knomepleia2, mm, that looks good00:24
pleia2digging up some links to include too00:25
pleia2then I'll email the three council members to get them to answer the questions ;)00:25
knomemaybe just ask them to reply on the pad00:25
pleia2yeah sure00:26
knomeand maybe private mails00:26
knomeotherwise you get all kinds of "council members" adding their answers00:26
pleia2I'm sending a private email directly00:27
pleia2will give y'all a chance to read the article too ;)00:27
knomei would probably word the last question a bit differently00:28
knomeeg. "tell us a bit of yourself" instead of "...wish to share"00:28
knomebut the question is better than "tell us about yourself", so you'll have to fix my wording further :P00:29
knomeo hai bluesabre 00:29
knomeoh man, etherpad00:29
pleia2I want to keep it a question00:29
bluesabrehi knome, pleias00:30
pleia2ok, emailed knome, bluesabre and ochosi 00:40
bluesabrethanks pleia2 00:43
pleia2sure thing00:43
knomeoki, time to go01:51
pleia2night knome 01:57
flocculantbluesabre: at a guess nothing's likely to happen this side of next year with gstreamer and that bug 12:25
knomepleia2, new code stuff in production and all new stuff in use, eg. no more manual updating of stuff \o/15:00
krytarikStuff! \o/16:29
knomekrytarik, yeah, like updating download mirror lists with endless stuff17:19
pleia2knome: yay, congrats17:40
knomeand to you too :P17:41
knomeok, bbl17:41
knomepleia2, https://xubuntu.org/?p=4171&preview=true <-- with changes20:47
knomepleia2, also, was thinking about moving system requirements under help & support20:48
knomepleia2, but i'm not sure20:48
knomemaybe not20:48

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