:32
KB3VGWpython3 is already the newest version (3.5.1-3).17:32
quantibilitywhat about minimal?17:32
KB3VGWit tries to install 2.7 and the 2.7 pkg is broken17:32
yenclgj5nlwHi all! Who can advise me a ultralightweight sandbox for a PC built in 2005?17:33
quantibilitytried sudo apt-get update?17:33
i_and_ii have both versions of Python installed .. dunno why tho17:33
KB3VGWapt-get update && apt-get upgrade17:34
i_and_ii only use Python3 so far as i know17:34
i_and_ii haven't looked into it17:34
quantibilityKB3VGW, hate to tell ya that is the limit of my expertise.17:34
i_and_ijust plug & play17:34
KB3VGWUnpacking libpython2.7-minimal:amd64 (2.7.12-1ubuntu0~16.04.1) ...17:35
KB3VGWPreparing to unpack .../python2.7-minimal_2.7.12-1ubuntu0~16.04.1_amd64.deb ...17:35
KB3VGWnew installation of python2.7-minimal; /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages is a directory17:35
KB3VGWwhich is expected a symlink to /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages.17:35
KB3VGWplease find the package shipping files in /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages and17:35
KB3VGWfile a bug report to ship these in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages instead17:35
quantibilityim still stuck with my issue i wish  to be answered i can't ever take a educated guess17:35
quantibilityya know the explanation is right there.17:36
nicomachus!paste | KB3VGW17:37
ubottuKB3VGW: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:37
i_and_iKB3VGW.. why not step over to Python 3 ?17:37
quantibilityso yeah17:37
KB3VGW3 is installed17:37
KB3VGWbut the issue is that the pkg is broken the python command is missung17:38
i_and_iis it working ?17:38
quantibilityi have like a list of option and am too stupid to know which one to choose17:38
skinuxI need help with this error. Trying to connect to MySQL running on VM, error is "lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet' system error 1004517:38
i_and_ihm .. did you try: python3 yourproject.py17:39
KB3VGWwe need the command python for swift17:39
i_and_iwith a 3 attached17:39
KB3VGWno they built it with just the python conmmand17:40
KB3VGWit looks for the command python17:40
PiciKB3VGW: Does it require python 2.x?17:40
quantibilityim thinking it does17:40
KB3VGWand the 2.7 pkg is broken but you can tell it to use 3.017:41
PiciKB3VGW: can you pastebin the full error message you get from installing python 2.7?17:41
KB3VGWsudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/clang clang /usr/bin/clang-3.6 10017:41
KB3VGWsudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/clang++ clang++17:41
quantibilitywell its looking for the simulation link that is designated for the command that is in the main file, which is protected i believe.17:41
quantibilityonly way to get to it is to have thew system know its there, try adding the actual link in the folders and files associated.17:42
quantibilitythats a fresh install?17:45
PiciKB3VGW: did you install things into /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages manually?17:46
KB3VGWthis is a fresh 16.04 install maybe I will move to 16.1017:49
=== allizom1 is now known as allizom
gravie314ugh... sorry... i gotta read a channel topic?... sigh...17:52
=== Mike_ is now known as Guest83668
=== mem_ is now known as Guest29868
happydatashould i use --user whenever installing python packages so that i dont mess with anything that has to do with the system python?18:04
Picihappydata: yes, or use a virtualenv.18:04
happydatadoes that include installing pip?18:05
happydataand when it comes to new python versions, unless i want to try it out immediately, should i just wait until there is an update for the new version?18:08
Picihappydata: It depends if you mind being a few versions behind pip releases or not.  I used the get-pip.py script to install pip to my home instead of using apt's python-pip package.18:09
Picihappydata: I'd say wait... but thats mostly because 3.6 hasn't come out yet and I'm not sure what the community's response to it will be.  Also, feel free to check out #python, but note you'll need to be registered and identified to join (see /msg nickserv help register)18:10
happydataPici: so python updates just like any other package im assuming?18:15
Picihappydata: it does, but I guess I may have been a little misleading with my prior comment.  We won't ship a new version of python with the same package name for a version increase... You'll only really see security updates.  When python 3.6 comes out, you won't get upgraded from 3.5 to 3.6... 3.6 would be an entirely new package and also will not be deployed to releases that are already out... there are PPAs18:18
Piciavailable for these though.18:18
PiciSorry if that was a little confusing.18:18
happydataPici: hmm, alright that makes sense. python 3.6 package name would probably be along the lines of "python36" or something like that im guessing?18:20
Picihappydata: it'll be python3.6, yes.18:20
happydataPici: how will the symlink work? would python3 still be linked to 3.5? and if i wanted to use 3.6 id just type "python3.6"18:22
Picihappydata: Yes.18:22
happydataPici: also, side question, how do i get rid of all these join/leave messages?18:22
Pici!quietwebchat | happydata18:22
ubottuhappydata: To ignore joins, parts and quits from being displayed in the freenode webchat, from the menu in the upper left, select options and then tick the "Hide JOINS/PARTS/QUITS" checkbox.  This setting applies to all channels that you are in.18:22
happydataPici: that's easy haha. thank you for all your help!18:23
riccardo_I'm back18:32
riccardo_Pantheon is very unstable18:32
riccardo_So I thought it was better to have an Ubuntu configuration18:32
riccardo_So how do I have a dock instead of the sidebar and the multitasking view?18:33
KB3VGWok I just installed 16.1018:38
KB3VGWand it has 3.5 python installed18:39
KB3VGWbut the python command is missing18:39
KB3VGWthe python 2.7 pkg is broken on 16.10 also18:39
KB3VGWsame error18:39
PiciKB3VGW: So you installed 16.10 and immediately ran apt-get install python2.7?18:43
zivesterjust trying to do a simple apt update/upgrade, anyone ever seen this?18:43
zivesterThe following packages have unmet dependencies:18:44
zivester apt-utils : Depends: apt (= 1.3.1) but 1.3.2ubuntu0.1 is installed18:44
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foul_owlHi folks. I'm running fluxbox as my wm but some dialogs are still showing up as gtk3 style. For example, the firefox save dialog. These dialogs cannot be moved or resized, and are stuck partially off screen. Any way to disable gtk3 style dialogs?18:45
=== CorneeAlba is now known as DincoloDeUsa
skypcehello all18:49
skypcei am creating a ubuntu remix with pinguyos builder18:49
skypcehow can i add audio group with pinguyos builder, i need the group will added to user in live and install mode18:50
geniiskypce: That's not so much an Ubuntu support issue as a pinguyos support issue.18:54
skypceahh ok18:54
skypcei will go channel thank you18:54
xxxxubuntu 16.04 lts keeps freezing after not long (30 min), every turn on desconfigure keyboard and othr tinny stuff and this is a 2 month, several ubuntus problem19:10
=== DincoloDeUsa is now known as LipitaDeUsa
engpyDoes some one know if wifi disconnect issue is solved for ubuntu, when PC goes to sleep?19:12
engpybecause of that I have to boot on win10 since I can't have my pc loose wifi and it requires a relog or restart in order to connect a wifi, it is frustrating :(19:13
engpyI really need a solution :)19:13
ouroumov_xxxx, what's your CPU?19:14
ouroumov_engpy, there's so much wifi issues... A big chunk are not fixed19:15
ouroumov_engpy, however you don't usually need to restart19:15
ouroumov_engpy, you can `sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager.service` in a terminal19:15
ouroumov_engpy, if that doesn't work modprobe your wifi driver19:16
engpyI realy don't know what to do, it is clean installed last ver of LTS ubuntu - yeh I need to relog but once I had to restart relog didn't worked somehow. I use that command it doesn't work for me19:16
engpyI have been looking for solution last 3 weeks now19:16
buhis there a social ubuntu channel?19:16
buhfor off-topic discussion19:17
ouroumov_!ot | buh19:17
ubottubuh: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:17
engpyI have love for ubuntu I want to start use it as my main OS, but when I close my laptops lid or when pc sleeps wifi goes, and its lkist.. so if I relog I loose everthing that open or running19:18
allard-alfaHey, what's up, guys? ^^19:18
engpyNot much, eating my nails, you? :)19:19
buhouroumov: thanks. Should be in the topic IMO19:19
engpyTech life is not getting easier, getting harder instead lol19:19
xxxxouroumov_: acer 64bits, used to have win7, 500hd 2ram.. anything else?19:20
engpy2 ram ?19:20
xxxxit's low ram but just with youtube, and low Q keeps freezing19:21
DarkchaosDid someone already see an usb audio device which uses soley 0x0 and 0x1 in it's bulk transfer packets for audio? Never a full byte, it's like discarding the upper 7 bits?19:21
allard-alfa2 ram? what about lubuntu/xubuntu?)19:21
allard-alfaor i3wm19:21
allard-alfahi there19:23
Over9000Ragexcowsay hi19:23
engpyI honestly don't think you can run smoothly 64-Bit ubuntu with 2ram :)19:25
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kvasirrIs there a way to open an image in ubuntu mini cli version ?19:29
chachasmoothif I try to use a command line tool which has not been installed yet, Ubuntu shows a suggestion on how to install it19:30
chachasmoothhow does that mechanism work? i.e. how does ubuntu know to which package the tool belongs?19:30
Picichachasmooth: its powered by the command-not-found package, which ships a databse of executable names and the packages they belong to.19:33
Pici!info command-not-found19:33
ubottucommand-not-found (source: command-not-found): Suggest installation of packages in interactive bash sessions. In component main, is standard. Version 0.3ubuntu16.10.0 (yakkety), package size 3 kB, installed size 27 kB19:33
chachasmoothoh :/ I thought there was some cool magic behind it19:33
PazoozaWhat is an out of range error on a hidden network when Ubuntu first boots. You can't connect, it's all greyed out, then it connect by itself in it's own good time.19:39
GrandPa-GI am having permission problems with logrotate. My command is sudo logrotate  --state ./status -v -f caplink-backup.conf19:46
GrandPa-GI am getting rror: stat of /mnt/data/backup/caplink.sql.gz failed: Permission denied19:47
GrandPa-Gexactly what permissions am I missing and on what. It is a standard backup db and zip the sql result file19:47
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babatwhat is the codename for ubuntu 17.0119:58
ubottuUbuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) will be the 26th release of Ubuntu.  It is due to be released in April 2017. Discussion in #ubuntu+119:58
PiciThere is no 17.0119:58
babatjumping mouse19:59
babatwith systemd19:59
LoRezdoes anybody know if Canonical documents how the cloud images are built?20:01
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WicaeedI've got an NFS server that I'm using as a location for a bunch of DB backups. I was looking at using inotifywait to look for when a file is put on the file share, and then automatically sync that file to AWS S3 when it's completed copying by looking for write close_write events . It seems, however, that inotifywait & NFS (or sshfs/scp) don't really work together well for listening for events from the network. Does anyone know of any other simple way (witho20:19
LordNelthondoes anyone have dual boot with windows? which partition layout do you use (windows partitions before or after)?20:23
pseudonymousWicaeed: if the copying is a synchronous operation, you could simply write to another file (call it your lock-file) as an indication of the backup being done and have your server-side scripts monitor that instead20:23
IronSnoutLordNelthon, flag linux partitions as boot then do : grub-install /dev/sda1 . for example20:25
agrokHi !20:26
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agrokI ma trying to compile doxygen and get troubles. Is there anyone who can help me ?20:27
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pseudonymousagrok: as a general thing, don't ask to ask. Try to provide all the information required for people to help you instead.. In your case, that means pasting the exact error output paste.ubuntu.com20:28
agrokcmake -G "Unix Makefiles" ..20:29
agrok-- The C compiler identification is GNU 5.4.020:29
agrok-- The CXX compiler identification is GNU 5.4.020:29
agrok-- Check for working C compiler: /usr/bin/cc20:29
agrok-- Check for working C compiler: /usr/bin/cc -- works20:29
agrok-- Detecting C compiler ABI info20:29
pseudonymousagrok: pasting directly in the chat is a *big* no-no20:29
agrokCall Stack (most recent call first):20:30
agrok  CMakeLists.txt:76 (find_package)20:30
LordNelthonIronSnout: my question is, if I put the windows first, an windows update may mess with my linux partitions (happened recently) and if I put linux first I don't know if may cause windows problems20:31
pseudonymousagrok: paste your output to paste.ubuntu.com and come back with a link. You cannot paste it directly into the chat20:31
agrokI am a newbee20:31
agrokok ok20:31
pseudonymousagrok: you learn by screwing up :)20:31
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agrokHere is the error message i get.20:34
merlin__hello my driver manager did not really works20:36
pseudonymousagrok: so is there any reason why you're compiling doxygen yourself ? It's already available in the repositories ?20:37
ioriamerlin__, you mean Additional Drivers ?20:37
agrokThe version proposed by ubuntu 16.04 is not the last on and I need the last features of it.20:38
ioriamerlin__,  ubuntu-drivers list20:38
pseudonymousagrok: ok. If you *know* you need the latest features - it's just that you're going to be installing a *lot* of stuff so I'm asking you to think it over20:39
pseudonymousagrok: I'm not French, so I had to guess a little with your error, but it seems to me it errors out in 'main' saying that it couldn't find 'libiconv'. You're basically missing some libraries required to build doxygen. All debian systems actually allow you to build a package yourself, but as part of that, we can also use apt to install all packages the distro used to compile its version of a package20:41
agrokI already thinked of it and I am a hundred percent sure I need it.20:42
pseudonymousagrok: "sudo apt-get build-dep doxygen"  <-- beware, this was what was needed to compile the older version of Doxygen that ubuntu ships. It *could* be that the newer version requires something else.20:42
pseudonymousagrok: once you have all that installed, try again. But keep in mind, you're going to be installing a *lot* of stuff.20:43
MaikoWhere does "Precise Pangolin" stores the xorg.conf ?20:43
OerHeksMaiko, normally in /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:44
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MaikoOerHeks: There is no such a file ...20:45
OerHeksMaiko,  standard ubuntu does not need that anymore, unless you created it yourself, that would the place be20:47
rizonzmore people a good idea about what not to mirror for servers when you want a local mirror ?20:47
rizonzmultivers, univers20:47
OerHeksrizonz, src unless there is a reason to it20:48
agrokok but I had done it before. I download on Gnu website and compile/installed everything20:49
agrokthat's why I'm here.20:49
rizonzOerHeks: yeah no src, too much and univers multivers should be mirrored ?20:49
rizonzOerHeks: I hate them being so huge20:49
rizonzmirror in global20:49
pseudonymousMaiko: it's a long while since a full X.org config needed to exist. These days X.org mostly detects hardware and gets it right. However, if you need/want to override some aspect, you can create a file in '/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d' . You'll see that these files still use the old X.org config-file syntax20:50
OerHeksrizonz, that is up to you, if you want a real offline mirror, i would add them20:50
rizonzOerHeks: yeah true, but are there really packages used for servers ?20:51
A_C_MHello, got a raid1 with 2 hdds on it. it has nothing to do. the raid is clean, and iotop shows absolutly no read/write for either hdd. the os is installed on another hdd ssd. How else can I check for hdd's activity ?20:51
pseudonymousagrok: installing doxygen is not the same as having the software required to compile it - That's why I'm telling you to run 'sudo apt-get build-dep doxygen'.   Distributions like Ubuntu split software up such that files only needed for compilation are put in separate packages (ending in '-dev').. That's why your compile failed, you were missing some libraries required for compilation20:52
agrokok thanks20:52
A_C_MP.S, I've asked that question because the hdds are doing alot of activity noise :/20:52
MaikoHow do i switch between open Programms/Windows using the keyboard ?20:55
nullbyte_u bu u ntu20:55
nicomachusMaiko: should be Alt+Tab20:56
minimecMaiko: <alt><tab>?20:56
pseudonymousMaiko: generally, Alt-Tab ? From unity - search for 'Text Entry' and click 'Keyboard Settings...' in the bottom to see (& configure) the standard keyboard shortcuts20:56
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LordNelthonhow to flag a partition as boot in gdisk, in my case the efi one?20:57
Maikonvm, i am uninstalling straight again... , there is no Keyboardsettings in the Dash Window...20:58
nicomachusMaiko: you can also hold down your windows key and see all the standard keyboard shortcuts20:58
pseudonymousMaiko: eeeeaaaasy. Wait a minute. Do you see a language indicator in the top-right corner of your screen ? E.g. for english users it would say "EN", for German users, "DE".. ?21:00
A_C_Manyone on the "what is causing my hdds in raid to "work" even though nothing is showing in /proc/mdstat and dstat ?21:02
MonkeyDustA_C_M  better hit the up arrow to repeat your initial question every 10-15 minutes21:05
kk4ewtA_C_M, software raid or hardware21:06
Parzivalserver irc.virtualife.com.br -j #java21:06
A_C_Mkk4ewt: it is software mdadm21:06
jon___Parzival - from Ready Player One?21:09
nicomachusjon___: what?21:10
jon___IRC handle Parzival...protagonist from Ready Player One.21:11
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A_C_MHere is goes again: got a raid1 with 2 hdds on it. it has nothing to do. the raid is clean, and iotop shows absolutly no read/write for either hdd. the os is installed on another hdd ssd. But the hdds are making sounds just like when I copy stuff from/to them. How else can I check for hdd's activity ?21:12
A_C_MI'm using a software raid1, mdadm.21:13
jon___A_C_M - install iotop. See block device activity21:14
bekksA_C_M: Why are you concerned about that?21:14
KB3VGWok fresh install on 16.10 and python 2.7 still wont install21:15
A_C_Mjon___: allready did that :); bekks: cause it's not right. since the drives are not doing anything at all, no raid check, no sync, no read or write. it bugs me to understand what they are doing. and ofc they are not sleeping after 20mins :)21:15
KB3VGWand python3 is inot installing the python link21:16
KB3VGWit sets up puthon3 but no python21:16
jon___A_C_M - and what did iotop show? activity or no?21:16
bekksA_C_M: Why isnt it "right"? Do you know in detail how mdadm works, how and when disk activity is triggered, even for metadata?21:16
bekksA_C_M: Putting disks to sleep and waking them up again, regularly, will shorten their lifetime dramatically.21:17
A_C_Mjon___: only shows activity on the ssd jbd2/nvme0n1p5- ; bekks: I'm waking them up 2-4 times per week. It is just like powering up and down the desktop.21:18
bekksA_C_M: So just power them down/up ;)21:19
jon___i don't get the problem. raid isn't doing anything (as you said) and iotop shows no activity. so whats the problem?21:19
bekksA_C_M: a raid array does quite a lot of background activity, like checking blocks, writing down metadata and stuff.21:20
A_C_Mbekks: well, isn't that what hdparm is for ? jon___ : hdds are working like they got stuff to do, but they dont. dstat shows no read/write on any of the hdds in the raid21:20
pseudonymousjon___: Not an expert. But iotop will show you user-processes which generates IO activity. Your filesystems can still generate activity, so can software raid (repositioning data, replication etc) and so can things like LVM21:20
A_C_Mpseudonymous: yep, that's what dstat is for :)21:21
jon___is that so? huh. well, today i learned :) okay, in that case, i'm not qualified to comment. sorry! :D21:21
bekksA_C_M: hdparm does totally different things thanexecuting background tasks of a raid array.21:22
pseudonymousA_C_M: ooooh, shiny ! dstat looks like something I've been missing a long time21:23
A_C_Mbekks: exactly, it puts the drives to sleep if no activity is on them for 20mins, like I set the conf. dstat -D sda and dstat -D sdb is showing no read and no write activity on the hdds. mdadm --detail shows the raid is clean, and has no activity21:24
jon___uh, this LFS compile is taking ages. perhaps i should cook dinner.21:24
bekksA_C_M: you'd need to trace the entire data on the bus to find that real few data thats causing the disk activity - image how tricky it would be to find just one kilobyte of data, and how fast it will be gone.21:25
A_C_Mbekks: think of this, when you are watching a 12gb 1080p movie, the drive spins every couple of seconds, like 5-10-15secs. you barely hear it. and you are doing 36Mbps; but how can the hdds generate "noise" activity just like you are doing copy max speed MB/s lets say 50MB/s ?21:27
bekksA_C_M: Do you realize that the "noise" does not correlate to the "speed" of data?21:28
bekksIt only correlates to the read-write head movement.21:28
A_C_Mso if no read/write data is showing in dstat, what is making that noise ? :)21:28
bekksExactly. So even a few kilobyte will cause the same noise.21:28
A_C_Mdstat shows not even 1bit of data21:29
A_C_Mand trust me, dstat is very specific21:29
plytroA_C_M: is dstat sampling in small enough time slices to catch these things?21:30
plytroA_C_M: what flags get passed to dstat to show data movement in bits not btyes?21:30
plytroI've not found that flag21:30
bekksA_C_M: From what I can read in the man page for dstat, dstat is not better/worse than all those other tools like vmstat, sar, etc.21:32
bekksA_C_M: And couldnt find any hints on the sampling size, too.21:32
prnjoaCan someone hellp me?  After update cannot connect to wifi21:33
_AxS_hey all -- if i've installed something by hand because there's no .deb that's new/compatible enough, but apt says there's something that still requres a package be installed, how do i tell apt that it's already there ?21:33
bekks_AxS_: Which Ubuntu are you using, what did you install how, and whats the very exact error message you get when doing what exactly?21:34
A_C_Mplytro: 0.7.3 has a --bits flag :)21:35
_AxS_bekks: its 14.04 , the package is ruby-treetop, the software itself was installed directly with rubygems instead of apt, and now I want apt to assume ruby-treetop is installed instead of thinking it needs to be installed.21:35
helohelloubuntu 16.04, I installed the amdgpu-pro drivers and they don't seem to be agreeing with my system. when I ran amdgpu-uninstall and rebooted I just got a black screen. So I reinstalled them. How do I revert to the orginal Radeon drivers that came with the install21:35
bekksA_C_M: And whats the sampling size that flag works on?21:36
_AxS_bekks: the error is:  E: Unmet dependencies. (with opennebula : Depends: ruby-treetop but it is not going to be installed ).  this shows up if i try and apt-get *anything*21:36
bekks!info ruby-treetop21:38
ubotturuby-treetop (source: ruby-treetop): Ruby-based text parsing and interpretation DSL. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.3-1 (yakkety), package size 35 kB, installed size 276 kB21:38
_AxS_bekks: i had to install by hand via 'gems' (or rather, an opennebula script did) because that particular version has a bug.  the whole situation is a bit of a mess though.  I just want to be able to leave it alone since it's working, but still use apt to install entirely unrelated stuff.21:39
_AxS_My usual distro (gentoo) has a lovely config file 'packages.provided' where I can specify packages that the package manager will assume are actually installed.  I'm sure apt has a similar workaround.21:42
jon___keep meaning to try gentoo.21:42
A_C_Mbekks: I guess 1 bit21:42
bekksA_C_M: that would mean you'd be using a sampling frequency of several gigahertz, which is quite unlikely.21:43
ppf_AxS_: most of the time that means you've installed a conflicting version of something from a ppa21:43
_AxS_ppf: yep.21:44
A_C_Mbekks: sorry, i mean every second21:44
Guy1524gentoo is awful from what I heard21:44
ppf_AxS_: then ... that's the problem ;)21:44
Guy1524you can't get work done w/o waiting for your computer to compile stuff21:44
_AxS_Guy1524: it's a meta-distro.  works on a different plane from gentoo.21:44
jon___depends what you want. ive heard nothing but good things from gentoo21:44
A_C_Mbekks: but what are the chanches of me not reading one of those bit/bits you are presuming, in a 10 minute period ? :)21:44
bekksA_C_M: the sampling frequency.21:45
_AxS_ppf: right.  But i want to work around it, because it'd be easier to wipe and install centos on this box than it'll be to get opennebula to work properly via apt.21:45
ppfthen why not install centos?21:45
_AxS_ppf: because it's not my box yet.21:46
ppfif you think that's easier21:46
_AxS_i'm just tasked with getting ipmi readings, but at the moment apt won't install anything at all.21:46
rangemongergentoo seems great if you dont care for a life outside of your operating system21:46
jon___redhat/centos for servers, debian/ubuntu/mint for desktops :D21:46
ppf_AxS_: yes, because you installed something weird from a ppa21:46
ppfget rid of that and apt will go back to normal21:47
_AxS_rangemonger: nah its not that bad.  but you do wait a while for installs to happen.  fortunately you don't have to sit and watch it21:47
_AxS_ppf: also, not an option.21:47
jon___i'm up for a bit of gentoo. going to throw it on a vm one day21:47
ppfso you're complaining that something is not working but you're also refusing to fix it? ;)21:48
ppfthat's not gonna end well21:48
_AxS_ppf: yes.  i want to know how to work around it, not how to address it.21:48
bekksMaybe its just a lovely looking breakage? :P21:48
ppf_AxS_: then spill some more details21:49
ppfbut, general advice: if people are criticising your problemstatement, it's usually a good idea to think about the problem some more and find the _real_ problem you're trying to fix21:49
_AxS_sure.  All i want to do is apt-get install ipmitool ; right now, opennebula has that conflict I mentioned and so it's blocking apt-get from doing anything (dep resolution in general i expect is throwing the error)21:49
_AxS_Oh I know this problem is a problem and it needs to be addressed.  but I don't have time to address it right now, and it will be messy to do so.21:50
_AxS_..and addressing it properly -should- involve a wipe.  Ubuntu 14.04 desktop really shouldn't be sitting on a server...21:50
ppfwhy not21:51
_AxS_1) its old, 2) its got a bunch of desktop software that has no use on said box..  i'm sure i can find other reasons21:51
ppfit's an lts, so age doesn't matter so much. just remove the desktop things you don't like21:52
_AxS_ppf: well it does when i need a (for instance) newer ruby version than is supported on said LTS..21:53
ppfnow regarding your opennebula issue, i'm assuming it's opennebula that pulls in the conflicting version?21:53
ppfi don't actually think there is a workaround for this, if opennebula ships broken packages21:53
_AxS_..and there's nothing short of hacking the state file to make apt work around broken/missing deps?21:54
ppf!info ruby trusty21:54
ubotturuby (source: ruby-defaults): Interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby (default version). In component main, is optional. Version 1: (trusty), package size 5 kB, installed size 44 kB21:54
ppf!info ruby-2 trusty21:54
ubottuPackage ruby-2 does not exist in trusty21:54
ppf!info ruby-2.* trusty21:54
ubottuPackage ruby-2. does not exist in trusty21:54
ppf!search ruby-2.* trusty21:55
ppfhelpful, ubottu21:55
bazhang msg the bot please ppf21:55
ppf_AxS_: 'hacking the state file' is probably going to render your os dead21:55
ppfwhy not just do this right?21:55
_AxS_yeah. not something i'm interested in doing either.21:55
_AxS_I supose I could use dpkg to install the necessary package i want for now...21:56
ppfno you can't21:56
ppfapt isn't magically broken21:56
ppfthrough your ppa you've installed version A of something, and whatever you're trying to install right now expects version B21:57
ppfthere is no way to do this21:57
ppfmaybe the easiest thing would be to wipe the broken ppa, install whatever packages you need, and install ruby from source21:58
OerHeks"ruby-treetop installed directly with rubygems instead of apt" not sure how to fix that21:59
ppfOerHeks: that's a red herring22:00
ppfhe doesn't provide a lot of info, but i'm guessing he's installed a recent ruby from a ppa, and other things he's installing now depend on the stock ruby22:00
_AxS_OerHeks: ppf's right, the issue is the opennebula package depending on ruby-treetop (and yet actually needing the workaround installed via rubygems).22:00
ppfgems and apt are orthogonal22:01
ppfthey don't care about each other22:01
_AxS_regardless, feeding the packages i need to dpkg directly got me to where I need to be for now.22:01
OerHeksindeed, so logically uninstall with gem and use apt22:02
ppfOerHeks: he doesn't tell us what the actual problem is, so we're just guessing22:02
OerHeksnot sure why gem would not give the latest version22:02
_AxS_OerHeks: gem does, apt doesn't (or rather, doesnt give one new enough) since its 14.04lts22:03
_AxS_regardless, its not my job to fix opennebula right now.  and dpkg let me install ipmitool so i'm good.  Thanks all!22:03
brainspoilhttps://rvm.io/rvm/install   OerHeks ppf  hallo?22:03
ppfbrainspoil: yes?22:04
brainspoilmaybe try rvm for installing  srry wasn't paying full attention to the convo but I used it before for ruby versioning on a single machine etc22:04
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zunehey guys anyone that has any knowlegde about HP Z820 Workstations?22:34
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
bekkszune: Maybe just ask your Ubuntu related question instead ;)22:35
zuneits kind of hardware related, but I don't know where to ask, and my google foo hasen't gotten me anywhere22:37
brainspoiltry bar instead ? LOL22:38
bekkszune: Maybe just ask your Ubuntu related question instead, finally.22:38
bekkszune: In case someone knows, you'll get an answer.22:39
zuneI have gotten my fingers in a Z820 system that is a Engeneering sample, containing Intel ES cpu's and I'm afraid if I upgrade bios to current then the support for ES cpus is gone, But now I can't install a Nvidia Quadro M4000 and I don't know why22:39
bekkszune: Why cant you install it? Does it physically fit?22:40
zunebrainspoil what is bar?22:41
zunethe card is fitting it is a pci-e 3 x16 card,22:42
bekkszune: So whats the actual problem then?22:42
zunebut the system will not show any display so I think that the bios doesent support the gpu22:42
bekkszune: I'd take into account the card is broken, or you just forgot to switch primary display in the bios.22:43
zuneThe Card is brand new and has been tested in another machine, and the machine runs with another what ever crappy gpu22:45
ppf!es | nemesis22:47
ubottunemesis: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:47
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Bashing-omzune: What release do you have installed and what is the card ? Be aware that newer drivers for newer Nvidia cards are not in 14.04's kernel .22:57
erdogangreetings from turkery23:05
CrellHi folks. I'm having an odd issue with the Startup Disk Creator. I'm on 16.04, and want to make a USB key for 16.10.  As soon as I start the program, it immediately pre-selects the USB key I have plugged in and somehow finds the ISO I downloaded, and gives me an empty dialog for "Installing", with no content except a progress bar.  It never goes beyond that, and my USB key's access light never comes on.  If I try to cancel the dialog, the23:06
Crellwhole program exits. What's wrong here?23:06
erdoganI can't reach the CD-ROM In ubuntu. i'm using ide connection and i can see in boot menu and bios. What's wrong with ubuntu23:07
erdoganI can't reach the CD-ROM In ubuntu. i'm using ide connection and i can see in boot menu and bios. What's wrong with ubuntu ?23:07
rommelerdogan, reach it how?23:07
erdogani can't see and i can't use it23:08
bekksWhere/how do you look then?23:08
rommelCrell, can you start that program form a terminal and see the output23:08
erdoganwho did you answered, bekks ?23:08
rommelerdogan, how did you install ubuntu23:09
rommelusb or cdrom23:09
FireSwordrommel, shouldn't you be down trying to conquer egypt?23:09
erdoganmy harddisk is sata, my cd rom is ide23:09
erdogani install it witch usb23:09
Guy1524so I just went on my windows 8.1 partition for the first time in months because my friend wanted me to play a game w/ him, and when I rebooted and logged back in on ubuntu, the GPU showed undefined mater as always, and there was a screenshot from my windows run23:10
rommelerdogan, lspci does not show the device23:10
erdogan00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset DRAM Controller (rev 03)23:10
erdogan00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset PCI Express Root Port (rev 03)23:10
erdogan00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation NM10/ICH7 Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)23:10
erdogan00:1c.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation NM10/ICH7 Family PCI Express Port 1 (rev 01)23:10
erdogan00:1c.1 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation NM10/ICH7 Family PCI Express Port 2 (rev 01)23:10
erdogan00:1d.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation NM10/ICH7 Family USB UHCI Controller #1 (rev 01)23:10
bekksIn case its usb, lspci will not show it.23:11
rommelerdogan, use pastbin for things like that and my guess is you need the ide component of your chipset loaded from the kernel23:11
Crellrommel: "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/usbcreator/backends/udisks/backend.py:4: PyGIWarning: UDisks was imported without specifying a version first. Use gi.require_version('UDisks', '2.0') before import to ensure that the right version gets loaded from gi.repository import Gio, GLib, UDisks \n KSambaShare: Could not find smb.conf!"23:12
rommelerdogan, this is asuming the ide and device are working as they should23:12
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linuxuser9Crell: try gnome-multi-writer23:13
Crelllinuxuser9: I'm using KDE; not sure if that matters.23:14
erdoganrommel could you came to private chat23:14
linuxuser9its in the repo23:14
erdoganhow can i have ide component of my chipset ?23:15
GustornHello, is it okay to ask questions in this channel?23:16
Bashing-omGustorn: Questions about the oprations of ubuntu, yes .23:17
GustornOkay thanks, One of my friends told me it is possible to install the new Ubuntu 16.10 on my Iphone 7 I tried searching on the wiki about this but I can't find anything23:18
GustornDoes anybody in this chat have ubuntu on his iphone?23:19
morfnot really23:19
bekksGustorn: No.23:19
erdogani guess ios is better23:19
morfyour friend is full of you know what23:19
GustornIphone 7*23:19
Gustornnot the older versions23:20
bekksGustorn: your "friend" fooled you.23:20
GustornFooled me? No man we are really good friends for ages but I just talked about it in my jaguar car23:20
bekksGustorn: I dont car about your social relationship to him, but he just told you nonsense.23:21
GustornI looked it up on youtube and google it clearly is possible to install linux on those devices man23:21
Gustornjust because you don't believe it doesn't mean it's not true23:22
bekksGustorn: It isnt possible, technally.23:22
fares2017 المطيري23:22
GustornYeah that's why I came here looking for ubuntu guru's23:22
bekksGustorn: Even gurus cant make it possible.23:22
GustornUbuntu always had such a nice community23:22
morfnot sure if stupid or trolling23:22
GustornFor wanting Ubuntu on my Iphone23:22
GustornLook the disto doesn't even matter I just don't want IOS on my devices23:23
bekksGustorn: It didoesnt matter. There is no way to use Ubuntu on your iPhone.23:23
Gustornall of my laptops and PC have Ubuntu why can't my phone?23:23
morffares2017: calm your tits, thanks23:23
GustornI actually first asked the arch community but they just banned me straight away :/23:23
GustornIs there a way  to request a feature in the upcomming release of ubuntu?23:24
bekksGustorn: No.23:24
GustornIs it possible ubuntu will release an ISO for my iphone?23:25
naccwhy would you be an iphone if you don't want ios on it... trolling 100%23:25
nacc*buy an iphone23:25
GustornI got it from my company23:25
fares2017_sghl ugd;l23:25
fares2017_سلام عليكم23:26
GustornApple supports them so I can't get android23:26
bekksGustorn: Can you please stop trolling, thank you.23:26
GustornI don't understand wants wrong with having ubuntu on my iphone23:26
GustornI looked it up on youtube it is possible!23:26
squinty!farsi | fares201723:26
ubottufares2017: #ubuntu-ir baraye Farsi zabanan mibashad ke channele rasmie goroohe Iran-ie ubuntu ast. #ubuntu-ir  برای فارسی زبانان می‌باشد که کانال رسمی گروه ایرانی اوبونتو است.23:26
jon___gustorn: nobody cares, man. the general consensus is that it isn't possible. if you insist otherwise, good for you.23:27
GustornLook I don't think you guys understand ios is of linux, I just want to use another distro23:28
Gustornlinux kernel *23:28
jon___no it isn't.23:29
GustornYes it is23:29
jon___unix isn't linux. linux isn't unix. technically.23:29
Gustornlinux is the copied version of richard stallman his unix23:30
Gustornit's the same23:30
RochvellonGustorn: you need a jail breaked iDevices and iDevices are not supported by Ubuntu or another Linux-Distro23:30
jon___if you say so buddy.23:30
GustornNone of the distro's?23:30
GustornEven kali?23:30
akikGustorn: please stop the trolling. it's not possible23:31
jon___kali is based on debian linux. what's your point?23:31
Gustornakik: just because you can't do it doesn't mean it is not possible :)23:31
bekksGustorn: Technically, it isnt possible. And now please stop trolling.23:32
bazhangGustorn, there are completely unsupported ways to get ubuntu based on you r iPhone, but that is not topicl here23:32
GustornI thought this was the ubuntu support IRC23:32
bazhangGustorn, it is23:32
jon___it is. and ubuntu on idevices isn't supported. the end.23:32
bazhangGustorn, the method I mention is ubuntu-based, not ubuntu23:32
GustornYou are telling me this isn't possible but people on youtube have done it23:32
bekksGustorn: So go ask your youtubers then.23:33
jon___so do it, if youtube tells you so. have at it.23:33
GustornI thought they asked it here...23:33
bazhangGustorn, I am telling you again it is ubuntu based, and not topical here nor supported23:33
GustornFine ill ask the helpfull people over at XUbuntu I don't care anyware ubuntu is a shit distro filled with spyware23:34
bazhangGustorn, so please stop asking here as we do not support ubuntu based23:34
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Crelllinuxuser9: MultiWriter isn't working either. I start it, and it runs for several minutes (long enough that I move on to something else in the background) and then dings, reporting "Device or resource busy."23:45
Goeland86hi, question about systemd: how can I modify the configuration so that sshd starts regardless of whether ethernet is up or not?23:49
Goeland86(ethernet or wifi, really, beaglebone black also has USB-ethernet link but systemd doesn't count it as an interface for the networking service)23:49
UserUSHow does one turn on promiscuous mode in ubuntu 16.04?23:50
i_and_igustorn what you mean by ubuntu is filled with spyware ?23:51
bazhangi_and_i, he is gone23:52
jon___i_and_i - he's been kicked.23:52
i_and_iah he was banned23:52
i_and_ii wonder what he meant23:52
jon___spyware probably just means the amazon shopping lens. big whoop.23:52
i_and_iahh lol23:52
morfUserUS: "ifconfig [adapter] promisc" then "ifconfig [adapter] -promisc"23:52
Goeland86UserUS, that sounds like a risque proposition ;)23:52
i_and_ihe can turn it off23:52
UserUSGoleand86: Lul23:53
Ben64it's already off by default. that whole thing was a mountain made out of a molehill23:53
Crelllinuxuser9, rommel: Any other ideas?  I'm still not able to make a startup disk.23:53
i_and_imaybe he prefer Windows :))23:53
i_and_ihello president Erdogan23:54
Ben64Crell: i haven't kept up with what you're doing, but try dd'ing the ubuntu iso direct to the usb (it will erase everything on it)23:54
UserUSmorf: worked but the program wont run it in it for some reason23:54
jon___make sure you get your if/of parameters *very* correct. dd will kill you dead if mishandled.23:55
i_and_iwhat is promiscuous mode ?23:55
i_and_iis that for watching porn ?23:55
UserUSthe wireless card will see other network packets23:55
UserUSbut not interact23:55
jon___promisc mode in wifi allows you to capture all network packets23:55
i_and_iwhat was i thinkin..23:56
UserUSif you sniff it yeah23:56
jon___good for hacking wifi23:56
morfjon___: it's not just wifi23:56
UserUSim trying to get it to work within a script that uses airodump-ng23:56
jon___well, that's all i use it for :)23:56
UserUSbut it won't work23:56
UserUSit works on a wireless adapter if I plug it in but not the machines wireless card23:56
morfwell some wifi drivers can't do promiscuous mode actually23:56
morfi had one of those23:57
jon___what morf said. sometimes it not supported23:57
UserUSit works in kali linux23:57
jon___with same hardware?23:57
UserUSbut won't work on the ubuntu I have installed23:57
UserUSi tried using airodump manually and it does the same thing23:58
UserUSno networks show up23:58
UserUSwell ap points23:58
morfUserUS: anything in syslog when you switching the mode?23:58
UserUSwhere can I check23:58
morfoh my...23:58
UserUSI havent done it in a while23:58
CrellBen64: I'm trying to create a Kubuntu 16.10 install USB key.  Startup Disk Creator locks up (console output is complaining about Samba for some reason), and Gnome's MultiWriter locks up differently. :-)23:59
CrellBen64: I use dd about once every3 years...  Any quick instructions available to not screw it up?23:59
Jordan_UCrell: Please pastebin the output of "dmesg".23:59

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